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Considering hyster,I have adeno, fibroids Considering hyster,I have adeno, fibroids

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Unread 03-15-2002, 11:00 AM
Considering hyster,I have adeno, fibroids

I am considering having a hysterectomy for adenomyosis and fibroids. I have already had, last October, a uterine lift for a prolapsed uterus that my gyn found during a lap to find out why I was having pain during intercourse and general pelvic pain. That helped with most of the painful intercourse, but not all. Recently, I have been having ovarian pain, much like what I had before he did a lap 10 years ago and cut away scar tissue on my tubes from previous ovarian cysts rupturing monthly, alternating sides for years. It was at that time he found the adeno. Strange, back then he said my uterus was that of a 16 week pregnancy. Last year, he said it was about 7-8 weeks, (I think).

In 1996, while living in another state for awhile, another gyn found fibroids. They were fairly small but I was having pain and pressure and he suggested hysterectomy. I decided then to wait and see. They have grown very slowly over the years.

This past year, they went from being able to identify 3 fibroids, not very large (didn't get the size then, but saw them on us and doc said they weren't large) to this year, they look like one large fibroid, 6.5, the doc says. My uterus is about 11-12 weeks size 12.5, I think he said for length. Can't remember other dimensions. I am 4'9" so not sure if my size makes a difference in these being more bothersome. The U/S also showed that the fibroids are pressing on my bladder (I could see a 'dent' where they were pressing when the U/S tech showed me) which is why I have frequent urination and no problem with ovaries except the fibroids are pressing on my ovaries, hence the ovarian pain.

I have scheduled a second opinion with a female gyn because although my gyn is very competant, it seems, he isn't terribly compassionate or informative.

I also had CIN1 on my pap and on the colposcopy, he 'couldn't see much' up inside my cervix, so wants me to come back for freezing in 3 weeks. He did scrape more cells with brushes, but no biopsy. I've heard LEEP is better. I have also had an abnormal mammogram but the diag said probably not cancer but check again in 6 months. April 4 is my six months. My grandmother died from breast cancer, so I am a bit concerned about, even though I'm not having ovaries removed, the 'instant menopause' I've read sometimes happens during hyster. Is this common or uncommon. Not sure what kind of HRT I could use if I turn out to be high risk or have breast cancer.

He has also prescribed a progestin to take 10 days during my cycle for my periods that have become abnormal and very clotty.
He gave me Detrol for the frequent urination (not sure how this can help when it is pressure from the fibroids causing this) and Librax for pelvic pain. He always gives me this for pelvic pain, but I have a spastic colon only on occasion now, and am very familiar with the difference between spasms and gyn pain. I already have a sublingual Librax for this so not filling this script. I am deciding on whether to fill the Detrol.

I've read so much about weight gain after hyster and low energy. I have gained about 40 lbs over the last 6-7 years and couldn't deal with gaining 20 more. I should weigh about 90-95 but weigh 142. My energy is also low, but no anemia. I normally take multivitamin with iron but when I run out I have virtually no energy. My regular doc says anemia will show whether or not I am taking iron. So apparently anemia isn't the problem.

My gyn will do an LAVH if my uterus isn't any larger at the time of surgery, but if it much larger, then a TAH. I asked about leaving my cervix but he will take it. I have no choice on this.

I am concerned about the much faster growth of the fibroids this year. With all the other possible cancer that has been detected this year (I also had a colonoscopy and had 7 polyps removed that turned out not to be cancer type, in December), I am concerned about any possible signs of cancer.

