HysterSisters.com Misson: Hystersisters.com is a woman to woman support website for GYN medical and emotional issues surrounding the hysterectomy experience. It is not intended to take the place of a personal physician. The Hyster Sisters site is neither anti hysterectomy nor pro hysterectomy, rather, it is an online community of women who give and receive support for hysterectomy decisions, recovery and treatments. Hystersisters.com offers resources and kindness so that our visitors can discover options and make decisions for themselves.

Hystersisters.com is not a medical authored website. We are patient to patient support site for women.

Kathy’s Blog Mission: The “Behind the Scenes of HysterSisters.com” is not intended to take the place of your relationship between you and your personal doctor. The view expressed in this blog are the opinions and thoughts of Kathy Kelley, the founder of HysterSisters. It is the intent of the author to provide insights into the GYN medical choices of women and encourage women to partner with their physicians for the best possible health outcome.

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