Do you suffer with endometriosis? Are you interested in the connection between estrogen and endometriosis?

endometriosis and estrogen

Many women hear about a connection between endometriosis and estrogen, however, the connection between endometriosis and estrogen isn’t quite as black and white as it sometimes is made out to be.

As with so many gynecological issues, the effect of endometriosis and estrogen issues will vary from woman to woman based upon a variety of factors.

Read much more about Endometriosis and Estrogen here and as always, we have an extensive library of article on our main site about endometriosis and estrogen issues.


Were you exposed to DES? Was your mother or grandmother exposed?

Potential Health Risk from DES Exposure

Women who took DES (diethylstilbestrol) or daughters who were exposed to DES in the womb have a higher risk of several different health issues. In addition, there are some limited studies which are exploring the risks for DES granddaughters, females whose mother or father was exposed to DES in the womb.

Read more information and a list of 12 Potential Health Risks from DES Exposure.

If you have been or suspect you may have been exposed to DES, it is important that you discuss your risks with your physician

Have you noticed air passing vaginally since your hysterectomy? What was the cause of your vaginal flatulence?

Passing Air Vaginally After Hysterectomy

Um, er, excuse me, but I am getting gas coming from my vagina!

While this may seem unusual, many HysterSisters have reported experiencing air passing through their vagina following their hysterectomy. In most cases, it is not a problem and should resolve in time.  There are a variety of reasons that could cause vaginal flatulence that are no cause for alarm.  However, there are also some complications which can lead to this happening.

Read more information about Passing Air Vaginally After Hysterectomy as well as some symptoms that may require a call to your doctor.



Are you trying to decide whether or not to keep your ovaries during your hysterectomy? Did you keep your ovaries when having your surgery?

7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Ovareis

One of the decisions you may have to make when having a hysterectomy is whether or not to keep your ovaries.  Factors such as age, diagnosis and symptoms will play in to your decision.

There are pros and cons to consider when making that decision so before making that decision you should speak with your doctor and possibly even seek a second opinion.

If cancer is not a concern, there are some reasons why keeping your ovaries is a good idea.  Read here 7 Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Ovaries.



Are you worried about Osteoporosis? What have you done to minimize bone loss?

7 Ways to Combat Osteoporosis

Most women are aware that as you age you may experience some osteoporosis (bone loss), but many women don’t realize that osteoporosis may also occur because of hormonal levels or menopause.

There are some things you can do to try and minimize your risks of osteoporosis.  Read 7 Way to Combat Osteoporosis. 


Have you discovered how important body mechanics are for your hysterectomy recovery? Did you have to alter your movements after your surgery?

Body Mechanics After Hysterectomy

If you have just had your surgery, you may be wondering, or have already discovered on your own, how important good body mechanics are for proper healing.  You will need to use your body a bit differently while you heal and protect tender areas.

So, even though today is National Dog Day and you want nothing more than to take your beloved dog for a walk, that is one of the restrictions you may have as your work through your recovery process.

Read more about Body Mechanics During Hysterectomy Recovery.  Listening to your body and your doctor will go a long way toward a healthy recovery!



Did you feel unwell after your hysterectomy? How long did you feel unwell after your surgery?

Recent Hysterectomy-Not Feeling Well

If you are feeling feverish, weak or your incisions hurt, that is actually to be expected, but only for the first few days.  If your symptoms are worsening, you’ll want to place a call to your doctor.   You’ll want to be sure to keep either a symptom diary or be paying close attention to what you are feeling so that you can relay specific details to your doctor.

Read more about symptoms that require immediate medical attention in:  Recent Hysterectomy – Not Feeling Well. 


What are your concerns about your hysterectomy? Did you have many questions before your surgery?

Top 25 concerns women have about their hysterectomy

So, you’ve made the decision to have a hysterectomy and now…so many questions, fears and concerns – everything from recovery to the surgery itself to life after hysterectomy!!

We have compiled a list of the Top 25 Concerns Women Have about Their Hysterectomy that your fellow HysterSisters have (or had) regarding a hysterectomy.  While the answers to these questions vary widely, you can find articles covering these questions in our articles library.  However, if you wish to chat with someone about their experiences, worries, etc. you can do that too in our forum area.

You should also discuss your concerns with your doctor before heading into the operating room.

Have you gained weight gain since entering menopause? What helped you lose weight after your hysterectomy?

Tips for losing menopause weight gain

Gained some weight since your hysterectomy?  You are not alone!  Often times, weight gain and menopause go hand in hand and while finding your way to better health is not always easy, it can be done with a better, healthier life to show for it!

So, you have committed to reaching that healthier life, but where to start?

Here are some tips to Lose the Menopause Weight Gain!

Are you going through chemotherapy for your gynecological cancer? What helped you with your chemotherapy treatments?

List of dos and don't for chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can be an important part of treating gynecological cancer.  If you are preparing for chemotherapy, you have probably already heard what a time consuming treatment it is and how it has many side effects

We have compiled a list of: Do This- Not That for Chemotherapy.

Don’t forgot that we also have a great community of caring women in the forum area of our main site, many of which have had personal experience with chemotherapy as part of their own gynecological cancer treatment.