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ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006) ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

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Unread 12-23-2006, 11:02 AM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

Is this possible I ask myself?

I went to emergency room last monday complaining of accute pain that wouldn't subside by my appendix.

I have chronic constipation because of pain medication I'm on. some days it gets so bad that the empactment sits right on the appendix which causes the pain to radiate lower right pelvic and into back area.

getting to the point: they performed blood work and a cat scan w/dye or what ever you call it. they said the appendix looked fine but that they found I have right hydronephrosis and right hydroureter is noted.
a kidney stone cannot be exluded and they're recommeding a follow up with a urologist but on the next page as I continued reading, the radiologist notes a 2.2 cm right ovarian cyst. I DON'T HAVE ANY OVARIES LEFT INSIDE.
I had total hysterectomy last oct of 2005.

how on earth could it possible that they see an ovarian cyst?
I called my family dr to discuss this and they were already closed on friday, I called my gynocologist to inquire and for some reason all drs. seem to close shop early on fridays. The doctors I happen to see do.

so I immediatly thought of the girls here at hystersisters hoping that maybe someone has had a similar experience and maybe you can help ease my concerns.

I can't go to a urologist to follow up because I have no medical insurance. to walk thru the door without any tests performed costs $230.00 the secretary told me.

my main concern why I came here is not the kidney problem but the cyst they found.

any suggestions anyone?

plus am I in the correct forum for this topic?

I also have another question with breast pain and being on hrt. how come both my breasts are hurting? for days now. especially deep within the nipple area?
can the v-dot patch cause this?

I appreciate any input.

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Unread 12-23-2006, 12:18 PM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

I am sorry you're having problems. There is something called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome (ORS). A small piece of ovarian tissue can be left behind and that tissue can grow and give off hormones just like a regular ovary can. I have seen many posts here about this. We also have some information in our resources section.

Unread 12-23-2006, 12:26 PM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

thank you so much for your immediate reply.
i was just getting ready to sign off my computer when I noticed someone responded.
I'd never heard of this before and my mind is greatly relieved to hear this. I will do some research as you mentioned and can't wait to have more time to learn about this.

thank you for your help.
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Unread 01-08-2007, 09:11 AM
ovarian cyst after complete hysterectomy?????

I would love to hear from you as to what the doctors have concluded is going on with you. I, too, am in shock after seeing the report after a recent CT scan was performed which states in 3 different areas that it looks like my left ovary contains a cyst. I underwent a COMPLETE hysterectomy in May of 2005. I have been experiencing horrible pain on my left side and having pain in my vagina and rectum. I am scheduled for pelvic and abdominal ultrasound tomorrow and just happened to run across this Ovarian Remnant Syndrome information today. It absolutely blows my mind. Please let me hear from you.
Unread 01-08-2007, 09:25 AM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

I'm floored just as much as you are about this news.
I never expected it like you either.

I spoke with my gynocologist over the phone and she asked me if I made the radiologist aware before the cat scan that I had a complete hyster?
no one asked me, so I didn't think quick enough to volunteer that information because it was an emergency visit on my part.

my dr said it could be scar tissue left there or it could be a peratuneal cyst. (spelling?)
on the lining of the tissue of our abdomen cysts can grow.
she did not reply to me when I mentioned the word of the remnant syndrome. she was more apt to think it was a cyst and not a remnant. she seemed absolutely positive she removed everything during the surgery.
by her admitting she left a remnant would be saying she didn't do an adequate job.
so I don't really know what this thing is in me and she said that the radiologist was more concerned about my right hydrohephrois and right hydrouter than the cyst.
she told me that it was absolutely necessary to find out what's going on with the kidney and wasn't concerned about the cyst.

so I have no answer to the cyst.
Please keep me informed if you remember to about your situation. I am very interested in finding out your diagnosis

wish I could've been more of assistance to you at this point.
good luck with your testing and please try to remember to let me know what happened.

best wishes,
Unread 01-08-2007, 12:55 PM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

This is TOO strange. My CT Scan last week showed 2 cysts on my left kidney, a "low density structure" measuring 7.7 m.m. on the outer lobe of my liver and a 2 cm structure "near the left ovary which may contain a small cyst". Who wouldn't be floored if they are under the assumption that their ovaries have been removed? I am being told the same thing by my doctor as you are being told; however, thank goodness I requested a copy of my report from the radiology facility. I also experienced the same pain this time last year where my family doctor ordered a CT scan where a renal cyst was what I was told was all that was found. However, today I got a copy of that report which showed "residual left ovarian tissue on left pelvis". Isn't it weird that this was never mentioned to me!!!!!!! I feel totally helpless at this point. I had suffered for SO long and thought the complete hysterectomy was my answer. Who do you trust anymore? I had bad endometriosis on my left side and am so curious as to your past femal history. Please let me know when you have a chance. If nothing else, I would love to be able to prevent anyone else from having to go through this. Have you experienced any vaginal or rectal pain too here recently?
Unread 01-10-2007, 08:09 AM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

I'd be very upset if i were in your shoes.
especially since they stated in the report that they were sure it was residual tissue left in there and they didn't tell you this.
I'm assuming they aren't aware that this can cause problems for woman?

my history before the surgery was a long history of being in pain montly because of a continous chronic ovarian cyst that was there for a yr.
the dr just kept watching it with constant trans vag and ultrasounds. they would balloon up and leak the fluid that was inside them. I'd have fluid always sitting in the culdesac which is painful and when they fluid leaks out into the abdominal cavity, it's very irritating the lining of the tissue and you have to wait for the body to absorb it within 24 to 48 hours.
so even just moving my pelvic area by walking too fast or sitting down to hard would cause me to hit the roof.
forget about sex, it hurt too much. so it really was interfering with my life. plus I had my left ovary and tube totally destroyed which was causing an abscess to form and I'd always have a low grade fever and then when they finally did an ultra sound did they find this out. so I had immediate surgery and they told me it was ruined so removed it and the tube.
I also had a history of adenomyosis which is painful.
I also had bad pap tests where the dr had to put a solution on my cervix in his office to burn off or freeze off the outer lining of the cervix.

