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right side breast pain under armpit right side breast pain under armpit

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Unread 02-29-2012, 01:05 PM
right side breast pain under armpit

I have an appt today at 4 for right side breast pain. I felt the pain yesterday when my arm rubbed my side wrong. I didnt think anything of it... I thought my arm just chaffed my side. The pain was a sharp burning sensation and lasted about 3 seconds and remained tender all day. Then this morning it happened again. So I lifted my shirt and felt around. Its very tender to the touch and rubbing downward I feel a slight lump and felt the intense sudden pain again due to the rubbing pressure. I had a complete hysterectomy/oopherectomy on Sept 1, 2011. I am on a generic version of climara .075mg. Im hoping this is nothing. Today,they want to feel it and send me out for a sonogram.

I was thinking back and it came to me that back in Feb 2008 I was seen in a free clinic while waiting to get insurance for my pregancy(it was my first and I now have 3 boys ages 3,2 and 1) anyway I had pain in this same side during breast exam. The midwife was concerned telling me she would really like me to get a sonogram but it wouldnt be covered since it wasnt pregnancy related. My husband and I opted out of being low on funds agreeing it was just probably due to my breasts being filled with milk. I actually remember during breast feeding my 3 sons it always being painful in this area especially if I was a little engorged. However, I ignored it thinking it was normal. Now four years has past and the pain is presenting itself again. I found out I needed a hysterectomy after I had my third son and I thought maybe this was from the hrt but now remembering back im not sure. Prior to pregnancy I was on birth control for almost 7 years. I don't know i'm a little worried since I left it unresolved for so long.
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Unread 03-01-2012, 04:32 AM
Re: right side breast pain under armpit

Hi. I have experienced the same problem. Back in late October, I was experiencing pain and discomfort in my left breast only. Mostly on the side and in the nipple area. Even the shower made the nippler tender. Anyway, I had a mammogram and an ultrasound and it showed a lot of density, however, it showed a "suspicious" spot. They sent me to a breast surgeon and he did another ultrasound and said that everything was good that I just had fibercysctic breast tissue (non-cancerous). He told me that in time it would go away. I am going to by ob-gyn today because the even though the problem has gotten better, I still have a little discomfort and occassinally some sharp pains in that breast, this is about 5 months later. So he is going to recheck it. I didn't actually have a hard lump, so there was nothing for them to biopsy, they just felt more of a rubbery nodule. Good luck to you, who knows, hormones can do wacky things to our bodies.
Unread 05-30-2012, 03:37 PM
Re: right side breast pain under armpit

Sorry I never responded. I don't get on here much. I had a breast ultrasound done. I never got a call telling me the results so I called and spoke to a nurse I don't usually talk to regarding my health, who said that everything was normal. The pain wasn't as severe so I thought ok maybe my breasts are just tender from the HRT. Then a few days later, the nurse I usually speak to calls saying she is sorry but she was on vacation. I told her it's okay I was already given the results. So then she says okay good so you know there is a lump? And the doctor wants to send you to a breast surgeon? Imagine my surprise since I was told everything was normal. Anyway, we talked after that and she said that the ultrasound was normal but the doctor just wants to be sure. Saying it was a possible lump. So I wait for my insurance to authorize the visit to the breast specialist, and when I called to make the appointment with the specialist. I said okay what is it a lump or not?? My GYN said possible lump? It either is or isn't right? The nurse says hold on I am looking at the results as we speak and then says, Umm nope you don't need to be seen here. YOUR RESULTS ARE NORMAL. There is nothing we can do that has not already been done. We would just give you a breast exam which you have already been given. We couldn't biopsy anything because the ultrasound doesn't show that there is anything to biopsy. So I called my GYN back, and she talked to the doctor who was just being cautious as he usually is. The doctor said he was researching the pain and said it could be damage to my intercoastal nerve, knowing that I suffer from mid back and neck pain daily. So he suggested I get an MRI. Don't get me wrong.. I like that my doctor is very thourough and overly cautious... but hearing I have a lump and I am being sent to a surgion is a little scary! To top it all off it was quite confusing to understand. Anyway, I had my MRI done and I am dealing with all of that now... I am seeing an Orthopedic Doctor and receiving physical therapy. Which is another uphill battle in itself since my primary doctor called and gave me the results of my MRI saying I have Cervical Spinal Stenosis and protruding discs. Then worried about it I google searched it soaking in all the information I possibly could, then I went to the Ortho who says its only slight stenosis and nothing that explains all of the pain I am having. Nevertheless, he sends me to a physical therapist. Still no real answers though

On a side note: I also had unexplained pelvic pain that left me in severe pain, I could not stand upright or walk. I even went to the E.R. had a CT scan and a pelvic ultrasound which all came back fine. So nothing explains all the pain I am having... a bit frustrating. But with all these health battles... and having 3 kids I have not been able to sit down and follow up with all the threads to my posts. Sorry
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Unread 06-01-2012, 06:04 PM
Re: right side breast pain under armpit

Sounds like you are having a lot going on. I too was sent to a breast surgeon who told me that there was nothing he could do as far as a biopsy because there wasn't a firm lump, just bumpy and "loose" lumpy all over. Right now I am still on the 6 month follow up schedule. I go in July to have my annual mammogram, and my new gyn is also going to have me have an ultrasound done. She disagrees with women having mammograms before age 40 or 45 because before that she said women have very dense tissue. I am not sure I agree with her. Good Luck to you, keep me posted
Unread 06-28-2012, 05:40 PM
Re: right side breast pain under armpit

