Do you wonder what caused your gynecological cancer?

Why me? Why did I get cancer? I’m fairly healthy, I exercise some, and I don’t smoke or drink too much. What did I do wrong? Is there something I could have done to prevent getting cancer?

These are common questions that run through your mind when you’re diagnosed with cancer. You want to know the why and what for. Was it your fault or just fate? You feel answers will give you some sense of control.

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One thought on “Do you wonder what caused your gynecological cancer?

  1. Kazzatim

    Hello there I am four days into a vaginal hysterectomy and my. I had the catheter taken out and could not pee been discharged with another catheter and today when washing I noticed around my bottom area is a big purple bruise is this. Normal plus I hope after this week I so hope my bladder works fine so worries and nervous

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