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stressed and stretched! 05-22-2011 - 06:33 PM
The been feeling.at's how i'v
DD graduates from college in a few weeks and the next week is my sister's wedding, that I"m in. DD is having a party, which we are just now starting to plan. DS also has all of his end of year stuff....and I've had to work late as my one coworker is off till next Tuesday.

And....I didn't plan ahead, so all my mom's appointments were this past week...AND i had scheduled for a physical and my mammogram early in the morning....which meant i left earlier than i normally do and came home an hour later. Which meant that i don't get home till after 7, and by the time we eat and clean up, there is very little time to exercise, which means i haven't had that stress reliever. And, with all that i try to do, even watching tv is to watch something we record, and fast forward through the commercials.

Plus, my dad has been very very needy lately and I'm not sure why. I know that May is a hard month as it was the month for my stepmom's birthday, so i always try and be more attentive. But then he still will call me at work with something crazy and expect me to talk when he knows I can't. And if i tell him i'm busy, he'll say, oh, ok, but did i tell you.....
And....to add to it all, he joined the church we were thinking of leaving. The church has had a lot of changes and we were thinking of looking elsewhere, when my dad decides to join, so we can all go to church together. Which is kind of a problem, because the service he goes to is a different one than we like...

So, i'm feeling a bit like a piece of taffy, and very stressed!

On the good side, though was that my physical went great! Labs were fantastic. I had scheduled a yearly GYN check, but they had put me down for a pelvic/pap and I wasn't going to make a fuss so i got that all out of the way. The doctor said that the area had healed very nicely, but he did a pap because he said he had seen some study where a pap could be done every 5 years even with the cervix being gone. I had to laugh, i don't always keep up on vaccines. In fact, we didn't even have our younger ones vaccinated. Later, we had them get tetanus. It wasn't a fly by night decision, we thought it through and did alot of reading. So anyway....the dr asked when my last tetanus shot was and i said awhile ago. I had gone to check out and he comes out to the desk....and asked if i had forgotten something. Work jacket...check; purse...check; tote bag and water....check....nope i was good. He then asked how long awhile was...and before you knew it here is was getting a tetanus booster, which i did figure was worth it as it had been over 21 years since my last one and i do work outside. Anyway, he felt badly since he had bugged me, so while i was waiting, he comes in with a piece of chocolate to make up for it! LOL!

We did have DS's ROTC banquet last week and it was so nice. DS takes his ROTC class very seriously. We got to the high school and I was escorted to our "reserved" seating. My dad whispered that one of the instructors said that DS was getting an award, which turned out to be 2 national awards, as well as several classroom ribbons. i was so proud! However, my fear is that he's going to just enlist after high school. A few of his friends have pre enlisted and he is very jealous. And he turns 18 this summer, so i truly hope he goes to school first. One of the presenters told him he understood Andrew's desire to join the marines, but told him he was more air force material. We'll see.

Work....our manager has been "relocated" effective mid June. I don't get these young managers. They come in and do nothing and then they get all surprised when they are relocated. I'm not sure if this one will be at the hospital, or what....and here my DD would kill for an opportunity like that, but she keeps getting the too much experience/not enough experience letters. I told her that she should apply for the job, which if she got, would mean i would need to transfer out. My reasoning is that there are 2 people there with an awful lot of experience that would be so beneficial to her. And i can do what i do in other areas. So, we'll see.

So enough whine here....sorry ladies! I'm going to go exercise...and look at some quilt ideas. I haven't quilted in awhile...and am feeling the urge to cut and piece! And i have a lot of laundry to do!

The weather has finally dried up...and it's been wonderful.
Hope all of you are doing well...and staying dry!

Love ya ladies!
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05-01-2011 - 09:17 PM 05-01-2011 - 08:17 PM
Yesterday, me, the unathletic nerd walked her first 5K....and finished!

It was hard, very hard. To even get to the starting point we had to walk a ways and up a lot of stairs and the porta potties were downhill a bit away. And did i say i had to potty twice before the race? LOLOL! So before I started to walk i had already done quite a bit.

Anyway, things started good...but the 60 year old zoomed by the 64 yo and myself. THen my ankles started to hurt...and the 64 yo got annoyed and zipped off. No problem...I didn't mind. But with each step, my ankle thumped and throbbed. By the time i got to mile 1, i was devastated, i was sure i couldn't finish. We had all thought that the water station was at the halfway mark, so when I hit that, I was in tears again thinking i had only gone halfway...BUT it was the 2 mile mark, so I was excited. That last 1.1 mile dragged by. Each turn found me groaning...but finally the finish line was in site, or the finish swine as they call it. As i was a block away, a spectator told me "you can do it" and then when she saw my name on the bib, she called me by name and she was the voice that took me to the end....and i finished in less than an hour. Which is all i wanted to do....AND i wasn't last, not even in my age division, I was halfway through on all levels...so I feel good. The 64 yo was a PITA...she was not amused, but you know what, i don't care... I'm just thrilled to have done it!

So today, I'm sore....but i still walked another 1 1/2 mile tonite. And i feel a huge level of accomplishment. So now, I'm gonna hit the tub....and soak......
more later! Love ya ladies!
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Getting ready for the 5K.... 04-25-2011 - 09:31 PM
and that's where I've been!

I haven't even done the FB thing. Once I started to walk and train for the 5K, I realized I could do FB or walk...and walking won!

Me...the most unathletic person ever. Barely making it through phys ed with every excuse in the book....making my phys ed teachers roll their eyes when I came in with my note, which was every week....last one picked for the team. I always preferred my nose in a book....and inside for me! When my coworker suggested the 5k....it was a challenge and one i was determined to do. I figured that a 65 year old was not going to out do me...which BTW... i may eat those words. But I have a former gymnast ( the 65 year old to be) and a lady who NEVER sat out a game or being outdoors...walking with me. And I am the most overweight...and out of shape. Both had walked the 3 miles prior to tonite and i know my trainer was worried. Those old excuses were rearing their heads....my ankle hurt, i had to go potty, it was dark.....and i just know she was thinking i'd not do it. But tonite, i didn't even stop at home and the rain didn't stop me. Had my DD drop me at the mall, where a lap around the mall is a half mile...and 6 laps and just under an hour, I finished....sweaty but proud. AND that was despite an untied shoe, two sales folks asking me to just try their product and looking in windows! LOLOL! My first mile was ok...the second was rough and by the time I was heading into the third I knew i could do it and I did! So Saturday morning will find me walking my first race...and my goal isn't to beat anyone, but to finish within the time limits so i can get my medal. It has been well worth every evening spent....and I feel great. I feel more energized when I walk....and i feel great. It's been an awesome stress reducer.....one day i felt as though I was going to explode so at lunch i threw on my shoes and just walked until i felt all the stress leave.

And...stress has tried to rear it's ugly head a lot lately...which I'll go into later. I'll also read other journals and reply....unfortunately I haven't been here either!

Gotta go hit the showers and to bed.....I WAS tired and I'm hoping i can get some rest in! More later this week...I promise. I've been told to do one more 3 mile and then taper off to save my resources for Saturday. I figure I'll do the 3 mile one nite...and just walk my half mile at lunch...except tomorrow when I meet NOni!

Hope everyone had a great Easter....ours was rushed and not at all relaxing....AND rainy!

Till I hop on again! Love ya all! And I've missed it here.....
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Boy was my face red!!!!!!!!!!!! 03-22-2011 - 08:50 PM
OMG, ladies, did I ever pull a good one the other day....

I am not very good at always placing folks by face. And you know when someone looks like someone else? So the other nite, DH and I went to the mall to shop. There was a lady there that looked very familiar but I just couldn't place her until she said she hadn't seen us in awhile and wished we'd come back in. Voila! I KNEW it was the lady that did my eyebrows! So later, when I came back through the area, I stopped and explained in very full detail why we didn't frequent that salon anymore. I gave her details of things that had happened. She looked rather perplexed, so that had me concerned because this lady had had a rather serious breast cancer, so I then asked her how her breasts were. She still looked perplexed, but said they were fine. In the meantime, I found some stuff I needed and the clerk asked if I worked with this lady at a store I go to! OMG...ladies this was NOT my eyebrow lady but someone who has waited on me at a little shop! I turned every shade of red, purple and more red, and apologized profusely. She was very obviously relieved to know that I just wasn't worried about her boobs....and I now figure, I'm not going into that shop again! DH...mortified....asked why in the heck did i ask her about her boobs? LOLOL.......but it was so worth a wonderful bout of laughing which they do say is so worth it!

The rest of the weekend was nice, I took DD to get a dress to go to Florida in. It had to be business casual, which is kind of hard to find. DD has worked very hard and looks great but was in between sizes, so I told her to get one of those form fitting garments. She looked so very pretty!

Took my mom to Bingo...and nobody won. But we had fun. She loves to go, and she just eats all she wants.

Don't know if I mentioned it but my sister is getting married in June. I dont'; have a dress, but she has scheduled us for hair/makeup. so if nothing else, my hair and face will look great! I'm hoping things go well, my sister is like the runaway bride...and wife. She is an amazing woman who doesn't realize her full potential and sometimes settles for a lot less than she is worth. This guy seems nice...but those are the ones she usually runs from!

