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Anticipation is the worst part! 10 days post hysterectomy

From the Vaginal Hysterectomy Stories Articles List

Before my hysterectomy, I wanted to know EVERYHTHING, so after, I wrote everything I could about my experience. I hope this helps:
I had a TVH, kept ovaries, on 6/25/15 due to enlarged uterus, increasingly heavy bleeding & clotting, and longer than normal periods, lasting for about the last 2 years. At my yearly OBGYN appointment, I discussed all this with my Dr. I assumed this was normal as a woman ages. (I’m 37, not 22 anymore!) My Dr told me that this was not normal and did an ultrasound. It was found that my uterus was very enlarged. My Dr explained all my options to me but recommended a hysterectomy. I was shocked and scared, said I’d let him know, and left, with no intention of having anything done. The next few months were unbearable. Each period was worse than the last. I felt kinda broken & a little sad. I never thought I’d need this type of surgery, and all surgery scares me! So I got a second opinion, had a few phone calls with my Dr, and another appointment, and decided to have the hysterectomy after all.

The night before the surgery, I had to do an enema. By far, the weirdest experience. Not terrible, just weird. (Don’t panic, you can do it!) I was instructed to shower with Dial soap, the night before surgery and the morning of.

I checked in at 6 am the morning of surgery, and the nurses were great. I was very nervous & scared. I changed into a gown, signed many papers, answered many questions and spoke to my Dr and the anesthesiologist. The nurses put things on my legs that would help blood clots. Blood was drawn, I was given an IV in my hand, and they gave me some medicine to relax me. That was very helpful. I was awake when wheeled into the OR, one or two nurses said hello, put a mask on my face, and that’s all I remember. All other prep they did was done after I was asleep.

The next thing I remember is hearing someone say, “All done!” and that they were taking me to my room. I was in and out of it for probably a few hours, but I knew I was in a room and that my husband was with me. My husband told me that the Dr had spoken to him, said the surgery went fine, and that he was able to do it all vaginally, I had no incisions at all! My mouth and throat were extremely dry. I definitely had some pain, but not as bad as I anticipated. I was given daulidid through the IV, and some anti-nausea meds. I did not do well with this. I became very hot, lightheaded, and vomited a few times. This was by far the worst part of the entire experience. When enough time had passed & I was able to get different pain meds, I did, along with different anti-nausea meds. This helped tremendously and by 9:00 that night, I was able to eat a popsicle and keep it down. I had been drinking a little water, and tried some ginger ale, but the popsicle seemed to be the only thing that helped my dry mouth & throat. I dozed on and off and ate 2 more popsicles by midnight. On the pain scale, it was about 5, so I kept up with the pain meds.

By 6:00 the next morning I was so ready to get out of bed. What a difference a few hours makes! I was feeling so much better than the night before. My pain was no higher than about a 3, so I dropped to a lower dose of pain meds. My catheter was removed, and that only pinched for half a second. I was able to sit in a chair for about 2 hours, but then I was so tired. The Dr came in and said I could go home as soon as I ate something, kept it down, and could pee. So I did all that and I was released by 10am. My husband picked me up, we picked up the pain meds from the pharmacy and some popsicles, and went home. We do not live very near the hospital, so I was exhausted by the time we got home. And actually, I got a little queasy on the ride home. I took a short nap and that helped. I took a shower that evening and have had no bleeding since. I took the pain meds as prescribed, so I slept well that night.

Day 2 post op, I felt great. I walked around my house (no stairs yet) watched a movie, walked some more, took a nap. Although I was moving very slowly, I remember thinking that the pain was no worse than bad menstrual cramps. I decided to stop the pain meds and take Tylenol. This was Ok’d by my Dr. By that evening, I began having gas pain. It became quite a nuisance.

Day 3 Post Op- No pain from surgery, just a little pressure. I have been taking it easy. No longer needing any pain meds, not even Tylenol. Gas pains, at times, were quite painful though. Have passed a little gas, but no BM.

Day 4 Post op- BM first thing in the morning. Very painful but I felt so much better. Took Tylenol. Felt exhausted all day.

Each day after that I felt pretty much normal. Just a slight tenderness in my lower belly, and moving a little slower than normal. I followed Dr’s instructions, to not over-do it. I do, however, notice that my lower belly feels “lighter.” I realize now that prior to surgery, there was a heaviness there. Mentally & emotionally, I don’t feel any different. I feel like having a hysterectomy was necessary for me to better care for myself and my family.

Some things I wanted to mention-I took with me to the hospital – Chapstick- a must for dry mouth & lips! ipad -I took it for me, but I had no attention span for it. Husband used it while I slept. Phone- played short games or browsed Pinterest or FB. Just something to do that didn’t require concentration. Ear plugs if you don’t want to be disturbed. I took them but didn’t use them.

The only things I wish I’d have done differently: Know your pain meds. I don’t ever take any medication, so I didn’t know what I was taking or how I’d react to it. I think that if I’d have asked some questions, I would have known that daulidid is kind of a stronger medication. One of my nurses told me that it makes a lot of people sick. Secondly, I wish I would have gotten a belly binder. I didn’t get one because I thought I wouldn’t need it since I didn’t have the abdominal incision. I just think my whole middle would feel more supported if I had one.

I hope that my experience helps you. The anticipation prior to the surgery is the worst part.
A Very huge Thank you to HysterSisters!! I could not have gotten through this without this community. My Dr was great, but I got SO much more information from HysterSisters! Thank You!

07-05-2015 - 08:45 AM


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