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Ask a Doctor

The Ask a Doctor area of the HysterSisters.com website is for the benefit of our members. However, only a small number of questions can be answered by our doctors. We invite you to ask your questions to the HysterSisters.com Hysterectomy Community where our members can provide insight and support for you. And we remind you to make an appointment with your personal doctor for any questions you have.


Only a few questions are *Selected* to be answered by our doctors and submitted as articles to our Ask the Doctor list. We encourage our members to ask their questions in the support forums and talk to their personal doctor about their personal medical questions.

  • Register as a member. Only members may post a question.
  • Visit HysterSisters Ask the Doctor form.
  • Submit your question to ask your hysterectomy related question.


Only Doctors registered within our HysterSisters Doctor Directory may participate in our "Ask the Doctor" project.

Ask a Doctor Questions & Answers

6-Week Checkup
Ablation? Hysterectomy? How do I know?
Ache in Pelvis
Adhesions? Preventing them Post-Hysterectomy?
Anesthesia Options for Hysterectomy Other Than General Anesthesia?
Are Paps Still Needed?
Bacterial Vaginosis after Vaginal Hysterectomy
Bleeding After daVinci Hysterectomy
Bleeding after Sex
Bleeding after sex-9 weeks post op
Bowel Movement
Can a tubal ligation be the source of hormonal imbalances?
Can I Use Over the Counter Estrogen If I Can't Use HRT?
Cancelled Hysterectomy Due To High Temperature
Confused - Bladder Infection and Bleeding
Could pain in my side be related to my hysterectomy?
Cramping started again, so TIRED, grouchy, no sex drive, help
Cyst on Ovaries
Diverticulitis Post Hysterectomy
Drastic Breast Changes 5 Months Post Op
Endometrial hyperplasia, ovarian cyst, large pedunculated fibroid = hysterectomy?
Facial Itching after Hysterectomy
Fibroids - When Is a Hysterectomy Necessary?
Flatulance After Rectocele
Going Back to Work Too Soon?
Heart/Bone Risks vs Cancer Risk
HGSIL Post Hysterectomy
Hormone Pellets Not Working Right
Hormones and Facial Hair
How Long After Surgery to Have Orgasm?
How Long Will Fatigue Last?
How Safe Is Sex at 6 Weeks Post Op daVinci?
HRT and Vaginal Dryness 3 Years Post Hysterectomy
Hysterectomy While On Period?
I have night time vaginal itch. Is that normal?
Incision Keeps Opening up
Is Hysterectomy Unavoidable with Endometrial Hyperplasia and Fibroids?
Is it normal for pain on my right side of belly?
is it normal to have weight gain after hysterectomy?
Is it unusual to still have ovarian cyst related pain after usterus was removed?
Is My One Ovary Working?
Is pain normal after 3 years
Is Shrinking a Large Fibroid Tumor Possible?
Is There Such a Thing as a "Closing of the Vagina"?
Large Stomach area
Light Bleeding After 6 Week Post Op Check-up?
limits on lifting after vaginal prolapse surgery
Loss of Appetite Post Hysterectomy
Lower Left Cramp 4 to 15 Times a Day?
Menopause after TAH-kept ovaries
Mood Swings After a Hysterectomy
My OBGYN refuses to do a partial hysterectomy due to my weight. How do i find a Dr.
Natural Menopause Creams and Endo
Nervous About Upcoming Surgery
Night Sweats and Insommia with Ovaries Intact
Not sure how to proceed
One Ovary LAVH = Menopause?
Ovarian Mass
Pain After Sex
Pain Related to Hysterectomy?
Pain When I Get Up In Morning?
Partial Hysterectomy - Bleeding?
PCOS After Hysterectomy?
Post Ablation & Tubal, Hysterectomy Needed?
Post Op Leg Muscle Pain and Weakness
Post-Op Questions To Ask
Pre-op Peritoneal Washing Positive for Adenocarcinoma
Pre-op, Herbs Do's and Dont's
Remaining Ovary Wakes Up 4 Months Later?
Repairing Bladder Without Mesh?
Scar Pain After 2 Years?
Second Opinions
sex after surgery
Sexual Intimacy Questions
Shots in the Vagina
Should I have my ovaries removed or not?
Spotting after Uterus Removal
Suprapubic Catheter For How Long?
Swollen Belly After Four Months?
Tingling Post Op daVinci Hysterectomy
Trouble with bladder after hysterectomy
TVH and Now Swelling, Bleeding, and Other Things?
TVH Solve Chronic Pain?
Uterine Cancer and Pregnancy
Vaginal Closure?
Vaginal scarring and atrophy
Vaginal Spotting Years After Hysterectomy
What does gas pain feel like?
What Happens During Vaginal Hysterectomy?
What's Best for a Morbid Obese 60 year old?
When Does Menopause Start After Hysterectomy?

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