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Hysterectomy information from the internet's premier woman-to-woman support site for support and recovery, HysterSisters, is truly a labor of love culling the combined wisdom of thousands of HysterSisters around the world who have faced hysterectomy firsthand, before hysterectomy, after hysterectomy, treatment options, surgical procedures, hormonal issues and a step-by-step guide through the weeks before and after hysterectomy - the surgical removal of the uterus.

Join to ask your questions in our Hysterectomy Support Forums and browse the Hysterectomy Articles and Resources. If you struggle with endometriosis or fibroids, browse Treatment Alternatives. Don't miss out. Members receive access to customized, step-by-step Hysterectomy Checkpoints. Get started below:

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Hysterectomy Discussion

Mood changes From No Ovaries - No Hormones - Managing Menopause

I was 8 months post hysterectomy yesterday - or should I say 8 months cancer free yesterday! No HRT due to increased risk as I had endometrial cancer. I started taking Promensil but found that (after some reading) it interferes with not only the absorption of my epilepsy meds but also my painkille...

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Prepare and Recovery

Scheduled for a hysterectomy? Recovering from Surgery?

You are not alone. Information, resources, tips and support from the HysterSisters.

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Post Op Hysterectomy Featured Article Ovary Transplants for Hysterectomy Patients Preparing for Hysterectomy Articles

The thought of dealing with menopause symptoms and the various HRT options can be overwhelming as you face your hysterectomy. At this time, unfortunately, ovarian transplant for hormonal purposes is not available. While there are some specialists who are doing ovary transplantations, thus far it (..More)
Post Op Hysterectomy Featured Article Hysterectomy Recovery No No's (What Not to Do) Hysterectomy Recovery Articles

A hysterectomy is a major surgery that requires a lot of healing time. Sometimes women get impatient and start doing too much too soon, only to tear something or get an infection and set back the entire healing process. To avoid such setbacks, the following activities are off limits until your doct(..More)

Fibroids Featured Article What Are the Different Types of Uterine Fibroids? Fibroids Articles

The medical term for uterine fibroid is uterine leiomyoma, a type of myoma tumor. They are tumors of the smooth muscle of the uterus and contain muscle tissue. Uterine fibroids are a common diagnosis for women and are almost always benign (non-cancerous). While most fibroids occur in the fundus, o(..More)
GYN Cancer Featured Article Uterine Leiomyosarcoma or Uterine Fibroid (Leiomyoma) GYN Cancer Articles Articles

Uterine leiomyoscarcoma (ULMS), a rare type of uterine sarcoma, is an aggressive cancerous tumor with a poor prognosis. Most often, it is not diagnosed until after surgery and pathology. Before that, it can be mistaken as a common uterine fibroid (leiomyoma), which usually has a good prognosis. Se(..More)

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Posted by rdavison on Mon 00:46 in Post Hysterectomy
I've had trouble with my cycles since my teens. .. Two kids later doc says I can and shoul... (..More)

Posted by Cathyz on Mon 00:26 in Post Hysterectomy
Just wondering how long it took you ladies to get your energy back? I had a lavh/bso on th... (..More)

Posted by Lola_2014 on Sun 23:01 in Post Hysterectomy
Hello, it has been six days after my da vincy robotic surgery, and i am feeling somewhat ... (..More)

Posted by Cheers44 on Sun 22:51 in Post Hysterectomy
I have had health anxiety since my daughter was born. Usually it is pretty manageable. But... (..More)

Posted by SweetSoulSister on Sun 22:41 in Pre Hysterectomy
Fine, I admit it, this hysterectomy feels more final than I thought it would. I have neve... (..More)

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