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Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests? Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

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Unread 12-08-2008, 05:16 PM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

I am four weeks out for LSH and still having bladder issues. Have good days and some really bad, where I feel like I need to pee every second of the day. My ob/gyn had me see a urologist today. He order two tests for this friday. Urodynamics and Cystoscopy. Just wondering if anyone has had these test. I know they use a catheter for one and it takes about and hour, where they measure the bladder function. The other one allows him to see the bladder with a camera. They say the after effects can be burning and frequent urination for a day or so. Am a little worried that this will aggrevate my bladder even further. Anyone had any of these tests?
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Unread 12-09-2008, 01:34 AM
Yes, I've had them

It's hard to say how you will react to the tests, because it really varies. I have "irritable bladder/interstitial cystitis" (which is basically where you continually have frequency or pain without having a UTI) and most urologists want to do a cystoscopy to see what's going on. People with an "iC" bladder find cystoscopies pretty uncomfortable and often have some kind of pain meds that they can take beforehand like percocet or even anti-anxiety like Xanax...and then do the same for the afterwards burning and discomfort. Others just use OTC pyridium and don't have a very bad time at all. It's so individual so you might find it to not be a big deal.... but if it were me I would talk with the doctor ahead of time to see if they are going to give you anything. Urologists are very cavalier about how it's no big deal...and it may not be for someone who isn't having bladder irritation beforehand. It also depends on the urologist and the kind of catheter they use. I had several catheters put in when I was examined over the past year and twice it was no big deal (just slight burning) and the 3rd time I absolutely could not tolerate it and the doctor had to stop and couldn't examine me.
When I had my first bad flare about 8 years ago I got on the IC Network and was told by a lot of people to not have a cystoscopy except under anesthesia because it would be too uncomfortable (and the gold standard test for IC was cystoscopy with hydrodistention which is always done under anesthesia so why not do it at the same time). That's what I did so I never had a cystoscopy while awake...and when I just had my surgery 2 months ago (TVH, ant and post repairs and OT bladder sling), she did a cystocopy, but again, I was under anesthesia.
AS far as the urodynamics, I didn't have a cystosopy with that, but they do put a catheter in. I asked her to use a baby catheter, explaining how sensitive I am. It really wasn't bad at all, but the process of their measuring your output, etc., can be kind of embarassing. But not really painful for me and, as I mentioned, my bladder is VERY sensitive. Still, after the urodynamic testing I found that I was much more comfortable taking pyridium and a vicodin for a day.
It turns out that nowadays they often don't do the hydrodistention anymore because they can get a pretty accurate reading in the office with the potassium test during the cystoscopy. Again, I might talk to the doctor about prescribing some anti-anxiety meds before because most people do find it uncomfortable, but you may not be that kind of person so it's hard to predict.
If you are concerned about the testing and want more info or support, the ic network is a great resource for anyone with frequency or pain issues--a lot of people don't have "true IC" It's www.ic-network.com. <oops! please keep support online! thanks!> Nancy
Unread 12-09-2008, 04:50 AM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

Hi Anne,

just want to wish you good luck while having these tests, and please post back your experience! I am scheduled to have these same tests next month.. a bit nervous too. They really don't suffer from bladder pain or UTI's - but I do have frequent urination (have had for years)!! I hate the thought of arriving with a full bladder - as that I can hardly stand!
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Unread 12-09-2008, 12:45 PM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

Thanks, I will. Of course yesterday and today the bladder seems better. I now am worrying that maybe the bladder is responding to the Detrol LA or is healing on it's own. Second guessing whether I should have these tests that may stir up the bladder again. Don't seem to have much luck with procedures going good.
Unread 12-09-2008, 02:44 PM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

I had the cystoscopy yesterday and had no problems. I had no warning that I was having it or I would have taken something, but really didn't need it. The initial entry of the scope is a little uncomfortable, but that was the worst of it. It only lasted a few minutes - knowing the pain would be of short duration helped me a lot! haha
He kept a foley catheter in, so I don't know if my need to go increased after.
Good luck!
Unread 12-09-2008, 03:33 PM
Talking - Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests? Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

