Did your ears start ringing after hysterectomy? What did you do to alleviate your tinnitus?

ringing ears after hysterectomy

Have you been experiencing ringing ears after your hysterectomy?  There is actually no medical literature to support a connection between surgery and tinnitus (ringing ears); however, there are many other causes of tinnitus which could provide the explanation.

While bothersome, tinnitus is not usually an indicator of a serious health concern.  While some women may find ways to manage the ringing, others will find it helpful to work with an ENT or your general practitioner to help with the condition.



Are you wanting to have a hysterectomy? Did you have a difficult time getting your surgeon to agree to do surgery?

it is my body and I want a hysterctomy

Some women go to the doctor with the thought of:  “It’s my Body and as such I get to make all of the decision for my body”!   While that thought might work for what you eat and how your style your hair, it does not however work for medical care.

Of course you have a significant say in the decision process, but you will also work closely with your doctors/surgeons, your insurance company and possibly even your employer.

A hysterectomy is a major surgery so it is advisable to research less invasive options, what the side effects and/or complications are and to seek a second opinion so that in the end you are happy with what is being done for your health.

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Are you concerned about heart disease? How are you preventing heart disease?

five ways to prevent heart disease after menopause

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women?  Now that you know that do you want the good news first or the bad news?  Well, let’s not call it bad news, but rather the less good news which is that if you have been through menopause then your risk for heart disease is already higher than most people’s.  However, the good news is that heart disease is preventable.

Here are 5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease After Menopause


Are having trouble sleeping? What helped you fight off your insomnia?

five reasons you can't sleep

Even women that were the soundest of sleepers find themselves tossing and turning when they enter menopause. While some women find simple lifestyle changes will fix their insomnia, other women may have to try several things including medical treatment.

If nothing seems to be working, there may be other issues besides menopause that are causing your insomnia in which case you will want to visit with your doctor. Read more about 5 Reasons You Can’t Sleep

It’s National Women’s Health & Fitness Day – How are you going to celebrate?!

health fitness and wellness

Today is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day and while we generally pick one article from our article library to share with you, there are so many appropriate options from our Fitness & Wellness After Hysterectomy Articles that we decided instead to invite you to peruse the library today and see which article best works for you and your current situation.

Here’s to an active and healthier you!

Are you experiencing hair loss after your hysterectomy? How did you treat your hair loss after your surgery?

hair loss after hysterectomy

Experiencing hair loss after your hysterectomy can be stressful, but it may only be temporary as your body adjusts and recovers from your surgery. There are a number of reasons why women experience more hair loss than normal after their surgery and while most of the issues will resolve on their own, if the hair loss continues or is more than about 100 strands per day you should consider calling your doctor so that s/he can help you determine the cause and treat it accordingly.

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Is your family helping you with your surgery recovery? Are you going to be caring for a family member recovering from a hysterectomy?

HOw to Help a Hysterectomy Patient

Most family members are not experienced with how to care for a loved one that is recovering from a hysterectomy.  Unlike other procedures, there are things that may seem harmless, but in fact could be a detriment to recovery, but on the other hand, there are easy things people can do to help their loved ones that they often don’t even think about!

Here’s a list we’ve put together of How to Help a Hysterectomy Patient (and some things to avoid!)


Are you wondering how long your hysterectomy will last? How long was your surgery?

Hysterectomy Operating Times

There are so many things that may be going through your mind as your prepare for your hysterectomy.  One of the many questions that you may be asking yourself is:  How long will my surgery last?

There is no straightforward answer to that as your surgery time will depend upon things such as your surgery type, your surgeon’s skill, equipment that will be used, etc.  In general your surgery could last from 1 to 3 hours.

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Welcome Autumn!

First day of Autumn

It was with a bit of surprise that our calendars indicated that today is the First day of Autumn as here in Texas we are still wearing shorts and flip-flops and our pools are still in full use!

However, the onset of Fall is welcome and while we experience very little truly cold weather here, this time of year finds many of us seeing the leaves drop in anticipation of the cooler weather which we like to enjoy with a variety of foods and drinks that are only tolerable when the temperatures reach below 75°!  You know the recipes we’re talking about…apple cider, vegetable stews, and pumpkin anything just to name a few!!

One of our favorite resources for these kinds of recipes is from our fellow HysterSisters in our Sisteritaville Cookbook area.  Now….just to decide which recipe to try first!

Do you have a vaginal cuff? Are you worried that it may have torn? How did you repair your vaginal cuff tear?

What do I do now that my vaginal cuff has torn?

If your vaginal cuff has torn, you may be looking for information about what to expect now.  .A Vaginal cuff dehiscence, or opening, is a rare, but serious complication that can occur following a complete hysterectomy.

A vaginal cuff can be repaired in a number of ways depending upon how badly the cuff has torn.  Read more here about what happens once you have a Vaginal Cuff Tear After Hysterectomy.