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Total Vaginal Hysterectomy with Bladder Sling - 4 days postop and happy!

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This might go a little long, being on percoset post-op means its taking 3 days to write this! I have 3 kids DD4, DD10 and DS14 and DH who have all been very supportive. In Dec my Gyn and I made the decision to have the hysto after many years of heavy periods, D&C's, ruptured ectopic, CIS and failed treatments. After my cold-cone I developed an extremely sensitve cervix. My docs said they had never seen such a sensitive cervix, apparently the fuzzy layer that forms for a few weeks when it heals from the Cold Knife conziation never went away leaving a very tender cervix.... spotting and painful intercourse. I started having severe uterine cramping and backache daily that kept on excelating over the coming months. I felt like I have lost this last year of my life living in pain. I asked about stress incontinance at one of my appointments and was schedled for urodynamics and found to have a second grade cystocele.

I was scheduled for 3/13 to have a TVH, TOT bladder sling and anterior repair. I waited 12 weeks for surgery due to needing two surgeons getting their schedules together was tough. My Gyn did it on her on-call day! Hystersisters was my second home during this time doing endless research, it really helped me prepare very well for pre-op's and recover. The hystersister provided me with support and invaluable advise that I would not have found anywhere else.

I was so nervous and stressed and didn't actually think about changing my mind till 5am the morning of surgery as we were walking out the door.

We only live about 5 min away so I took got up about 4am, took a shower and did my hair...Hey I didn't know when the next time I see a curling iron would be. Checked in at 5:30am along with an Amish man who was having open heart surgery. It was interesting to say the least. DH had to wait till they got me changed and settled. The nurse gave the option to shave myselft (It was the nurse or AL the male nurse or me...I went with me!) Anesthesiologist came in about 6:30 and ordered an IV and some Versed (Lovely stuff) I was out like a light and remember them saying it was time to go, scheduled for 7:30am.

Once in the OR the anethatist was great, usually it is pretty traumatic for me falling asleep but he she really eased me into sleep and I rememer saying "Nice....bye....see you later" and hear them laughing. I woke up as soon as the tube came out still in the OR and heard someone calling my name and telling me, we are waking you up and giving you something for pain and falling alseep again. My Gyn did a vaginal hysterectomy, lost cervix kept ovaries and Uro/Gyn did the Transobturator (TOT) sling for cyctocele. Surgery took 2 hours and I spent 2 hours in PACU. I had to scoot onto the bed in my room and had some trouble, the nurses had to help lift me over. I couldn't move my legs at all without pain in my groin due to the TOT bladder sling. I was starving and THIRSTY and the nurse informed me nothing but ICE chips till the next morning. WHAT?? It was noon!!

I slept most of the day. Pain was tough to keep under control best was around a 4, I am alergic to Morphine and the shot they gave me every 3 hours lasted an hour then the pain would take charge. Just enough that I couldn't sleep or get comfortable about 6-7. Spent the night on Thursday. Overall the pain was still not what I had anticipated it to be (I have had 3 vaginal births and abdominal scar from ruptured ectopic) So far this has been alot easier recovery than the abdominal incision 6 years ago. I also expected to have lots of vaginal swelling on the outside but had none, I was so relieved! Don't laugh but that was the first thing I did was feel down there! Very little spotting and now on day 4 no more pantiliner.

My Uro/Gyn came to see me around 2pm and I pleaded for some water, she said I could have what ever I wanted. I had a catheter until the next morning about 6am and then everytime I went to the bathroom they did a bladderscan to track risidual fluid for most of the day. My Gyn came by about a few hours later and said everything went very well. My cervix and uterus sat very high so she had to use longer instruments...Kuddo's to her for trying harder and not just cutting my tummy open. She said the Uro/Gyn had to litterally run out of the OR or a baby would have landed on her head....my doc and I share good sense of humor, and she had the uterus out by the time she got back. Once the TOT sling was in place it lifted the the vaginal canal and everything else into place so well she did not have to to the anterior repair. (Happy me)

I ended up spending two nights in the hospital, coming home on Saturday since it took most of Thurday afternoon, evening and Friday to get me pain controlled. I also had to pass gas to go home, which was a doozie feeling things move around and not coming out, the magic moment helped Friday evening and MAN what a relief! They had me sit up with feet "dangling" the night of and a 10 feet walk the night of, my advice is walk when you can it really helps the bowels and if you have constipation chocolate helps. It is a natural laxative, I had that after I tried Milk of Magnesia and it worked pretty good. Very natural.

I am on day 4 of recovery and the pain is very well under control as long as I take my meds on time as I found out the hard way waking up 6:45am this morning. Still taking Percoset and need to see both docs for follow up on Thursday, one week postop. All the usual restrictions. I spent most time in bed with plenty of walks down the hall to help with the gas.

Gosh I am sure I left something out....ROFL. But honestly the waiting was the worst part prbably because of the emotional rollercoaster factor. The pain I felt when I woke up was not near as bad as what I worked up in my mind before...and I am a WEENY when it comes to pain, I cry when I see needles...no joke! The pain I have been having for months was really all gone when I woke up and I could distinguish between that and the surgery pain. I am so happy to have had this done and know that I still have a ways to go till I am out of recovery. I just take every day as it come. My DH has commented on how well things are going and that I haven't been moody in 4 days!! LOL got to love him.

Okay so to add insult to injury I got a Jury Duty notice the day before surgery, but the doc is writing me a get out of Jury duty free card!

03-17-2008 - 02:02 PM

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