Abdominal Support Binder

Abdominal Support Binder
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Please double checking sizing BEFORE ordering. Once opened, the binders CANNOT be returned. Please use the sizing chart below. DO NOT go off normal sizes.

Lookee here gals!  You'll want this during your recovery, not only for when you are up and walking around but this is a "must have" for side sleepers, to recline comfortably during recovery!  You will love this for the best tummy belly support! We can't say enough good stuff about this product! This binder is great for both horizontal and vertical incisions, as well as for minimally invasive surgery! It's tapered design allows for an even better fit!

Also, check out our Next Generation Abdominal Binder... our Perfect Pocket Abdominal Binder!

Machine Washable! (Isn't that the best part?) Machine wash cold, tumble dry medium.

Latex Free!

Hook and loop closure for easy wearing and adjustments.

6 inches wide for optimum comfort and support. LATEX FREE!

How to select the correct size:

Measure yourself around the incision area (this will be between your belly button and your hips, not your waist).

24"-30" fits our "Small"

30"-36" fits our "Medium"

36"-42" fits our "Large"

42"-48" fits our "X-Large"

48"-54" fits our "2X-Large"

Reimbursable by most medical insurances: HSPCS code: "L0625 - Multiple Use Elastic Abdominal Binder". Note: HS Store is not responsible for filing insurance claims for products. The customer is responsible for all insurance paperwork. HCPCS Disclaimer: HCPCS codes and Home Health Consolidated Billing codes provided by HS Store are intended as general guidelines only. HS Store does not guarantee coverage or reimbursement of any products. You must address all coverage and reimbursement issues (including the correctness and accuracy of codes) with your insurance provider. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of each claim you submit, in accordance with all applicable requirements.

NOTE: Order carefully. Opened binders are not returnable. Please see our Return and Refund Policy.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by
12/17/2013 - 10:54:50 AM
Great for recovery
Overall I like the product, but for me, it wasn't high enough. My incisions were in 5 different places & that made it hard for me to wear the band, because it wasn't high enough to cover all the incisions. Now that my incisions are healing, it's easier. It's very comfortable & doesn't stick out when wearing nice clothes. I have noticed my bloat has gone down since wearing it.
Reviewed by
11/02/2012 - 08:29:57 PM
Great Support
I am so glad I found your website. I have worn and loved everything I purchased. I especially love the Abdominal Binder. It has given me the extra support and comfort I have needed. I am still using it every day.

Thank you for the wonderful products.
Barbara N
Reviewed by
08/28/2013 - 01:33:43 AM
Abdominal Binder
I loved this binder especially because it was much shorter than the one i was sent home in from the hospital. I had a hysterectomy and also a tummy tuck. This was nice to help hold stomach tighter through out the day and also lets me sleep on my side.
Reviewed by
08/27/2013 - 10:17:43 AM
Terrific Muffin Top Reducer!
I know the abdominal binder is not intended for this purpose, but I use it as a post-menopausal muffin top hider! It is the perfect width band and is so much more confortable and easier to use than the various body shapers that are hard to get into and to remove for using the facilities!
Reviewed by
smilingblonde bought "Abdominal Support Binder" on our website
07/10/2014 - 10:27:51 AM
Very helpful
I had the DaiVinci procedure and this binder helps hold in your stomach. It helped me to be able to start walking longer and not feel any pain at 3 weeks out. I wear it when I do light housework or if I'm on my feet a lot. I only wish I would have ordered it BEFORE surgery.
Reviewed by
04/23/2014 - 08:40:02 AM
Perfect Size
This is a great product and the band is the perfect size to wear under your clothes (6 inches wide). It is not bulky like the one I came home from the hospital in. Provides lots of support also. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.
Reviewed by
BlueGemini bought "Abdominal Support Binder" on our website
02/26/2014 - 04:48:07 PM
I am still early in my recovery, but I have used my binder for trips out of the house and so very grateful to own one. The vibration of being in the car hurts so bad, but the binder cuts that pain down by ALOT! Before the hysterectomy I wore size 14-16 and they took a fibroid out the size of a football. I was worried about what size of binder to buy since I knew to expect swelly belly and I was close to the biggest the princess size would go. I went ahead and ordered the princess size and it works even as my belly swells through the day. When my belly swells it is definitely larger than it was prior to surgery, but the binder is working just fine. Hope this helps
Reviewed by
01/28/2013 - 05:19:26 AM
Abdominal Binder
I just want to thank you fopr offering this product. I only wish that I had found out about this about 3 weeks sooner. It was such a wonderful help, especially at night when I wanted to sleep on my side. It made for a much more comfortable sleep.

Thanks again.
I got one of these and one of the swelly belly bands. I used both!
Thank you for the abdominal binder, which arrived last week. Finally, relief! Now I have the support I need to walk a little outside each day, without that feeling that I must hold my hands over my belly to support it (looks odd to the neighbours, you know).
I have had c-sections in the past and wish I had on of these binder bands back then. Two weeks ago I had a large upper abdomen hernia and gallbladder surgery. The band has been a lifesaver! With my hysterectomy now scheduled in a few weeks, I know this will really make a difference again. Thank you so much for a wonderful site and making available such wonderful products!

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