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Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then.... Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

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Unread 11-26-2004, 11:29 AM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

after a few months of it almost stopping the ( what was heavy bleeding and clotting for many years )-- now the bleeding is slowly creeping back?

I am 54 and my dr. says this sort of non-stop bleeding, which seems to be getting more and more ( yesterday, soaked a super pad, had a 2 inch clot and bad cramps for about 3 hours, till i took a vicodan).. is perimenopause. ie. NORMAL.

I am so on the fence about having a hysterectomy..

Mine would be a LSH... the easiest kind of surgery.. but STILL...

Can anyone my age relate to this? -- bleeding stopped from pills, but then started to creep back again? I have been seeing some sort of blood from spotting to now big flow, for the last 3 months.

karin s.
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Unread 11-26-2004, 11:35 AM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

Hi Karen,
Yes, I went on the pill to try to control bleeding, and it worked well for about 3 months and then started to fail me. I never got to the heavy bleeding point again but I was spotting daily

Do you know what the cause of your bleeding is? I know that sometimes the dr can't say, it is simply (as if it were simple!) dysfunctional bleeding -- but do you have fibroids or are your hormones off balance?

Have you had your hormone levels checked recently - especially the FSH - to tell you how close you are to menopause?

I don't believe that heavy bleeding and clotting is normal. I certainly didn't think it was normal when it happened to me.

I would strongly suggest you see another doctor and get a second opinion on your situation - even a third.
I can appreciate your concern but I think you need more information before you can make an educated decision on what is best for you.

best wishes!
Unread 11-26-2004, 11:39 AM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

Yes, I've been on that pill twice in 8 years. The first try it did nothing to stop or slow the bleeding. This time, there was no change in the first two months...then the break through bleeding stopped, then the periods got shorter, then the period missed!!!
Then.......the period of all time! Now the daily bleeding is back and I think another period is on the way.
I'm 55 and have been fighting this for 9 years. I've put off surgery until now. Going in Wed for a TAH/BSO. My ultra sounds also show fibroids and adenomyosis...which usually does not show. Please read up on adenomyosis to see if it could be adding to your problem. A good site is: www.endometriosistreatment.org Page 3 under symtoms.
I'm very upset that now at this age I'm finally going to have the surgery...if I'd just taken care of this years ago I would have saved myself alot of pain and grief.
Best of luck with your decission.
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Unread 11-26-2004, 12:42 PM
Hmmm... this DOES seem to relate to we "elders"

I had a recent MRI which shows things pretty clearly:

I have a 5.5 fibroid filling the entire uterus (that's why I can't do anything at this point to remove it, but a hyster. )

I have a 4.5 in the muscle.

I've had horrendous periods forever. It was a miracle that the MICRONOR pills made the bleeding almost stop.

But what I am hearing ( oh ThANK YOU !!).. is that it's common for it to work for a while, then stop...

I took it for 3 months, like you Maralyn... before it worked. Now, after about 3 months of it working, it's stopped and i have watery blood to "fresh blood" (which comes out really red and really fast) to period, darker, with clotting, blood -- as of yesterday.

And sometimes, VERY bad cramps -- i take a vicodan which works, but then spaces me out-- for a few hours. Not every time i bleed, but at least half of the time.

My doctor just isn't making a clear cut case that it is the fibroids, and is telling me that PERIMENOPAUSE can cause ANYTHING.

BUT.. I don't think he knows that I have now .. been bleeding in some manner or form for the last 3 months non stop.

I feel OK when i'm not bleeding.. which is why this hysterectomy decision is so hard.

Anyone my age ( guess that means you, M.).. have a hysterectomy even though we are "perimenopause" and/or close to menopause?

PS. I have heard from many doctors that the FSH test, especially if I'm in peri-menopause, which I MUST be that, at least.. is all over the map. And is just not a reliable test.

I was going to take the "new age" test ( a facimile of the saliva one).. but then i heard that that, too, is un-reliable.

Now I am bleeding just a teesny spotting.. But later on in the day a gush could come out... I just have NO IDEA.

I have a very very slight sense of cramping... and feel tired ( my hemoglobin is above normal though, since I'm taking lots of good iron pills; so maybe it's just "drain" vs. "fatigue" ???).

