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Have you tried to diet to lose weight during menopause? What has worked to help you lose weight?

Dieting during menopause can be harder than ever. The cards seemed stacked against you because the lack of estrogen may be contributing to a slower metabolism and those extra fat cells being stored around your middle. It can be frustrating, so you’re probably ready to take any help you can get to score the upper hand.

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How is your diet and depression related? Do you eat out of comfort?

Do you consider digging out your favorite ice cream and heading straight to it with a spoon when you’ve had a bad day? Instead of a dinner of protein and veggies, do you head straight for a pizza or hamburger and fries? Although it tastes great for the moment, after the splurge you may feel worse.

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What foods do you eat to stay heart healthy? What foods do you avoid?

You’ve heard over and over again: A healthy diet is important for a healthy heart. But what exactly is a healthy diet? Which foods are okay and which are taboo?

It can be easier to make heart healthy changes to your diet if you know which foods you should be eating and which ones you should avoid. You know you should eat fruits, but are some better than others? And what exactly are whole grain foods?

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Did you learn to drink more during menopause?

Even though many beverages are mostly water, the rest of what’s in them is of little or no nutritional value. Both real sugar and artificial sweeteners present potential health problems, as do caffeine and artificial flavors and colors. Your body is best suited to process and use plain water, which it needs to function properly.

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What dietary changes, if any, did you make to lower your blood pressure following menopause?

One theory as to why blood pressure rises after menopause is that lower estrogen levels cause arteries to stiffen and blood pressure to go up. If a woman is pre-hypertensive before menopause, she will likely develop hypertension during or after

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Tea with your meal? Tea after your meal? Does tea help with a fatty meal?

Drink tea with/after a fatty meal.

High fat meals can be a trigger for a heart attack (and 50% of women are vulnerable to heart disease). When we eat a high fat meal, our blood fat levels go up right away and the blood vessels stiffen, getting a little damaged every time.

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Do you drink plenty of water throughout the day? Is it a struggle for you to drink enough?

What is the big deal with water?

It’s our body’s vital fuel, mother nature’s health drink. It’s inexpensive, easily obtained and calorie-free. Yet few people follow the advice to drink eight glasses of water a day.

According to the International Bottled Water Association, Americans drink eight gallons of bottled water a year, approximately two ounces or a quarter-cup a day. Californians drink three times the national average of bottled water, taking in 24 gallons a year, or nearly a cup a day.

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Were you stressed while dieting? Did these things contribute to your stress during dieting?

Menopause can have notoriously bad timing. It can pop up when you may already be trying to cope with a number of changes all around you – an empty nest, aging parents, creaking bones, and looming retirement. It’s symptoms only add to your stress and leave you burning the candle at both ends – and that has you drinking far too much java and going through way too many drive-thrus.

Without realizing it, you may be worsening your stress level by taking too many shortcuts with your diet. You are what you eat, so all that mindless munching may be taking its toll on your state of mind. Rather than help you get through stressful times, it really may be making it harder for you to cope.

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Did you make any diet changes following your hysterectomy?

Trying to find a healthy diet plan can be complicated. There are so many choices, each following a different theory. The trick is to find one that provides you with the nutrients and satisfaction you need without excessive fat and calories.

The best way to incorporate a healthier eating style is to start small. If you make smaller, more manageable changes rather than larger, drastic ones, adjusting your diet could be easier and you may be more apt to stick with the changes.

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Did your diet effect your bladder? How so?

You gave up carrying a purse full of pads and extra panties when you had your hysterectomy. You cleaned out your car and removed all the extra clothes you carried around for those monthly accidents. Now that menopause has arrived, your suitcase of extras is back in the trunk and you may be carrying an enormous purse to disguise the piles of pads and panties inside. This time though, it’s your bladder causing the problems and you’re struggling to stay clean and dry.

Besides needing to urinate what feels like a hundred times a day, your bladder is like a pesky, leaky faucet, leaving you damp every time you turn around. And oh the flood if you dare laugh, cough, or sneeze. It’s downright embarrassing.

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