I've been training for the 5K we're doing at work. I'm up to almost 2 miles. I think that this weekend I'll go for 2 miles as the race is in a little over a month. During the week it gets dark not too early, but it's usually 730 before i get out...and it starts to darken up after 8, so I usually have only 30 minutes to walk. The cool nites have felt amazing and i love to walk! Tonite I didn't get started till almost 9 so i just walked up and down our street.

Not much else going on. Work, not so bad. Cinderella left early today and the wicked stepmother moaned about that, but then realized she didn't have to deal with her. My other coworker and i just shake our heads and get the job done.

Hope everyone is doing well....it's strange not seeing everyone here as much.....and i have to blog here....too many coworkers with big eyes and bigger mouths for me to say anything on FB!

Take care everyone and enjoy the weather! Love ya!
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Ever have one of those amazing days????? 03-15-2011 - 08:48 PM
Last night, I wrote a longggg entry, which luckily for you all I didn't copy and it didn't post. For some reason, I have to copy my entry and keep pasting till it sticks. Must be faulty glue or whatever cuz it takes me forever some times, but then again, art was never my strong suit ! LOL!

Basically, long story short, I was venting and yes whining. DS's are pulling on my last nerve and I had had it. I'll go into that in a bit. So as i sat and sipped a green tea (after I had a cola), I went to bed. I was at that nice and very sleepy stage due to the time change. I was so ready for a good nites sleep but it felt like my brain was a bunch of ping pong balls dropped and bouncing all around. For the life of me I could not stop all the thoughts, until very early this morning. And i soooo wanted to call in at least late, but this inner need of me felt the need to go in on time, so I dragged my weary body in.
And I'm so glad I did. I got to talk to these amazing people who were in. One guy is a vet and he gave me some good tips on my lab's stomach issues. The other is just a patient whom I have come to know and have helped with scheduling issues. He said he had missed seeing me the last couple of visits. The other was a hospice pastor and he is such a neat guy and so interesting to talk to. I just felt to energized and blessed to talk to them all that I forgot my fatigue! But the evil Stepmother coworker wasn't happy and she was just a PITA whenever someone would talk to me. Oh well...

Anyway....DS's driving me up the proverbial wall. In one corner is oldest DS. The boy has me seriously worried. Some of his decisions are just downright reckless and so unlike him. Yesterday, the local credit union called and said they needed to talk to him ASAP. It was the fraud department...which of course got DH's shackles all up. Apparently, DH's account has been in the red for several months and they have tried to get in touch with him to make good and since he basically blew them off, they turned it to the fraud area. Supposedly, he's going to make good this week. And I suspect he's still seeing ex GF. And he's gone more than he's home which means we are taking care of his dog, and he's basically not doing much here....and I'm sorry, I know i should be loving and supportive but lets face it. He's an adult living at home and there is only enough room for so many adults under one roof.

Youngest DS on the other hand is bound and determined that he is going to go into the armed forces and do combat. His ROTC instructors, DH and I are all ready to strangle him. He has so much potential and he has it in his head that he wants to be in a ditch shooting. He wants to go to to a 12 week boot camp this summer so he's all set to go in after he graduates next year. And yet the next day he's talking academies or a military prep school.

By the time I got done posting...I had a whopper of a headache and I emailed an educational consultant we know. This lady is neat and she has worked with all our kids. Long story condensed, DH and I will meet with her on Sunday to discuss the kids.

Work....frustrating. My one coworker that I do well with has had a lot of health issues and they weigh heavily on her. She doesn't feel well a lot and some folks think she should stay home but iI know that work is her reprieve. But i feel badly for her. Cinderella and the evil stepmother are at it...again and why not, there is no supervision and no accountability. Same story, but with different managers. Nuff said.

On the bright side, DD graduates next quarter! She's very excited, but nervous. Last nite, she was all dressed in her business best and she looked amazing. I had one of those moments where her life flashed by to her now and it was a true Hallmark pass the tissues moment.

And we found out that my mom's family in Japan are all ok. They live near Tokyo, but far enough away to avoid any damages. That was a relief.

Not much else going on. For some reason, even with my regular hours, i seem to be gone a lot and by the time i get home get things done here and chill, there's the evening. And i've been trying to walk. In april the stepmother, the other coworker and i are going to do a 5k! Cinderella of course doesn't want to do it...although i invited her.

Sure hope the weather turns drier and stays nice! And I hope everyone is doing well....AND i'm gonna for sure copy this note! Love ya all!
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This and that! 02-22-2011 - 08:09 PM
Boy I cannot believe that February is almost over! Where did it go?

Last entry was just before our wicked snow. I did stay home one day, but the next wasn't so bad, so I went in. Snow I can do, but the ice....not so well.

Valentines Day kinda came and went. DH and my anniversary is on Feb 20th, so we kind of combine them. We're looking for furniture and carpeting, so that was the extent of those holidays. We did go out to a nice restaurant for our anniversary, the kind you wouldn't even take an older kid to. It was nice. Next year is our 30th anniversary and we're trying to plan a trip for just the two of us. Now DH doesn't like to fly and he doesn't like to be in enclosed spaces. I laughingly asked him if he had a compass to find all areas within a reasonable driving area! LOL! Seriously, I'm going for warm!

Work has been just there. What a treat to see Noni...but I got a tad annoyed. Here I am trying to catch up and people kept coming by to talk. It's nice to know that we're all like a big family....but it's also nice to have some time to yourself once in awhile.

Our new manager still remains a mystery. So far, nothing has changed....but I think she's analyzing everything to see where changes need to be made....I think. But she's young, and she's a single mother to a special needs child, so she is short on rest a lot.

I had to LOLOL. Youngest DS volunteers at the hospital. One day I was bemoaning the lines and wrinkles on my face and mentioned Botox. The next day, DS said that one of the greeters didn't realize how old I was and she didn't think i needed Botox! I could not believe that DS had shared all that info! But it does work both ways, DS had a rather embarrassing mark on his neck...and they all ribbed him about that! LOL!

Weather....cold...cold...cold. We had a very nice spell that got rid of a lot of snow and ice and then it turned on us. No fair! I am so ready for warmer weather!

I took my mom for her 3 month doctor visits. Her CT scan and bladder studies came back ok....she has diverticulosis which never causes problems and Interstitial cystitis, which never bother her either. The urogyn was so excited that she was going to take the meds he prescribed until she told him she had a whole cupboard full of meds he had prescribed. LOLOL. And it's sad to say that I'm the same way...guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree! Her internist is ok with all her labs....and I really like her cuz she just keeps adjusting her meds, knowing that my mom will not comply diet wise. My theory though is that at 82, you should eat what you want and not have to worry. I figure that she is showing signs of dementia...so why not let her enjoy the remainder of her years!

Not much else going on here.....just work, and kids.
Hope everyone is doing well and staying warm! Love ya all!
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This and that! 02-22-2011 - 08:09 PM
<P>Boy I cannot believe that February is almost over!  Where did it go?</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Last entry was just before our wicked snow.  I did stay home one day, but the next wasn't so bad, so I went in.  Snow I can do, but the ice....not so well.</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Valentines Day kinda came and went.  DH and my anniversary is on Feb 20th, so we kind of combine them.  We're looking for furniture and carpeting, so that was the extent of those holidays.  We did go out to a nice restaurant for our anniversary, the kind you wouldn't even take an older kid to.  It was nice.  Next year is our 30th anniversary and we're trying to plan a trip for just the two of us.  Now DH doesn't like to fly  and he doesn't like to be in enclosed spaces.  I laughingly asked him if he had a compass to find all areas within a reasonable driving area!  LOL!  Seriously, I'm going for warm!</P>
<P> </P>
<P>Work has been just there.  What a treat to see Noni...but I got a tad annoyed.&nbsp
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Stress and snow! 01-31-2011 - 08:34 PM
The winter storm has hit! Usually they'll talk up a storm and by the time it hits, it's not quite as bad as they say. But the rain has started and it's freezing....and we're supposed to get more snow. And I will treck to work in the snow, but not in the ice. There is really no easy way for me to manuever into work if there is ice...and I can't see risking my self to cancel a bunch of appointments! And the other 3 can duke it out...AND I have yet to call off in over a year, even when I was sick. So....if it continues to get nasty, I'm taking a snow/ice day, which I truly need.

Stress has been the main issue here. I suspect that DS is seeing his ex GF, in fact I KNOW he is and I have yet to figure it out. The chick makes a scene at our holiday, calls him name, dishes him out...AND he keeps going back?!?!?!? All I can say is she must have some redeeming quality...and I'm trying to be tactful and nice...but....And it's making DS slip into his way of lying AND he isn't motivating himself to make life improvements. All this slammed into me today and I let loose...had a major blow out/melt down to which DH replied that perhaps I should be nurturing/loving instead of yelling like a shrew. Let's just say that DS was not the only one in the dog house....AND I was not a happy camper. I basically told DH that I nurtured DS for years, but to see him toss his life out I will not stand for or support. Especially since he has moved back home. And I'm tired of having a 26 year old kid back home. It's not that I don't love him, but there is a cycle of events and he has not moved on. DH realized how stupid he sounded and was ever so apologetic....

