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How were you internal stitches closed? Staples, stitches, glue or steri-strips?

How your internal stitches are closed is mostly determined by your surgeon’s preference and your particular situation. For larger hysterectomy incisions, surgeons often use stitches or staples. For smaller incisions, they generally choose glue or surgical tape.

Staples are popular for a number of reasons. First of all, they may be quicker and easier for the surgeon. Secondly, and more importantly for you, staples may allow incisions to close faster and with less inflammation than some other methods.

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How did you manage your pain before your hysterectomy?

Your hysterectomy is scheduled to take place in two weeks. You’ve been given a list of medications and supplements you can’t take from now until surgery. Uh oh. You’re expected to manage pelvic pain and headaches without ibuprofen all that time. Not good.

Your doctor isn’t trying to be mean. Many medications have potential to cause concerns during surgery.

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How is your diet and depression related? Do you eat out of comfort?

Do you consider digging out your favorite ice cream and heading straight to it with a spoon when you’ve had a bad day? Instead of a dinner of protein and veggies, do you head straight for a pizza or hamburger and fries? Although it tastes great for the moment, after the splurge you may feel worse.

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Do you use transdermal hormone replacement therapy? Did transdermal therapy work for you?

Today, you have a number of different options when it comes to hormone replacement therapy (HRT). One way you can use estrogen during menopause is through a transdermal hormone delivery system. There are a variety of options and doses you can choose from, allowing you to tailor the choice for your lifestyle and needs. You can consider patch, gel, cream, ointment, or spray; bio-dential or synthetic; and pre-made or compounded.

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How did you care for your scar following your hysterectomy?

Some women wear their hysterectomy scars proudly, while others don’t seem to think much about them at all. Many women, however, hate the sight of their scars and feel intensely self-conscious about them—rightfully so. There is a great deal of advice on this subject. Some of it amounts to little more than old wives’ tales—a waste of money and time—but there are some methods and products that many women report do make a difference.

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Did you research your surgeon before your hysterectomy?

Yes. The HysterSisters have started a list of online resources for the specific purpose of researching surgeons and doctors. It’s a great idea to look yours up if you can.

The American Congress of Ostetricians and Gynecologists Physician’s Directory.

American Medical Association Doctor Finder

And these are all links to individual State Medical Boards –

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What tips can you provide to someone who is struggling with following a healthy lifestyle?

Every time you turn around, you hear something about a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just your doctor either. It’s on TV, magazine covers, internet pages, and the radio.

You see it on advertisements for new health products, medications, and gym memberships.

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Have you struggled with being happy during menopause?

Let’s face it, life can get you down sometimes. It’s not always a bowl full of cherries–there are pits along the way. But, despite your situation, you can choose to be happy. Even smack dab in the middle of menopause!

It’s easy to let circumstances dictate your mood. After all, if you stub your toe, it hurts.

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Do you still have a yearly well-woman exam even though you’ve had a hysterectomy?

Even though you no longer have a uterus, a yearly health exam, or Well-Woman checkup as some call it, is still very important and beneficial. You are more than your uterus, and the rest of you needs to be taken care of, too!

At your yearly exam, discuss with your doctor any health concerns you may have.

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Were you required to remove your jewelry prior to your hysterectomy?

t may feel like an annoyance to remove all your jewelry and piercings prior to your hysterectomy, but there are several important reasons for doing so. It isn’t that your surgical team is being overly picky or has a personal issue with your piercings. Their goal is to avoid complications and keep you as safe as possible during your surgery.

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