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My dog needs to lose! My dog needs to lose!

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Unread 10-28-2002, 12:19 AM
My dog needs to lose!

When I got Maggie from the Golden Rescue 3 months ago they told me she weighed 84 lbs and that she should lose 12 lbs. I've been very careful since not to get her into the habit of getting treats every time someone was eating. I've also been walking her whenever possible and when not I made it a point to go outside with a ball to exercise her....sometimes after dark on the front lawn with all the outside lights on.

Today was gorgeous so I took her for a 45 min walk. She was able to be off-leash for about 20 minutes of it and she seemed happy as a clam sniffing and romping and then running to catch up with me.

After supper I came upstairs and she stayed at the bottom. Very unlike her...she usually beats me up. I kept calling her and she finally came up. The next time she had to come up I kind of nudged her and she went half way and stopped.

I took her to the vet and he said she has hip problems and the biggest problem is her weight. He thinks she can lose 1 - 2 lbs a week ....and this is without exercise because she's in pain now.

Has anyone ever put their dog on a diet. And did you ever come close to having a 1-2 lb loss a week?

BTW.....she learned a new trick tonight. She's laying by my bed and she lifted her head and looked at me and whined. I sat down next to her and patted her for a while. Now she just keeps doing it.....looks at me, whines, thumps her tail and expects me to "come".

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Unread 10-28-2002, 04:37 AM
My dog needs to lose!

Hi Em --

at one point we had to put one of our beagles on a diet. Babe got up to 30 pounds and she had a disintegrated disk in her spine -- common in small or medium-sized dogs that get overweight. Most of the problem was my dh who thinks that the dogs should get a bite of everything he eats. This dog was totally into was her main incentive in life. She would wake me every morning early and demand to be fed right away. I fed her twice a day..........morning and evening. If I was late with the evening meal she'd go in the kitchen and play hockey with her empty food's that for subtle?

Anyway........when the vet said she needed to lose weight........I went to a so-called "lean" dog food (yes I read the fat content on the package and compared brands!) and cut the quantity of food in half. I still fed her twice a day, but she got half as much at each feeding. She was a big one for treats so I broke all her treats into small pieces and only gave her half as much of those as before, too.
It took a couple of months but she lost 6 pounds and the vet said that 24 pounds was a good size for her. We must have done something right because she lived to a few months past 15 years of age and was happy and healthy for all those years.......not in pain.
Speaking of which.......did the vet give Maggie anything for pain? Is she developing hip dysplasia? If that's the case......the cold weather may be hard on her, too. I'm wondering if she was sitting by the bed whining because she was achy and wanted some attention?
Good luck with her diet.......maybe she should join BEST !!
Unread 10-28-2002, 05:33 AM
My dog needs to lose!

I am so sorry Maggie is having weight and hip problems. Just a couple of things to think about. Has she had her thyroid tested? My vet said goldens are very prone to thyroid and should be tested throughout their lives.

Another thing to consider (and I know some will disagree) is to look into a natural (as in raw or steamed meat) diet, it is more feeling and not full of carbs that will turn to fat. Or try supplementing with amino acids which are lost when you process foods (but they help with joints and weight issues). Also add an antioxident, this really helped my old dog who had spinal arthritis (vet said to do this). Of course, there is always the less food route and treat with veggies (dogs love no salt green beans right from the can). Good luck, it is hard to drop those pounds without exercise. Hugs to Maggie and you.
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Unread 10-28-2002, 08:03 PM
My dog needs to lose!


They put Maggie on Rimadyl for a week to help with the discomfort. It seems she's feeling better tonight. I expect she does have dysplasia. They haven't tested for Thyroid yet as far as I know. Presumably we'll do it if I don't get good results getting her weight down. I just thought that 1-2 lbs a week is a lot to expect.

