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Has snoring been a problem since menopause? Has snoring affected your intimacy?

Menopause brings with it sleep issues, from insomnia to snoring, which can put a damper on intimacy. When you consistently miss out on sleep, you can become irritable and cranky, emotions that don’t foster a closeness between couples.

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Were you concerned with how intimacy would change during menopause?

You’ve reached menopause and a lot is changing. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and other menopause symptoms are now part of your daily life. And unfortunately, so are problems with intimacy.

But take heart! Even though menopause can both directly and indirectly affect intimacy, you can still have a satisfying intimate relationship with your spouse.

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Was your intimacy affected by having a hysterectomy?

You can generally expect a lot of fluctuation in your libido throughout the first year or so of hysterectomy recovery. Much of this is caused by hormone changes, but there are other causes as well.

For the first two weeks or so, you will probably be so tired that intimacy won’t even cross your mind.

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How did you keep intimacy alive during menopause?

Wherever you are on the road to menopause, you may be worried about how this change in life will affect your sex life. You can have many concerns about intimacy at this time in your life. You may have heard that sex ends with menopause and there is nothing you can do about it. Yet, you may be too embarrassed to talk to your doctor or your partner about your fears.

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What symptoms affect intimacy for you during menopause?

You may have heard that sex is over once you hit menopause. But that’s a lie! Sex might change, but it is far from over!

Changing hormone levels during menopause can cause maddening symptoms that both directly and indirectly affect your sex life. Interest in intimacy can decrease when you feel miserable from hot flashes drenching you several times a day, insomnia keeping you awake at night, and brain fog making daily tasks difficult to complete.

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How did you manage intimacy and menopause? Did menopause interfere with intimacy?

As you face menopause, concerns about future intimacy may be weighing on your mind. You may wonder if you will be able to continue to have sex or if you will you even want to be intimate during menopause.

Though being intimate may become challenging during menopause, your sex life doesn’t have to be over. You can still enjoy sex during menopause, you just may need to adapt and make some changes.

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Were you concerned with changes in your intimacy following your hysterectomy?

Many women have concerns regarding what their sex life will be like after their hysterectomy. Whether they are in a satisfying relationship or not, most women want to know that this part of their lives will not suffer following a hysterectomy. Fears can range from physical concerns to emotional aspects. Women wonder if sex will feel the same, or if they will feel the same about sex.

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Did you have a hard time waiting the 6 weeks for intimacy following your hysterectomy?

Post-op hysterectomy patients are most often told “nothing in the vagina for six weeks and/or until the doctor exams the stitched vaginal cuff during a routine post-op exam and sees it healing properly.”

During a hysterectomy (when the total uterus is removed, including the cervix) the top of the vagina is stitched closed to make a vaginal cuff. This area is full of stitches that require healing. Sexual intercourse, both anal and vaginal, can tear these stitches. It can also introduce bacteria into the vagina, causing an infection—oral sex can also introduce bacteria.

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What questions did you ask your doctor about intimacy following your hysterectomy?

Many women forget to ask their doctor before surgery how a hysterectomy will affect their intimate life. Some women remember to ask, but don’t get helpful, detailed, or accurate information from their doctor. As you prepare for surgery, you might want to see what some post-op HysterSisters have to say on the matter.

“When I was told that I needed a hysterectomy, I didn’t even think about my sexual self. My doctor asked if I was done having children, I said yes, then he said OK, then let’s take everything—you don’t need it anyway. I didn’t even ask about sex, or vaginal dryness or anything like that.”

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