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Can stress cause weight gain? How does reducing stress allow for weight loss?

Yes! This doesn’t mean you can plop down in your recliner and expect to drop the pounds, but it does mean that reducing stress in your life will also help you lose weight. Actually, the tip is to lower cortisol. The stress hormone cortisol increases appetite and pumps out the command to want sweets and simple carbs—the foods that make insulin spike and then plummet—which leaves you hungrier than ever and messes up your cholesterol. The cortisol “stress fat” goes right to your belly, too. It increases a lot with depression. Some people are more likely to pump out cortisol than others. If you eat more when under stress or feeling blue, you’re probably one of them. So this tip might really help you.

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Did you gain weight after your hysterectomy? Were you taking HRT? No HRT?

This is a common misperception about hysterectomies and hormone replacement therapy (HRT) — that they cause weight gain. Scientific studies do not support this belief. Having a hysterectomy doesn’t “make” women gain weight. Taking HRT doesn’t “make” women gain weight. Some women gain weight, some lose weight, and others stay the same.

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