My GYN surgeon, does lots of laproscopic surgeries for fibroids and hysterectomies (Oops! No links to doctors' websites, please!) teaches it, lectures it.. but he is just not able to give me any clear direction here.
( and thank goodness, is NOT a dr. that pushes surgery...in fact, with me, i wish he WOULD!)

He just says, " it's a question of what you want.."

I need some EXPERIENCED voices from women.
Unread 11-26-2004, 03:26 PM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

This is a tough call for most of us. Years of deciding for some. I agree with CAS 29...it's time for a second opinion. I got three. It's a review of tests, usually not even an exam, to my surprise.

I agree, my doctors said the FSH is not the test for us now. I begged for one just 2 months ago, got it, it was OK... I was told, and my insurance didn't pay for it! I haven't heard of the saliva test.

The pure watery blood is what I have had too. When I said that to my doctor, she said it was part of the adenomyosis which also runs hand-n-hand with fibroids. And I have crazy bleeding...like you; you know, clots, pain, spotting, nothing, then water bright red blood...then old blood spotting again...just CRAZY!

Adenomyosis does not go away with menopause....that's why I decided to have the surgery. Also, perimenopause and menopause itself can take up to 2-5 years. We are already over the norm by 5 years.

Can't see being 60 with these problems!! Like I said, I go in this Wed. Tell ya what, when I get home, I'll tell you all about the surgery and the pain levels and the recovery. I intend on doing well....and maybe it will make you also feel better about considering surgery. I've had some really good encouragement from the older sisters here. Of course, it is not our intention to persuade anyone...totally always up to you. I know, sometimes it would be easier if we were just told ,"you have to have a hysterectomy now."

Please take a moment to read about the adenomyosis. I do too, have half days when I feel almost normal and I think how nuts I am to have this surgery. Then, like at 3:30 this morning, I woke with cramps and back ache like no other! No bleeding...just pain.

It was explained to me that at our ages our ovaries aren't working well. Alot of my bleeding is mechanical from the fibroids and adeno. And... I was told that I could be that little old lady in the rest home with a kotex, NOT DEPENDS, between my legs. That did it!

Nothing easy about this! Maralyn
Unread 11-26-2004, 04:49 PM
VERY interesting Maralyn..

YOu are the FIRST person I've talked to who is my age with these problems... cause we are so .. um.. "old"..

Wasn't it supposed to be a GOOD thing that we weren't in menopause? Now I wished I was !!

But one thing for me: I am pretty certain that adeno would show up on my MRI. And my dr. said all I have is the fibroids.

If i had what you have, the adeno, then it would be easier for me to decide to have the hysterectomy--- because, as you said, it would only get worse, irrespective of menopause.

But i dont believe i have that.

I just have the same ( it seems as you... amazing.. ) bleeding stuff.

The un-predicatablity.. and how it changes...

Why aren't you having the surgery done laproscopically?

Thanks so much, m'dear.....

Let me know more so I can send you a card or something after your surgery?... where do you live??

I am in sunny Santa Monica, California.. ( Los Angeles ).


Unread 11-26-2004, 10:44 PM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

Well, I can't wait to hear your lab report. Even if you don't have anything else, FIBROIDS are terrible!!! And...not to mention 2-5 more years of this stuff!

All three of the physicans I saw, suggested that the ovaries be removed as well as the cervix. All said the uterus was too big for anything but an abdominal surgery...if there was to be a surgery. I couldn't get anyone to agree to do it years ago because they wanted to wait for menopause and I have an elevated blood clotting factor that made them a little nervous. And...I was also a

Do you remember way back when we were little girls how people use to WHISPER the word, "hysterectomy"? The first time I was told what it meant ,I thought of it as the worst thing that could ever happen to a woman. I will never forget that feeling that it could happen to me ....one day.

I'm up in Sacramento. Send me a personal message when you have time.

