Tummy Care

Abdominal Binder
As your incision is healing and you need extra support, either the Abdominal Binder or the Perfect Pocket Abdominal Binder will be the perfect product to wrap around your tummy to give you the added support you need! A "must have" for side sleepers!

And once you are back on your feet and carrying on with your normal activities, we've found the best Post Op Panty for support to your tummy for your "back to life" activities while your tummy still needs a bit of support!

Read more information about hysterectomy products for your [tummy care].

Scar FX Silicone Sheet
Reduce the size and color of your surgery scar!
Product is out of stock
Post Op Panty
Reduces swelling, sensitivity, and scarring.
The Great Binder Set
Get the best support after surgery!
Product is out of stock
Scar Esthetique® Scar Creme
Hot Deal
Are you looking for something to improve the look of any scar?
RejuvaSil® Silicone Scar Gel
Hot Deal
Want an alternative for scar treatment?
Waistband Extender Kit
We at HysterSisters know how frustrating it is to have a swollen, bloated...
Perfect Pocket Abdominal Binder with 2 Cool Packs
Here it is, ladies! The PERFECT POCKET is the 2nd generation Abdominal...
Abdominal Support Binder

Medical abdominal support binder. Easy to use, velcro close, 6 inches...

Tummy Pillow Tote Bag
A favorite of the Hyster Sisters.