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We invite you to list yourself in our Doctor Directory - specifically for the purpose of providing "Second Opinions" to women for gynecological medical issues that may lead to surgery. This is a perfect way to support the HysterSisters website and get your name listed for our 350,000+ members and 18,000+ daily visitors to find you in our Doctor Directory, randomly in our Articles, and in our City pages. HysterSisters.com pages are viewed over 2 million times per month.
1. Registration is fast and easy.

2. Excellent value: less than $20.00 per month! (For individual doctors $239.00 per year - Introductory offer. For doctor practices with 3 or more doctors $639 per year. Current payment method: Credit Card or Paypal )

3. Select to receive our patient booklet: "What 350,000 Women Know About Hysterectomy" (box of booklet) shipped automatically to you every 4 months for your patients.(Provided FREE - A $159.80 value)

4. Access to participate in our Ask A Doctor project if you choose.

5. Get started by agreeing to our rules below:
Hysterectomy HysterSisters Rules
Terms of Service - Medical Doctors
In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules:

Welcome! By registering for the Doctor Directory you agree to the following:

You agree you are a practicing medical doctor, specializing in women's health issues.

You agree that by listing yourself as a medical doctor, you do not have posting privileges as the HysterSisters forum community is a patient support - patient to patient.

You agree that you will not use HysterSisters email system or private message system to initiate a relationship with members for the purpose of patient recruitment. If a member contacts you, you may reply with support and information.

You agree that you will maintain your profile with current contact information.

You agree that you will maintain your membership options by editing your options for your personal preferences - allowing or disallowing members to contact you directly. (We suggest turning email/private messages to "NO" to encourage members to call your office for an appointment.)

You agree that by violating your membership in the HysterSisters Doctor directory you will forfeit your membership fees as they are non-refundable.

Please select if you want to register as an individual doctor or as a Practice:
Individual Doctor - Listing for a SINGLE (one) doctor (239 USD/year)
Practice - Listing 3 or More Doctors of a Practice (639 USD/year)


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