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Are you considering a Trachelectomy? Are you wondering what your recovery will be like?

A trachelectomy, also referred to as a cervicectomy, is the surgical removal of the neck of the uterus also known as the cervix.  This procedure can be used to treat early cases of cervical cancer or other specific conditions while preserving a women’s fertility.

A trachelectomy can be performed laparoscopically, abdominally (laparotomy), vaginally, or with the da Vinci robot with recovering ranging anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending upon the way the surgery was performed and the extent of the surgery.

Read more Trachelectomy information in our article

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Since we like to support women whenever they need it and wherever they are, then we are part of the Twitter community in order to be in touch with our “Social butterflies!”    Do you tweet?  HysterSisters looks forward to seeing you there!

Are you a HysterSister like Lucy? Doing research before her hysterectomy helped her. Did research help you too?

We asked Lucy how she passed the time during her recovery?
She said that she spent her time reading and chatting with family and friends.

Lucy also shares about what helped her most before and after her hysterectomy along with telling us about the best recovery gift she received.  Read more about Lucy and her hysterectomy story.  Once you have read her story, please share yours.  Sharing your story is truly helpful to other women!


Are you packing your bags for surgery? What items should you include in your bag?

Are you standing over your suitcase wondering, “Should I take this?”, “Will I really need it?!”, “What am I forgetting?!”

We have some lists of some things to bring, and not bring, from the HysterSisters that have done what you are now preparing to do and can help answer:  What to Take to the Hospital for Hysterectomy?

Before you go in for your surgery, you’ll also want to be signed up for your Hysterectomy Checkpoints for step-by-step recovery along your hysterectomy timeline.

Is having a hysterectomy the right choice for you? Are there other treatment options available for your condition?

Because a hysterectomy is a major surgery, it is decision serious enough to be made after only after looking at all available options and, in many cases, after having gotten a second opinion.

Many women feel better after their hysterectomy and wish they had done it sooner whereas other women are not as happy with their hysterectomy outcome. Have you had a hysterectomy?  What was your experience like?

Read more about Am I Making the Right Decision to Have Hysterectomy.

What exactly is HysterSisters®? You can be part of this caring community!

We are so happy that you have found us and we are delighted to tell you more about what HysterSisters is all about!

Since 1988, HysterSisters, a woman-owned, “social advocacy” health education company has been providing free personalized support, educational material and research for the women (and sometimes men) who visit our website.  HysterSisters is dedicated to medical and emotional issues surrounding the hysterectomy experience and gynecologic-related conditions and illnesses, supporting women from diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery.

HysterSisters has the pleasure of welcoming over 30,000 members and visitors through our website “doors” each day where they can do anything from perusing informational articles and videos to even chatting with other women about everything from surgery choices all the way through to surgery recovery.

HysterSisters is the leading company for hysterectomy information and support.  Read more About HysterSisters!

Are you a HysterSister like Rachyl? One of her pieces of advice to you is to rest and heal after your hysterectomy!

We asked Rachyl what helped her most before/after her hysterectomy?
She said that the online support group I joined after scheduling my hyster. They offered so much advice and sisterhood, it made the process much less stressful.

Rachyl also shares more about why she had a hysterectomy, her biggest fear going into and even the best recovery gift she received.  Read more about Rachyl and her hysterectomy story.  Once you have read her story, please share yours.  Sharing your story is truly helpful to other women.

What are adhesions? Are you wondering if you will get these after your hysterectomy?

Adhesions are scar tissue that cause organs to stick to one another or to the wall of the abdomen.  The chance of getting an adhesion post-surgery will depend upon several things including type of surgery and whether or not you’ve had prior abdominal surgery.

While many hysterectomy patients feel better than expected post-surgery and want to move around and quickly resume their normal schedule and/or activities, it is so very important that you follow your doctor’s recovery instructions paying close attention to the restrictions about lifting, jumping, running or quick stretching.  That not only helps your hysterectomy recovery, but it can also minimize the chance of adhesions forming.

Read more about Adhesions Following Hysterectomy and remember, you only have once chance to heal properly so make sure you take good care of you!

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