Are you experiencing urinary retention after your hysterectomy? How did you deal with urinary retention after your surgery?

For women that haven’t had a major surgery before, they may think that their recovery will consist only of pain management and rest.  While that is the case for some women, for most women there are a few other situations that arise that may have them scratching their heads or feeling frustrated.

One of the uncomfortable and sometimes painful recovery issues that some women experience is temporary urinary retention.  The temporary urinary retention can be brought on by anything from anesthesia type to post-surgery constipation.

We offer 10 Tips for Temporary Urinary Retention after Hysterectomy.  However, if your retention problem doesn’t go away quickly, it could become serious so be sure to talk to your doctor if the retention becomes prolonged.



Were you anxious about your Hysterectomy? How did you deal with your anxiety?

If you are feeling anxious about your upcoming hysterectomy, you are not alone!

So, now that you know that feeling anxious is normal, you can set out to find some ways to overcome those feelings. 

You can find some tips in Waiting for Hysterectomy Surgery – Anxiety as well as other articles found in  the library.  Another popular resource for women feeling anxious about their upcoming procedure is by connecting with other women that have “been there done that” which is available in our Forum area

All the best to you and remember…be kind to yourself as this is indeed a stressful time.

Are you trying to decide which doctor to use for your hysterectomy? Did you get a second opinion?

Today is National Doctors Day, but it is also National I am in Control Day!  So, what better day than today to talk about getting a second opinion!

No matter which community you are in, chances are you have access to many great doctors. However, just as you often take your car to different specialists based upon what they excel at, so too you should take yourself to the right doctor for your specific condition.   Some doctors are able to perform surgery and/or treatments on a variety of conditions whereas other doctors have decided to focus on one particular condition and thus, know that condition inside and out.

Here are 5 Reasons to Seek a Second Opinion.  And remember that a good doctor is never offended by their patient getting a second opinion and that you are always your own best advocate!

Happy HysterSisters Day! Are you planning a hysterectomy? Are you recovering from your surgery? We are here for you!

Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, so how about we celebrate “HysterSister Day”?!  Why not?!  We have a wonderful, caring community of women that share information, swap stories and offer support all the way before, during and after hysterectomy and/or related surgeries/procedures.

Do you have a story that would help another woman?  You can share your story or you can visit our forum area where you can chat with other women in a comfortable, confidential setting.  Of course, sometimes you just aren’t in the mood to “chat” so you can always access our library of articles and e-books at any time. 

Happy HysterSisters Day!  See you soon!

Do you have a problem with blood clots? Did you have blood clots after your hysterectomy?

If you normally have a problem with blood clots after surgery this is an issue that your doctor will address with you at your pre-op appointment.  However, if they don’t bring it up, be sure that you do!

You will probably have some lab work to do ahead of your surgery and if you have a hematologist, they should be working with your surgeon to assure you that you won’t be having a problem post-surgery.  Also, once you check into the hospital be sure to tell everyone that is working with you about your condition.  After all, you are your own best advocate!

Read more here about Blood Cots, Blood Thinners and Hysterectomy.

Are you familiar with Kegel Exercises? Did you do them after your hysterectomy? Are you doing them correctly?

Do you know what kegel exercises are?  They are simple exercises that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor and while they are great to do anytime, they can be especially important following an abdominal surgery such as a hysterectomy or to combat menopause related pelvic floor issues.

Kegels are great for preventing prolapse among other things and can be done anywhere! To help you achieve the most benefit from your kegel exercises, we’ve compiled a list of Do This, Not That for Kegel Exercises.

As with any exercise regime, it’s best to discuss your plans with your doctor to ensure that you are doing that correctly and at the right time for your current health status. 




Did you struggle with emotions after your hysterectomy? How did you handle your post-surgery emotions?

For many women, having a hysterectomy is more than just medical treatment.  A hysterectomy can be an emotional journey as they confront their idea of femininity and/or the inability to conceive in the future.

One of the articles we have compiled to aid in the recovery process is a list of 6 Tips for Coping With Emotions After Hysterectomy.  In addition to our article library, we have a wonderful forum of caring women on our main website that share their personal stories and information. 

You’re not alone – we are here for you and wish you all the best as you move forward with a healthier future and the support of your HysterSisters.


Are you planning on having visitors at the hospital? Did you have visitors at the hospital after your Hysterectomy?

One of the things you may want to plan for before your surgery is whether or not you will wish to have visitors during your hospital stay.  Some women prefer to not see anyone until they return home while other women really benefit emotionally from seeing their friends and/or family while they are still in the hospital.

Things to consider are everything from the size of the room, how long you will be in the hospital to whether or not children may be part of the visiting group as some children are traumatized by seeing their loved ones in a hospital setting.

Read more about Visitors at the Hospital for Hysterectomy.

How did your first shopping trip go after Hysterectomy? What are your post-surgery shopping tips?

Once your energy has started to return and you are not too much pain, you are probably ready to start resuming your normal activities which includes shopping.

While shopping may seem like not a big deal, it can zap you of your energy quicker than you think while also possibly straining some areas that are still healing. 

To help you with your first post-surgery shopping trip, we have put together 10 Tips for Shopping After Hysterectomy. 



Have you been diagnosed with Endometriosis? What treatment plan did you choose for your endometriosis?

If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, you have probably already discovered that there are a myriad of treatment options available to you.  Working with an endometriosis specialist and/or your medical professionals can help you find the option that will work best for you. 

In order to make the best decision, a good place to start is by keeping a detailed symptom diary.  This diary will assist you and your medical team in deciding if surgery or alternative treatment options are best.

Read about 7 Alternative Treatment Options for Endometriosis.