You take care, Maralyn
Unread 11-27-2004, 05:46 AM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

Hi Kmoon and Maralyn: I'm 41, but you described my "situation" perfectly! I've been on Provera for some time and it used to work...to bring on a period and then to stop it. This last year, I've been on a form of BCP and bled when I wasn't supposed to and didn't bleed when I was supposed to ...Jeez! Then it was back to the Provera. I took it as instructed in August and didn't bleed until September....started in the middle of meeting with my 80-year-old mother's cancer doc!!!! I was a mess and embarrassed to say the least! I haven't taken the Provera since and in October my gyn and I scheduled the hyst. I started bleeding early Wed without the Provera but my doc still did the uterine biopsy that day. I started with spotting months ago and have been wearing a pad everyday....just in case, and I think I now have developed a case of diaper rash.....ha, ha! Anyway, after the biopsy, it really came on hot and heavy. I refused to let it stop my shopping day with girlfriends yesterday. I had to stop in every restroom I saw and told my friend that I don't think I need surgery now cause it looked like I passed my uterus.....ha! The clots were so huge! Like you, Kmoon, when I don't bleed, I feel okay and was going back and forth with myself about this surgery. After starting to bleed again and talking with my doc on Wed, she put a lot of my fears to rest and I feel so much better. I'm ready to take it on now.

Take care, girls!

Unread 11-27-2004, 06:02 AM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

Hi Sisters
I'm 54 (TAH, kept ovaries)
I had 5 fibroids, one was the heaviest bleeder, life-threatening bleeding, tried everything else, nothing worked and had no choice whatsoever.
Moon, if you're having doubts, sounds like you do have the option of waiting awhile (but fibroids will just get bigger) and checking out other options until you feel more sure of your decision.
In one small way, being backed into a corner makes it easier, i.e. you have NO choice, but I don't know, knowing what I know now - of course I'd never let it get to that point. Just wish I'd had it done 10 years ago. Hindsight is wonderful.
I too, tried to 'wait it out'. I have no perimenopausal symptoms at all, and my Mom was 56 before it was all over. I remember she had a D&C in her early fifties, so she had something going on - she never talked about it with me, though & she's gone now...

Unread 11-27-2004, 06:52 AM
Has anyone taken progesterone b/c to stop bleeding, but then....

Hi Sisters Karin - you have received some pretty wise advice here - so I know that your decision whether or not to have a hyster is a tough one! To be certain, a second opinion from another Dr. will probably help too. My ultrasounds clearly showed my problems and it was up to me whether or not I wanted to continue with this maddness! Karin - it was the best decision I had ever made! I am so thankful for so much because of this decision!

I am 44 yrs old - I am 9 weeks on Monday - I too had excessive periods and clotting - my "mega periods" were caused by the 5 fibroids (2 were submucosal) My Dr. tried Progesterone and that did not work for me (I had 9 pills and the bleeding kept steady and heavy) A visit to the ER while I was on a business trip led me back to my Dr. when I returned and I was given Birth Control pills - (4 every 4 hours!) and just like he said - after 2 days - my bleeding stopped - but after 1 week (I was told to expect a "normal" period) good the first 2 days - but then oh so heavy once more on the 3rd day - went to the Dr. again and he scheduled me for a D&C that same morning. It was after that episode that my Dr. and I came to the conclusion that I did not want this any longer and we had a long discussion about having the hyster. He was the one who recommended me to this wonderfl site! I only had 3 weeks before my surgery was scheduled - lots of preparation mainly at my job caused me more stress - but whatever I did, whatever I forgot - oh well - it was time to take care of "me" - I did it and didn't stress whether or not I had everything done cuz ladies - even though we are or can be superwomen -- to me the only way was to realize that I want to be happy and healthy once more - what I was going through earlier (and off and on since after I turned 40) was not normal.

I know that I made the best decision ever! Enough for me with all the bleeding and all! After hyster - My pathology report came back clear and benign - just showed that my 1 tube which was taken out was swollen with fluids, and that I had 5 small fibroids of which I said 2 were so close to the uterine wall - causing me to bleed excessively. I was able to keep my healthy ovaries too.

There are many positive stories on this site about the benefits of the hyster for so many of us. The stress and anxiety over this is unbeliveable and whatever decision you make - know that we are here and support you!

Take care and best of luck to you and all the other LIW - stay positive and remember to Breathe! Sometimes a big long deep breath really helps and clears up the brain fog too! even for a few minutes!


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