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Vaginal Hysterectomy - TVH/AP Repair - Pat's Story

From the Princess Stories Articles List

Princess Pat's Story

I went in to hospital Weds. July 29th for my surgery. TVH with A&P repairs, due to prolapse of uterus, rectum, and bladder. Time pushed back to 1pm. I was not as hungry as I had feared, with this late start time. Nerves. Did give myself enema as doctor recommended. Also shaved legs. After arrival, were told it would be pushed back later, to 2:15. GRRRR. "Doctor sent along his apologies", the nurse stated. "OK", I said. Resisted occasional impulse to leap off table, and just tell all " I've changed my mind, see ya!"

Finally brought to another "waiting area". My doctor popped in. He was ready to go. As I have posted previously, he is just the nicest guy you could ask for in a doctor. I was slightly put off (again) by his enthusiasm--He loves doing this type of surgery! Hmmm... is that good, bad or weird? But I have known him for 7 years, and trust him. My anesthesiologist comes over next. All I can think of is "How old is this guy?" He looked 18.

He asked a few questions. I asked none, because I wanted no details!! At this point all I have had is the saline IV put in no drugs, no shaving.

So we are off, wheeling down the hall. Bye bye husband. We are brought into operating room. "What an untidy mess!" I thought. Not dirty, untidy. Not like TV. Lots of shelves behind glass doors, with stuff all over the place. Many doors partially open. I hop over to operating table. "Put your butt here" Another shift. I am now almost at the top of the roller coaster, almost over that hump... Clickety clack goes the chain pulling me up....

Anesthesiologist says, "I'm going to give you something to put you out". I reply, loudly, "Bring on the drugs!!!" Everyone laughed, and that's the last I remembered until it was OVER....

Ok, where were we? Oh, yes, I was feeling sleepy...I wake up groggy and in PAIN! Hello, does anyone hear me this hurts A LOT! I am also nauseous. It goes thru my head like a mantra.... PAIN -- NAUSUA -- LOUD GROAN -- PAIN -- NAUSUA -- LOUD GROAN-- PAIN -- NAUSUA -- LOUD GROAN -- PAIN -- NAUSUA -- LOUD GROAN. I am then aware that there is a rather large woman groaning in the next bed. We of course are in recovery. I recognize her (I think) as the woman next to me in pre-op. She cried tears over her IV line being inserted. Much to my horror, every time I hear her moan or groan, I match hers in size and intensity. Why do I fell compelled to do that? So we continue to echo each other. Then I hear a nurse/medical staffer/doctor/who knows say, "Hey, listen to these two over here, THEY SOUND JUST LIKE THE BUD--WEIS--ER FROGS!!!!"

In all my confusion, I realize they are right and at least inside I smile, because it amuses me, too. However, I continue to do it for a while longer until I drift off again.

I drift awake again and they are taking me to my room. It is late, after 8pm. My throat does not hurt at all, thank God. I never do actually throw up, thank God. They repeat that all went as expected, no surprises, no transfusion needed, etc. They explain the morphine pump to me. I concentrate on this. I NEED this. The pain is intense. They ask me to rate pain & nausea by # from 1-10. I give 7's and 8's tonight!!! My foley is in. They put these weird things on my legs, flowtrons, or something. They squeeze one leg, release, and then squeeze the other. For circulation, I get oxygen because the morphine pump can depress breathing. IV still in. I feel sick, I hurt, but I made it!

My husband makes me repeat this bud frog thing to everyone. He loves it. I know it really happened. Who could make up something so unflattering? Now if I complain he says "BUD WEIS ER" and laughs. Says he will get me a shirt. LOL.

So I made it. The next day I sleep a lot. Talk to kids on phone to reassure them. Before I left on Weds. My 6 yr old daughter was like” you’re going to die!!" Thanks kid. Kids are having fun because their cousins are sleeping over while sister in law minds the homestead.

I don't really get out of bed much. Foley in all day. Must be in longer with this surgery, TVH with A&P repair. Did not see Dr. : ( It turns out he checked on me at 12:30 at night and said I was sleeping. He had a rough day and was busy until then. So that was Thursday. Forgot to mention that first night I had no roommate, which was NICE. Thursday night I DID have one, who was throwing up all night from her anesthesia. Did not bother me I was so pooped slept anyway. She left Fri. AM. Alone again.

So now it is Friday. I start walking more, IV out, just have to bring my friend Foley along. Foley comes out at 11:30 am. I am FREE at last. Walk some more. But CAN'T PEE. I feel pressure but nothing comes out. Rats. They tell me I may need cath back in. Oh, no, not that! But I feel so bloated. Finally I start going, a small weak trickle. Welcome back to reality.

So here it is 2 days after surgery, Friday. TVH with A&P repair. By late afternoon I am sitting cross-legged in bed reading. TOOK a SHOWER. I feel GREAT. It's kind of great, now that I can pee again. Been on regular foods. Eating fair. Feel like I could go home now, but it is too late. I am still nervous as the evening wears on. Peeing still slow, and weak. Start to worry again. Nurse scolds me for not drinking enough.

The nurse makes me drink 2 large cups of juice (it was like midnight) and alas the pee gets stronger. Sometimes the night nurses are better, not so busy, really talk to you and help you. I go to sleep. I am alone again tonight in room. I also have an ocean view, is beautiful to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic. : D

Wake up, it's Saturday. I go home today. My walking is good. Vaginal has GOT to be 2X easier than abdominal I am sure. (I've had 2 abdominal surgeries). I pack up. The doctor comes in wearing his Sat casual jeans wear. Gave me the rules and released me!!! Hooray!!! Rules and info include: No sex, of course. No driving, 1 week. No lifting or straining. And for me to be careful on the stairs. This valuable info: All my stitches are inside, self dissolving. My body will be at weakest point in 3 weeks --- as stitches dissolve and weakened muscles must take over. In other words--be most careful during the 3-5 week period!!! Just as you feel really strong, he said, remember to really continue to take it easy! He will see me in 4 weeks. Call with any questions, fever, pain, blah, blah, and blah.

My husband likes my doctor, too, we knew him from delivering my 6 year old. Hubby told me that when Dr. Lewis came out to talk to him after the surgery, after giving him all the medical facts, he said" I'm sure your wife and YOU will be very pleased with the results of this surgery!" Hubby is psyched now! LOL. Oh, and my sister-in-law said the fact that my doctor really enjoys this type of surgery of course means that he is really good at it. Which DOES make sense, after all. So it is done, and I am done reporting. So glad to have this over with. Now if I could just have a BM life would indeed be sweet.


04-12-2003 - 11:22 AM


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