My step sister is STILL waiting on news on her leg. The third biopsy, I think showed a precancerous, cancerous lesion. It's a very isolated area which will not spread. In that aspect I think they are going to cut off 5 inches of bone and graft doner bone in the area. No chemo or radiation...and not waiting for it to spread. The doctors call her their head scratching patient. They are so ready to be done with it all. Thanks for the support and prayers!

youngest DS enjoys being with the baby...but said it's an awful lot of work. I've felt badly because being so stressed with other DS has worn my patience thin and twice this weekend he got the brunt of my stress. On friday he and GF went to see Rascal Flatt. I didn't see he had called so I sent him a text saying that responsibility meant time added to his curfew but that lack of responsibility meant time lost. He texted me that he had texted and called DH AND myself but we hadn't erplied. I felt horrible and he got more time that nite, which he didn't even use! Then, we called him to breakfast and he hadn't come so I yelled, only to find out he was praying! And I truly know he takes the time to meditate/pray so I felt badly again for jumping the gun!

Not much else going on.....just me hoping that i get the snow day! and i may just take it anyway....which I can only post here cuz too many coworkers on FB!

Hoping all of you stay warm and safe....be careful! Love ya all!
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keeping busy.... 01-26-2011 - 08:17 PM
WOW I just looked and it's been awhile since we've all been posting. Looks like we've all been on FB too much! LOL!
But...I can't vent there or post much as too many folks I work with are on there!

It's been a busy few weeks. We're trying to get things down at home...but between our snow and work schedules, it's been hard. Not that we've had huge amounts ....but enough to make things messy.

At work, I'm semi back to normal....whatever that is! We have a new manager that I call Barbie. She was an internal candidate that I'm not sure applied at first or not. In late November we heard that our interim manager was interviewing with 3 external candidates. The week before Christmas, still no word. The week of New Year, our director who I do NOT like came by with our interim manager in tow. She points to him and says he didn't get the job...but this other internal candidate did. Now I hate to say it...but she is biracial and female, so I suspect that helped her out. She was our manager for awhile and did nothing. And a week and a half in...and all we've seen is her coming by to wave hi. I'm keeping an open mind...but we'll see. And we all felt so badly for our other manager, who although was rather a nerdy guy....didn't deserve to have to be treated like he was. And in the meantime, Cinderella and the stepmother are playing their games cuz why not....there is nobody there to prevent it. It's driving my other coworker and I nuts!

My step sister still does not know what is going on with her leg. I'm not sure if I posted, but she has a growth on her femur. A biopsy done in town was considered dirty, so they sent her to an oncology orthopedic guy in Cincinnati. His biopsy was negative...but they have no clue what it is. So tomorrow they are going in from another angle...and running more tests. She's been bed ridden since before Christmas....and is getting tired of not knowing. I hope she gets answers.

DS is doing well without his GF...although I suspect he goes to see her. Youngest DS has fixed him up with someone his GF knows...the blind date is 24 and a nursing student. Youngest DS is desparate to make sure his brother stays away from the old GF.

I had to chuckle last week. DS and his GF (the younger DS) came by to meet me for lunch. GF had to babysit her niece who is Ling's age. Tera is babbling...and of course it's "dadadadadada". DS was so cute helping to feed her and care for her, BUT they both said it was a lot of work! I was impressed because DS has never cared for a baby.

Not much else going on. News, I haven't done Bingo in awhile. And I ha ve to get my mom out. She's starting to slip with her dementia/alzheimers. The other night we went to dinner with my sister, her BF and my dad. I was talking to my sister about babies and my mom asked what was up. I kiddingly told her i was pregnant...and she got all excited that i was going to have a baby. I told her that in the first place i was wayyyy too old but that i had had my hysterectomy. She had forgotten that...and it was just sad because things just don't click.

Anyway...time to get moving on. I"m still trying to keep up with the laundry and ironing. The keeping up with the housework isn't going as well...BUT I have been very good about doing my meditations and readings. It's helped. I can tell that all the stress has taken it's toll. I've had hot flashes galore, my muscles are tight....and my stomach gets more upset lately. Time to relax and do some more healing time!

Hope you all are doing well....Love ya!
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Things don't always turn out like you think... 01-12-2011 - 08:23 PM
and this has been the week to prove it!
Monday at work looked like it wouldn't be too bad and it was indeed a smoother day UNTIL mid afternoon when our software system got slower and slower until CRASH! BOOM! BANG! Down it went, for over 4 hours. When I left, it was still down which meant we had a lot of things not done. The entire hospital didn't have access to a lot of stuff.

Tuesday....not so very bad. But today I had to take my mom in for a cystoscopy. I had eluded to her what was going to be done, but I didn't get into too much detail. She was not happy to be at the surgery center....and so early in the morning! And, when she saw the Urogyn there, she told him she didn't plan on him being there. It was supposed to take less than an hour, but well into an hour, I got worried. There is a tracking board and all it said was "phase II'. They finally called me back. The urogyn said she has bladder spasms and IC (interstitial cystitis). He said there is also an area where she may have urine backing into the kidneys and an area around her pelvis that is swollen. He wasn't sure if it was stool or her ovary, so while she was there, they did a CT scan to see her urine come and go...and of the pelvic area. The rational part of me says that she probably is full of stool, but the other part worries. She has had some digestive complaints for awhile now and I would feel horrible if it was something with her ovary. So we'll see. Of course, she was the sweetie of the OR area...and she told everyone I worked at the hospital. LOLOL. But the "short ' procedure had us at the hospital for 5 hours and I still had to get her food and get to work. her friend watched her for the rest of the day and I headed to work. She amazes me cuz when she has anesthesia of any type, it metabolizes very quickly and she is not ever even drowsy. me....i'm tired for days and it takes me a good day just to be able to stay awake. LOL!

DS is recuperating quite well. He is really working at getting his finances and his act together. Zeus his dog is thrilled to have him home. This past weekend, we went to IKEA where he had a gift card and he got a desk.

Now I know people love IKEA, but I just don't get that place. It's very big and like a maze. Arrows on the floor and ceiling directing you around and people just everywhere. I had a potty emergency and you should have seen me trying to find the restroom. DS's and DH were LOLOL cuz I kept circling the same area and ending up back to square one....
And...once you find the stuff, you have to then go to another area, retrieve it and then wait in a long line. I know they have some very reasonably priced stuff...but the crowds and the layout of the store were a big distraction for me. I can't say I'd hurry back!

Not much else going on here.....other than snow. Patty, I gotta figure you have it all by now. We ended up with about 4 inches, which isn't all that much but enough to close a lot of schools. I for one am more than ready for spring.

And oh....I am ever so proud of myself....I am still reading and doing my meditations...AND taking just a few moments daily to straighten, or clean...and iron. I am feeling like superwoman at this point. AND....Noni, don't hold your breath, but I think, I think that by next week I will be on a semi normal schedule and can meet for coffee. I hope.

Hoping all of you are staying warm and doing well! Love ya!
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Wired with caffeine 01-07-2011 - 11:19 PM
...so I had a cola and not one but two green teas tonite...what the heck was i thinking? so now it's midnite, DH is snoozing away and i'm wired for sound! LOLOL!

The New Year had a fairly rough start with Dh and his ex GF, but things I think are over and out. He is moving on quite nicely, although we had a local deputy shot and killed on New Year's day and it has really affected him a lot. He spends a lot of time going through footage of the shooting and the funeral and I am concerned, but I"ll keep a close eye on him. He knew the first DH of the deputy and it was a very sad case indeed.

And through his drama, i grew as well, both spiritually and in compassion. I had only my faith to fall on, well of course on all of you as well...but I had to really focus on maintaining a positive mindset, and so i did a lot of readings and meditative prayers, which I feel really helped. And the end result was that when the family was dishing on the GF I told them that I really thought we were the closest thing to a close family that she had, which did give them all a moment to pause and to appreciate what we do have.

Zeus, of course is thrilled to have his master back. He never lets DS out of his site when DS is home. But, I was surprised, Zeus has a very protective side. DH was wrestling with youngest DS and Zeus almost knocked over his owner! He gets really upset when they wrestle, and when we lite our candles...AND the other day, DD was playing with a soft pellet air gun and Zeus cornered her in the bathroom and knocked it out of her hand! And then on the same day, youngest DS's GF's niece was at the house. She's an infant and Zeus and MIa just circled around her, sniffing, but being so gentle. She adored them,and she just laughed while she pulled their ears, and they just stood there. I felt very good about it all!

Poor Mia, my lab had a stomach issue this week. She threw up for an entire day, and the vet said they think she may have an ulcer. They really can't tell without extensive testing and the treatment would be the same, so she is on a pepcid type pill. She had us worried because even into the second day, she refused food...BUT she would allow DD to feed her cottage cheese, pnut butter and turkey. LOL. She's on the mend....

Work has been hectic with the first of the year. We're still a person short, but it's Cinderella and it's ever so peaceful! But, there are the insurances that all need verified, records to reconcile and store, and lots of busy work. I've been going in early and leaving late. The one coworker doesn't do a lot, so my other coworker and i have been handling the majority of the workload. The one coworker is older and can't handle any type of stress. When I went in today, she was wringing her hands and saying how stressful her morning was. She had 2 patients...and she had to slide two folks over to another schedule, which means you just highlight the name and slide. Very stressful indeed.

