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Do you or someone you know suffer from migraines? Here are some facts that may help!


Are you a migraine sufferer?  If not, you probably know someone who is a migraine sufferer, as migraines affect over 10% of the population.  Despite how prevalent migraines, are, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about them.

As the saying goes, knowledge is power so knowing more about migraine triggers and treatments can help you or someone that you care about find the best way to treat those pesky migraines.

Read here 5 Migraine Facts to add to your migraine knowledge base.

Have you explored the HysterSisters Extras and Add-Ons area of our Forums? Did you know that your HysterSisters have helped to compile a HysterSisters Cookbook?

That’s right!  As varied is our group of HysterSisters, so is the cookbook that is at your disposal and…just in time to help you prepare that last minute Thanksgiving dish!

Everything from side dishes to casseroles and vegan dishes to slow cooker recipes can be found right here in our Sisteritaville: Hyster Sisters Cookbook.  

If you try one, let us know!  Have a family favorite?  We would love for you to share it!!

Regrets? Regrets!

We have a wide range of member’s responses from their hysterectomy. In most cases, the hysterectomy is a choice by the patient, based on their medical history and their quality of life needs. In the case of cancer, the hysterectomy is not a choice but a necessity.

We have many members who report that their surgery was the best thing they ever did for their health. Others live with regret as they swap one set of problems from before their surgery for a whole new set of problems after surgery. This is why always encourages women to explore all other treatment options before scheduling surgery.

Here is one popular discussion in the HysterSisters community forums started by a member who started the discussion when she was a few weeks post-op and her recovery has been a struggle.

Join the discussion: Question to those Veteran Sisters.

Visitors in the Hospital

Our members ask all kinds of questions as they prepare for surgery. They help each other with ways to prepare food in the freezer. They offer ideas for preparing the recovery area with fresh sheets and a side table with favorite magazines and books. Basically, the HysterSisters educate themselves with their options and learn how they can take control of what they can for their surgery and their recovery.

Here is a discussion about having visitors in the hospital:

Since I’m just a day away from my visit to the castle. We just got into a discussion about visitors at the hospital. I said, I would be really uncomfortable with anyone there immediately after. If I feel like crying or sleeping, I don’t mind doing it in front of my family but I don’t need an audience. I just don’t think I’ll feel up to it. Does anyone else feel this same way? and for those who went through it when did you really feel up to visitors?

Here is the whole thread: Visitors in the Hospital.

Do you plan on keeping your hospital room free from friends and family? Every one is different. The choice is yours!

Top 10 Things

With so many forums in the HysterSisters community, we typically have most traffic in the post-op and pre-op forums. But as our members find their way around the gigantic message boards, they find the “Friends Without Faces” area where our members often use their humor to navigate through their recovery. One such thread is called: Top 10 Things.

The members have added 10 ten lists (some serious and some funny) about the hysterectomy experience.

From “No housework!” to “Chance to watch an uninterrupted marathon of The West Wing” to “Giving away my feminine products to my girlfriends” –

Many things have made the Top 10 List.

How about you? Did you find things to turn the tide during your recovery?

What Do All Those Letters Mean?

As with any community on or off the internet, there is a vocabulary known within the group that tends to come easy for those in the know. If you have read the HysterSisters forums and heard things like: “I am having a TAH. My DH said he would take my DS to the hospital while he is waiting.” Or “After my TVH, my MD put me on HRT. Anyone try the VD?” – you might feel like you are reading a foreign language.

Never fear! In case you feel lost, we have an abbreviation list that will help you to decipher the post like a HysterSister who has been around a long time.

BTW, If you ROFL while reading the posts in the forums, IMO you might need to ask your DH for some help getting up off the floor.

Another Great Feature – Hot Topics

Another great feature – if you are a logged in member of – is a link in the lavendar navigation bar (below the header area) that is called:

Popular Posts

This fun link takes you to a list of all the hottest topics at The busiest discussions. The threads that have the most replies and most activity.

Its a great way to see where the action is located in the community. 😉

God, Black Raspberries, and Hysterectomies

Fireman’sWoman is a member who’s hysterectomy was in June of 2005. She was one of the favorites of the community – always sharing what she was learning through the recovery process.

Sharing – is a hallmark of our member’s best traits. They have their surgery and then stick around to help other members. I think it’s what makes HysterSisters successful – Women gleaning insight from others who are a step or two ahead of them. Women sharing insights to those a step or two behind.

From one of my favorite threads about Raspberries:

When you are hunting raspberries, you always look at the branches from as many angles as you can. The best ones are always hidden. It took a big fall for me to remember to look underneath all the little nasty stuff to find the real treasure hidden in a bad fall. We can be as careful in life as we hope to be and still have bad falls. We have bad things happen but we forget to look at all the angles. We forget that when we are DOWN, it’s best to look UP.

Read the whole thread here by clicking here: God, Black Raspberries, and Hysterectomies

It’s a Cult!

Sisterhood - Cult!

It might have been long ago…

but this thread called “It’s a Cult!” has kept us chuckling for many years.

It reminds me of the ya-ya sisters. Lots of fun in this. Lots of sisterhood.

For about two weeks now, I’ve been telling everyone I know about this great web site and how I am a pre-punctured princess, a lady in waiting, a member of the royal family just waiting for my trip to the castle to make it official.

In addition, I gave my doctor a copy of the information sheet about the hystersisters, and he promised to check it out and make copies for other ladies contemplating a crown.

Some out there just don’t understand. The jealous ones.
“A pre-punctured princess?” they scoff. “What castle?” they question. And it’s a sisterhood that they simply don’t get. My closest friend told me after I went on for a little while (no more than an hour or so) about my “lady in waiting” status that I was taking all this just a little too seriously. I think not. She went so far as to suggest that the hystersisters might be a cult, but that’s just her envy rearing its ugly head again.

Browse through this thread “It’s a Cult!” when you want to be tickled. It really can be difficult to explain to others your obsession with the HysterSisters website!

References to “castles” and “princesses” come from our “Bedtime Stories for HysterSisters” which is a series of fairy tales, written in a silly yet comforting princess theme, about the hysterectomy experience.