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Tell Others About HysterSisters

Tell Others About HysterSisters

Share the secret!

There are several ways you can participate in spreading the news about HysterSisters.com. You can tell others using our flyer/brochure and/or you can link to HysterSisters.com from your website. Both ways help spread the word about HysterSisters.com around your world.

1. Earn a badge!

Link to HysterSisters from your website or blog and earn a HysterSisters badge for your profile! Please note: HysterSisters.com is a PG rated website and is HON Code approved. Your website must be similar in tone to qualify for a badge. Pages with pornography and profanity will not qualify. Pages must also be viewable by the public. Websites set to "private" will not qualify.

1. Add Code

Add this code to your personal (or business) public website or blog or other online profile to provide a link for your visitors to read more about HysterSisters.com.

Link too long? Try this one!

2. Contact us

Contact us through this online form to include your website page's URL where you have linked to us.

3. Badge

Your badge will be added to your profile once we have manually verified the website address you have provided has a link to Hystersisters.com. Please be patient. This is a manual process.

Notice: We ask that you use the HysterSisters.com url with the word: Hysterectomy to make sure that our website name is associated for proper content and keywords.

2. Hand out Flyers to friends, family, women's events and your doctor's office:

Download the PDF document file from below or order copies from the HysterSisters.com offices.

Print out on your computer using color printer with standard settings and you will have a flyer to take with you to your physicians office, share with friends and family.

Download and Print Hyster Sisters Flyer in PDF Format

PDF format requires "Acrobat Reader" which is generally already installed for use within current browsers.

Order copies from the HysterSisters.com Office - email info@ hystersisters.com (remove the space).

Do you have a women's event coming up? Hand out the HysterSisters.com tri-fold brochure and let other women know about this valuable resource for their hysterectomy needs. Click here to order a box of 500 brochures!

3. And we Thank YOU!

Thank you for helping us spread the word! Join the large group of insurance companies and doctors that are telling their patients about the online support Hystersisters.com provides. By telling others and spreading the news, the Hyster Sisters website remains the best online support for Hysterectomy support. Thank you!

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