Did you get a second opinion when advised to get a Hysterectomy?

Did you know that we have a sister website devoted solely to the topic of Second Opinions and their importance?  While having a hysterectomy is the best route for many women, for many other women there are effective alternatives available.

The Give Me A Second website is wonderful resource that helps you with questions to ask your doctor as well as conditions that warrant a second opinion.  Of course, you can find more information and discussions about second opinions in many areas of our website including our HysterSister articles and the HysterSisters Forum.

Are you a HysterSister like Emily? She says There is Strength in Numbers!

One of the things our HysterSisters love most about our site is the huge community of women that can relate to what they are going through.

We ask our HysterSisters:  What helped you the most before/after Hysterectomy?  Here’s what Emily said:  ”Before my hysterectomy reading the free booklet from HysterSisters really helped with my preparation.  After my hysterectomy my Hysterectomy Recovery date thread was my lifeline”.

Read more about Emily and her Hysterectomy story and then please share your hysterectomy story with others. Sharing your story will help other women.

Did a Hysterectomy Really Help You?

Was the decision to have a hysterectomy an easy or an agonizing decision for you? While some women wished they would have had the surgery sooner and feel great post-surgery, other women wish they had looked further into alternatives.

HysterSisters.com has found that the more optional treatments explored prior to having a hysterectomy, the better. We encourage you to explore all your options and alternative treatments first!

You can read more about Will a Hysterectomy Really Help? 

Steps to LESS STRESS Following Hysterectomy

Did you take steps to manage your stress levels following your hysterectomy? What did you do?

Life after a hysterectomy can get a little hectic. Some women have more doctor appointments to keep track of. Some women have less memory power to keep track of it a normal schedule. Others battle with hormone levels that create stress, anxiety, or even panic attacks.

Here are 5 steps to help you reduce stress:

1. Keep a Calendar

Choose a calendar that you can keep with you on the go. Whenever you make a doctor appointment, write it down. When you make a lunch date with friends, write it down. Refer to your calendar often to keep from overbooking, double booking, or missing appointments.

Read more: 5 Steps to Less Stress Following Hysterectomy.

Did you struggle feeling “Less of a Woman” following your hysterectomy?

Some women struggle following their hysterectomy. Sometimes a woman feels less feminine or less of a woman because her uterus was removed.

After a hysterectomy, many women feel a sense of loss. Regardless of their age, whether or not they have had a child, whether or not they ever wanted a child, how settled they are in their career, or even how much their uterus pained them. They feel a loss of possibility, a loss of choice, and a loss of femininity.

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10 Common Menopause Symptoms. Do you know them all?

We all know about hot flashes. We also might know about insomnia. Do you know the other common menopause symptoms?

Whether you are experiencing natural or surgical menopause, you could find yourself dealing with a myriad of symptoms which can affect you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. Depending on the severity and extent of your symptoms, you can find yourself feeling overwhelmed, miserable, an exhausted.

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Was Your Tummy Numb for a While After Hysterectomy?

How long did your incision numbness last after your hysterectomy? Was your thigh numb too? Did it improve with time?

Many doctors attribute post-op numbness to nerves being stretched, cut, or repositioned during the hysterectomy. It can take up to a year for the nerves to repair themselves, if at all. Some ladies regain feeling quite quickly, but many find that some degree of numbness remains permanently.

Read more about Abdominal Numbness Following Hysterectomy.

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How did you feel – having your last period ever?


One member posted in our community: So I know this may sound strange, but I am currently having my last period ever and having mixed feelings. I am thrilled that I won’t have anymore horribly painful periods. I am also a little sad over things like being able to relate when my daughter someday starts hers. And I was one of those girls who couldn’t wait to get the first one, so it’s sort of bittersweet to be having the last one. I guess it’s just weird to be aware of the fact it’s my last and I am overly sentimental! But on the other hand, experiencing yet again this pain makes me so happy to be almost done with it. So many mixed emotions with facing a hyster.

Join the discussion (Don’t forget to log-in – or JOIN if you haven’t registered): My last period ever.