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What We Can Learn From Dogs

If you knew me well, you would know that my love for my dog, Dora, runs deep. She is a dappled dachshund with two blue eyes. She is brilliant and stubborn and daily provides me with entertainment that makes me chuckle. And her face? I love that white, old lady face. For me, she is very human.

  • She encourages me to be the person she thinks I am.
  • She reminds me to laugh.
  • She keeps me on schedule – fussing at me if I’m late to put her food in her bowl.
  • She loves unconditionally, totally and without reservations.
  • She doesn’t hesitate to tell me when she is happy.
  • She reminds me to nap when I’m tired!
  • She teaches me to fully throw myself into the process of “rest”.

Dora Mae sometimes naps where she isn't supposed to nap!

If you have recently had surgery – don’t forget to nap. Plump the pillows all around you and just rest. The healing takes place during those naps. Pushing yourself when you are aching is not the best choice!

Meet the Staff – Catherine

A few weeks ago I posted about our wonderful hostess team and said I’d be highlighting different staff members as time rolled along. Remember that? I had to write it down because a reminder note is often required for a nudge of my memory.

So first up I decided to post about Catherine. If she knew I was doing this she would protest. In fact I expect all the hostesses to grimace when I tell them about this new category (or when they find out by reading the blog) because they aren’t here for the personal glory.

Each one of the hostesses volunteers their time to help the website in one way or another because they have gigantic, humongous, hearts of gold.

Catherine is at the top of the heap of the big, hearted crowd.

If you’ve ever written to the HysterSisters helpdesk, you’ve encountered the kindness of Catherine. She helps our members with registrations and lost passwords. She works mostly behind the scenes, mostly as my administrative assistant in which she excels. As you might imagine, we get lots of email and Catherine answers them all!

As I’ve called myself the Keeper of the Keys in the land of HysterSisters – Catherine reminds me where my keys are located if I’ve misplaced them. She remembers everything and I’m so grateful for her skills managing the tasks behind the curtain.

She is also the hostess that helps when we have a member who may be concerned about DVT and/or inherited blood disorders like Factor V Leiden.

You can read more about Catherine in her bio but there is one thing she hasn’t revealed in her bio: she is also “Top of the Heap” as a grandmother.

Thank you Catherine!

Thanks to our Forum Hostess Team

If you are a member of HysterSisters.com and have participated in a discussion in our forums you may have noticed a special group of members called “Hostess”.  These lovely ladies are volunteers who love the website and help make sure our members find the best answers, receive support for their health concerns with the extra bonus of a cyber ((( hug ))) or two!

I’m often asked “Where do you find your hostesses?”

We find them from within the member ranks. They are members who stick around after their hysterectomy, enjoy spending time helping other members and are available! Typically they have an area of special interest that helps our members in specific forums.

Over the coming months I’ll be highlighting our hostesses, one at a time, for you to get to know them. They are the best group on the planet – living from coast to coast and even over the borders and across the pond.

You can read more about the HysterSisters Hostesses and check out their individual bios too!

A special thanks, BIG BIG THANKS, from me to our wonderful hostess team! They make a huge difference in the lives of our members with their kindness and helpful answers. And each one has a heart the size of Texas!