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TAH/BSO - Reality Check! The real experience for me

From the Abdominal Hysterectomy Stories Articles List

This is my experience of becoming a punctured princess and receiving my long, anxiously awaited crown.

March 26, Wed., last surgury of the day at the Castle, 2:30 pm. Timing was different than I expected, but turned out pretty good, since it allowed me to sleep in, laze around the house, and have some good time on the computer. My dh and I had to arrive at the hospital by 12:30. Since my surgury was so late, I was able to eat some jello and drink clear liquids until 9am. This was good, since I have a problem with low blood sugar and didn't want to faint.

12:30- We check in. Weigh in. Wait for 15 min. till prep nurse comes. She takes us to the pre-op waiting room area. Here I am poked about 4 times, because the nurse can't find my vein to put the IV into. She explains that I am so dehydrated that my veins are shrunken. (Personally, I think they just don't want to be poked!) Finally, an IV is successful. This wasn't that stressful, since they freeze the hand first before poking for the vein. It sure felt good to receive some liquids by IV, the DR had them give me 3 bags of the clear stuff to get me hydrated for surgury.

A-man talks with me. Really like him. Very compassionate. DR goes over everything again with dh and myself concerning TAH/BSO. Sign, sign, sign papers. Of course, before the IV, I was given my hospital gown and fuzzy op socks. Dh was given my bag of belongings to take to the van later.

Mom comes in. We talk. We pray. We laugh. Everyone is amazed at my calmness. Except the A-man. Ha! Love that happy juice!! About 2:13 pm, say good-bye to mom and dh. Wheeled to the OR. Asked to scoot over to surgicial table. Stap me in. A-man gives me some oxygen, count to 3. 1..........1/2, I'm out for the count. DR holds my hand and he sings me to sleep and tells me to dream about that Hawaiin vacation with dh someday.

2 hrs. later. Blurred image of an OR nurse with frizzy hair and glasses. What is she doing in my dream, I'm on vacation, huh? What! This is real, I'm waking up from my hysterectomy, the DR is all done.... dh, mom, sister standing over my bed in recovery room. Everything is so weird, blurred, until.............reality check!

Frizzy haired nurse wakes me again. Must give pain level from 1 -10. I want to just sl...e...e..p!!!!!!!!!!!What! Suddenly, I am bowled over by a red-hot, searing pain in my pelvic area. Difficulty breathing because pain is unbearable. Tell nurse pain is a 110!!!!!!!! Where's my pump of morphiene? Just hooking it up. I woke up quicker than they figured me too. Thankfully, not throwing up anethesia because A-man gave me some anti-n. drugs to prevent it. Receive umpteen shots of morphiene.

Screaming. Beep, beep. Blurred faces of mom and sister. Don't recognize dh or two dteens. Not breathing right. Severe reaction to morphiene, I'm in ICU. Rest of that nite is a vague memory of PAIN, being asked to take deep breaths/cough, PAIN, asked to sit up and dangle my feet over the edge of my bed, PAIN, brushing teeth with help of nurse, very nice nurse. PAIN, back rub, PAIN.........nightmares, oblivion, where am I???

10am, Thursday, next day, Mar. 27th: Wheeled to women's wing of the hospital. Breathing ok. On oxygen. Hi, mom! Dh is at work. Flowers! Stuffed animals!! Cards and candy!! Nice nurse on women's wing. Finally take me off morphine, given something else. Immediately start feeling stronger, better. Pain is a 1 now. Wow!!Catheter is pretty cool. How much can I fill it?!

IV/Catheter out in the afternoon. Pain meds every 3 hrs. Agony getting up to go pee. No spasms, but weak as a sick calf. My legs are trembly. Huge bandage over bikini cut, about 8 in. long, glued and stapled. Glued?????????? Oh, well.

First meal. Soup and sherbert. Ah......this is nice! Three spoonfuls of each and I'm stuffed. Lots of water. Short walks with tummy pillow. Pain.

Friday, Mar. 28: Shower. Wonderful. No problem. 8 pm, dh takes me home. (Shared lunch together at noon.) Very special. One problem. Umpteen too many visitors. Head is spinning. Ride home- pure hell! Felt every bump and pebble on the tar.

First nite home. Pure terror. Fall out of bed. Laugh, but oh, the pain! Side sleeper, but impossible, so use bed wedge and sleep on back. Pretty good, but sure do miss hospital bed.

3 week mark! Finally, hardly any pain. Just occasional twinges.

Rewind........... End of 2nd week. Cried my guts out to daunt who went thru same exact type of hysterectomy. At the end of my wits with the awful pulling, tugging, excruiating pain and pain meds that do nothing except space me out and make me sick!! Healing, gentle, soothing words over the phone. Heating pad, glycerin suppositories, freezer ice pack, hot shower, and lots of tylenol are my constant new buddies.

Today, April 18th. Would do the same operation again in a heartbeat. I am feeling healthy. Like 18 again. No more pain or 6 mos. pregnancy look. Lost weight. Gave pads to dd with my blessing! Life is sweet and I am so thankful this is behind me.

3 more weeks to go till I can drive again. Bummer.........

All's well that ends well. Waiting and the first two and a half weeks of recovery and pain meds were the worst for me. Thanks to HRT, no more cascading nite sweats. Feel excellent!!

04-18-2003 - 07:45 PM


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