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10 Tips to Stop Menopause Snoring Now!

From the Menopause and Hormones Articles List

Tips to stop snoring during menopauseWhat can I do to stop snoring so my husband and I can get some sleep?

If menopause has brought with it some snoring, both you and your spouse are probably tired and frustrated. Moving into separate rooms can let him get some sleep, but what about you? And separate rooms can have a chilling affect on an intimate relationship!

Why you are snoring can make a difference in how to stop it, so it’s important to involve your doctor and keep a sleep diary. Together, you can work through these 10 tips for stopping snoring so you can get a good night’s sleep!

1. Get a medical exam.

There are a number of health issues that can cause snoring, so it’s a good idea to get a medical work up. Your doctor can help you by treating any allergy or sinus issues; checking for underlying heart conditions; determining if you have blocked nasal passages because of polyps, enlarged adenoids, or a deviated nasal septum; and going over your lifestyle to see if any activities promote snoring.

2. Find out if you have sleep apnea.

If the cause of your snoring is sleep apnea, a CPAP machine could be the solution–as well as a lifesaver. Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that can cause you to breathe shallowly at night, and it can be potentially dangerous because you can also stop breathing multiple times during the night. The erratic breathing keeps you restless and prevents you from sleeping well. A CPAP machine helps keep your oxygen level and breathing more consistent so you sleep better.

3. Ask about HRT.

If your snoring is related to various menopause concerns, adding some hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can be helpful. The type and dose can depend on your overall menopause symptoms and the extent of your snoring.

4. Check your meds.

Various medications can cause you to snore. These can include sleep aids, allergy medicines, medications used for anxiety and depression, and muscle relaxers.

5. Stop smoking.

Smoking irritates inflames your throat and airways. It can also cause dryness and swelling of the soft tissues. The end result? Snoring and a lot of other health issues. If you smoke, work with your doctor to develop a plan to quit smoking today.

6. Lose weight.

If you are carrying around some extra weight, it can cause you to snore. Start replacing unhealthy foods with better choices and work to cut your calories. Besides helping with snoring, losing weight can provide overall health benefits.

7. Exercise.

If you have lax muscle tone, you can be more apt to snore even if you are not overweight. If you don’t have a regular exercise plan, start one now. Find ways to add steps to your day, get moving more, work exercise into your day, and tone your muscles.

8. Watch your bedtime snacks.

Alcohol, heavy meals, and spicy foods before bedtime may all affect your airways and cause snoring. And if you have acid reflux, you need to be especially careful. To help you sleep better and minimize snoring, avoid alcohol, big meals, and spice in the hours before crawling into bed.

9. Change sleep positions.

Raising the head of your bed by 4-6 inches and/or sleeping on your side may help you stop snoring. These positions can help keep your tongue and throat tissues from blocking your airways. Since it's harder to breath and take in the oxygen with the airways are blocked, you can end up snoring.

10. Do throat, mouth, and tongue exercises or wear an appliance.

Some throat, mouth, and tongue exercises may help prevent snoring. Your doctor can show you which exercises might be the best ones for your situation. He can also help you evaluate which type of appliance might help you stop snoring. Appliances can be as simple as a strip worn across your nose, a strap worn under the chin, or a dental device created specifically for you by your dentist.

This content was written by staff of HysterSisters.com by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support.

02-20-2016 - 04:58 PM


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