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New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormones? New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormones?

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Unread 02-20-2010, 08:33 AM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

I posted..scared on estrogen.. Maybe somebody will say something positive on there!
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Unread 02-20-2010, 09:53 AM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

Hey Ladies,

My surgery is on the 24th, and I am having a TAH-BSO. My doctor has already said I won't have to go on HRT, but that there are alternatives for the mood swings, hot flashes, and night sweats. Black Cohash is an herbal that will help with these. Also make sure to take multivitamins and calcium. There are some people in this world who really read about what is in everything, and what side effects they may have. And then there are those of us who do just fine being oblivious. Most doctors feel the side effects are less of a problem than the main problem. It's a matter of which is the lesser of two evils. We all confront that on a daily basis, we just don't always realize it. So....for each of you beautiful ladies....look at which is the lessor of the two evils. You can be blissful with the knowledge that what is working out for you is working. But don't stress out. You can choose to look in to the alternatives if you feel you are at risk. We are all different in our chemistry, so one thing may work for you, and something else may work for the next lady.

I hope this helps...because we all have plenty of healing to do without being overly stressed about after hysterectomy. Lots of princess hugs and love to you all!
Unread 02-20-2010, 12:34 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

Originally Posted by Xen View Post
Cancer of the breast is caused by estrogen
Do you have links to credible scientific journal articles that support this assertion?

There is no conclusive evidence at this time that "cancer of the breast is caused by estrogen". Especially not the transdermal, bio-identical estradiol that many of us use.

The WHI study, early results of which were sensationalized when they first came out, have since been properly analyzed, and it's been concluded that the women on estrogen-only HRT did not have any higher incidence of breast cancer than women on no HRT. In fact, they had a slightly lower rate, but the difference was not statistically significant. Only the group on Prempro, a combination of Premarin (equine estrogens) and the synthetic progestin Provera, had a slightly higher rate of breast cancer diagnosis.

Even those women who got breast cancer while on Prempro had a higher overall survival rate than the women on no HRT who got breast cancer during the study. There are several possible explanations for this. They tended to be diagnosed with hormone receptor positive (ER+ and PR+) cancers, which tend to be detected earlier and treated more successfully than cancers which are not hormone sensitive. (By the way, hormone sensitive means that estrogen and/or progesterone, depending on the cells' sensitivity, can encourage the cancer's growth, NOT that they cause it in the first place.)

Another reason for the overall higher survival rate in women on HRT is that they were protected from other long term health conditions that the women on no HRT were more susceptible to.

(((xmistidawn))) I have been on bio-identical, transdermal HRTs since my hyst/BSO in 2002. I was diagnosed with ER+, PR+ breast cancer in 2004 and 2006 - though the one in 2006 is thought to be leftovers that were too small to detect two years earlier. My DRs and I do NOT blame my hrt use; the cancer I had takes 7 to 10 years to get started and grow to the size that can be seen on a mammogram, as mine was. Coincidentally (?!), I was on depo Provera for several years a decade earlier, before we understood the risks of that medication, and it is much more likely the cause.

Surgical menopause is a very variable experience. Some women do OK without HRT as long as they are being careful to take measures to protect their bone density and cardiovascular health; other women cannot function normally without HRT. I am one in the second group.

After my first breast cancer diagnosis, I tried to decrease my dosage of estrogen and also to take Tamoxifen to decrease my odds (not make them zero) of a recurrence. Within a week, I was in so much bone pain I could not walk; my vision was blurry so I could not read or drive; I had migraines that made me vomit; I was severely anxious and had insomnia; and my blood pressure, which is normally about 120/78, was 190/120. I landed in the ER, and was given some Ambien and told to "relax". The next day my DR told me to return to my original estrogen dose, and within a couple of days I felt totally fine again.

The decision of whether or not to use HRT is a very individual one. There is no right answer for everyone. It will depend on your own experience of what happens if you don't use it, plus your individual and family history of medical conditions that may be aggravated either by hormones or by lack of them. You can decide ahead of time that you either do or don't want to use HRT, but please keep an open mind and an open channel of communication with your DRs, because you don't know until you're there how you will really feel.

