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Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016 Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

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Unread 02-14-2016, 01:01 AM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016


This special Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread is for YOU if you are having surgery this week. This thread chat will help you meet others who are having surgery the same week as you, calm your anxiousness, and help answer your last minute questions.

To get started, please introduce yourself, sharing a few things about yourself and your upcoming hysterectomy. Tell us what concerns you have as you prepare for your surgery.

Have patience! Because this is a "COME AND GO" event, check back here during the day for replies with answers, support and hugs from new friends. Our post-op members will be stopping by, too!

As you get to know the other members having surgery this week - you will be meeting up again, after your hysterectomy, in a special thread created just for this week's surgeries in the Post Op Hysterectomy forum.

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Unread 02-14-2016, 02:08 AM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

Welcome Ladies to your Pre Op Open House! We are so glad you’ve joined us. This is your place to introduce yourself, ask your questions, and just speak about whatever is on your mind as you approach your surgery date.

As our surgery approaches, the nerves can get out of hand! This is completely normal, but knowing that doesn't make it any easier. The waiting truly is the hardest part, so your best course of action is to keep busy. Scrub your house, cook & freeze meals, and prepare your recovery area. Stock up on books, magazines, puzzles, movies and hobbies to keep you quietly busy while you recover. Get out of the house and have fun with family and friends... go for a hike, to the movies, or perhaps have a spa day. Finally it's important to take quiet time just for you as well. Meditate, yoga, quiet walks or a long bubble bath will soothe your nerves and help give you peace.

Here are some articles to help you prepare:

10 Essentials to Pack for Hospital

5 Ways to Prepare & First Surgery

Coping with Anxiety & Fear

Expectations vs. Reality

Prepare for Hysterectomy: Tips

Relaxation Suggestions

Deep breaths, Ladies, you can do this! And we are here for you every step of the way.

Unread 02-14-2016, 03:34 AM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

My name is Layla. I am having a hysterectomy Wed. Feb. 17th. My friend Melanie sent me here. It is 4 AM here, and i am awake feeling nervous and sad, as well as actually not feeling well as usual.

I will be 38 on Feb 22. I have a 14 yr old son. I have been with my 2nd husband for almost 5 years. I have been teaching English and Spanish for 16 years. I teach at my old high school, and my son is actually one of my students. I adore my job. I also like playing guitar, sewing and quilting, cooking, reading, painting, and travelling.

I never had female issues until about 4 years ago, and they have gotten progessively worse. I ended up with severe abdominal and pelvic pain, heavy unbearable periods, extreme mood swings, stomach issues, severe cramping, very painful acne that scars, and extreme migraines all centering around my period. I forgot to mention i suddenly began gaving not one but probably 5 or so long stray dark hairs in my chin which i of course pluck. Still last ywar, they said my hormobes tested ok. Go fugure.

Last year I had an endometrial ablation hoping to avoid a hysterectomy, and although I now do nit bleed.. all other symptoms are actually worse. Apparently I also now have Adenomyosis. With thus hysterectomy, he hopes to leave one or both ovaries.

So here are the thoughts I keep having. Will pain after surgery be excruciating? Will this help my symptoms and thus even be worth it? Will I still be myself? Will my sex life be as good? Will I gain weight or have a larger midsection? Will this make things worse? How long will recovery be?

A bit more to add at end. I have an SLE lupus diagnosis for about 10 years. Also he will be looking into fibroid or mass during this surgery.
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Unread 02-14-2016, 05:00 AM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

Hello everyone, I'm
Having an abdominal hysterectomy February 16th. I've had problems with cysts rupturing since I was17. Painful cramping and periods. I've been on BCP to try and control. I have fibroids also. I had a c section 3 years ago. I'm 47 and period are now every two weeks lasting over a week very heavy and painful. Migraines with each one and sex is painful. Uterus is bulky. I'm nervous afraid the doctor will find something else and the pain afterward. I keep trying to think about how much better I'll feel everyone I know that has had one said it was the best thing they ever did. I'll recover from this. If I don't get it done I'll continue to feel exhausted all the time, bleeding every two weeks and not enjoy sex like I used to. Thank you hyster sisters for your website. Prayers to all having surgery this week and Thank God for Morphine!
Unread 02-14-2016, 06:55 AM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

Welcome to Hystersisters.
I was where you are just nine weeks ago. I am wishing you all peace in these final days before surgery. There is light at the end of this tunnel!