I did manage to get the house cleaned and the laundry all caught up before the New Year and how nice it is to not be behind the eight ball! I even ironed a few outfits, so we don't have to deal with that...AND i have been doing readings and meditations daily as well as walking. the eating part will come....I just want to get the other stuff under my belt.

Not much else going on here...but what we have had is enough. My step sister finds out Monday if the mass on her leg is cancerous or what. Her biopsy was inconclusive, so they sent her out of town to an orthopedic oncologist.

I'm gonna go knit some and then try and hit the hay. Love ya all! Hope you are all having a wonderful New Year!

Hey new hugs!
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Lonnnng day! 12-28-2010 - 09:05 PM
What a day! We had again, all therapists on board...I think it's the last day for some of the docs, so we had walk ins....AND our area had half the employees off for either vacation or illness. Our area cannot operate on 2 people but for the majority of the day, we did so. They had brought in some extra help but they aren't trained in our areas, so they were more like a body, but not really help. I went in at 730 and left at 745. But the day flew by!

DS's exGF sent us a rather long email with a list of charges she wants DS to reimburse her for. No receipts or bills, just a list. Again....if she wants a penny, I need proof. DS talked to the uncle of one of his friends. He said that since GF had given him permission to use the card AND that since he isn't on it, that there isn't any legal obligation...BUT we do want the ring back. Long story short, we will need to hire an attorney for him.

And while yes, he did get himself into the mess with his tall tales....it turns out my brother and BIL also had their own tall tales...so I didn't feel so bad about DS's actions. And I am glad that all this came out early.....I think this chick wants God with a perfect credit rating and a loaded bank account. And I also think she is bipolar...or has some serious issues. And...I also know why it was impossible for me to find a gift for them...it wasn't meant to be!

I don't think we're doing much for the New Year. News....you telling us about a clean house has alway stuck with me...so that's what I"ll be working on. I'm also going to go see my step sister to see how she is faring. And maybe we'll take in a movie. I just want quiet.

And....like news, I just rely on all of you so very much. I can't vent on FB, heck the one coworker would see it as well as other coworkers! And...your friendship means the world to me. I recall mourning the loss of your sister Patti, rejoicing for Annette graduating and mourning the breakup. Marta, we have seen you worry over friends and family, we've seen Brenda get skinny and go to FB and still see LInda. It's an amazing friendship of ladies. To all of you, may you have a year filled with happiness, health and prosperity. And, yes, Peace....Love ya all!
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Week from H**l and Christmas 12-26-2010 - 08:38 PM
Last week started so nicely. DH and I made another dent in our shopping...but for whatever reason we couldn't find a gift for DS and his GF. Monday, DDs and I began to wrap. Tuesday, we were tired, so we just stayed home and did nothing. Weds, DS GF sends a text very early in the morning asking when my mom was going to give up the money for their house. I told her that there was no money. I fired a text to DS who didn't answer. Pretty soon he calls and says not to answer anything from his GF and he'll explain later. Only problem is that she's on DDs phone and I had taken the call. Now I don't know what transpired but she said my son had told her that money would be given and he had lied. She also asked if he had his bachelor's degree. I said no and she said he was a pathological liar who ower her over $7000. By the time I got to work I was just sick to my stomach. I head into work and there was so much pettiness and arguing that I just walked right out and to the coffee shop. The barista saw me through a good cry and I went back to work. GF had called to see if she could come for lunch and at first I was amenable, but DS called and he took precedance. DS said he had beefed up his resume because he felt left out compared to her. We had a long discussion on that. Regarding the money from grandma, he didn't have an answer to that...and to the $7000, he said GF has a Discover card and she allowed him, in fact told him to use it through the month so she could get extra points. That I could see. In the meantime, DD's said that they had seen her texts and she had agreed to see him IF the 3 of us met with her parents and they all interrogated him and we vouched for or against him. I don't think so. Now DS was wrong to embellish, to lie, but a lot of it started when he met her. He said he felt like he had no recourse but to agree with her on everything and he just snapped. In the meantime, she cut off the phone he had with her and changed her locks, holding his clothes hostage. Thursday, she and he had argued and he collapsed and became unresponsive in our kitchen. A trip to the ER confirmed hyperventilation and extreme stress....but before we knew it, they were talking again. She posted on Facebook that they were working things out. And DS seemed ok. But today, we had Christmas at my dads. DS left for awhile, and before you know it, she was at the door. My sister, let her in and is offering her food and drink. DS comes in absolutely livid and tells her to leave. She wouldn't leave. I told her to leave and she created a scene worthy of Jerry Springer saying my son was a thief and a liar. DH at this time got in her face and told her to get her fing a** out. The kids are all wide mouthed. My BIL and brother took DS out to a bar, and we all talked. The family was flabbergasted at her outburst and all said that if she were to even try and come, they were going to do something. The whole thing just leaves me sick. At first I felt horrid that DS had embellished, but my SIL's both told me that my BIL and brother had done the same thing....

And in the meantime, my step sister is in the hospital. She has had leg pain for awhile which had been on again, off again. She was in so much pain that they did an MRI which shows something that is inconclusive, but an oncologist is in on things and a biopsy will be done tomorrow...BUT no results till next week.

So, it's been a very stressful time.....I'm afraid that tomorrow she and her mom may try and create a scene at work for me....and she has access to youngest DS's school records. I have fired off an email to the school requesting that she not have any access to his record. Luckily, a friend of mine is the security administrator...

And yet, I look at my step sister, and feel as though my problems aren't that huge. And at church, I saw a lady who's son had committed suicide this year and seeing the pain she was in, broke my heart. And again, I feel as though my problems aren't the largest. I have my sisters here, I have my family who was so supportive and I have the love of my family here. This too shall pass.

I promise to reply to posts later.....and hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Love to you all....
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Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!....and Marta, where are you? 12-05-2010 - 08:51 PM
WOW is it cold outside! Last week, it was warm enough to go out with only a light jacket....and today there is snow and below freezing temps. I think I prefer the former!

DD's and I were in Columbus when the snow hit. We went away for a couple of days R&R. Did some shopping, although we all got stuff for ourselves LOL...and loads of eating and walking. Friday night, we check the weather and lo and behold, there's a snow advisory, which in our area means we may or not get some snow. So we were a bit worried but not so very much. Saturday, DH said there was some snow but not a lot....but by the time we got home, it was coming down fairly steadily. The roads, not so bad...and even DS went out last nite, but not without me worrying! hey, the kid won't turn 18 till July, and I don't want to have to drive him around!

And sure enough while we were gone, DS calls to see if we can go check out a site for the reception. They wanted to go see the Officers Club on base with my dad. DH went though, and said it was a good thing I didn't go. Her parents are very different. Apparently, her mom had a pursed lip expression the entire time. her dad, kept rubbing his fingers together and saying "here comes another dollar, another dollar." He told DH that he raised his kids to bellieve that you don't have the right to spend money, it's a privilege. He and GF's mom also said that they felt just cake and nuts would suffice, and that they would only spend the same amount they did for their other daughter. Fair enough and DH just knew they wouldn't be using the club. Sure enough, GF tells me tonite, the ceilings were too low. I think she was disappointed because it is a beautiful facility and they are more than willing to allow you to bring in your own caterers, whatever....and from what the parents told DH, it was quite a bit cheaper than other venues they have looked at. As it stands now.....they don't have a church, GF's church is very old and not a good place. They don't have a reception site....and GF said the dress she picked has been discontinued and cannot be ordered. I'm thinking the universe is telling them to slow down? But I'm just the MIL to be....so I'll keep my mouth shut! DH and I have also talked about helping with at least flowers and cake....and possibly more. Hey, it's not fair that one family has to foot the entire bill, but we'll see. DH is kinda afraid that they may shift more to us than would be our share. We'll see.

We've all been still battling this cold/sinus/cough crud. I'm sure that if I could just have a few days doing nothing and staying in, it might help....but that's a nice dream. And I shouldn't have gone to Columbus with the girls...but it was kinda nice to get away. So I keep popping my Vitamin C, Vitamin D and echinacea.

We started our holiday shopping last weekend and made a dent. But then the cold and business came in....and we've stalled. I'm now at a semi panic mode. It's all gonna come together, I'm sure. I just need to get a few more things for DD's and youngest DS. I think as much as I hate to, we'll give cash to DS and his GF. With the house, wedding and cruise coming up, i'm sure they'll need it. And I may need to slip some to DS. I know he put a lot into redoing GF's ring....and may need some help. As for DH, we're going to do some redecorating, so we've decided to not do a lot. For his bday, though I think I"m going to get tickets to see the Transiberian Orchestra after Christmas.

Not much else going on...I'm gonna hop into the tub and relax.....Get to bed early. On top of everything, my new washer blew up the other day....so DDs and I spent the day at the laundromat. I hate laundromats.....and the one we went to used to be ok, but now half the machines were broken. Not a nice way to spend a Sunday!

Hope everyone is keeping warm...and enjoying the season!..

Love ya all!