And regarding the hyperplasia, I would wait until you have the pathology results from your surgery and talk with your doctor about whether or not you could benefit from using natural progesterone (which is NOT the same thing as synthetic progestins like Provera). What feels right to someone here may not be the right thing for you.

Good luck with your surgery - and try not to worry too much about stuff that hasn't happened yet.

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Unread 02-20-2010, 02:14 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

Thanks for everyones comment. I am sorry if it made anyone feel fear.. god forbid i wouldnt want anyone to feel as me.
But the outcome of the posts have at least set me in more of a not so fearful state. Its just the not knowing i guess.

Most people speak of the estrogen .. and the dr now wants me to start progesterone medroxyprogesterone 10mg. while i wait for surgery. I will try a half of one first when hubby comes home to be sure im not allergic first of all like i do all medicines.

I dont think i should develope anything straight away. And I guess I should give it a chance. See how i feel.

The aftermath scenario my dears, is my own personal mental issue about all this .. Most of you seem to be in quite a better place about things.. and that is good and remember that state of mind is what helps us on here that do not have that state. It inspires us to be more positive.

I am sorry to sound so negative but when i research so many things I look at the POSSIBLE side affects and say that is a worse case scenario that I feel i dont want to deal with .. so in all its a fact of what they post on every warning label for all these estrogen progesterone type things.
So I really wasnt trying to state any falsities. Only what I have read.

You all are very kind and deserve all big hugs for your concerns for each and everyone that posts .. Thank you

I want to be sure that each of my new medicines how they react on me before i start the next one.. that way .. ill know which one is causing me issues if any at all.
Sounds sound advice to myself.

I am so glad I found this forum and thank Hystersisters for being here.

Someone mentioned dont worry about loosing weight, and I thought in a way that is correct since my dr. told me that is the reason i could get cancer is from estrogen that my fat cells produce. So in fact if im overweight .. perhaps ill olnly need a low dose of progesterone and testosterone to become balanced.
I must add I dont and never did have issues with hot flashes they didnt bug me too much. I always used a cool wash cloth and sat down a few moments.
but I realize everyone handles things different .. where i dont have those issues with hot flashes being a bother.. I have the issues of future health due to taking something not so good for me.

So together with everyone here I can say I learn a little from each ..
and it is always good to discuss with a dr. any concerns that you find out about.. not to make them a negative but why not ask the dr about hrt or whatever it is you take.
He will only give you his opinion and experience with it perhaps put your mind at rest .. I sure hope my new gyn oncologist will do that for me.

I am happy to say that The dr. im to see or scheduled with was recently on 60 minutes not too long ago so it says on the site. It was a segment about how our local hospital closed its oncology dept. leaving many patients with no care.. Well this doctor .. can you believe this .. im in awe.. he took his patience all undergoing chemo some who couldnt pay and took them to his office and continued their treatments with money from his own pockts. Now that to me is more then I could hope for in a dr. who could be that caring.
He has set up about 500 canisters in markets and business to help support the money for those who cant pay.
He says in the segment that they will work with anyone on money if you pay 5.00 great if you pay 50.00 great anything is helpful but if you cant pay anythng like some of his patience .. he will be sure they still finish treatments.
I almost cry when i think of such a good jester..
And I get to see this dr. and hope he does my surgery. yaY!

(See that one positive for me today.. girls!
(wierd wont let me post fun smilies)
Unread 02-20-2010, 02:23 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

Xen ... from what i read tho.. my body is producing to much estrogen which caused the hyperplasia.. Fat = no good = can cause cancer.
NO ONE In my life has ever told me that Fat Cells cause cancer. I may be sheltered i dont know .. HAD i known this id have looked at food like death. Which i seem to be doing now LOL Ill just eat in little bits.

So the estrogen im getting but too much.. so the what dr. explained briefly was the progesterone is to counter attack the estrogen producing the build up of hyperplasia ( to kind of put up a road block?)

