Are you a mom with young children having a hysterectomy? What helped you juggle surgery recovery and caring for your children?

recovering from hysterectomy with small children

Recovering from a hysterectomy can be a bit more challenging if you are the mother of young children.  While your natural maternal urges will have you wanting to get back to your normal routine as soon as possible, which includes taking care of your children, as you have heard before and will undoubtedly hear again in other articles and our forum area, you only have once chance to heal correctly.

Here are some tips from HysterSisters members about Recovering from Hysterectomy With Small Children



Is your husband being support of your hysterectomy? How did you get your spouse to be understanding?

helping husband understand your hysterectomy

It is sometimes tricky to get your spouse to understand your needs as you prepare for your hysterectomy.  Just as women prepare differently for surgery, there is no set response or behavior for family members.

Our HysterSisters provide some tips for Helping Hubby Understand your Hysterectomy.


Feeling Stressed? What are your favorite stress-busters?

four steps to de-stress

Today is National Kite Flying Day which brings two images to mind…one of actually flying a kite and the other of the phrase “Go Fly a Kite” both images which then brought to mind our HysterSisters that may be feeling stressed right now.

Everything from medical problems and/or finances and/or hysterectomy recovery and/or relationships can lead to increased stress so we’ve put together 4 Steps to De-Stress because flying a kite is a lovely way to de-stress and a much better option than telling someone to “Go Fly a Kite”.


Do you suffer from urinary tract infections? What remedy works best for your UTIs?

myth or fact about urinary tract infections

If you have ever had a urinary tract infection, then you know first-hand about the annoying and uncomfortable burning, urgency and pain associated with a UTI.  And for those who may even be veteran UTI sufferers, we offer you some helpful Myth or Fact scenarios so that you can possible make those pesky infections a thing of the past!



Are you trying to decide about having an oophorectomy? Did you keep your ovaries while having your hysterectomy?

25 oophorectomy risks

Once you’ve made the decision to have a hysterectomy, you aren’t finished making decisions.  One of the many other decisions you’ll have to make is about whether or not to have an oophorectomy.   As with every hysterectomy-related decision, there are pros and cons to moving forward with having your ovaries removed.

We list here 25 Oophorectomy Risks.  Another great resource for you is they HysterSisters forum area where you can talk to other women that have had an Oophorectomy.

As always, do your research, talk to your doctor and consider getting a second opinion.




Spring is just around the corner! Great time to get moving?! What do you look forward to with the onset of the Spring Season?

Lose the menopause weight

Today is Groundhog Day and if you haven’t already heard…Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow so according to folklore we’ll soon see Spring!  Ah…Spring!  When you think of spring, what do you think of?

Many of us think of it as time to get outside and get moving which is a great thing to look forward to, especially if you want to lose some weight.  Our HysterSisters have expressed having problem with their weight for a variety of reasons, one of which is with the onset of menopause!  We have many helpful articles in our article library that will provide tips and motivation to get going.  Here’s just one:  Menopause Weight Gain?  Lose it!


Do you still have a pre-op appointment before your hysterectomy? What questions did you ask your doctor before surgery?

making the most of your pre-op appointment before hysterectomy

Because the time with your doctor is often limited, then it’s a good idea to be well prepared before you get there!  Especially if you have an upcoming hysterectomy as with a surgery that significant you’ll want to be sure to get the information you need and your questions answered so that you can head into your surgery feeling as confident and calm as possible.

Here are some tips for Making the Most of Your Pre-Op Appointments for Hysterectomy.


Are you anxious to return to work after your hysterectomy? How did your return to work go after your surgery?

returning to work after hysterectomy

Today is fun at work day and if you are home recovering from your hysterectomy, that may be exactly where you wish you were right now…having fun at work!  However, there are some factors that you and your doctor will have to take into consideration before you consider Returning to Work After Your Hysterectomy.  

Remember, you only have once to recover properly!

How are you feeling after your hysterectomy? Has your experience been positive or negative post-surgery?

general health after hysterectomy

You know the old adage that says “It’s too good to be true”?  Well, for some women that is the case while other patients find that their hysterectomy really does prove to be a good, long-term decision.

Over the years, we have heard from HysterSisters that have both positive and negative things to say about their General Health after Hysterectomy.

All patients owe it to themselves to do their own research to make sure that having a hysterectomy is the best decision for them with the information available.  Use all the resources available to you in order to make the best decision for yourself prior to your surgery.  A good place to start your research is in our article library and our forum area.


It’s Spouse’s Day! Is your spouse helping you during your hysterectomy? How did you get your spouse to be supportive after your surgery?

helping your husband understand your hysterectomy

Some women themselves head into their hysterectomy not fully realizing the seriousness of their surgery or how important and extensive their recovery will be so it should not be too surprising then that their husband’s don’t realize at first either and may be slow at understanding the importance of the recovery process and how often crucial this time is to getting “back to normal”.

However, on this Spouse’s Day we take a moment to thank those spouses that lovingly jumped into the hysterectomy process from the beginning (sometimes even helping the patient through when they couldn’t help themselves) and we thank those that pitched in once they realized what a big surgery a hysterectomy is and how precarious the recovery process can be, especially without help.   If you still need some assistance in Helping Husband Understand Hysterectomy either before or after the recovery process, we have several articles in our article library and you can also chat with the other HystserSisters in the forum area about what helped them get their spouses to become their teammate during their surgery prepping and recovery.