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Have you tried to diet to lose weight during menopause? What has worked to help you lose weight?

Dieting during menopause can be harder than ever. The cards seemed stacked against you because the lack of estrogen may be contributing to a slower metabolism and those extra fat cells being stored around your middle. It can be frustrating, so you’re probably ready to take any help you can get to score the upper hand.

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Who has helped you lose weight?

The holidays are over. Your gift from St. Nick was some extra pounds around the hips. Looks like you’ll be making the same New’s Resolution as last year – lose weight.

Year after year, usually without success, you work to lose at least 10 pounds. There’s got to be something you can do differently this year that will let you shed that weight permanently.

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What are some do’s and don’ts that helped you lose weight during menopause?

Losing weight after a hysterectomy and during menopause can require a commitment on your part. Though it can take some time and effort, it’s possible to lose weight and make positive changes for your health.

Knowing some basic tips for weight loss can make the process easier.

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Did you lose weight during menopause? How did you get started?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to be more fit and lose weight? Have you been able to keep it? It’s okay if you didn’t–you can start today. To make it less overwhelming, focus on the year month by month. After all, habits form after only 21 days, so 30 days works perfectly for creating healthier habits!

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What has helped you lose weight since menopause?

If you have gained weight since your hysterectomy, you are not alone! Weight gain and menopause are very common comrades. Lower estrogen, lower muscle mass, and lower metabolism all contribute to higher numbers on the scale. According to WebMD, about 30 percent of women between ages 50-59 are not just overweight, but obese, which puts them at a much greater risk for major health conditions like heart disease and diabetes. Yikes!

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What keeps you motivated with your weight loss journey? How do you recommit once you’ve become discouraged?

Maybe you have fallen off the weight loss wagon and are discouraged. Maybe you intended to begin an exercise program but quit after just a few weeks. Or maybe you planned on eating a healthier diet but you loaded your refrigerator with the wrong foods.

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Do you ride a bike for weight loss? How much do you ride?

In general, a person will lose weight if they eat less than their energy output—essentially, energy in versus energy out. How you burn the calories is really secondary. We have different modes of exercise so that our body will continue to react to exercise rather than adapt. We also have different modalities because we become bored. Our muscles would not be balanced if all we ever did was ride a bike or walk. Varying it up works different muscle groups, but weight loss really just revolves around burning more calories than you take in, regardless of how you burn those calories.

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Have you struggled to lose weight following your hysterectomy? If you’ve been able to lose weight, what has helped you?

If you are post-hysterectomy and feeling pudgy, you may wonder if the changes in your body from your surgery have affected your ability to lose weight. Not so! Although the change in your hormone levels may cause some issues in weight loss that require extra effort, the basic plan to lose weight remains the same.

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Did you ditch the diet to lose weight? Have you changed your mindset about healthy eating?

Whatever your goal of the moment is—losing weight, controlling overeating, gaining weight, eating healthy—the goal is to learn to get your body to work for you and with you. The first thing that needs to change is your perspective about the way you live and eat.

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