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Are you experiencing vaginal atrophy with menopause? What treatment helped you with your symptoms?

vaginal estrogen for vaginal atrophy

Oh menopause…the condition that can have you fanning yourself from hot flashes one minute while managing one or more other aggravating symptoms the next minute.  One of those symptoms may be vaginal atrophy.  Decreased levels of estrogen can cause the vaginal tissues to become thin, dry and inflamed which leads to several annoying, and sometimes painful symptoms, which can often be relieved with vaginal estrogen.

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Are you wondering what Estrogen Dominance is? Have you been treated for Estrogen Dominance?

six surprising facts about estrogen dominance

If you’ve heard of estrogen dominance, chances are you don’t know much about it.  So, we’ve put together 6 Surprising Facts about Estrogen Dominance to help you learn the causes, symptoms it creates and the age at which it may occur.

If you believe you are dealing with estrogen dominance, schedule an appointment to discuss it with one of your doctors. As not all doctors feel strongly that estrogen dominance is a valid diagnosis, don’t feel discouraged if you need to seek a second opinion.

Are you wondering about Perimenopause? What symptoms did you have with Perimenopause?

woman curious about what perimenopause is

As you approach your 40s, you will probably start hearing the term Perimenopause as it’s about that age that women will start seeing signs of it.  So, what is IT exactly?  Perimenopause is the time period when your body starts transitioning into menopause and may last for a few years or up to a decade.

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Are going to be seeing your doctor soon about your Hot Flashes? How did you determine the severity of your hot flashes?

how hot really are my hot flashes?

Have you ever had a doctor ask you how severe a symptom is only to look back at them with a blank face because well…you just don’t know how to answer!  Because every woman is different, what is only an irritation for some may be a great deal of pain for someone else.

If you are going to be seeing your doctor soon and discussing your menopause and/or hot flashes, this info about Hot Flashes:  How Hot is Hot? may help you avoid the “blank stare” and instead be able to engage in conversation that is beneficial for both your doctor and for you.




Has menopause left you searching for sleep? What did you do for insomnia during menopause?

five reasons you can not sleep

If before menopause, you found it easy to “catch 40 weeks but now find yourself chasing, and hoping for, more “ZZZs”, you are not alone!  Sometimes insomnia can be fixed with lifestyle change whereas some women will have to seek medical treatment.

Here is some information about 5 Reasons you Can’t Sleep.  Another good resource for you can be found with the HysterSisters in the forum area.  Here’s to getting a good night’s sleep very soon!

Are you concerned about heart disease? How are you preventing heart disease?

five ways to prevent heart disease after menopause

Did you know that heart disease is the #1 killer of women?  Now that you know that do you want the good news first or the bad news?  Well, let’s not call it bad news, but rather the less good news which is that if you have been through menopause then your risk for heart disease is already higher than most people’s.  However, the good news is that heart disease is preventable.

Here are 5 Ways to Prevent Heart Disease After Menopause


Are having trouble sleeping? What helped you fight off your insomnia?

five reasons you can't sleep

Even women that were the soundest of sleepers find themselves tossing and turning when they enter menopause. While some women find simple lifestyle changes will fix their insomnia, other women may have to try several things including medical treatment.

If nothing seems to be working, there may be other issues besides menopause that are causing your insomnia in which case you will want to visit with your doctor. Read more about 5 Reasons You Can’t Sleep

Are you suffering from UTIs during menopause? How did you treat your Urinary Tract Infections during menopause?

urinary tract infections during menopause

Sorry ladies, if you have the feeling that you are getting more UTI’s during menopause, you are not imagining things.  Some women may indeed experience more urinary tract infections (UTIs) during menopause.

Read more here about Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) During Menopause.  There are different treatments available for preventing and treating UTIs during menopause so don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor to get relief and/or treatment.

Are you wondering if you are suffering from Hormonal imbalance? What was the cause for your fluctuating hormones?

Ten Hormonal Imbalance Symptoms

If you are feeling out-of-sorts for an extended period of time with symptoms such as anxiety or hot flashes, you may be wondering if you are entering into menopause.  However, there are reasons other than menopause that you could be experiencing symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance.

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