Have you explored our forum area yet? Did you know that we have a recipe section?

national parfait day

Today is National Parfait Day!  While many of the HysterSisters enjoy parfaits and have even uploaded some delicious parfait recipes to our Hyster Sisters cookbook, you can find recipes for anything from appetizers to main courses and of course, dessert!

Here’s to a sweet day HysterSisters!

Are you feeling sad after your hysterectomy? How did you overcome your feelings of depression after your surgery?

depression after hysterectomy

If you are feeling physically well and have resumed your normal activities yet still have a feeling of sadness, you aren’t alone.  Many women experience a change in their emotions with some women feeling problems with anxiety or depression after their hysterectomy.

If you doctor does not ask about your mood and sense of well-being, then be sure to bring it up!  There is help available for depression after hysterectomy.

Are you looking for non-HRT hot flash treatments? What non-HRT remedy worked for you?

hot flashes and non-HRT treatment options

While many women treat their hot flashes with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), there are several other ways to treat hot flashes.

Learn more about Hot Flashes:  Non-HRT Treatment Options including home remedies, over-the-counter and non-HRT prescriptions.




Are you wanting to know what a symptom of gynecologic cancer is? What sign did you have before your cancer diagnosis?

six surprising signs of gynecologic cancer

If you are someone that is actively engaged in maintaining their health and preventing future health problems, then you may be wanting to know some warning signs of gynecologic cancer.  Read more to learn about 6 Surprising Signs of Gynecologic Cancer.

Remember, having one of these signs does not mean that you have cancer, but for due diligence you should schedule an appointment with your doctor to determine the cause.



It’s Take a Hike Day! Do you enjoy walking? Are you wanting to improve your hysterectomy recovery?

It's national take a Hike Day

Today is Take a Hike Day!  Depending upon what your current health status is you may either wish to interpret this day as an excuse for telling someone to “Take a Hike” or you may wish to commemorate the day with an invigorating walk.

If you are in the midst of your recovery, you may still need to take it easy but as soon as you get the go-ahead from your doctor you will want to get moving as Walking after Hysterectomy is an important part of your recovery.

Once you are fully recovered and/or you are just wanting want to embrace exercise and say the phrase “Exercise is Fun” and mean it, we hope that you’ll use Take a Hike Day as a means to treat yourself in positive, healthy way!

Today is Homemade Bread Day! Do you like making or eating bread? Did you know that we have a recipe section?

Sisteritaville Bread and Muffin section

Tomorrow is Homemade Bread Day so in case you would rather start the day off eating bread and not making it, we thought we’d let you know a day early so you can prepare in a HysterSisters way.  If you are confused by what we mean, then you must not have perused our Sisteritaville section of our forum area yet.

Not only can you find many bread recipes that would be just right for Homemade Bread Day, but you can also find recipes for anything from Main Dishes to Cake and Pies.  So many recipes…where are you going to start?!

Have you been diagnosed with Endometriosis? What was most confusing to you about this condition?

fifteen myths about endometriosis

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Endometriosis you may have found in your research that it is a confusing and complex condition.

To help you, we have compiled information about 15 Myths About Endometriosis as knowing what is fact or fiction can help you get started as you work to learn all you can about this condition.

Another good resource is our HysterSisters!  Many of them have had personal experience with this condition and are happy to answer questions and share their experiences with you in our forum area.


Are you wondering about Perimenopause? What symptoms did you have with Perimenopause?

woman curious about what perimenopause is

As you approach your 40s, you will probably start hearing the term Perimenopause as it’s about that age that women will start seeing signs of it.  So, what is IT exactly?  Perimenopause is the time period when your body starts transitioning into menopause and may last for a few years or up to a decade.

Read more here to help you get more information as you search for the answer to the question of What is Perimenopause?