HysterSisters Participates in Study – Report Released

Over a year ago, HysterSisters were invited to participate in a survey with questions about satisfaction with their hysterectomy surgery experience, the method of their hysterectomy and their recovery timeline. The survey has been published in an online medical journal.

The study found that women’s satisfaction with hysterectomy surgery has generally improved over time, and that women who had da Vinci Hysterectomy reported the greatest overall satisfaction and willingness to recommend and choose the same type of surgery again.

Read more about the study and the report – and HysterSisters!

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What Not to Do – During Hysterectomy Recovery

You might be wondering what is allowed and what is NOT allowed while you are recovering from your hysterectomy.  Some doctors share a list with their patients – a list of things their patients should not do. Other doctors don’t share anything other than say: “Do whatever you feel like doing.”

A hysterectomy is a major surgery that requires a lot of healing time. Sometimes women get impatient and start doing too much too soon, only to tear something or get an infection and set back the entire healing process.

To avoid such setbacks, the following activities are off limits until your doctor gives you the green light:

Read more about Hysterectomy Recovery No No’s.

How did others help you?

How did others help you when you were recovering from hysterectomy? Our members often share that during their hysterectomy recovery their family and friends stepped up to help them with household chores, food and managing other duties.

How did your family and friends help you?

Did they bring fresh flowers? Did they keep your family fed? Did they send cards and come by for a visit?

Caring for a recovering hysterectomy patient is unchartered territory for most. There are many things that may be helpful that family members and friends would never think of! On the flip side, there are many things that seem harmless that might actually be dangerous for hysterectomy recovery.

Read more about How to Help a Hysterectomy Patient. 

Your Hysterectomy Checkpoints

Have you found our Hysterectomy Checkpoints? This special section of HysterSisters.com and its content is specifically geared to YOUR surgery date. If you register at HysterSisters.com and add your hysterectomy date, the Hysterectomy Checkpoints provides specific information whether you are 3 weeks pre-op hysterectomy or 3 weeks post-op hysterectomy. No matter where you are on the Hysterectomy Timeline, our information will help you step-by-step.

Besides having access to the Hysterectomy Checkpoints, your membership at HysterSisters.com gives you access to our forum community, where you can ask questions and receive personal support for your hysterectomy. You are not alone! Come join us, and be supported, educated, and empowered!

Click here to find your Hysterectomy Checkpoints.

Did you have a loss of appetite following hysterectomy?

Many women share their change in appetite following their hysterectomy. Some report a complete loss of appetite. Others report a change in favorite foods.

Many woman find they have no appetite in the first days and weeks following their hysterectomy. The stress surrounding surgery, new medications, blood sugar issues, and anesthesia can all contribute to the loss of appetite. Because calories and good nutrition are important for recovery, it is critical that you take steps to address this problem.

Read more about Loss of Appetite Following Hysterectomy.

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Should I wait for the specialist surgeon?

The surgeon I really want has a really long waiting list. There is another surgeon that can do my surgery earlier, but I don’t like him nearly as much. Should I switch surgeons or wait it out?

This entirely depends on your specific circumstances. Specifically, it depends on the severity of your symptoms and the skill level of your second-choice surgeon.

If your symptoms are unbearable, and your second-choice surgeon has good success rates, then it may be worth it to switch. If your symptoms can be reasonably managed during your wait time, however, it may be worth it to hold out for the surgeon you know and trust already. Or, if there are any other reputable surgeons in the area, you may consider seeking out a third choice.

Read more about Choice Date or Choice Surgeon.

How long were you in the hospital?

More and more patients are having their hysterectomy as an outpatient – especially if they have had a vaginal hysterectomy or laparoscopic hysterectomy. Some patients are admitted to the hospital but released before 24 hours.

The length of hospitalization for a hysterectomy varies from woman to woman, based on a number of considerations including the type of surgery, reason(s) for the surgery, age, overall health, and
other contributing factors.

How long did you stay in the hospital?

Read more about: Hospital stay in hospital