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Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

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Unread 05-05-2012, 02:47 PM
Question - Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Hi, ladies! I'm new here.

I'm 32. My left ovary was removed nearly three months ago (on Valentine's Day, no less!) due to a fast-growing complex cyst and an endometrioma, and a good deal of endometriosis was also removed. I kept my right ovary, my uterus and my tubes. I've had trouble with various cysts for several years but these were persistent. :P My lap went smoothly and my recovery seemed relatively normal.

I wasn't due to start my period this month until somewhere around the 17th or so, so you can imagine my surprise when I found that it had started last night. I'm at least ten days early, which has absolutely never happened to me before, despite having reproductive issues. If anything, my period often will be a bit late. I had not been feeling well but I didn't realize I had been having PMS symptoms until my period started so early. The pain is nasty this go round and I feel generally unwell. No fun!

I've had sore breasts on and off since my surgery, which my doctor thinks is unrelated. I'm unsure, however, as I never had trouble with sore breasts prior to my surgery, with the exception of the week before my period each month.

Have any of you had such irregular periods/possible hormonal issues after having an ovary removed? If so, do you know about how long it can take for them to normalize? I'm not terribly concerned about it, but it would be nice to know if this is something I may be dealing with for a while. I don't have children and don't plan to have any, so fertility is not an issue for me in terms of knowing my cycle. I do hope I don't continue to have two periods within the same month, however, as I'm quite petite and already have issues with fatigue from low blood pressure and I wouldn't want to end up with anemia on top of that.

Thanks in advance for any info!
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Unread 05-05-2012, 03:32 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Hello Imperfect,
I can't give you any sound medical information but I can share my own story and it may help you
I to have had trouble with recurring cyst since I was maybe 18 or so( not sure exactly but at least 10 yrs)After my last child( 2009) I had a tubal,then developed hemrroids which plagued me all that year.I was having pain and lower left quad pain prob starting in June but doctors all told me due to constipation.Had Hemrroidectomy in July and no relief from the pain.Ended up in er,told them I had history of ovarian cyst did cray said constipated The funny part now,one week later returned because I was constipated(hemrroid surgery is horrible and would almost hold it because going made me feel like I might pass out)thought maybe impacted or blockage.I was in so much pain Dr did ct and found complex cyst/ cystic mass.( did nothing for constipation..lol..how ironic)Went to gyno on Monday said about the size of baseball and needed to come out.Sch cystectomy for that Friday.When he got ob the cyst had grown to the size of a grapefruit and had torsion wrapping itself into my fallopian tube.He said the ovary was no longer functioning and had become a shell for the cyst so he removed along with half of tube.Wow sorry that was so long guess I could have given you the condensed version..lol
So afterwards,my period came early as well.Doctor said can cause the other ovary to kinda go into a shock state,but my periods were never normal again.I would have heavier,longer periods then the yucky brown stuff all together up to 3 wks out of the month.Early I added I had my tubes tied because they say that can cause rougher periods to.I decided to post on your thread though because I do believe even just having one ovary removed messes with your hormones.( no doctor ever told me that just my opinion)It felt to me like maybe the other one was producing to much trying to overcompinsate for the lose of its sister..hehe..Since then my emotions are everywhere,I have acne like then a teenager( never had bad growing up) moody and like I said period every which where but normal.Well I guess I've rambled on enough not sure if I helped or even made since but when I read your post it made me think about some things that I had went through.
Best of luck and a speedy recovery If you have problems are concerns you should call your gyno he did your surgery and I'm sure will be more then happy to put your fears and concerns to rest. ((( hugs )))
Unread 05-06-2012, 08:35 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Hello there
I'm going to call you perfect, because I think we all are perfect, no matter what. I hope you're feeling better today!

I also had an oophorectomy because I had a cyst full of bacteria on my left ovary (don't ask...) About a week later, I had a LSH. I agree with Aleta30 - the best person to ask is your physician, but I'm happy to share what my life is like.

It took about 6 months for my cycles to stabilize after my oophorectomy. I can tell when I am ovulating due to a cyst I get every month I ovulate on my right side, which is the side I still have. I still get PMSey and have the tenderness, and it was all over the place at first. Now, it happens about every 28 days, so the cycles settled. It just required a bit of patience as my right ovary adapted to the job of being the only one in there.

I'm sending you a big hug!

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Unread 05-06-2012, 10:21 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Thanks to the both of you! I'm feeling less pain today, but still a bit like my torso has been in a vice and like I have a huge brick sitting in my pelvis. I'm, for lack of a better word, sore today even outside of the cramps. This is one of the worst overall periods I've had other than the first one after my surgery (five days after, to be exact) which was very unpleasant. I thought something was wrong, it hurt so bad and I bled so heavily, so I called my doctor after hours. lol She probably thinks I'm crazy. This go round, it was a full day before the lining even started to break down into any sort of fluid and I think that contributed to how bad the cramps have been. Usually I have a mixture of fluid and large clots, but all day yesterday was just clots, basically. I kept waiting for the heavy bleeding to start yesterday but it took a long time. Today yielded fluid mixed in which seemed to ease the cramps somewhat. TMI? I figure you ladies must be used to such frankness. I always wonder what it must be like to be one of those women who have light periods with very little trouble. Do they actually exist?? :P

I had already planned on calling my GYN tomorrow (Monday) morning. However, sometimes hearing from people who have had similar experiences is helpful, as well. Since my doctor didn't seem to think that my breast tenderness has anything to do with hormonal changes due to surgery, she may not figure that my cycle is abnormal from it, either. Still, I'd like to speak with her about it. She's quite good about that sort of thing.

Like you, Aleta, I have been moodier since my surgery, and have had acne flares (I do get them anyway but had been clear for a good while before my surgery). I just don't feel like myself sometimes and I do attribute it partially to abnormal hormonal fluctuations.