So I guess my questions are these:

Did most of you gain weight after the hysterectomy? How much?
Did you lose much energy, how long before it came back?
What are the factors that determine how quickly energy levels return?
How long before I can lift 12-30 lbs? (I babysit my grandchildren for my daughter while she works on 3 eves for 3 hours and 8 hours Saturday and they weigh between 12 and 30 lbs.)
I've heard of loss of sexual pleasure. Did many of you experience this? Since I'm already having problems in this area, I'm wondering if it will be better, worse, or pretty much a trade off, these problems for those problems (I don't know if I have uterine orgasms, but maybe that's what I've lost with the fibroids and adeno...if so, I know that won't be better with not uterus, but possibly with the cervix left.)
I've heard of bladder and other organs dropping after hyster. Has this happened to many of you?
How long does the really bad pain last? What factors contribute to this? My uterine lift was supposed to be a 2 day recovery and turned into a week before I could return to work and about 2 weeks before the little annoying pain went away. My doc said because I was doing a lot and that it wouldn't hurt anything, but would take longer for the ligaments to heal. Is this the same kind of thing for hyster?
Will it really relieve most of the problems I'm having? (freq urin, ovary pain, pelvic pain, heaviness, lack of energy, feeling pregnant, back pain sometimes)

I have many more questions, but this is already very long.... I'll take a breath and stop here!

Thanks to all who read this far.

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Unread 03-15-2002, 11:50 AM
Considering hyster,I have adeno, fibroids

s Renee!

I believe your dr prescribed the Detrol to help with emptying your bladder. Because of the weight from the fibroid on it, you may not be emptying enough at one time and that's adding to your frequency.

With the family history of breast cancer, I would leave the ovaries as long as they are healthy. I'm an advocate of leaving alone what healthy anyway, but from what I've learned, the ovaries help gaurd against breast cancer.

Relax about the fibroids, especially since they're coming out , they usually are not cancerous.

As far as the cervix goes, I can relate to the scary paps. I am glad to have mine out and not worry about cancer there anymore. In case you're wondering, I have not had any problems having it removed and don't even know it's missing.

I didn't gain any extra weight after my hyst. In fact, I lost about 10 pounds at first. I think I have put some of that back on, but not any more than that.

Yes, I had less energy at first. Which is to be expected because your body will have all that anesthesia and go through a lot during surgery and then have to get used to it. I'm 3 months post and only occasionally have my "tired days". For the most part, I feel great!!

Before I left the hospital, my dr told me to get on a good multi-vitamin for women. I think it really is helping. Another thing to help with the energy level is do resist the temptation to overdo during the first couple of months. Take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Walking is great for building your strength back. It also helps with weight loss and constipation.

My dr told me not to lift more than 10 lbs for the first 6 weeks and then nothing that I felt caused any straining for a long time after that. (He wasn't very specific how long.)

As I said before, I don't even miss my cervix. That also includes during sex. Don't miss the uterus either. I believe the other ab muscles have taken over for the uterine contractions I used to have before with those kinds of orgasms. There are other areas to have orgasms too that aren't affected, such as the clitoris. My libido is still just fine too. Some women, however, who have had their ovaries removed have reported a lack in libido until their hrt is straightened out. Lots of women have reported that theirs is even better and they enjoy intercourse much more now than they did pre. Some are because it was painful at the cervix pre and once it was removed, it felt much better and more enjoyable.

Most people are surprised at how small a nonpregnant uterus really is. It doesn't take up that much room, so there's not a whole whole lot of empty space left for everything to fall into. Yes, some may become weakened in that area and things shift or fall. I haven't had any problems myself so far. Knock on wood.

The only real pain I had was in the recovery room and I think it was mainly because of having to be on that hard stretcher for so long. Once I was in a bed, the pain immediately subsided. I also had a morphine PCA that worked great!! I was off pain meds completely during the first week and wondered if I really needed them while I was taking them. The key to pain control is keeping it under control by taking the pain med as scheduled, so I obeyed. Once they wear off, it's hard to get the pain back under control if you are having pain. I didn't have the abdominal incision (except for the 3 tiny ones) since I had a LAVH, so I didn't have the pain that comes with the incision. (I've had 2 C-sections, so I do understand about the abdominal incisions)

If the fibroids & adenomyosis is the cause of the symptoms you are having now, then yes, they should be gone after the hyst. They may not be immediately gone in the first couple of weeks after, but give it a little time & pampering. I had adeno too and it has really helped those symptoms for me. I did have some back pain at about 2 weeks post, but I'm 3 months post now and haven't had a backache in weeks.