Ann, my DH was like yours. When Chloe died last February I tossed out her medical records and saw a receipt that showed she weighed 93 around the time my husband died. 5 yrs later she weighed 83. That 10 lb loss had to be because of all the food she never got from me that she used to get from DH. Chloe wouldn't even look at me for weeks after my husband died. We decided it was because she thought I took him away and didn't bring him I wonder if it was because she was missing her Cheetos!

I'm going to try her on the lite food the dr recommended for about a month. If I don't get some decent results I'll try your idea, Sheri. Her only treats today was one piece at a time of of her dog food that sits in a measuring cup and she seems grateful enuf.

I report back after a while.....thanks!
Unread 10-28-2002, 09:39 PM
My dog needs to lose!


Hey, nice to chat with you on a different forum....

O.k. Depending on Maggies background; she's a female, Golden ?? 80 plus #'s does sound a little high for that breed, but again it depends on her breeding background....... If females tended to be large in her lines, then she might just be a *well rounded* female golden......... then again, she could have been the "big girl" in her litter...... speaking from some canine experience ( I'm a dog groomer, obdience trainer, and AHT -- animal health technician)--------- if you can feel her ribs, with a nice layer of fat on the out side..... she's o.k. On the other hand, if you can't the ribs at all --------- she's over weight.

The "lite' dog foods aren't especially any better than regular dog foods......... they just contain more "fillers' than regular food.........meaning that they will just cause more "out-put" shall we say ( sorry, i.e. poop ), than the good diets.......

For my Shelties, if I feel they are getting a little on the *heavy* side, I simply cut back on a few biscuits, and give them 1/4 less a cup of the regular chow they get ------ and of course up there exercise.......... for a few weeks. I just don't believe in "diet or low cal dog foods". Same as us............ just more exercise and cut a few backing off.

Hint: some good and healthy treats for your dog: carrots- raw, also any other fresh raw veggies ------- or fruits !! Not only good for us, but also for our companions !!! My dogs enjoy a bit of bananas, apple, carrots, oranges, etc.

As far as rimadyal goes..... it can be hard on the liver....... give only as needed-------- vets. will prescribe this all the time --- it's the "new' arthritis wonder drug for dogs."----------Watch out for stomach up-set, liver problems, and diarreha !!!!! Not saying its not a good drug............ I've found my dogs do just as well on enteric coated baby aspirin............. but your vet won't tell you that ------ he wants you to buy the expensive meds !!

* I'm not a veternarian, this is only my own experiences...... consult your vet ....*

BTW-------- dogs DO NOT lose weight like people do !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A weight loss of 1/2 lb. in 3 weeks is appropiate for a dog.......
If you expect anything more, or your vet told any different -------- hey, if I were you I'd get a new vet !!!!! Unless you are running you and your dog 10 miles a day !!!! Weight comes off dogs even slower than it comes off us !!!!!!!!!! Sad, but trrue........
Unread 10-29-2002, 09:58 AM
My dog needs to lose!

Hi Jubilee!

I thought 1-2 lbs a week seemed awfully high. I'm wondering now if maybe he said/meant a month??? Especially since I can't exercise her for a while. The meds are only for 7 days to help her out with the pain she has now. My last Golden was on aspirin (ecotrin) during her later years.

As far as her background goes. I got Maggie late July from the Golden Rescue. She wasn't a stray....had been turned into a shelter because of childrens allergies. She is overweight. She is smaller boned than my last Golden yet weighs the same. The rescue had her weight at 84. When I brought her into my vet 4 days later for emergency surgery for an ovarian remnant she weighed in at 78. Variables are different scales and a dog who had been "feeling like crap" for a while. During that 4 days here she was eating a bit and leaving some in her dish, going back and eating a bit more. doubt that she lost weight during the time she was sick. The chart at the local vet says 78 when they first saw her and 81 Sunday night....he probably thinks I allowed her to gain during the 3 months I've had her.

