10 Ways to Treat V-Zone Problems after Hysterectomy

After hysterectomy, you may find that your estrogen levels drop or fluctuate enough that your v-zone isn’t quite the same. Among all the wonderful side effects of this shift, you may notice some problems “downstairs,” such as vaginal (V-zone) dryness and other related conditions. These issues can lead to painful intercourse and a number of other problems, both physical and emotional.

The most common V-zone conditions caused by decreasing estrogen are vulvovaginal atrophy and atrophic vaginitis. Additionally, if a woman does not have intercourse soon after her doctor gives her the “OK” after her hysterectomy, the vagina could shorten and tighten—known as vaginismus—making intercourse extremely painful. While the first reaction might be to avoid intercourse because of the pain, avoiding it could actually worsen the problem. As the saying goes, “if you don’t use it, you lose it!”

Here are 10 Ways to Treat V-Zone Problems.

10 Tips to Manage Hot Flashes

It’s still summer even though Labor day is right around the corner. The extra heat adds to the discomfort of menopause.

If you suffer from mild hot flashes that do not disrupt your activity, the task of getting through the inconvenience of a few pesky hot flashes isn’t that important. But, if your hot flashes interrupt your day and night, are frequent and last a long time, here are some great tips to help you manage these power surges – hot flashes.

Here are some ways to beat the heat of menopause: 10 Tips to Beat Hot Flashes.

10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor – Menopause

If you are suffering from hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings and an entire list of symptoms, it’s time to make an appointment to see your doctor. Menopause is a major change in a woman’s life that brings with it many questions and concerns. Is this a symptom? Should I be worried? Can this be treated? If menopause has your head swirling with questions, you are not alone.

And you’re also in good company if you could use a little help as you start or continue a conversation with your doctor about menopause. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to ask. Other times, you know what you want to ask, but you don’t how to ask it. Or maybe you’re embarrassed to ask! Sometimes, you know what to ask and how to ask it, but you simply forget it when you’re with the doctor! Read our list of 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Menopause.

Do THIS – Not That: Hysterectomy Recovery

There are obvious things that can help you through your hysterectomy recovery. There are also some not so obvious things. Make a list and you will find that the time should be easier if you follow our Do’s and Don’ts.

Your boss may expect you to be back work earlier than your body is ready. Your family may believe you only need a few days break before you will be able to return to all of your normal tasks. Friends who are not HysterSisters may wonder why you can’t meet them for Girls Night Out. Your co-workers may think you are simply on vacation. You may even believe that recovery is overrated and you’ll only need a couple days before you will be back on your feet 100%

Read our Do’s and Don’ts for Hysterectomy Recovery.

Hysterectomy Advice from a Post-op Sister

If you’ve had a hysterectomy, you can share advice to other women who are facing hysterectomy. What would you tell your friend as your best advice?

Here is advice from one member:

Do everything you can to avoid catching a cold or flu right before surgery! Wash your hands a LOT, and try to avoid crowds as much as possible. Your doctor may delay an operation if you get sick, and you also don’t want to catch a cold just before the operation and have to deal with it afterwards. I “hermited” myself a few days before the operation, avoiding shopping malls and other places where germs spread easily. And of course, if someone around you has a cold or flu, avoid him or her like the plague!

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How did you choose the “right hysterectomy” for you?

Today – there are multiple choices when it comes to choosing the right hysterectomy for you. Those choices can be overwhelming if you don’t know what to ask or if you haven’t done your homework!

First of all, your diagnosis may dictate which options are available for you. Those with a cancer concern will need a hysterectomy type that will minimize the spread of cancer cells. This may mean the uterus needs to be delivered whole, either vaginally or through a larger abdominal incision. A condition like endometriosis, on the other hand, will dictate a choice that will allow for superior vision and space so the surgeon can address all of the implants.

Read more about Choosing the Right Hysterectomy.

Did Your Doctor Order Bowel Prep?

If your doctor ordered bowel prep for you before your hysterectomy – follow your instructions to a “T”. However, if your doctor did not instruct bowel prep for you – DO NOT under any circumstance, decide to “clean yourself out” if your doctor didn’t ask you for it.

If your doc did give you instructions for bowel prep – here are some helpful hints:

You are likely going to be spending significant time in your bathroom, so you might want to jazz it up a bit before bowel prep day. Make sure it is extra clean, and add a nice scented candle for atmosphere. Put out fresh hand towels, throw in some new magazines and books, and get a small stool for your feet. You may also want to stash a couple pairs of extra panties in a drawer or cabinet just in case.

Read more about Bowel Prep Before Hysterectomy.

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Do This. Not That. Preparing for Your Hysterectomy

If a friend asks you for your top “do’s” and your top “don’ts” to prepare for hysterectomy – what do you tell her? Here are our top lists:

Do keep all your paperwork together. It makes things easier if there is a mix-up or a problem. Just grab one folder to keep everything related to your hysterectomy inside – for easy finding.

Do pack your bag for the hospital with only the essentials.

Do stay well. Practice good hygiene to avoid getting sick before your surgery. It could cause delays.

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