And BTW....Marta, where are you? Did you get lost in administrative shuffle or anniversary cake? I'm seriously worried about you!
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sick dogs, sick me and holidays! 11-24-2010 - 09:25 PM
Pretty much sums up my week! Sunday, I heard DH moan "oh no" when he got up but I didn't go investigate. Turns out one of the dogs had gotten sick all over the kitchen and floor. Scrubbed the floors and carpet and thought nothing of it. Yelled at DD's dog since it seemed to be a small amount. Cleaned, did laundry and went to the grocery. Came back and found another mess, cleaned and yelled at little dog AGAIN. But DH said my dog had had the runs, so I wanted her to sleep in her crate but somehow she never got shut in. 400 am I hear her scratch the wall but DH said not to worry, only to get up at 6 to you guessed it.....Cleaned floors and carpet AGAIN! DD took Mia to the vet who thinks it's worms, pancreatitis or too many acorns. She was on the mend, but my throat started to get scratchy.

I started in on the vitamin c and echinnacea, but too late. By yesterday, I'm sneezing and blowing. Cinderella, not amused. She kept making horrid comments about me sharing my germs and why was I there. I finally snapped and told her if I left she was stuck there till 7. She smirks at me and said oh no, our manager would come down. Yuckky that I felt I did get in the last word that he was out till next week. 2 points for the sickie! And today, feeling even crummier, I went in. Hey, we're short too many. By lunch, I couldn't breathe, I had therapists seriously worried about me and i was lightheaded and my face hurt. Called the family doc who is all of 4 floors up and they said to come on up. He came in and said "you don't feel well." did i tell you i have a very observant dr? after poking and listening he said it was a cute sinusitis, which of course wasn't two words, but just some nasty sinus stuff. so he gave me a script for the infection but nothing for my breathing! AUGHHHHHHHHHHH. So back to work, still can't breathe, but am on the meds. DH has run to get me stuff at the office, i hate taking decongestants. Dr. asked if i had had my tetanus shot. I told him i did that on a prn basis. asked if i had had my mammo at which point i just looked at him and said "seriously" he just lol and said it was his job to nag me into good health. i told him i'd come back when i was better. BUT i did lose 7 pounds since my last visit but since i had gained first, i'm really about 10 pounds down. he asked if he should worry about that or if it was intentional. i told him i had been trying and he was pleased.
so now dog is mended, i'm on the mend....and tomorrow is thankgiving. dh fortunately baked up a storm and we'll do the turkey tomorrow. go to my dads. and if i don't feel better on friday, i'm staying home....nobody but nobody could believe i came in

thanks for all the advice on the kid and my mom. apparently they have signed on the house.....but again, tonite, GF made a comment that made me wonder.....but hey i'm not going to get involved.

as for my mom, i'm torn. she like this urogyn, BUT news, i wouldn't go to him again. i was very put off by the lack of cleanliness in there. they used a plastic hat for the urine to fall into and then they just dumped it into the sink and sprayed it. i was horrified. and all the time he's examining her you could almost hear him say "chaching" It was very disconcerting. and yes i know she needs a cystoscopy, but i don't think i want him doing it...but i know she won't go anywhere else....but i may call my obgyn to see if he won't do it. so thanks!

and now i'm going to go try to get some relief. maybe a hot bath. and i'm going to try an oil dh brought home....and if all else fails, hey meijer is open 24 hours and i may end up there to get something drastic.

i promise to get to journals tomorrow....and to all of you Happy Thanksgiving....I am so thankful to have you all as my friends.....Love ya all, hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Friday! 11-19-2010 - 07:56 PM
at long last! Full moon on a short staffed crew don't make for an easy week and I am so very glad it's Friday! I don't care that i'll be cleaning, grocery shopping and running....I'm not at work!

I know I'll come to enjoy the car when I can drive it! LOL! On Tuesday, it was raining, or Weds, so DH didn't want it out there getting wet. Weds, he had to do errands, so he had it. Thursday, DD took me to work since I was taking in some stuff and today I had to take my mom to the urologist, and she isn't fond of riding in it on a cold day. Everyone else however has enjoyed it!

DS and his GF came by on Weds. Now I love DS, but he tends to embellish, exagerate, tell whoppers. GF is all excited because they are going to build a house. She went on to say that she had a nice sum of money set aside and with DS's gmas donation of $70,000.00 they will have a nice downpayment. HUH???????????? Now my mom is nicely set but she does not have that kind of cash lying around. Neither does my dad. And neither would give DS that kind of money. DS could tell I was irritated and they assumed it was because they are going to have a new home. NOPE....it was the whopper. And I'm thinking that when GF finds out that it's all a rather elaborate embellishment AND that DS doesn't have money for a downpayment there may be issues. DS said they aren't taking it, he told her it was cuz my mom had alzheimers, but I was livid, mad, annoyed, downright ticked off. I don't know why he said that...and then to top it off, he had to borrow money AGAIN from my mom to help pay his bills. I was extra annoyed because just last week I asked if he was ok with money and offered him some....but he said he was fine. I told him in no uncertain terms that he isn't to go to my mom every time he gets in a fix....AND that if he can't manage his monthly expenses, how in the heck will he be able to afford a new home with all the taxes and so forth. The kid is making my hair gray! AND despite the fact that they cannot find a location, they will not even consider another date for their wedding. I told DS that maybe that is a sign that they need to wait till later summer or fall for the wedding....

My mom had another UTI this past week. That makes two in a month and 4 this year. So we had to go back to the urogynecologist. He said he is researching the use of neosporin around the urethral area and he wanted my assistance explaining, which meant he wanted me in the room while he was doing his exam. Very disturbing to be in the same room as your mom having a pelvic. And I was annoyed because I have the sense that their business has been slow and you could see he was trying to add in extra things. I know she needs a cystoscopy, and then he was talking bladder slings and all kinds of other stuff. And while I am put off because of that, I know she won't go see another doctor. And I am concerned about my mom using neosporin because of her not being fully clued in on what to do AND she doesn't always remember to wash....and I'm just hoping she does!

What was nice about her appt was that I got to go in late for work. I also went in late on Monday, I was in desparate need of color and cut, so I played hooky in the morning! And despite the fact that I took off 2 half days, I'll still be pretty close to 40 hours!

We've decided to cook for Thanksgiving. The kids love the smells and DH said we may as well do it then versus on the weekend. But we're gonna buy stuffing, rolls and anything else that we can. He's gonna make pies....and I'll do sweet tater casserole. I figure we'll buy what we can this weekend. We'll go to my dads, and have my mom and probably DS and Gf there. The night before Thanksgiving, GF is taking DD's to dinner to ask them to be in the wedding. I did prepare them because youngest DD hates dresses, hates being in any type of spotlight...and can be difficult at times. Oldest DD is excited and exercising away...youngest DD is getting used to the idea!

Youngest DS while researching salaries and careers decided that engineering may be the way to go. He was figuring out salaries and how long till he could have a nice wedding. LOL. So now he's back wanting to go to an academy.

Anyway, I'm gonna hit the tub.....hope you all have a nice weekend! Love ya all!
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OMG what the heck was I thinking and wedding plans! 11-15-2010 - 09:30 PM
So.,....as you may recall, DS had a rather unfortunate event last winter with DH's truck and another car which resulted in the death of the truck. We've stumbled through 8 months of single carhood...and have been looking on and off, but not seriously. Anyway, DH had tried to drive a friend of DS's mother's car which is a nice Ford Taurus. So he wanted to go check them out....which we did....but nothing struck our fancy. DS was with us....and he strolled to the Mustangs. We followed, BIG mistake....we saw, we drove we bought. We found a 2010 that was marked to sell....and some good rates on financing, so we caught the hook, sinker and all. And I was the proud driver of my 2010 Mustang. DD's asked what the heck were we thinking. Youngest DD is worried that the upcoming wedding/graduation have pushed me over the edge and I have gone into a midlife crisis. She asked if I was planning on adopting a chinese child next. Is pouring through all her psych books to see if she can cure this crisis. LOLOL! and then the reality set in. I have a car which has no practical use whatsoever. We can fit 2 adults and 2 shorties in the car. It will not do well in the snow. It cannot tow anything. It is fast, it is cool and I love it! But seriously, what was I thinking????????

Wedding plans are fast and furious. DS and GF are still set on a June wedding BUT they found that June is a popular month. So, they are getting married on June 12th, the day after graduation. GF asked DD if she minded or said she could go for the next week. So after some discussion, we decided that we will have the rehearsal on Friday, graduation/party on Friday/wedding on Sunday....and NOTHING on Monday but rest and relaxation. It will be a hectic weekend...and DH is in a panic mode already. Whenever one of the kids calls us for info (DS and DIL to be), he asks why they need it. I told him he's in denial! LOL! I suspect that DD's are going to be in the wedding, DIL to be has asked them out to dinner next week after finals. DIL to be says they are planning on having the wedding and reception at one place...and I am so LOL about the thought of my inlaws going to a wedding not in a church and with a Baptist pastor to boot. Did I ever mention that my inlaws are very very devout Catholics? That they won't even eat anything that has been touched by meat on Lent Fridays? That my FIL goes to mass every day.....It could be interesting!

Not much else going on.....but all that is going on is interesting! Work is work and I am just counting the days till my counterpart returns....which hopefully will be within a month, hopefully sooner but not likely. I have been trying to be peacemaker and delegator, sometimes not so successfully.

