10 Tips for Sleep Time from our Members

Are you looking for some ways to help get some sleep? We recently asked our Facebook fans what helps them sleep. We received lots of great, various responses. Check out what our fans had to say about what helps them get a good nights rest.

  1. Cup of tea, bath, scented candles and 5htp. HS
  2. Sleepy Tea and my quilt and audio book for 30 minutes. Also a regular bed time. NBD
  3. Sublingual melatonin KMVV
  4. I’ve suffered insomnia for many years, after my hysterectomy it got worse, to the point after 8 months I finally had to see a doctor. SW
  5. My heating pad, quiet dark peaceful room, my comfy bed and flannel sheets. Glass of ice water beside my bed to sip on. Relaxation cd. LA
  6. Lavender & cup of tea. LW
  7. An app of my phone that plays the sound of waves lapping onto the beach. CM
  8. Milk and cookies before bed. RSW
  9. Turning the temperature down before I go to bed. SFP
  10. A night swim really helps. CG

Read more about Sleep Health in March 2013 Checking-In Newsletter from the HysterSisters.

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