We all heal at our own rates, so don't worry if it takes you longer than it does someone else. If you heal faster, that's even better!! But call your dr if anything concerns you, something doesn't seem normal, or if you have any questions.

If you have anymore questions, feel free to e-mail me by clicking the e-mail button below this reply or post here again.

Hope this helps,
Unread 03-15-2002, 12:05 PM
Considering hyster,I have adeno, fibroids

I'm sorry you are going through this!

I just had a TAH and I'm healing really quickly. The incision on the outside is almost totally healed. I went to the doc for my 2 week post-op and she told me that the incision was really pretty, and it is!

I'm slowly getting my energy back. I still take naps once or twice a week or so.

They told me no lifting more than 15 pounds until I was healed 3-6 months out.

I cannot tell you about the sex thing, but, I will be able to in 4 weeks. I really seriously doubt that I will be noticing a difference as I'm small and anything without pain and bleeding will be a total improvement over sex for the past 18 months or so.

The surgeons did a removal of my uterus and made sure that the muscles or whatever hold up everything, were reinforced. That's what he told me anyhow. I totally trust this. I hope that in 20-30 years I'm not thinking otherwise, but gravity is at play here.

I haven't gained any weight, lost 6 pounds, mostly water though. I did ask the doc today when I can expect to see this bloating fading...she told me 3-6 months. ACK! I guess I will be hunting for some new pull on shorts...

I only had a morphine pump on the first day. I didn't really have any pain that night. I got up and sat in a chair that night and took only Motrin and 2 Vicodins in the hospital. It all depends on your pain tolerance. If you have had kids by a c-section before, you will be able to judge by that. I tell everyone that I think that this was easier for the simple reason that I came home with no baby to care for! No picking up, missing sleep, feedings, so much different. I took one Vicodin at home the first night home as I knew it would help me sleep. Then just Motrin every 6 hours for a week. Hardly any swelling now at 16 days. Everyone is different though.

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Unread 03-15-2002, 12:29 PM
Considering hyster,I have adeno, fibroids

Hi there

I really don't know much about the treatment of fibroids (I had 3 but didn't find this out until after my hyst.)

As for the tiredness after a hyst, this is the drugs just working through your body and does not last long. You can get tired easily for a while but as long as you don't overdo it you will be fine. Good diet is essential if you want to regain energy, and a positive attitude, we all know depression can lead to lethargy.

I have not gained weight after surgery (4 months ago), I haven't lost any either, it is exactly the same.

My children were 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old (I am not sure of the weights) but I was originally told 12 weeks incase I pulled something, or prolapsed, but after 6 to 8 weeks I was fine. There are ways around it, getting down on the ground to cuddle them as opposed to picking them up for it. Getting them to stand on a chair to get up to you. Taking themselves upstairs with you following behind instead of carrying them, lots of ways to get around it, although hearing it at first is very scary. When I heard I wasn't going to be able to pick my kids up I was like, no way canI do it. But then I sat back and thought rationally about it and there are ways around it that do not mean injuring yourself (which i the most important thing).

As for sex, before my problems started I enjoyed a healthy sex life, but obviously when you bleed 24/7 this is not possible. I had a TAH, the cervix was also taken, and I was soooooo worried that I would not orgasm, and that I would lose all lubrication, or that it would feel weird. The truth of the matter is, I really do not notice a difference. I have powerful orgasms, I do not need exrta lubrication and the sensation is as good as ever. I am back to enjoying a very healthy sex life. I have wrote this a couple of times today, but I will write it again. I once read an article that said sex is only 10% physical and 90% state of mind. It is up to you how you let that physical effect our state of mind. In other words, try not to worry about it, because the more you worry about it feeling dfferent, the more it actually will. The more you worry about losing libedo, you more you really will. Think positvely about all the great sex you will be able to have after the hyst, pleasure is only ever what you make it.

