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What exactly is HysterSisters®? You can be part of this caring community!

We are so happy that you have found us and we are delighted to tell you more about what HysterSisters is all about!

Since 1988, HysterSisters, a woman-owned, “social advocacy” health education company has been providing free personalized support, educational material and research for the women (and sometimes men) who visit our website.  HysterSisters is dedicated to medical and emotional issues surrounding the hysterectomy experience and gynecologic-related conditions and illnesses, supporting women from diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery.

HysterSisters has the pleasure of welcoming over 30,000 members and visitors through our website “doors” each day where they can do anything from perusing informational articles and videos to even chatting with other women about everything from surgery choices all the way through to surgery recovery.

HysterSisters is the leading company for hysterectomy information and support.  Read more About HysterSisters!

Plans for 2014?

As you face the new year, what are your plans for 2014? Many of my friends set New Year’s Resolutions for the coming year. Lose weight. Eat better. Make new friends. Find a new job. Write a book. Learn to paint.

For me, I’m joining a book club, adding a new activity to my week and putting WALKING back on the top of my list. How about you?

Thanks to My Family

As we wind down our 14th Birthday Celebration at, there are still many people to thank. When I started this hobby called “HysterSisters”, one child had graduated from high school and was in the Air Force and one child was still in high school.

Now, these children are grown adults with college degrees and families of their own. Both are a part of my team behind the scenes. One is the data analyst for HysterSisters. One is the content specialist as we continue to add articles and organize additional information for our visitors.  And my husband who teasingly calls himself “Mister HysterSister” has never complained when the garage became stacked with boxes of “What 250,000 Women Know About HysterSisters”.

I couldn’t have done it without my family!

And our Tech Staff

Where would we be without our technical staff? Years ago – and I mean probably 10 years ago – I realized that I was “in over my head”. Literally. I often woke up in the morning in a panic because our website had grown and required it’s own server instead of being hosted on a shared server. I had no idea what I should do. I felt like a 5 year old child in the flight deck of a jet. The “jet” was flying but I had no idea what to do to make sure it stayed that way.

I enlisted the help of a wonderful web-developer who has helped me since that time. His expertise and knowledge has always provided direction for me as we’ve had to expand to be on two dedicated servers, a system administration team, a graphic artist for our skin upgrades, a store developer, an app developer (yes! HysterSisters new iphone app!) and more….

I couldn’t do what I need to do for HysterSisters without this team!

Thank you for my behind the scenes (and behind the code!) workers! We couldn’t offer women-to-women hysterectomy support without the website fully functional!


And the Hostesses Who Came Our Way

We typically have about 25 active volunteer hostesses within out forums. But as we’ve been online for 14 years , we have certainly had many women who have been hostesses for our community who stayed for a while and then they moved on with their lives. Some went back to school to become doctors or nurses. Some changed their careers in other ways. Some expanded their lives by taking on new hobbies or adding foster children to their home.

Read the bios of the hostesses who came our way, providing wonderful support to our members over the years and then retired. We still love and appreciate them!

Read the HysterSisters Alumni Hostess Bios.

Our Wonderful Team

If you have been helped by the HysterSisters website – you have enjoyed the support from other members – like you – and by our wonderful team of volunteer moderators that we call “Hostesses”.

Our staff is the most wonderful group of women assembled anywhere. They range in age (from early 30’s to late 60’s) and geography (from coast to coast and overseas.). They range in educational background and family type. They range in career experience and medical background.

No matter what your need, our staff typically has some kind of experience with whatever you are going through!

Everyday I am grateful for our staff who show up daily, wrap their emotional arms around our members and share their passion for helping the HysterSisters – woman-to-woman.

Read the bios of our staff members here!

And More About the Story

Today, HysterSisters has over 260,000 members with a large voluntary staff of women who help manage the discussions in the forums (community). The hardware servers that manage this one website is actually on multiple servers. Can you imagine that?

You can read more about the website in the link on the top of HysterSisters pages that says ABOUT. Click here to read more about HysterSisters!

Meet the Staff: Danni3ll3

We love sharing tidbits about our staff with our members and visitors because the backgrounds of our hostesses are as varied as the membership. Danni3113 is one of our many remarkable staffers!

Hi, my name is Danni3ll3. I am married with one grown up daughter and have a number of pets. One might call my household a bit of a zoo with dogs, cats, rabbits and fish. I love to take care of my pets, tending to my garden, reading, coming up with redecorating plans for my hubby and walking to improve my health. Of course, I also love to spend time on the HysterSisters site. I am also a Mac fanatic and am working on changing the PC world one Mac at a time.

I have been in Canadian Elementary Education since 1981. In September 2010, I was promoted to Principal in a small elementary school after spending a number of years as a Vice Principal and prior to that, a French Immersion teacher. I am fluent in both French and English and can speak a smidgen of Spanish.

Read more of Danni3113’s bio.

And if you spend time in pre-op or post-op forums, be sure and wave “hello!” to Danni3113 and thank her for all she does for HysterSisters!

Meet the Staff – Kay M

Each of our hostesses brings a unique experience to our website. Kay M is a positive, kind-hearted woman who loves the HysterSisters and loves to share her heart with others. In her bio, Kay M writes:

I love hystersisters !!! I found this site by “googling” for hysterectomy the day I found out I was going to have a hyst. I had so many questions, and this site has so many answers. If I had a question that I couldn’t find was already answered, I asked and actually got replies fairly quickly. The ladies here were (and still are) so friendly and encouraging. And I was finding stories that were a lot like mine.

Read more of Kay M’s bio!

Meet the Staff: Surferbabe

Since 2002, Surferbabe has been a great help to us on several forums. She is a great resource in our menopause section where our members discuss hormone therapy options. She, also, helps out in the breast health forum and the sexual dysfunction forum. But even beyond these forums, there are many places that benefit from the expertise of Surferbabe.

I first found HysterSisters a few days after my hysterectomy. I was home alone and bored, and noticed that my laptop weighed less than the prescribed ten pounds, plus the heat from it kept my tummy warm, which helped with the pain, so I started surfing the web and looking for info on my surgery. I lurked here for a little while and then signed up on Valentine’s Day, 2002. At first, I posted questions on the Post Op board, looking for support and help in understanding what was going on with the complications I had. Then, because of the diverticulitis and colectomy, I ended up looking for answers to my questions on the Road Less Traveled board. Next I discovered the Hormone Jungle, and was happy to find that my research background helped me a lot in understanding how my body responds to HRTs. Gradually I found myself answering other members’ questions more than asking my own. I found that reaching outside of myself to try to comfort others made me stop focusing on my own problems, and I started feeling better and better.

Read her bio and wave to her when you see her on the forums!