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TAH/BSO - my story at last! (sorry-long and kind of detailed)

From the Abdominal Hysterectomy Stories Articles List

Hi girls, well they said to put some history in this and why the decision was made so I will start from the beginning and try to keep in simple.

When I was 24 me and my husband started trying to have a baby, but nothing happened. Did a diagnostic lap and found stage IV endo. Went on Lupron for 6 months and had a full laparotomy done due to bowel involvement and he said everything looked good after he was done! Well still no luck with the baby making despite fertility treatments. I swore off doctors for about 5 years until my pain with periods and now all month kept increasing and I started having blood in my stools with my period also. So tried for another opinion, hated this Dr, she said "well you will never need another surgery, you already know what you have and you will have to live with it". But she wanted to check out the blood rectally thing so she sent me to a gastroenterologist. He said he didn't think it was endo due to he had never seen it go through the bowel except for text books. Well, it WAS the endo and my colon was also twisted and narrowed drastically. He said the only way to treat it was a bowel resection. Ok, I said no thanks I will wait. But my hubby wouldn't let me. Tried to find a Dr that specialized in endo because I decided if I needed a bowel resection I wanted to see what they could do about the endo at the same time like a new procedure or something. Found a reproductive endrocrinologist that specialized in endo and he did a ultrasound and was amazed at all the cysts and nodules and large ovaries and free fluid in my abdomen. He said it felt like all my pelvic organs were stuck together.
So he said he would do the surgery along with a GYN oncologist that specialized in endo too and could also do the bowel part and fix my hernia at the same time. Ok fine. Then the oncologist said it was too bad and he wouldn't be able to safely repair everything without doing a TAH. He said it was too risky and I was too much of a mess inside. So after careful thought and talks and prayers, I decided to get everything taken care of. Ended up that the oncologist would be the only one doing the surgery now due to the fact it would take months to set up with both Dr's. Was really upset initially about the hyster, then kind of accepted it. Was still mourning the loss of never having kids.
Well then I found this site and I just loved it! I found out so much about everything and really put my mind at ease. Also met so many nice people. I heard so many horror stories before finding this site, but there was so many positive stuff on here and it really gave me hope.
Well guess now time for the surgery.......... Am I boring you yet!!!!!

I arrived at the hospital at 7:00am, surgery was to be at 9:15. My body was hungry but I was not. I had been on a liquid diet for 2 days and did the gallon bowel prep stuff (will NOT do that again, was one of worst parts!).
They had me sign some papers, pee in a cup, got my BP, temp etc...then tried to get my IV. Three different people tried and failed, then they had to take me upstairs to the "holding area". I think there was alot of needless waiting and didn't have to be there so early!. They had me wrap warming blankets around my hands and arms to try to bring out a vein and someone finally got it. I couldn't see anything as I didn't have my glasses. Felt stupid, didn't know if people were smiling at me walking past, couldn't see there faces!!! My Dr came to see me and let me know there was a chance they would have to do a vertical incison. The nurse anestisist said she was giving me something to help me relax (versed) but it didn't seem to help, my heart was still a fluttering. I kept saying it wasn't working, they said it should have made me sleepy by then. They were suprised. I remember them wheeling me down the hall and asking me to move onto the table and then strapping my arms down. Then I still remember saying that stuff wasn't working! They said to relax they were going to give me the oxygen and they put the mask over my face and wall ah I as in the recovery room in the worst pain of my life!!!!!! First thing I did was ask if there was a colostomy, my worst fear!!! No, they didn't. I felt like sharp severe pain from under my ribs, my back all the way down to my pubic area. They said they had given me something and it would work soon. I did my deep breathing but it wasn't enough, it hurt so amazingly bad, I was moaning out loud! Felt so foolish, but I couldn't help it. Still no relief. They gave me more, still no relief, then they paged the Dr to see what else they could give me. They just kept giving me stuff and they could see it wasnt' working. My BP was up and I was like thrashing in bed. I also kept hitting the bad rail really hard to try to keep my mind off it, my husband showed me the bruise and asked me what happened the next day. Now I always thought I had a high pain tolerance, so I thought this was ridiculous and felt like a baby. This was nothing like my last surgeries! FINALLY they found something that worked. I wonder drug called Dilaudid! They gave me a PCA pump with it also. My surgery was 4 and a half hours and I was in recover for four more hours my hubby said.