But now I'm gonna hit the hay...I'm pooped and I have to take my mom to the doctor tomorrow for her three month check and oil change.

It's so good to see everyone back on again, I've missed you....AND I just upped for another year....I think this is year 4? Something like that!

Hope you all are staying warm and doing well......Love ya all!
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"perfect number", work and "oh where oh where" 11-11-2010 - 09:09 PM
so, oh where oh where have my sisters gone? oh where oh where could they be? Sorry, long week, high stress....
I know that you Noni are finishing up a very long quarter....and I have to ask if you are going to walk? By this time next week you'll have gradiated! Congrats!

And news.....I know you're healing but I hope you're feeling much better!

And Marta.....I sure hope you're feeling better about the toilet cleaner!

As for work, stress. Busy days and the two co workers are at it again. Cinderella is up to something....and I'm trying to keep it squished. I'm just tired because with all the folks off, they continue to let folks off, which is good, but that means the rest of us have to cover the hours.....

And....the perfect number....6/4/11. DS GF said that the numbers add up to 21, which divided by three which equals the trinity is 7 which is the perfect number....AND....it is also the day that they are hoping to get married....and YES I said married. Last week they came by and said they were "looking at rings"...which meant that DS was going to go talk to my dad. Saturday, it was that they are in the process of getting engaged once the ring issue is settled....and today, they called and said they had the perfect date, which BTW is one week before DD graduates from college...AND the weekend before both DD's have finals. DH is already in stress mode thinking of rehearsal dinners, graduation parties....and just at having our little guy tie the knot. I am thrilled, and trying very hard not to be an interfering MIL, although I have already suggested an engagement dinner to announce it to the grandfolks...and a jeweler to reset the ring.....and that maybe they could have either my BIL or my dad's pastor co officiate, but other than that, I'm keeping my nose out of it...AND I am trying to keep on my eating plan. So far, going well....BUT my target date was 12/2011...NOT june. So lots going on!

In the midst of it all, we're trying to figure out Thanksgiving.....I have to work till late Weds...and early am Friday, so I don't want to go to a lot of work. DH would be the one to do all the shopping and baking and it's just so much to do. So we'll see. We are supposed to have my dad, my sister , her BF and my mom over.

Other than all that, I sure miss seeing y'all over here.....it's just been Marta and me! I know you two are busy, but it's gonna be nice to see you here again.

Gotta go hit the shower......Love you all!
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Silent Saturday morning.... 10-30-2010 - 07:35 AM
and I'm looking out my window as I type. It's so peaceful and earlier this morning I just stood in awe at the colors and the smells. It was absolutely breathtaking but the the chill reminded me that soon it would be much colder! DH and DD are at work, other DD is on a tea run, and DS is in bed and other than the 4 legged family, I have the house to myself. It's such a nice feeling!

Week 2 has passed by rather uneventfully. My coworker with the surgery came by on Monday and said it will be at least 4-6 more weeks till she returns. But we have our own rhythm and surprisingly Cinderella and the stepmother have trying to be good. Work has been slower and we aren't sure why, but I suspect that folks are running out of insurance benefits and the holidays are approaching, so folks aren't committing to long sessions of therapy. It's been nice because I've actually gotten out of work at a decent hour and have even had time to get a lot done in the hour and a half that I"m on my own. But, while surfing around while I was on hold yesterday, my internet blew out......so I"ve got IT coming to fix it. I may have to stop surfing!LOL!

I'm still trying very hard at the eating and exercising. I look at the exercising as a pill that I won't have to take....and whenever I get tempted by the candy drawer.....I see NOni's smiling face saying she eats fruit now. It's keeping me on track! And, I find that if I just eat the same for breakfast and lunch, I don't waiver too far from the calories. And I also think my body just was saying STOP...you're hurting me already! For whatever reason, I'm ready to make changes....although the other day they did bring by ice cream....and it was dairy with fruit.....and I did enjoy that!

We're trying to decide what to do with tonight which is trick or treat here. DS is going out with friends, they want to find a neighborhood where they can go trick or treating. I think when you're old enough to drive to find the best candy, you're a tad old. DD is going to hear a friend of her's brother play, so that leaves DH, DD and myself. Originally I wasn't going to do the candy thing cuz it gets the dogs going but DH said he thought we should get some. I just think he wants to have it around! LOL! And we told DS that if he and his friends want to come over, we'll get pizzas.

On Sundays, we've been trying to recoup the family dinner with the grandfolks and all. We invite both my folks, as well as a standing invite to DS and his GF. It's alot of fun, but a lot of cooking and prepping. But, we all work together...and it's so nice to see everyone gathering around the table. Last week, DS, his GF and i took my mom to Bingo. DS and his GF were thrilled to get a Bingo, until they saw 17 others have the same one! LOL! They each got $5. Mom was upset because she thought she had a bingo, but she didn't. What happened was she finished the Bingo from the previous set, and then got half the next set. To her it made sense that she had a double bingo...but not to the Bingo folks. She was mad about that for days! And it really wasn't Bingo and they really couldn't pay her of course....and to see her arguing with the official.....

Anyway, my thrones are calling....and by that I mean my bathrooms are in high need of a cleaning! Then, I have to go pay my fines at the library.....and then one of my friends who I havent seen in a couple of years invited me to come her way....so I"ll head over there. And we always end our meetings at the book store and even though i have a huge stack of books unread, i'll end up getting more! LOL!

Hope everyone has a great halloween! and a wonderful weekend......

Love ya all!
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three days in, thanks, fall.... 10-19-2010 - 08:52 PM
Three days into who knows how long we are one person short! And it's been stressful. For one thing, we have one lady who does hardly anything and what she does is sometimes right. Cinderella is clueless and we have nobody to make them accountable for their actions. The help they send down can help, somewhat....so that puts a lot on cinderella and myself. and while i thought i would be exempt from overtime....NOT. I was rather ticked because to me to reward the non workers with extra pay while I was getting normal hours for double work....but now I would enjoy normal hours! And we've had some wierd patients.

We did have a good weekend in Louisville, DH had to go their for business and I had a good time in a quilt store! LOL! DD was not amused, she was waiting in the car for me! I came out like a kid in a candy store, but i had a bag of fabric! LOL!

And....Noni, thank you thank you thank you! For some reason when you told me how you'd lost weight, it just clicked! So I decided to start staying away from the candy drawer. We have a drawer of chocolate at work and while they are miniatures, you eat enough miniatures and it's the same as a few big candy bars! And when I was stressed, I would toss them into my mouth, much to the dismay of my hips! And despite the stress, I close my eyes and I can hear you say that fruit appeals so much more to you than sweets, and the urge passes. I've also been drinking a lot of water, thanks to your advise....AND i've cut back on soda. And, a few days after we met, we had a health expo at work. I had all my numbers checked and all was good except for my HDL, or whatever. They said I needed to raise it, that exercise would do that. So, i've been walking at least 30 mins a day. Bottom, line, the bottom is slowly shrinking and I'm slowly losing weight. So, thank you, thank you thank you Noni! You were truly what I needed to get myself over that hump. AND if you can get me to keep my patties out of the candy drawer, that's amazing....AND did i say that someone brought us Esther Price and that her turtles and toffee chips are my favorite...BUT i have resisted!

I'm starting to line up all my craft ideas for Christmas, dishcloths of course and i have a few other ideas i'm tossing around. I'm thinking i might try to do some potholders or something i can sew. we'll see.

I'm really enjoying fall this year as well. I love the colors, the smells, the cool air. And despite the fact that i have declined the hot apple ciders and mochas, i'm loving all that there is. I just take big whiffs of the drinks when i go into starbucks! LOL!

I had good news at the dermatologist this week, I went for my semi annual skin check and I'm so clear that i don't go back for 9 months! He said there isn't anything even remotely suspicious, so I'm clear to go! Good news!

Not much else going on. Just staying busy....by the time i get home, eat, and exercise, the evenings almost gone. And on my longer evenings, I've been trying to gather gift ideas.

I'm gonna hit the tub.....tomorrow is another long day! Love ya all!
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Rough week, hoping for a better weekend! 10-08-2010 - 08:38 PM
October is not starting in the best way! Work, still stressful. The shortage is making folk greedy, they want the overtime but don't want to work for it. Management is making the most ridiculous decisions about the overtime, for example, next week i volunteered to work as i will be off friday and wouldn't get into overtime, but they declined as they have too many with overtime. Go figure!

Then, today, DH calls me and asks if i had recieved a call from the city. I hadn't. He called me later and said it was from the police, which of course set my heart to racing! DS had his car at a local shop being repaired and it was completely vandalized. Window smashed in and his GPS, stereo, and sunglasses stolen as well as a bunch of change and his trust in other folks. He said he just felt sick. And tomorrow is homecoming and he was so excited to be able to drive to the dance. I was just sick when I heard the news and i felt so badly for DS. And to top it off, we had been having discussions all week with him regarding flower choices. His GF wanted fillers for her entire wristlet but we got roses and some fillers. She wanted stephonatis (sp?)....and i just wasn't going to double the cost for a bunch of fillers. So he was a bit miffed over that. And, i know he's feeling stressed. He has a huge school load as well as volunteering, ROTC and tennis. I worry about him!

