We Have a Checkpoint For That

If you have traveled along the hysterectomy journey and wondered how you should be feeling at this point or that, we have a checkpoint for that. Namely, the Hysterectomy Checkpoints. If you are scheduled for a hysterectomy or recently had one, this information has been gathered and prepared for you. The HysterSisters call these “Checkpoints” as there are specific points along your surgery timeline where information might be more important to you. We have a checkpoint for each step along the way.

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One thought on “We Have a Checkpoint For That

  1. jeski

    2 days after my TVH and A&P surgery I had my catheter removed. I could not pee. We tried everything,,,warm water on the front, running water and still nothing. So I was sent home with a cath. A week later it was removed in the office and 6 hours later I was only putting small amounts out, so my dr put the cath back in. He said this is normal & that the bladder just needs time to heal and relearn how to operate. Needless to say, I am very worried. Everything else from the surgery went well. No problems with bowel movements and only Motrin 600 for minimal pain every 6-8 hours. What can be preventing me from being able to pee?
    Just really worried.

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