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GYN Cancer

GYN Cancer


GYN Cancer Diagnosis

There is nothing scarier than being in a doctor's office or receiving a phone call after an exam and hearing the "C" word. Its frightening, forcing the hearer of the words to use energy to process the information with a thousand questions going through the mind.

Gynecologic Cancer and the HysterSisters

There are several different types of gynecologic cancers, some more known than others. Because HysterSisters isn't a medical information website, covering the details isn't possible. But we can (and do!) offer support!

On this page you will find the different aspects of support offered at HysterSisters.com for cancer concerns. Uterine cancer. Cervical cancer. Vaginal cancer. Endometrial cancer. Ovarian Cancer.

HysterSisters offers live discussions in our forums for cancer related questions for diagnosis and treatments. We offer resources links for great medical websites to help fill in the details from a medical point of view. We provide articles written specifically for the HysterSisters that may help you as you make your way down the path of cancer diagnosis and treatments.

The most important thing to know is...you are not alone. Come meet the HysterSisters who will offer their experiences wrapped in hugs.

Join the HysterSisters and visit our Cancer Discussion Forum.


Find a GYN Oncologist

If your doctor has said "cancer", your mind might have been suspended as all the thoughts and fears crowd out the accompanying words. Initially the communication with your doctor will be one way: doctor to patient.

We encourage you to focus. Gather your strength from family, friends and your faith and head into battle well-equipped.

Often the doctor who provides the initial diagnosis is not a specialist in oncology. While it is understood that you may feel emotionally attached to your physician, it is important for you to gather other opinions for your diagnosis and treatment options from a GYN oncologist.

Ask your doctor for a recommendation. Ask friends and co-workers. Find other women who have had a similar diagnosis and ask for the name of their oncologist.

Your journey from diagnosis through your treatment requires the plan and handiwork of a specialist. Partner your health needs with a GYN Oncologist!

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Coping with Cancerhead

Any woman receiving a cancer diagnosis is likely to experience a wide range of fears. The best defense against these fears is accurate information. Although it may be difficult to imagine living with cancer, it is possible to learn to cope with the inevitable fears that accompany this disease.

I vividly remember the day I learned I had cancer. My doctor called with the pathology report from my D&C which stated I had endometrioid adenocarcinoma, FIGO grade 2. He reassured me that it was the "best" type of GYN cancer to have in that it tends to be slow-growing. Devastated, I hung up the phone. He would see me in his office in a couple of days to give me more detailed information on my diagnosis and discuss my initial treatment, which would be a total abdominal hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries. The surgery and staging of the cancer would be performed by a gynecologic oncologist, a doctor who specializes in the treatment of gynecologic cancers.

I would describe myself as a woman of strong faith with a positive outlook on life. However, with the cancer diagnosis came a deluge of "what-ifs," and cancer began to dominate my thoughts. Fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and sadness were common emotions that plagued me all hours of the day and night. In my quest for information, I discovered the Cancer Concerns Forum on the HysterSister's website. I learned that my "what-ifs" had a name - cancerhead. Time and again this term came up as women described their fears regarding cancer. I found that I was not alone. Psychologists and other experts agree that women diagnosed with cancer respond in similar ways.

  • 1) Denial – There must be some mistake.
  • 2) Anger – Why are you telling me this?
  • 3) Why me? – What did I do, or not do, to deserve this?
  • 4) Resignation – I can’t help myself; it’s beyond my control.
  • 5) Acceptance – I will fight this with everything I’ve got in me.
Read the entire article.

Share Your Cancer Story

Hystersisters inspires members and visitors through various journeys including the diagnosis and treatments of GYN cancer. You, each of you, inspire and encourage each other with your words of support and your very own personal journey's story.

We invite you to document your journey for the strength and encouragement of others. Submit Your Story here (You must be a registered member to submit your story. Join here.)

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    Check out these resources to help you prepare for surgery. Don't forget our best resource - our GYN Cancer discussion forum where thousands of HysterSisters participate daily! AND - Don't forget to ask your doctor for additional resources.

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