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How soon after your hysterectomy were you able to care for your young children?

It could be weeks after your hysterectomy before you feel well enough to take care of a busy toddler by yourself. And it may be a full two days before you’re able to take care of him/her at all. That is a long time to be away from your little one, but it is best for both of you: you need rest, and your child needs appropriate care.

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How much time did you take off from work for your hysterectomy?

The amount of time off work you will need depends on a number of factors, including your hysterectomy type, specific job duties, commute, and overall health. The more invasive your surgery and the more physically intense your job, the more time off you will need.

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What keeps you motivated with your weight loss journey? How do you recommit once you’ve become discouraged?

Maybe you have fallen off the weight loss wagon and are discouraged. Maybe you intended to begin an exercise program but quit after just a few weeks. Or maybe you planned on eating a healthier diet but you loaded your refrigerator with the wrong foods.

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Is there a connection between migraines and hormones?

For women, there can be a connection between hormones and migraines. Hormonal migraines can occur in conjunction with your period, when using oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy (HRT), or during menopause.

You could experience a headache if your estrogen or progesterone levels are too low or from fluctuating hormone levels. The key to preventing hormonal headaches can be keeping your hormone levels steady.

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What hysterectomy resources were helpful for your family members?

HysterSisters recommends sending your family members— husband, grown children, close friends, etc.—to the Mister HysterSisters website. The best resource is the “Mister HysterSisters Guide to Hysterectomy an e-book for the Kindle, iTunes, and PDF, which provides great insight and help for your husband and other family members.

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Were you concerned about being sick or nauseated from the anesthesia for your hysterectomy?

Nausea following a hysterectomy is generally attributed to at least five different triggers: pain medications, anesthetics, anxiety, adverse drug reactions, and motion. There are various ways of handling a patient with a known history of PONV (postoperative nausea/vomiting), and there are quite a number of antiemetic medications that can be given ahead of time to help prevent nausea.

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Do you stretch after exercising? How necessary is stretching?

Research indicates that stretching before exercise does protect against muscle injury. Fitness experts have debated this for years, but a paper was recently presented describing a study on the cellular level of mice. If the muscle was stretched first, gentle “passive” stretching, then special injury-preventing cells showed up among the muscle fibers. It’s best if done just before vigorous exercise.

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How are you treating your hot flashes without hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

There are several ways to treat hot flashes without HRT. The best option for you will depend mostly on your personal medical background and the intensity of your hot flashes. Click here to get tips on rating your hot flashes, then ask your doctor about these treatment options that may be a help to you:

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Which anesthesia was best for your hysterectomy?

Every anesthesia choice has its own pros and cons, and every woman has her own particular situation surrounding her hysterectomy that will affect her options. There is no “one size fits all.” Instead, anesthesia decisions are made on a case-by-case basis to accommodate the unique circumstances of each patient.

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