I started off right away being careful about treats....didn't want her to expect them. I got the smallest milkbone-type they sell. She got only 1 or 2 a day until we started a 6-wk obedience class and I had to give her more. That's over now and she's just not getting the treats. ......she seems much more happy over a hug anyway!

I take her to the biggest animal hospital around. Pro's and Con's with that choice. They're open 24 hrs for emergencies and have access to equipment that the smaller places don't. On the other hand, there is not the "personal" touch of getting the same vet every time. Their staff is wonderful with the dogs. Maggie was very leary of men and barked and growled at first. When I took her to have her sutures removed and Maggie was scared (didn't growl) the vet got on his back and slid under her rather than have her held down.....I got a kick out of that and it worked for Maggie.

They told me to bring her in and put her on the scale whenever I want so I'll do that in a couple of weeks to see how it's going.

Anyway....thanks to all of you for your replies. She seems to be feeling better already.
Unread 10-29-2002, 11:19 AM
My dog needs to lose!

Em --
Our vet prescribed Rimadyl for Babe when she had some aches and pains in her older years and it worked great for her. It is basically an anti-inflammatory without steroids...........I'm sure that if it were given on a regular basis it could probably cause problems, but we only gave it to Babe as needed and it sure seemed to help her.
It took Babe a few months to lose 6 pounds but she eventually did. From what Jubilee says I guess that's the way to go.
Glad to hear Maggie is feeling better already!

Give her a hug from me!

Unread 10-29-2002, 02:26 PM
My dog needs to lose!

Hi Everyone,

Most of you know about my 3 past Shelties & now 2 Poms. Anyway...My first Sheltie (Katie) back in the early 70's had gained about 5 lbs. from her last DV (Vet) visit. It was in the spring in WI. In those years it was Gravy Train or whatever. The DV also thought due to the harsh winter (no kidding) we had she didn't get out side much to run. Her paws would freeze and she would lay down when we let her out. She did loose the 5 lbs by controlling her food and later on in years she still had a hip problem. No table scraps to any of our doggies.

Sister Katie
Unread 10-29-2002, 02:35 PM
My dog needs to lose!

Thanks Jubilee for your information about the "light" dog food. I kinda wondered about that. My Katie wouldn't even eat it. Do you think someday calories will be posted per serving along with those raw hides?

Sister Katie
Unread 10-29-2002, 08:16 PM
My dog needs to lose!


I'm really glad you have a vet clinic that you like and trust !!!! It's like finding a good gyn for us !!! For me, my shelties are my "babies" -- and they get only the best vet care.....

Keep an eye on "Maggies" diet --- feed the good stuff !!-- keep the treats to a minimum, and take those walks together !!!! You will both feel happier and healthier !!!

And do try to keep the rimadyl to the lowest amount you can !!
( to keep her comfortable ) -- that drug can be so hard on the liver and kidneys -- keep an eye out for stomach upset, and or diarreha on this drug -- of course, as with all drugs, it affects all dogs differently ( geez, we can say that about all our "people' drugs and for that matter, our "ladies" hormones

Exercise is real important though........ try to keep it up !! Let me/us know how Maggie is doing from time-to-time !!!


don't know the answer to your question on the raw-hides -- about if they will ever put the calorie content on them-- but figure this: it's cows' hide -- alot of protien, but i don't know what kind of calories that has !! Again, I caution you on how many of those to feed your Poms....... and watch out that they may choke on the last bit, and that they can cause diarreha if too many are consumed in a short amount of time!

I'm having another "scare" of cancer with my female Sheltie--- she goes in to the vet. oncologist in a couple weeks for a biopsy....could use a few doggie prayers !! She is in a 2 yr, remission from mammary cancer that was malignant -- this is a new tumor on her right shoulder, and a small one on her chest.

I told her this year she had "beat " cancer, I so far have ''beat" mine ( 1 yr. plus) And I know she can beat this one too !!! She's my little girl........... And the angels are on our side !!

Thanks ladies and have a great evening !!

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