Been about 4 months since this initial post. Now I have two lumps in my right armpit. They are tender and painful. I went to see my doctor and he said that I had hidradenitis suppurativa. That accounts for one of the lumps and the other lump he stated was a swollen lymph node. He precribed me antibiotics (Cipro) and I am not experiencing much relief. He is putting in authorization for me to see a general surgeon in case I need to have this thing removed. The lump is larger than a grape. It also hurts to move my arm or perform tasks that involve any amount of strength. I am concerned about Breast Cancer but my doctor told me that I did not need to have another breast ultrasound. That the antibiotics should clear it up. Nonetheless, it concerns me because I am on HRT. What I think happened is that when I recently did a liver detox and I was juicing to clean out any impurities my body was trying to rid itself from all the toxins and since the deoderant I use is an anti-perspirant and blocks sweat from exiting, I think that the gland clogged. I never knew that anti-perspirant contains alluminum. I am very conscious about what I eat and read every label. More recently I have taken the same approach as to what I put on my body. So hopefully this goes away and I learned a valuable lesson on avoiding deoderants containing alluminum. It hurts pretty badly and I am on day 3 of my antibiotic.

Also, my pelvic pain is still unresolved but a new possible diagnosis has been suggested. My GYN has suggested Interstital Cystitis. He told me to have my primary doctor refer me to a Urologist. I am getting tired of not feeling well and having to see all sorts of doctors. I hope I find a better day where I am free from all of these burdens. I hope I find this day FAST!!!
Unread 06-29-2012, 04:32 AM
Re: right side breast pain under armpit

I know how you feel, I too feel like I see numerous doctors. I also asked for another ultrasound along with my mammogram (coming up this Monday). My doctor said no (I have a benign lymph node growing into the left side of my breast). She said I just needed to have my yearly checkup and mammogram. I just want to make sure that the lymph node stays benign. It was never detected on a mammogram or an ultrasound before, only by a breast MRI. I understand that they don't like women to have numerous MRI's, but I too am very health conscious and feel like we have to speak up for ourselves and not wait on the doctors. Something I have yet to get through to my hubby Good Luck, keep us posted!
Unread 06-29-2012, 03:54 PM
Re: right side breast pain under armpit

We really do need to speak up for ourselves in regards to our health. I don't know why they wouldn't give you a breast u/s since you have the benign lymph node growing. I want an u/s because of the lumps I found. I have 3 more days of antibiotics and it still is painful and has not decreased in size. It is great that you are health conscious. A lot of people need to become more aware of what they put into/on their bodies!

While I was waiting for my antibiotic to be filled I was searching for an aluminum free deoderant. There really are not too many options and all the "Big name" brands don't offer an alternative. Any how, the pharmacist came down the isle helping an elderly couple and saw me. He recognized me since I fill my hormone there and I had a severe reaction to the glue the the patch contained. He helped me by changing to a different manufacturer of the same medicine just the glue they used in the patch's delivery system was different. He was very helpful and I always make a point to say hello when I see him. He started to talk to me asking how I have been? So I told him I was looking for an aluminum free deoderant and he said the thing about it is aluminum is what keeps you from sweating and then he said if you go with one without, then he puts his hand to the side of his mouth and whispers, "YOU ARE GOING TO STINK!" I said yeah but I would rather that then clog my glands and keep it from releasing toxins. I said you are supposed to sweat! Then I told him why I was there, and he said "oh, no!" and I just started venting everything that has been happening to me regarding my health. So then he tells me I am too skinny and because I am not eating enough calories my bodies immune system is low. So he then suggested that I drink an Ensure everyday. I told him I eat very healthy. Then he said yeah well obviously not enough! Then he said fat people don't get fat because they eat just the right amount... they will try and tell you they don't overeat but you just can't be fat if you don't overeat. Then he said the same is true for skinny people. So then he says I am not eating enough. I went on to tell him that I will not drink an Ensure because it is full of artificial flavors, dyes, and preservatives. Then he said I am overthinking things. Then he lead me to the Ensure to show me the ingredients, right off the bat he was like wow that is a lot of ingredients... so I read a few big hitters that I make sure to avoid. I told him he shouldn't be recommending this stuff to people. He said well I usually tell little old ladies to drink them. He then repeated that I was over thinking things and is it really that big of a deal? I was getting no where so I said, "Yes, it is a big deal! But I will look into something similar to Ensure from a Natural food store" Anyway, it bothers me being called "too skinny" since the surgery I just keep losing weight. In 2007 I weighed 130, then I had a baby in 08, 09, and 2011. The heaviest I became during the pregnancies was 170. Before the hysterectomy I weighed 140. Now, ten months after my surgery I weigh 118. The smallest I have ever been, I have even had to buy size 1 jeans because I am not fitting into my 3's or 5's that I owned pre-pregnancy. Anyway, I am not doing anything different. I try to exercise but I am fatigued and have low energy a lot of the time. Not to mention I have neck and back pain. Despite the lack of exercise I keep losing weight. Even my husband thinks I am a little too thin. Kind of makes me feel insecure

Anyway, I hope your Monday's appointment goes well!!! Take care
Unread 06-30-2012, 08:31 AM
Re: right side breast pain under armpit

Hi, sorry you are having so much trouble. I wish I was too thin! Have you had your thyroid checked. You could have hyperthyroidism, which is where you lose weight without trying. I have hypothyroidism, which is where people tend to gain weight and it is hard to take off. At the time of my hyst, I weighted 125, I am now up to 170. Don't get me wrong, I have slacked a little on the eating, but I work out a lot. The thyroid issue is huge, it will cause that sluggish feeling, a lot of times the blood test for it comes back in the normal range, but that doesn't mean anything. A lot of people come back showing normal, but they have a thyroid condition. That happened to my mom and I for years before a doctor finally diagnosed it correctly. My gyn did tell me that some women do lose weight after having a hysterectomy, so maybe you are one of those women. Just something to think about. Keep me posted

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