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Abdominal Hysterectomy: TAH/LSO - In detail, hospital and surgery

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I got to the hospital yesterday morning at seven. They had

me ready to go around 9. First nurse couldn't get the IV

started and she left a bruise in the crook of my arm. The

second nurse got the iv started without a hitch so I have

the iv in my hand. I was alseep by the time I got to the

operating room. I woke up in recovery in a lot of pain and

kept asking for relief. The nurse gave me all that was

allowed and was trying to get me out of recovery as soon as

possible so I could get to my room. I was pretty nauseated

throughout the afternoon and they kept giving me phenergan,

ragland and pain meds. I slept most of the afternoon and

was pretty groggy all night.

I am still pretty groggy today.

Surgery lasted almost 4 hours, doctor was surprised it

lasted so long but he said I am going to be very pleased

with the results of my pelvic floor repair. I had a spinal

after coming out of surgery so my bottom hasn't hurt, but is

starting to hurt today which is a whole day after surgery.

I did have an TSO LSO as well as the pelvic floor repairs

and I have staples at the incision and there are two tubes

going into the incision and the tubes are hooked up to a

bulb that has a local anesthesia in it, so the abdominal

incision is constantly bathed and numb. They have given me

an abdominal support belt to wear which really helps. I no longer have the leg massagers on or the hose.

I did not get out of bed at all yesterday and walked for the

first time this morning after the vaginal packing came out

and the catheter came out. Vaginal packing removal was a

little uncomfortable.

I had nurse problems on the day shift today. I saw my nurse

twice this morning. Once when the shift changed and then

once after I called her for pain meds, but she didn't show

up for 30 minutes and then the pain meds burned my hand so

badly that she flushed with saline and she said, ok I am

going to push really hard on the plunger and she did and my

vein popped and burned like crazy and the swelling started,

so an hour later after I had called twice to remind her she

finally got someone else to come here and take the iv out

and put in another one. I called her two more times after

that about pain meds and about my potty hat being so full

and yucky that I couldn't use it and she never showed up.

So I called the charge nurse and told her what was going on

and my doctor showed up so I told him and he said he would

get things straightened out. Then she came down here

confronting me and defensive and talking about how she is a

travel nurse from Africa and how nobody has ever complained

about her. She said she was busy with other patients and I

told her that I had needed her too and she hadn't come back

here in hours no matter that I called her directly. So we

ended up friends with her apologizing and saying she would

do better. She hasn't even kept up with whether I have had

a bowel movement and I had to talk to someone else about


I am still lying here with a big swollen hand, but I am on

oral pain meds now and have walked the halls and had a jelly

bm. I still have the local pain meds at the abdominal

incision. It is really hard to pull myself up due to being

so sore. I may sleep some so talk to you ladies later. I'll be glad to go home.

11-16-2007 - 01:27 PM



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