I did find out that oldest DS is moving in with his GF. Last weekend I asked him point blank and he mumbled. We were at my nieces bday party and he met me in the kitchen later to tell me that he was going to move in with his GF and was i ok with it. I knew that was coming so i told him he was going to h**l, but that i was ok with it. LOL! He kinda looked shocked, but i told him i was just kidding. He's 26, hes a great kid and she's a wonderful lady. She has him going to church and is getting him organized. He's happy, so I'm happy.

DD has the wedding that she is in tomorrow. She said setting up for the reception was pure torture. I told her that the day before a wedding is not the best time, that it is full of tension and stress. I told her about the day before our wedding and she felt better. She said for awhile she thought the happy couple would break it off! She said she's going to be happy to get it over with, it's been a lot of work and money, but she's very excited for her friend.

Not much else going on here. Youngest DD and I will probably go do something tomorrow, as she is the only one without somewhere to go. She's feeling a bit out of the loop there.

We're going to Louisville next weekend, DH says he is afraid of me going to the yarn and quilt store! LOL! I already have some fabric, but not the right fabric.....I need some stuff for Christmas gifts that i"m going to make!

I'm gonna go hit the tub.....take care all, and hope you are all enjoying this wonderful season!

Love ya all!
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Finally Friday after a hectic week! 10-01-2010 - 07:43 PM
Whoa, so very TGIF! I dunno if it's still something in the air or what but what a week.

It seems like at work that there are so many people out on injuries, surgeries or family health issues. In our area alone, we have 2 therapists out on bike accidents, one broken thumb the other with a compression fracture and disc herniation. One who had her mom die of cancer, the other with her mom in for tests. One torn shoulder ready to be operated on, a BIL dying, and that's just in my immediate area! I go in their asking for protection daily! Then, we have a severe back injury, one on vacation in another area, and in yet another, we have one sprained ankle and a bad back! Geez louise! So dangerous to work at a hospital! All of which means there is far more work to do than we have personnel....AND they don't want us in overtime AND our new manager is always "at a meeting". Enough said.

Then to add to the week, youngest DS came home rather concerned last night. Apparently two kids had gotten into a fight and one kid pulled a knife on the other. Apparently, he decided that wouldn't do and threatened to bring a gun to school to finish things. I called the school and whomever I talked to was just kind of blase, so I called DS's GF. She made a call and discovered that the situation had been handled, and their is one student in juvenile detention. Meanwhile, one of DS's friends went on a speeding binge and tried to fll and was lucky because all they charged him with was reckless operation and an unsafe vehicle. I'd sure hate to be a kid now, but it's also so scary to be a parent with all that going on. I know we never had issues like that with our others. However, the school system we are in has an absolute Zero tolerance for anything like that, so the child will be expelled.

And I'm feeling rather stressed. Weekends I clean, but tomorrow we have to go to get a lot of needed stuff, a bday gift, and go to my nieces birthday party AND we need to go get clothes for homecoming for DS. DH has told me to not worry about the cleaning, but then I go back to work feeling like I didn't get things done.

BUT on the good side, Noni, you inspired me, so this week, I've been drinking oodles of water and eating fruits and veggies and nuts! I've also made it a habit to exercise some each day. I've realized I can't do high impact daily, it kills my back and knees, so I alternate. I do admit I feel rather good! And i'm waiting till Monday to see how good it helps!

The weather, nice and cool. The trees are changing which I love, and the air feels so very nice. I feel a hot caramel apple cider moment coming! But, Mia, my lab has been gathering acorns and eating them, which makes her sick, so that's not so good. Sadie, the copy cat has been gathering other nuts, so now we have nut shells all over the place. You just have to laugh!

Not much else going on here, I'm gonna go chill and finish a dish rag and work on a scarf. Maybe start another dish rag....I dunno, but an early bedtime awaits me!

Here's to a wonderful weekend to all! Love you all! HUGS~
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The rest of the story! 09-22-2010 - 08:09 PM
So, ladies, Noni is so holding out on us! When we met for coffee, a very much skinnier Noni smiled her mega smile that lights up a room! She looks amazing....and put me back on track to get in shape! She has always looked great, but she is definitely losing the weight! And here she's kept mum! Girl, gloat, you truly deserve all the kudos here!

I had a great time with her, and after I left I was pleased to have talked with her, but Noni, I felt like I got a lot more out of the conversation than I could have provided. Sorry, but thanks!

The week, busy....we have 3 busy days at work and two of them have passed. Lots of walk ins and call ins. Lots of folks cancelling, but lots scheduling, so it balances out. Still trying to work with 3 folks out...and yes my coworker is having surgery....AND her latest treatment has irritated her diverticulitis, again. So, she'll be out for awhile but being the tropper that she is, she arranged it to coincide with her vacation so she isn't putting us out.

I've just felt tired and achy this week and my stomach hasn't been happy. too much caffeine i think...and today I had some advil which really didn't help it. Plus I've been eating a lot of acidic foods. I've gotta get on track!

I became an aunt again! DH's sister had her second baby, and second boy on Monday. He had some fluid on his lungs so spent his first nite in the IC U but is doing better. She has had a lot of issues getting pregnant and staying pregnant, so I'm not sure if this is it or not. But little Liam is a cutie, and I love the name!

The full moon is bright and we can all tell at work that something is just not right. Strange folks and strange moodss. Regulars not showing up and those that never show up, showing up at odd hours. And all around, testy folks, both at work and on the homefront!

Not much else going on.....I'm gonna try and catch up on journals tonite, between work and getting things done here and helping with homework... my free time is limited!

I'm gonna get some stuff done, take a bath and hit the tub.
Hope everyone is doing well! Love ya all!
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09-18-2010 - 08:35 AM 09-18-2010 - 07:35 AM
made it through my marathon week! After almost a ten hour day, I gladly clocked out and headed home! And the week was indeed brutal. We were busy. And I had to do with Cinderella and theDelegator. The delegater doesn't actually do anything, she smacks you with her hand and points assigning jobs as she sees fit. I'm not sure that that would be in her job description, but that's what she does. Cinderella cannot deal with busy and stress and chaos. We had all the above last week because there was just a lot going on. Not that we had that many clients, but we had two therapists we had to cancel schedules for. So guess who got the majority of the work? And.....Cinderella stayed a little later on Monday and Tuesday, but by Weds, she bailed out on time an d Thursday, she left early. The delegater stayed a bit late on Thursday, but she delegated. Actually she was more of a hassle than it was worth. Friday, they brought in a good worker, but she isn't sure of the closing procedure, and we have worked together before, so we chat more than we work which is normally ok, but not so much this week. AND the one other coworker that can handle the stress informed us she's going to need surgery. Cinderella asked if there were other options, NO, she tore her shoulder up. The delegater announced that we aren't bringing in extra help...NO we are, Cinderella has gotten approved time off for all the weekends in november where she will be off on Friday and/or Monday and I am not doing that area by myself. With my hours, I can't come in late and if Cinderella or the other coworker aren't there, there is no option but for me to get overtime. Which doesn't please the management. Ah well......

But, it's Saturday and while I have a lot to do here....no biggie. And DDs and I have to get get some stuff done for the older DD who will be in a wedding in 3 weeks. And DS needs clothes for pictures and homecoming....but that's a nice day to do. I'm looking forward to it! And we pick up my dad at the airport tonite.

DH is trying to go off his blood pressure meds and he is ok, except he's grumpy, so we are giving him his own area to grump in. Plus, his office staff talked him out of the dark ages and going online at the office. We had been online, but we had our patient computer online and a virus literally corrupted the entire data base, twice. So he took it off. But, it's a hassle to not have it, so he grudgingly added it to a different computer not related to patients. DD's and staff were because the last internet we had was dial up! AND DH didn't understand why the password needed changed, so he's all grumpy because of having to learn new technology.

DD's are back at school, and busy studying. DS has been keeping busy too and now with tennis he's got 2 afternoons taken care of, and he has decided to volunteer at the hospital so there's one afternoon without the GF. Sorry.....

And I am just in dire need of a massage.....and back work. I ache from my neck to my toes. But....I'm gonna be a good girl and do laundry and clean.

It feels wonderful, fall is here, it's cool the air smells good, I have fall smelling candles and there are hot caramel apple ciders and pumpkin lattes at Starbucks! Enjoy!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend......Love ya all!
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The week that wouldn't end....but nice weekend! 09-11-2010 - 09:44 PM
Honestly, this week was like the song that never ends, it went on and on and on! Sorry, there's gonna be some whine here.....

Labor Day was nice, busy but nice. Tuesday, not so bad, but we've had a lot of follks out for rough times. One out on illness, one with her mom so we were short staffed. Still ok, but DS calls to say he is changing from Homeland to a county job, which I am kinda unsure about...and I'm thinking there's more to that, but figure it's none of my business. He says he'll switch to their academy that day. No biggie, but still wondering.
Tuesday, I also found out that younger DS has been screwing around in English, to the point of failing two assignments. Luckily, his teacher is allowing him to redo them. He hadn't read directions. I think she's being awfully nice...but he's on very tight restriction at this point!