I lived in my gyno's office and have been thru so many of different ones thru out my life,due to always changing jobs and having different insurances.

I should've just pitched a tent there for all the times I"ve had to go there for problems. I also was losing ALOT of unintentional weight . 30 lbs within a matter of a yr.
the dr said I was a perfect candidate for a hysteretcomy since my health was declining from my problems.

so everything was fine till a couple weeks ago with pain in my pelvic area. pain as if I was going to have my period. PLUS my breasts were intensily sore all thru out the nipple and side of the breasts which was not dissipating like it used to.
so it does sound like there would be left over remnants inside of me. but my gyno doesn't agree on this and she isn't suggessting a follow up on this.
do you think I should?
it was over two centimeters large a few weeks ago.
maybe it's gone? because my breasts no longer hurt and I'm not have cramps anymore.
it's strange. and here I thought my pelvic problems were all solved when I had the surgery.

I don't have any vaginal or rectal pain like you do.

why you're suffering with pain there is beyond my understanding. why would it hurt there?

so what are they going to do about the renal cysts? but now if it's not renal cysts, than it's the remnants, isn't it?
who can you trust? you're absolutely correct.
that's why I'm a firm beliver of being ontop of our own health and don't stop till we get answers.
I'm tired of drs not really caring and some simply don't listen to us.
I go to a female dr who I absolutely love. she does listen to me and will take the time to explain things to me and not rush me in and rush me out for her next 20 minute slotted patient.

if i were you, I'd pursure this. don't give up and go to a different doctor if you have to. after all, we pay them and hire them. right?

I wish you success and that you're able to come to a conclusion as to what on earth is going on inside.

please keep in touch if you remember to. I'm finding this very interesting and would like to know more facts about this condition so we can share it with others who may be in need of some help and some answers.


Unread 01-10-2007, 06:23 PM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

Hi Linda!

Thank you SO MUCH for responding. I had the ultrasounds (pelvic and abdominal) done yesterday, and the pelvic (which was in two stages) did show something. They said it would be a couple of days before the report was issued, so I am basically trying not to think about it. It is so hard for me to believe that 2 different facilities which performed 2 separate CT scans over a 1 year period are stating that I have a left ovary approximately 2 cm in size. I have been surfing the internet, and it appears that for a woman my age (45) the approximate size of an ovary is 2 cm. I just don't understand. If it isn't an ovary, it is definitely something.

I thought it was strange that you mentioned your breasts were hurting. Over the last 2 months, mine have too (just like they used to right before my period). I am not trying to tell you what to do, but I definitely would get a second opinion on anything that has or has not been recommended to you since you are still experiencing pain. I would also recommend that you request written reports on any tests or procedures that are performed.

Our situations sound extremely similar Linda. I hope our efforts will be beneficial to both of us. I am scheduled to go out of town for work for about 4 days (I am real anxious and fearful that this pain is going to come back while I am away), but I will be back in touch with you next week when I get home. Hopefully, I will have the results from the ultrasounds by then.

Also, I worry a lot about being on HRT (Premarin 1.25) if I have an ovary which is also producing hormones. My fibroids in my breast have gotten extremely worse since starting HRT and I'm wondering now if it's because I still have an ovary and/or remNant which is still producing hormones (no telling what the endometriosis might be doing in there!!!!!!!!!!)

Take care!

Take care and I will be thinking about you.
Unread 01-11-2007, 04:54 AM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

you have me worried over here in NY.
I still can't believe that two independent radiologists say the same thing which basically confirms what we fear.
I do think it is harmful or would be harmful for you to have remnant of an ovary PLUS be on hormones.
that was my fear too.
don't forget to mention this to your gyno about being on the HRT and having worst breast pain than before starting it.
I thought my cramping sensation might be due to my problems I have with my intestines and I'm taking fiber for it and other things.
it's similar in sensation.
I don't know if you've already gone out of town by the time I send this , but I do wish you well and hope you don't have pain while you're gone.
I'm anxiously awaitng your return. lets keep in touch.
I will be thinking of you too Eli.
best regards,
Unread 01-18-2007, 02:14 PM
ovarian cyst after total hysterectomy & BSO (2006)

Wanted you to know that follow up tests are showing basically the same thing that the CT scan showed. Doctor who performed surgery still is saying that it probably is scar tissue, but from what I have and am reading about Ovarian Remnant Syndrome, I have no doubt this is what is wrong. I am sure the endometriosis has returned as well. Since I understand the surgery to remove a remnant is quite involved and that it should be performed by someone who is highly trained in this area, I have begun my search for that specialist. I talked with a very nice doctor in New York City today who gave me some hope. I truly can not believe this is happening.

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