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Have you been concerned about osteoporosis? What do you do for your bone health?

Two risks factors for developing osteoporosis are being female and going through menopause, two aspects of life beyond your control. Other factors you also can’t control involve your race, family history, age, and bone structure. There are, however, some variables you can control for both preventing and managing menopause.

Because osteoporosis can be a silent disease causing you broken bones, rounded shoulders, and collapsed vertebra, it is important that do what you can to prevent it. It’s easier to prevent osteoporosis than to treat it.

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Are you suffering from intense headaches? Are you wondering if you are having migraines?

what is a migraine

You have heard the term migraine and have most likely experienced headaches throughout your life, so if you are experiencing intense headaches you may be wondering what a migraine is so as to determine if what you are experiencing is just a bad headache or indeed a migraine.

Read more here about What a Migraine is so that if you are suffering from migraines you may be able to find tips and/or medications that will help you to find relief.



Are you undergoing chemotherapy? Were you able to drink during chemotherapy?

alcohol and chemotherapy

If you are going through chemotherapy, you may still be wanting to keep things as normal as possible which for many HysterSisters includes a nice glass of wine with dinner or enjoying a beer as they watch their favorite game on TV or enjoy a night out with friends.

However, depending upon your chemotherapy treatment you may or may not be able to still partake of any alcohol so be sure to check with your doctor about Alcohol and Chemotherapy.


Have you explored our forum area yet? Did you know that we have a recipe section?

national parfait day

Today is National Parfait Day!  While many of the HysterSisters enjoy parfaits and have even uploaded some delicious parfait recipes to our Hyster Sisters cookbook, you can find recipes for anything from appetizers to main courses and of course, dessert!

Here’s to a sweet day HysterSisters!

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day

Today is Labor Day here in our part of the world!  For many of us, it’s a great day for a last, Summer outing…time on the lake, family picnic, quick road trip.  How are you spending your long weekend?  If you are planning your surgery or still recovering from your hysterectomy, today may be that extra day you’ve been needing to peruse our article library or chat with the HysterSisters in our forum area about their experiences.

No matter how you choose to spend the day, all of us at HysterSisters wish you a HappyLabor Day!

Are you returning to work soon after your hysterectomy? What helped you as you returned to work after surgery?

While today is Work Like a Dog Day, if you have just had your hysterectomy you may need to take it easy upon your return to work.  While you recovered well at home and may return to work feeling good, there may still be some healing that needs to happen which will leave you tired and with less stamina than normal.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race so try to plan ahead and adjust your schedule to allow for the fatigue, tenderness and swelling that may hamper your ability to do your job well.  Read some tips for returning to work in our list of Do This – Not That:  Returning to Work After Hysterectomy.




With Appreciation and Remembrance on this Memorial Day

All of us at HysterSisters honor not only the fallen service members in our own families, but all of our nation’s armed forces those that paid the ultimate price for our freedom!

As John F. Kennedy so aptly said:
As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.


Dear Honey…Sweet Face (Bill)!


 Do you have a supportive significant other?  For many women, hysterectomy recovery involves more than just them…it involves their family, friends, co-workers and more.  

Here is a letter from one of your HysterSisters to her supportive significant other:
…”Thank you.
Thank you for loving me so much.
Thank you for always, and I mean always, being there for me.
Thank you for being my bestest friend”.. Read more Dear Honey to Bill.  

Want to let someone in your life know how you are feeling after or before your hysterectomy, what you need, your worries, etc?  Visit Our Dear Honey section of the HysterSisters hysterectomy community to add a letter for someone in your life.


Have you discovered Kegels?

Do Kegel exercises help? How do they help?

Your pelvic floor forms a hammock that supports your bladder, uterus, and rectum. When the pelvic floor is damaged or weakened by surgery—like a hysterectomy—things can get a little messy. But Kegel exercises can help!

Here are 3 great reasons to start doing Kegel exercises today!

1. Stop Stress Incontinence
A weak pelvic floor can create problems with urinary and fecal incontinence—meaning, you may have involuntary leaks when you laugh, sneeze, or cough. Just what you always wanted, right? As you strengthen your pelvic floor, these problems will slowly start to fade.

Read more about Benefits of Kegal Exercises.