Someone asked about pain, some sisters have had zero to mild discomfort waking up, others, (like me), did find it painful. It's just important to speak up to your nurses. They are in charge of making you comfortable! It is a whirlwind once you get in there and the time will pass before you're being wheeled out to your waiting car!

Good luck ladies...

Unread 02-14-2016, 06:58 AM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

My name is Karen. I am having surgery on February 17th. I have been bleeding for 3 months straight. Medicine is not stopping it. I have two very large cysts on my ovaries. I also have Adenomyosis, which is very painful. Migraines for years. I am so ready to have everything taken out. I am 55 and have two grown children and one grandson. So, I won't need any of this anymore. I am very nervous. I am praying for everyone this week that is having this surgery. We got this ladies!!!! Thank goodness for this website for all of the support. Everyone hang in there. I'm kind of a baby about pain. Thank goodness for pain meds.
Unread 02-14-2016, 07:23 AM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

Hello! My name is Lori, I'm 39, and I'm scheduled for surgery Wednesday the 17th. I have a husband, a daughter (12), and a son (11). I'm a preschool teacher and have a precious class of 18-4yr olds! My husband is a high school basketball coach and this surgery couldn't have come at the worst time. He is about to start playoffs and be gone ALOT!

I've been having, what I thought, were several small issues, but turns out they are the result of one large issue...a mass in my ovary the size of a softball. I've had cramping, spotting between periods, feeling like I need to urinate but can't quite empty, sporadic bowels, stomach issues, and irregular periods.
Went to my gyno April 2015, told
him about spotting and closer periods and he said it was probably my age and hormones changing, and to come back if it became bothersome. Went to my primary in June of 2015 to ask about the urinating and she presses on an area of my stomach and I told her I felt like there was a ball in there or something. It was low, so she thought it was scar tissue from my csection I had, told me to do kagels, and said to come back if things weren't better in 6 weeks. Things didn't get better, but I didn't go back. I went from spotting between periods, to having periods every 3 weeks, to having them every 2-2.5 weeks. I have noticed for the past 6 months or so that everytime I was standing at a counter about waist high, and if I was leaning up against it where it pressed just right, I felt like it was pushing on something that wasn't supposed to be there. Long story short, because the pain, cramping and periods coming more frequently, I started to notice that area becoming more sensitive to touch. This last period came 2 weeks early, and before I started I was really hurting in that area. The nights before I started, I was laying in bed, and I started pressing on that area. I couldn't feel it with my hand, but I could feel it inside and as I lay in bed pressing on 'it' I could feel it in my back. Pressing on it caused me to leak a little so I started getting really scared. Bladder cancer ran through my mind, as so many other things. I started getting scared, so I laid in bed for several hours crying and praying I would be ok. Then I started my period. Called my gyno last Monday, got in, sonogram showed a mass the size of a softball, and he said I needed to have a hysterectomy ASAP, leaving the one healthy ovary. I was so shocked, and when he mentioned the possibility of malignancy, I began to weep! I was NOT prepared for any of that news! I couldn't even think of questions to ask, but he knew I was upset and had questions, but didn't try to reassure me in any way and needed to get to his next patient, which was SO unlike him. I left a heaping puddle of tears, walked out, and after talking to my mom, husband and a few good friends, decided to get a second opinion from another gyno, who happens to be a family friend. He got me in the next day and gave me the same news, but was WAY more informative and answered any and every question I had. He's doing my 'robotic' surgery and I feel so good about it! The news came with a blow, everything has been so sudden and unexpected, and my head is spinning from everything I have to get done. Arranging people to take and pick my kids up from school, people to come sit with me while my husband is gone, etc. It's a lot! This sounds so stupid, but I think I've started grieving the fact that I'm losing my uterus. Because I'm fascinated with the human body and how it works, I watched the robotic surgery on YouTube. I just wanted to see how it worked. It's funny that that stuff doesn't bother me at all, but I can't stand to pull, or watch one of my children, pull their own tooth!! Haha!! As I watched the video, I was just so in awe of our intractely made body, and how beautifully the systems work together. As they were describing the uterus, I started feeling so sad and realizing if I didn't have my female parts, I wouldn't have my beautiful kids!!!! I started feeling like it has given me the two most precious gift I've ever received! Now this is going to sound REALLY stupid, but I was feeling like im losing something huge about myself, and was wishing there was someway I could thank 'it' for the gift. I told this to my husband, and he died laughing, and then I does laughing because it sounded so corny, but looked it up and turns out this can be normal. So I'm not losing my mind!! It's just such a finality and like I'm closing a book and starting a whole new book! I know I'll be so grateful after healing, and will probably laugh about my 'grieving' later on, but seriously, how amazing is womanhood?? Even with all the ups and downs!
Lastly, I'm scared about the pain. I can't take anti imflamatories due to stomach ulcers, so that throws a kink into pain management. If anyone has had robotic/vaginal incision, and have any advice, please give me pointers.
So glad I found this site. It has given me so much info and has calmed a lot of my fears! I'm just praying for a benign report for now.
Unread 02-14-2016, 07:35 AM
Re: Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