Organs can prolapse but that is usually only when you do too much too soon. Your body will let you know when you are ready, not your schedule, so throw out the diary and the calender and listen to what your body tells you, and you should be OK.

The bad pain, OK, well I was on morphine for 24 hours, then dropped down to analgesia, this was fine. After about 3-4 days my pain was down to an ache. Fair enough the ache lasted a while, but it was nothing compared to the pain I had before the hyst. Infact had my pain been that mild I never would have had the hyst done.

As for relieving the pain you are in, if the ovaries are not there, they cannot be in pain, so yes, it will take this way. The fibroids can be causing the back pain, pelvic pain, freq. urination and the pregnant like feeling so if they are removed in the uterus, then yes this should stop those too. As long as there are no other contributing factors.

I have to say, having the courage to go through with my hyst was the best thing I have ever done, at an the tender age of 23 (was 22) I do not regret it. My quality of life has increased 300%. My whole personality and attitude has got better. Before I was depressed about the pain and bleeding and lack of sex and not being able to play with my kids and none of that is an issue anymore. I have not been happier. And yes, your uterus is a high price to pay for happiness but it was worth every bit of the recovery just to go out without an entire packet of maxi-pads to last just a couple of hours, wearing light clothes finally and not being worred about 'leaking'. To play with my kids and not worry about the consequences of any actions and how bad that will make me feel.

Being a has changed my life for the better, and I am guarunteed that it will not recur. Priceless!

Take care
Unread 03-15-2002, 01:12 PM
Thanks for all the great info!

I've been reading this site off and on all week before I decided to join and ask my questions. You have all helped so much.

I was concerned about the fibroids, because I haven't totally decided to have the hyster. I am still deciding if it would be better or worse.

All the answers about sex were really helpful. It is one of the greatest areas of concern I had. The pain I have during sex is usually in my cerivx. I just thought it was because of the fibroids and adeno, but I would be terribly disappointed if I went through the surgery, kept my cervix and then still had the pain. Guess my gyn knows what he is talking about after all. Just would rather he give me the info and let me make the choice. I really don't like that he gets to choose.

Thanks for the info on the children. I've been thinking of different ways to deal with the older ones, but the 7 month old was a preemie and is still only 12 pounds and can't get around on her own yet. I told my DH that I will need help lifting them and he said, I understand', but he usually retreats to the basement (our family room) when they are there. So hopefully, I will be able to get around that.

Walking is how I like to excercise anyhow, so that will be great. I haven't been able to walk much since I was watching my grandchildren 6 days a week after work, but now it is less time and if I have the hyster, I will have all that time off my regular job so I can walk. I will tend to over do things, so I will have to watch that if it is what causes prolapse of other organs. The uterus at a normal state is small, but mine hasn't been a normal size for at least 10 years. I understand it is usually about the size of a fist.

This is a wonderful site and much better to get feedback from those who have been there instead of all the sites that are pushing for women to have the artery embolization telling horror stories about hysterectomy. One site actually said that a woman who has a hyster has a 300% increase in risk of heart disease because of the sometimes 'instant menopause' even without removing ovaries. Said only 10% of women stay on HRT. My gyn said bring in study about the 300% increase in risk, because he doesn't believe it exists. Recommended I quit reading about stories where one person had really bad side effects that were very rare and read more about normal hysters. Of course, I want to know what is the worst that could happen.

Glad to hear that none of you who replied already gained weight. That was the other biggie for me.

My next step is to decide if the symptoms I am having are severe enough to warrant 4-6 weeks off work. (I am hearing here it is more like 6.) I get paid for the time, but my boss wasn't thrilled to hear I may be taking that much time off.

Hoping to hear more from others. So far, doesn't sound so bad and seems I will likely feel much better afterwards.

Thanks also for the info on Detrol I'm going to read about it and interactions and side effects and then decide whether to try it.

Hoping my posts also get shorter with time!

Still undecided


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