No according to my dr. I should not have to take cancer meds per say. But of course they need to look inside to be sure nothign else was growing near my uterus.
For me i would think there would be perhaps a bit of blood indifferences if i had something or some other signs. I dont have any bowel problems bladder functions fine tho a little more often then id like the minute i drink water .. or get nervous.. but perhapst hats normal.

Oh i remember tho that he told me you can wait to see the oncologist to start the progesterone if you like but you can also go ahead and start it. So im wondering its only a week til oncologist.. perhaps i should just hold off and deal with my 2 other new meds.
Zoloft and Avapro..
Has anyone had any zoloft or avapro experience... hmm gonna start a new thread on that on a different forum ..
Unread 02-20-2010, 02:44 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

(((xmistidawn))) FYI... medroxyprogesterone is not the same thing as natural progesterone that our bodies make. Medroxyprogesterone is Provera. I would highly recommend talking with your oncologist about YOUR personal risks before deciding on taking it, especially in the long term.

Unread 02-20-2010, 03:11 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

Thanks linda .. probably best for me to wait and talk to him. what one dr perfers may not be the same as the next dr. .. so yes.. its like a 2nd opinion and i cant imagine things being deterimental in 1 week time.. as you and drs seem to say it takes tiem for hyperplasia to become cancer but it is gonna all be taken out relatively soon.
So.. ill wait i believe on that.
Unread 02-20-2010, 09:06 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

I'm sorry, I just have to put something out there. You guys are not losing your "hormones" you are losing estrogen and progesterone. Try balancing all the hormones your body makes! And there are some 50+ women doing that!

I was 35 and I lost ALL my hormones after pituitary surgery. I have to take thyroid meds every morning, growth hormone shots every night, steroids every morning to make up for the adrenocorticotroph hormone and then estrogen for the lack of ovaries (tho I was taking estrogen & progesterone before my hyster cuz the pit surgery took them all away).

BELIEVE ME, lack of estrogen is not the worst thing that could happen. There are bad things about everything in our world. The food we eat, the cans & bottles it's packaged in, the air we breath, the radiation we get from our computers & cell phones... You get my point.

I know there are people out there who have a hard time postop hyster and have a hard time with or without estrogen. And I know age makes a difference as well. But you HAVE to think positively. If I thought of all the things that would make me die because of all the hormones I'm on, I would go crazy with depression.

We're all worried what will happen once we have a hyster. I was too, even after brain surgery!! But it's something we have to get through. Try to do it positively and know that there are others that are worse off. Live your life to the fullest and don't think of what might happen in the future. Deal with that when it happens.
Unread 02-20-2010, 09:16 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

I had a TVH, BSO, AP repair and TOT sling on 01/12/10 at the age of 48. I am not on any hormones and don't plan on taking any at this point. I have a previous history of a blood clot, which puts me at higher risk if I go on HRT's so have decided not to take any. The only symptoms I have experienced in the last 5 weeks are a few hot flashes that don't last long and some insomnia, but nothing horrible. I know I am fortunate, and I even posted on the post op board to see what other women have experinced with surgical menopause. My doctor told me I'd experience symptoms within 2 days post op and I wanted to know if it has taken others longer to have symptoms. It seems to be that overall if someone is going to have symptoms it is virtually right after post op, so I'm hoping. Find out all of your options and do what's best for you.
Unread 02-20-2010, 09:23 PM
Re: New Question - After Hysterectomy How the heck am i suppose to live with no hormo

It seems to be that overall if someone is going to have symptoms it is virtually right after post op, so I'm hoping.
Sorry, but that's just not the case at all. It can take up to a couple of months for symptoms of surgical menopause to start, depending on a lot of factors, including how close you were to natural menopause pre op, your weight, physical activity and stress levels.

A weak form of estrogen, estrone, is made and stored in abdominal fat cells. Heavier women sometimes never experience very much in the way of symptoms because their bodies are able to make enough estrone to control the more obvious symptoms (like hot flashes) even without ovaries. Women who were not close to natural menopause at the time of surgery usually have some stored estrogen, and it can take them a while to use that up to where their bodies need more than they're making. OTOH, ladies like myself who were perimenopausal at the time of surgery often wake up, as I did, having hot flashes immediately after surgery.


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