Do you suffer from low iron? What has helped you raise your iron levels naturally?

Low iron can cause a number of symptoms, some more serious than others. It can also delay any upcoming surgeries, like a hysterectomy.

If you have low iron, you’ll want to treat it. Your options may include iron tablets, supplements, and vitamins. Unfortunately, sometimes those can be tough on your stomach. They can also cause uncomfortable constipation.

If you don’t absorb iron well or the side effects are too intense, you have other options. One of them is to alter your diet to try to bring your iron levels up naturally.

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One thought on “Do you suffer from low iron? What has helped you raise your iron levels naturally?

  1. joan44

    I suffered from low iron levels for nearly three years leading up to my hysterectomy. I read numerous articles about raising my iron levels naturally as the pills constipated me and made me feel slightly queasy. One of the biggest things that helped me raise my iron level up to ” good enough ” for surgery was knowing WHAT NOT TO EAT OR DRINK when you have foods with iron in them, for instance I used to eat my iron fortified oatmeal and drink coffee, this instantly negates the iron you can absorb. I also googled iron rich muffins and found molasses, and pumpkin oatmeal muffins that helped me tremendously, both in iron stores and energy levels. I also opted for plant based iron as it was so much easier on my system than hulking down a big old steak or chuck of chicken. Absorption was something I read about a lot to help me keep the iron I was ingesting and make it work for me. READ READ READ, I printed off a chart of iron rich foods both plant and meat based. Everything I read encouraged me to not leave off dark leafy greens and these were so helpful in the healing process after my hysterectomy, I am now almost 5 weeks post op and on a 90% plant based diet, I feel better than I have in over four years.

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