They brought me to ICU for the first night due to the extent of things they did to me they said. I had a TAH with BSO, a hernia repair, appendix out because it was twisted and dull of endo, teh bowel had to be resected of the spleen and they took 6 or 7 inches of large intestine out, and they also found cells they thought were cancer at teh time so the scraped everything inside and took alot of biopsies and repaired and took out tons of endo. The Dr said he had never seen such a bad case in his years. He said it was definetly the best choice because there was NO WAY I would have ever gotten pregnant even with IVF. He said they sent away the biopsies and he was confident he got everything and would need no more treatment just follow up.
So off to the ICU I went. Never been hovered over before like that. People everywhere bugging you always. They let me use that little sponge to wet my mouth all through the night, they gave me platelets, they rolled me side to side every hour even though I could do it myself, BP's constantly. Had a NG tube, all kinds of other tubes sticking out my gown, O2 , cath, IV's etc. My husband cried when he saw me. Said he wasn't expecting me to look like that. My O2 dropped all night off and on. 60 was the lowest it went a few times. I just remember everytime I went to drift off to sleep that darn machine would beep and someone would come in and say to breath deep. Also was afraid to sleep because I was afraid to miss pushing my button on my PCA and waking up to that horrible pain again. Just thinking about it made me want to cry!
Well got through the night ok, and the next morning I sat up by myself and walked to a chair. Sat up for about half hour then they put me back to bed. My Dr came to see me and he said I could have a few ice chips once in awhile in addition to the "sponge". Yeah! Ice never tasted so good!. They also got to remove the NG tube that day. Wasn't bad. Later in the day the moved me to a regualar room. Yeah again. Got a chest x ray that day too, said my lungs didn't sound good. Used that machine more, but tried to time it around my pain shots because it sent my whole stomache into spasms when I coughed and almost brought me to tears. Thought my incision would rip apart but of course it didn't. Maybe I SHOULD have rethought going into surgery with a cold. Think that made my lung secretions much worse. But I didnt' want to delay it.
They didn't want me to get up and walk more than in my room the whole day after so I was up and about and in a chair a few times. PCA pump taken away and they were putting meds right in IV every 4 hours. Talk about good stuff. Pain could be a 8/10 and within a minute of that, it was like a 2 or 3. And perfectly calm! I can see why people get addicted......
Next 4 days still nothing but ice chips. My bowels weren't making enough noise and I still hadn't farted! I walked and walked and walked til I couldn't do it anymore. My hubby kept getting really mad because he said I was overdoing it and he said when they say to walk they don't mean until you keel over! He was afraid I would prolong my stay there. It did hurt, but I wanted to fart and get some liquids! My IV infiltrated 3 times and had to restart it and had huge swellings on my arm. They took blood too like twice a day every day!
FINALLY 6 days after surgery I didn't fart but I had a liquid stool!!!! Good enough, I got to drink some juice and broth and jello etc. Heavenly! AND I got my cath out finally. They wanted to leave that in due to all the work they did on bladder too. Able to pee fine.
Still having the IV meds due to nothing pill wise by mouth yet.
Next day soft diet, Yeah! Still getting some nutrition through IV. I want to try pills now for pain. They gave me percocet, but they didn't touch it but they said pain was too high to begin with. Had to IV me again. Love that Dilaudid. But didn't want it because I wanted to GO HOME! So they started giving me the oral meds every 4 hours instead of letting pain get too high and they worked alot better. So got the IV out and got to go home day 8! I was so happy.
Through all this I felt like a baby and felt my pain tolerance was nil, but the Dr's were actually amazed every time they saw me and how good I looked. They laughed at me all the time because they couldn't find me. I would be walking the halls. And they caught me cleaning up my own ice I spilled on the floor or whatever.
Now that I am home. It is about a week and a half after surgery and I am feeling better every day. Finally had my first solid bowel movemetn yesterday, which was cause for celebration! I don't sleep well, so I stay in the recliner. I do dishes, do laundry (no lifting of baskets), dust, organize, feed the inside dogs and cats, clean the litter box, take care of my ducks, partially take care of my horses. I give them their grain, water (from a hose), and hay( one flake at a time). My hubby does the lifting of anything. I am taking my pain meds still about every 6 hours. Still feel like a baby because other people say they don't need anything. THe pain still gets too bad not to take the meds. Getting out of chairs fine, cooking some, but hubby taking care of me well too. OH, and I take a lovely nap each and every day!
I got my biopsy results back, and they weren't malignant! He said that there were definete irregular cells but not enough so to become malignant! YEAH! Thank GOD! Prayers really are answered.
Going in Friday to get staples removed.
Really miss driving and doing everything for myself like lifting. 5-10 pounds sure isn't much is it??
Well I think I am done with my "book". Sorry so long wanted to try to include everything due to the fact some people like details. I am really glad I had this done and know i will feel better after recover. For now I am going to enjoy relaxing, reading, taking naps and just taking it easy and take one step at a time.
Waiting for Hot Flashes to start, not going on HRT due to endo.
Thanks to all the girls and this site, it is truely amazing and very thankful I found it.

05-30-2005 - 09:32 AM


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