I am of the mind that it will likely take some time for my body to adjust to having one ovary to carry all the responsibility. :P I've had more pain on my right side since my surgery (the side with the remaining ovary) and I'm really hoping that it's not going to have more cystic activity now (other than what it's supposed to have, that is). I don't want any more E.R. visits! Heh.

Thanks again for sharing your experiences. Aleta, I hope your troubles straighten out for you soon!
Unread 05-06-2012, 10:44 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

You're so welcome. No, not TMI!!!
Are you taking any meds? The docs were trying to stabilize my periods (eliminate them, really) with prednisone before my surgery. Then, they let me go off of them and I ended up in the ER because it seemed like I was hemorrhaging. Fortunately, it was the meds, and not a bigger problem, but I do remember that changing any hormones pre-surgery contributed to my issues.

I hope you have an easy night, and do tell us what happened after you talk to the GYN!

Be good to yourselves, you two,
Unread 05-06-2012, 10:56 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Thanks,but I have new pain today as well,feels like cyst on remaining ovary(you know yourself,once you have had them very recognizable pain)I was really hoping to keep my right ovary but 11 days left till LSH and this pain troubles me..guess just have to wait and see..I really do think calling your Dr tomorrow is a good idea,and maybe ask her to check your hormones.I wish I would of.If you do not like her answer,even though you like her,get a second opinion.I lived my doctor and he has been great,but after my ablasion I just keep feeling like something was not right.I had pain,bloating,contractions.Had A CT at er one night and it came back clear so he just out right stated that was not gyno related,sent to urologist,then next stop GI,but I knew my body.Went to my current Dr did ultrasound( which I begged previous Dr for) and found trapped fluid in uterus and abdominal cavity as well as enlarged ovary with small cyst.Sorry again just found myself rambling on..lol..my point being if you don't get the answers you need its not cheated on your Dr getting someone rose to take a look see..lol
I to wonder if the mythical light period exist,maybe somewhere over the rainbow..lol..and never TMI,not here anyway thats what we are here for,if you can't talk to your sisters who can you talk to.Good luck tomorrow.Let us know how it goes(( hugs))
Unread 05-06-2012, 11:02 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

So sorry you're in more pain. It is just no fair. I do still have pain in my remaining ovary (in fact it was historically the painful one), but I have kept my ovary. I figure the pain now is worth keeping my natural hormones for a while (I'm 44). And you are so right - I had to switch doctors in the middle of my ordeal. It was a failed ablation that led to my infection throughout my abdomen, and the first doctors on-call partner was the meanest person I ever knew. It helps to find the right practice, even if it takes a while. You only have one body, and you're doing everything you can to get it healthy. I hope you both have good nights.

Unread 05-06-2012, 11:12 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Sorry if I missed while reading but did you have a hysterectomy? I was just asking because I was wondering how you knew was infection.I have been treated with several antibiotics and no change and WBC no elevated but don't uderstand what the fluid in abdominal cavity could be? If uterus sealed I don't believe could be coming from there but who knows.Dr says just can't be sure till we get in there Well ladies I better get some sleep.I have a full day of torture and pain to look forward to tomorrow at work.These 11 days can not pass by quickly enough.Hopefully will get the pleasure of conversing with you ladies tomorrow.Night
Unread 05-06-2012, 11:44 PM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Hi Aleta,
I had a botched endometrial ablation for fibroids which, the second gynecologist believed introduced an infection into my uterus and somehow my abdominal cavity. My temperature started rising, as did my WBC, and my left ovary got to be the size of (if I remember correctly) a lemon. I fired the doc who botched the ablation and went with a different doc, who I still see. First, she went in because she was afraid that the ovary might rupture. She did not know if she was going to take out the uterus also, but wanted to just do the ovary if it would be ok. My LSH was about a week after my oophorectomy. The wondering until the doctor got in there was the worst part of the whole thing. Patience! patience! Patience!
Have a good day tomorrow,
Unread 05-07-2012, 12:25 AM
Re: Abnormal bleeding after unilateral oophorectomy

Geez, you two make my GYN issues sound minor! When I call my doc tomorrow, I will make an appointment if necessary to speak with her more in depth about what's been going on with me since my surgery. I'm sure that once she hears about more than just sore breasts, she'll look into it (no pun intended, ha).

I'm lucky in that the other doctors in her practice are also very good, and very kind. My doc was on vacation when I was due for my two week follow-up, so one of her partners fit me in to look at my incisions as I had sutures migrating out of two of them (apparently my body just doesn't like foreign objects in it! lol) and he wanted to make sure they weren't causing any infection.

Aleta, I certainly hope that your upcoming procedure will help you to feel better. I know how it can be when you think one thing is happening and then you're suddenly dealing with more than you bargained for.

Lilies, no, I'm not on meds other than for pain at the moment. I have a history of poor tolerance with hormone therapies (nasty side effects), though after speaking with my doctor, I'm considering Loestrin as she said it can be very effective at low doses. She also mentioned Lysteda for the monthly pain, but my insurance doesn't cover it.

I can understand wanting to save your remaining ovary for as long as possible. Only being 32 (33 soon), I'd like to hold off having a complete hysterectomy for as long as possible. In terms of the endo, we're waiting to see how long until the implants recur. I almost wish that she'd have taken my uterus, as well so I would at least be free of the bleeding and cramps caused by it, but being so young, she was wary about doing so. I'm not keen on the idea of HRT at this young an age, so unless my ovary decides to grow something terrible or explode (ha), I'll deal with the pain for as long as possible.

How nice it is to talk about how much some of these things stink and not worry about people thinking you're just looking for attention! Thanks. ((Hugs))

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