Hi I'm brand new here. Having a total hysterectomy tomorrow and I'm almost 45 years old. I'm terrified today. I want to cry. I've managed to stay so busy leading up and this is my second really bad day. I've saved all my cleaning and errands for today and tomorrow morning. I check in at 1. I feel lucky that I have no cyst or health issues but family history that's the reason for the surgery. My mother and sister and a great aunt all died by 43 of ovarian cancer. I know this is the best health choice for me. I'm just scared. And I hate fasting. I'm worried about weight gain and pain also.
Unread 02-14-2016, 07:40 AM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016


My name is Kim and I am scheduled for surgery to remove everything but my ovaries on February 18th. I have two children and I am 38. I had my thyroid removed about 8 years ago and became hypothyroid. That's when my period problems began. A few years ago the fibroids (very small at that point) appeared. Shortly after, the prolonged bleeding, clotting, cramping, and weakness started. Everytime I would go to the Dr they would tell me it's my hormones because of the thyroid medicine levels but it wasnt. Then 3 months ago I went to the gyn and they discovered the fibroids grew in size and I have polyps as well. So here I am with the hysterectomy. You are right. The worst part has been the wait and preparing my home for post op but I am so sooooo ready! The thing that worries me the most is the fear my hormones will somehow be affected, I will start acting crazy, and that I will lose sex drive since this has already made my sex life non existent because of the bleeding. I know this has got to happen. Thank you for listening. This site has been the only source or support, other than my wonderful mother, that I have.

Happy Sunday and huggs!
Unread 02-14-2016, 07:43 AM
Pre-Op Hysterectomy: Open House Chat Thread - Today Feb 14, 2016

Hi guys. I'm Stacey. Married, two kids, 51, and not menopausal. I'm having an "abdominal hysterectomy" (keeping ovaries) on Feb 16th.

I have multiple fibroids (one is the size of a softball). My uterus is enlarged, doc said the size of a 16 week pregnancy. Lots of discomfort, lower back pain, frequent urination, bloating, aching tummy. (No bleeding thanks to the thermal ablasion I had years ago)

God I am so nervous!!!! Afraid of many things. Will he will find something else, the pain afterwards, will my ovaries will go into shock, the recovery time, how jacked up my hormones will get, how it will effect my sex life....and weight gain!! Ugh, so many unknowns!

I've spring cleaned my home, caught up laundry, paid the bills, packed a bag..and today will make some freezer meals. Oh, and came THIS close to backing out. (no really!) My pre-admission nurse helped calm my fears enough that I am still on the surgery schedule, lol.

Good luck to everyone having their surgery this week!! It's definitely comforting knowing I'm not alone.

And like someone else said..thank God for morphine!
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