Have you had a colonoscopy? How often have you had a colonoscopy?

Most women have heard of a colonoscopy. If you’ve never had one, you probably aren’t too anxious to schedule one any time soon. If you’re over 50, you need to rethink your plan.

Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It’s also beneficial for you and important for your overall health. Besides checking the inside of your colon, it could help diagnosis some pelvic floor dysfunctions. More importantly, however, it could save your life.

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One thought on “Have you had a colonoscopy? How often have you had a colonoscopy?

  1. Tia Kitty

    I had one a little over three and a half months after my TAHBSO (Christmas 2015) to hopefully identify why I had such horrible LLQ pain and extreme constipation. When I woke from the anesthetic, I was in worse pain than I was after my hysterectomy. The nurse in post-op told me the doctor did not find any obstructions or polyps, and she recorded the pain as 2-3 when I remember telling her it was 5-6, she also recorded that she thought it was gas and advised me to fart. I felt like my bowel was being ripped apart. I was sent home that way. My son-in-law wanted to take me to the ER when he came to pick me up, but I just wanted to go home and curl up and cry. I was in the same amount of pain four days later when I returned to work. The ladies at work sent me to the ER that morning but the CT scan the ER did didn’t find any problems either.
    I saw a gastroenterologist late last year, he wants to do another one because the surgeon who did my colonoscopy was a general surgeon and the gastroenterologist says he might have missed something. I’m really scared to have another one because of how much pain I was in afterwards

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