i had urodynamics testing as part of my preop testing. i went in knowing that i needed an A + P repair but not fully understanding my incontinence. they neglected to tell me to drink 32oz of water prior to the visit, so i gulped it down in the waiting room. i had a female RN do the testing. this was pleasant and she did the interview prior to the test. there was a commode set up in the very private room with a cylinder attached to it that was connected to a computer. apparently it measures the actually flow of urine while you go. she then put in a small catheter to measure how much urine remained in my bladder after i went. then she put a very tiny catheter in my bladder, one in my vagina, and one in my rectum. she took initial pressure readings then had me sit on the special commode i described earlier. she instilled sterile water into my bladder and told me to tell her when i felt i could go, when i felt i would normally stop what i was doing to go, and when i absolutely had to go right now. she then left the room and told me to void normally with the catheter still in, it is so small you can actually pee around it. i couldn't go!!!! total stage fright. so she left the water running in the sink in the room, left the room, and told me to relax. i did finally go. she then performed the test again while having a tampoon like device in place. she also told me to bear down and check for incontence at the catheter site. i had no urine incontinence with the tampoon like device in place. she gave me a few samples of a medication called urocellle that helped with discomfort with peeing post procedure. it turned my urine a blue green color and did help with the urgency i felt after the test. not to say the test was pleasant, but for me it was less stressful than i orginally thought it was going to be....and i even looked up information at work prior to going (i work in an ICU as an RN). i was honest and told her my biggest fear was pooping during the test with all the straining you have to do and how embarrassed i would be. she just shrugged her shoulders and told me it happens and not to worry so much about it. so i didn't and all went well. kinda like having a baby and later finding out that you pooped during delivery. during delivery you could care less, but after you are mortified. kinda the same thing with this. hope this helps.
Unread 12-09-2008, 04:21 PM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

how long did the discomfort last post procedure? I am doing pretty good right now and that is my concern, that it will bring back the very symptoms I am trying to get rid of. It took four weeks post-op to feel somewhat better, do want to take a step backwards.
Unread 12-12-2008, 10:03 AM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

Went to the urologist for my tests today. Of course they had problems with the computer they hook up to you after they have catheters in you to record the bladder while they are filling it with water. It took them 20 minutes to get the computer to work before the test actually started. Not the most comfortable. Then they looked in the bladder with a scope. They said that everything looks o.k. They think the overactive bladder was induced by the surgery. I told him some days are good and some days it still feels like I need to pee every minute. He said to keep taking the Detrol LA as it may be helping some and to stay on it for 6 months. They go off and see how I feel. He said I just need to learn to live with the bad days. This doctor does not have a very good bedside manner. He first said it must be something I am eating or drinking. When he named off all the stuff, I had not eaten or drank any of them. I had looked up on the internet what to stay away from and I have been. Then he said it must be stress induced. OK whatever!! One day I am fine and the next not and have not done anything different. I am not back to work yet, so how stressfull can it be. OK I am done venting. Just frustrated that I may have to live with this.
Anne LSH 11/11/08
Unread 03-22-2009, 10:21 AM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

Originally Posted by *Princess*
Hi Anne,

just want to wish you good luck while having these tests, and please post back your experience! I am scheduled to have these same tests next month.. a bit nervous too. They really don't suffer from bladder pain or UTI's - but I do have frequent urination (have had for years)!! I hate the thought of arriving with a full bladder - as that I can hardly stand!
I had my urodynamic testing this week. It was degrading and very uncomfortable. The biggest pain came later when I needed to urinate. Plus my insurance only covers 300.00 for any testing. I was shocked when I just saw a claim on my insurance website. The test with the consult was almost 3000.00. I just started crying. My hysterectomy will cost us 8000.00 for out-of-pocket...and then we have to now pay 3000.00 in addition for this thirty minute test!! I am so upset. We don't have that kind of money.
Unread 03-23-2009, 07:04 PM
Urodynamics and Cystoscopy any one had these tests?

I also had the cystocopy(spelling) where they look in the bladder. My tests were about $4,000. I was lucky to have two insurances and between the two if paid all of it. If we would have been out of network it would have been $8000. Those costs are unreal. The LPN did all the urodynamics and he was only in the room for about 5 minutes. I have seen another urologist in the past two weeks, because that doctor just put me on detrol LA and said you are going to have good days and bad days and will have to learn to live with it. Well this new doctor found something the first time I was there, and believes the problem was with the urethra and not the bladder, as I had the sensation all the time but not urgency or leakage. There was a small inflammation that in simple terms was like a pimple, that was inflammed and had the whole urethra imflammed. They also stretched the urethra. I have been alot better since. Still having alot of bowel problems, that he thinks was caused by the detrol as it also slows the bowel, which has caused painful constipation. I could have avoided all of it, if I would have had a doctor here that knew what was going on. My new doctor thinks it happened from the catheter, which was never in right and had lots of problems in the hospital. If I would have since him first, I could have avoided it. This doctor was recommended by my pelvic floor therapist, and is about a hour from my home. Totally worth the drive!! Now I just have to get rid of the other problem created from the detrol. I have to see the gastro...(not sure how the rest is spelled) doctor, as we can not get control of it with laxatives and fiber. It may have caused other problems in the colon and bowel. Just makes me so mad!!! Sorry for the long post, just frustrated. Did they find anything from your tests? I sure hope so.

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