Weds, we took my dad to the airport where he left for Germany to be with his sister on a trip with her church. We had to drop and run as we were meeting DS's. GF's parents for dinner. Her mom.....think Carol Brady. perfect 70's Dorothy Hammill cut, in a perfectly pressed skirt and makeup perfect. I felt like Roseanne Barr. The dad has this wierd sense of humor and DH and I are just looking at him, and I'm usually ok with humor. In the meantime, I see DH make wierd faces, but I'm thinking it's the GF's dad telling wierd jokes. Then her dad asks if we are excited that DS is graduating this coming Tuesday. I thought the food was gonna roll out of my open mouth. We kinda mumbled sure, why would we miss such an occassion. The nite....long and I couldn't wait to get out and text DS to see what the heck is going on. In the car, DH is telling me how much her dad enjoys hunting and fishing with DS.....and that it's so nice that his grandfather taught him to fish and his uncle sold him guns, and where did he ever learn to drive a boat. DH said he felt like we had done nothing....AND her dad had asked what circumstances had forced him to sell his old car, which DH hasn't had since high school. I was so hurt and livid. All these weekends that DS has been "working" and here he is spending time with her dad. Which is ok, but not the lying. And the graduation.....I was livid that we didn't know. DS said that her dad was exaggerating about some of the stuff and yeah he had gone out with him....but I was not a happy camper and i let him know.

Thursday, I go into work all upset, only to have one coworker's DH have chest pains, so she had to leave....and one co worker's mother was sent from emergency surgery to hospice. Her cancer has come to the point that she has just days to live. It was so sad and her mom is just a few years older than I am. And I had to close for the one who had the DH with chest pain. Luckily he was ok, it was stress.

But I did have it out with DS...and I told him I was not happy. Long story short, he did transfer to another job, but his training carried over....AND this graduation is just sending him to another level. It's not the big graduation.

Friday, I had to close AGAIN, working late....and I had to work today. Long, long week.

I came home tired, and DH was in a decorating mood. It's that time of year. We went to a local nursery, and I, yes me! actually had fun. I love fall, and I found lots of neat plants and decorations. We then went to the mall where I found some more stuff.....and DH painted. I cleaned, and now I'm just chilling! This entire week has caught up!

Tomorrow, we're having DS and his GF over for dinner and my mom and her "friend". It should be interesting. Next week, I work late every night, but I still go in at the same time. It's gonna be a long week again!

I'm totally loving the cooler weather, it feels amazing! We had rain today, but I was sneaking a nap in between shopping.

I'm tired......so I'm gonna hit the bed.

Noni....how is Friday morning for coffee? It would have to be before 9 as I go in at 9, or Monday the 20th? Then I don't have to be in till 930. Just let me know!

Thanks for listening and letting me vent.....you ladies are the best set of ears and shoulders I could have....and I truly appreciate you all!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.....Love you all!
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Busy weekend.... 09-05-2010 - 09:04 PM
On Friday, I thought it would be nice to have all this time off....and here I am, with one more day off and so much more to do!

It's been a busy week/weekend.....Saturday, we all went to Columbus to a market area. DD's love to go there and there is this yummy ice cream place that sells exotic flavors. I had a wonderful watermelon and lemon sorbet mixed with lemon yogurt. DD had a coffee ice cream with chocolate. She said it tasted better than any mocha she's ever had and the coffee ice cream was very strong! Everyone else had chocolate mixed with something else except DS who got a warm belgian waffle. We left there and I found, surprise surprise a quilt store! DH reluctantly came in to find me and surprised me by picking out some material! We then went lamp hunting, but didn't find anything. We then had to search for mattresses for the kids, and we ate at a yummy Mexican restaurant. DS had a friend of his come do dogs, so we had the entire day to spend!
Today, I had to go find an outfit. Weds nite, DH and I are getting together with DS, his GF and her folks. I really had nothing to wear. So i reluctantly went out to look DD's and I took my mom to Cincinnati. I found an outfit. It's depressing cuz I've gained weight and gone up a size. It's motivating me to lose and get in shape!
Tomorrow, we're having my folks over for a cookout!
I ha ve to work extra hours next week to make up for the Monday off and I work Saturday, so I have to make up all this. It's wierd.
Not much else going on here.....DH is in his yearly redecorating/fall cleaning spree.....which is good!
Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather....I sure am!
Happy Labor Day to all! Love ya!
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Nice week off....back to work reluctantly! 08-23-2010 - 08:48 PM
What a nice week off! We had so many things to do, places to be, that the week flew by. I got some stuff done at home, but not nearly enough.
Thursday, DD's and I headed out for our "trip". I had written up a series of clues. They kinda guessed they were getting pedicures, but they didn't know for sure and when we headed east, their faces fell. We stopped for lunch and i handed the first clue. They were ecstatic, but had to admit to the ladies that they had no clue what else was going on. Once we were done with cute little piggies, I handed out the next clue. We had a nice few days of shopping, eating and sleeping. Youngest DD threw me for a surprise by finding some pants and tops. Despite her much smaller boobs, she has still been reluctant to dress in anything other than tee shirts. In fact, she hadn't bought anything for over a year! But she found some cute tops and jeans...and she was thrilled, but so was I. Oldest DD was pleased that she found clothes a size smaller....and I just didn't even go to my area! But the weekend had to end.....

Last nite....my mom being ever so irked that we had missed my nieces party begged me to take her to Bingo. I was hoping to get to bed early as DH had his EGD today AND I didn't really want to go...BUT guilt won....and I'm so glad. Mom won $100...but I won $350! It was funny....mom looks over at my page and tells me that 2 more numbers and i"m a winner, but I already knew I had won and was just waiting for that number to be called! How exciting!

DH had his EGD early this morning....and all was good. He was relieved...and pleased that his blood pressure did well and he even cut one of his tablets down. His dr wanted him to taper down, but he hadn't felt ready, however when he had his procedure done, his BP was pretty low....so he felt comfortable. I"m glad!

Then it was onward to work. Last week....horrid. 5 out of 12 of us off at various times and our new manager, nowhere to be found. He was apparently..."in meetings." The staff, not amused. And this week....we are short staffed again. One lady in another area had her mother die and one in our area is out of state with her dad who has a deep melanoma. We are to remain properly staffed without overtime. Yeah, like that's gonna happen. We'll see. I could even tell that at the main area, morale is down. I tried to pay my copay...and they said that they didn't know if they could do that. Excuse me?
And I have a lot of things I need to do for my other area, and I have no clue when I'll get it done....without overtime.

The heat has taken a break and it feels so very good! I'm loving it!

Hoping this week isn't too bad for anyone.....Love ya all!
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Summer passing by 08-17-2010 - 08:59 AM

way too quickly for DS who is frantically finishing his summer reading! LOL. In July when I told him to get started it was, "i'm good". Late in July it was the same and now it's OMG, I have one week and 200 pages to finish in a VERY boring book as well as two projects! LOL.

We were in Lexington over the weekend and it was not very restful. It was very hot and there was a lot going on in the city. UK students were moving in, there was a huge Christian speaker as well as several shows at the horse farm. And with all that going on, we had to stay a lot further from where DH and DD had their meetings, and with DH's eating issues, we had to run food to them. So basically we drove them in, came back, got them lunch took it out, went back to the hotel and not even a few hours later had to go get them, fighting traffic the entire time. I did find a cute quilt shop very close to where we were, so that was nice. But we were all tired when we got back.

Oldest DS started with the academy while we were gone. Well, he moved to the academy. Even though he's in town, he has to stay at their training facility. Yesterday he was going to try to stop by and say hey, BUT he flunked bed making numerous times. Apparently they use rulers and they have to be exactly on the money. Poor kid was very tired when he finally called late last nite. Said he's hoping to stop by sometime this week if all goes well. And he's not feelling well. We started the immunization pr ocess for the two older ones, but then as DH got into his stuff, we opted to not do it any more or for the younger two. HOwever, being in a military type facility, DS became current much to his two arms and hips dismay! So all that stuff he has had made him feel kinda pucky.

Work has been interesting, things are brewing and probably will blow soon. I am off this week getting things done and we're heading out soon for a mini vaca and it's good to be away. The one coworker, we'll call her the evil Step mom, hates Cinderella. THe 2 work to annoy each other and that's about all they do. Cinderella has been pushing for all this time off when I'm off, and it annoyed SM so much that she has been making mistakes and has been a royal pain to the two of us not involved. So much that patient care was once again compromised and one of the therapists was not happy. He said that Fric and Frac as he calls them need to resolve their issues and get on with work. I'm not sure if he'll go to the head honcho or not......if so, we'll be two short in our area.
And our new manager is being a weeny.....making all these stupid demands that increase our workload, but we aren't supposed to have overtime. So work was very tense when I left and I am enjoying the time away!

We waited so long to make plans that we were too late, so we're going boating locally, semi locally, and the girls and I are heading on a mystery (to them) trip. They're excited as I give them mini clues. They know what city they'll be in, but not where or what I have planned. I think the anticipation is more exciting then anything we'll do!

I gotta hit the shower, I slept in way too late today. DH got a call at 530 am from a patient. Then at 6. Seriously? Now I'm sorry, but you cannot tell me that anything is that earth shattering!

The weather here has cooled down, making it liveable......hope so for everyone else!
Love ya all!
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Healing, drama and nice dinner! 07-31-2010 - 08:48 PM
DD is healing nicely from her tooth removal! The surgery, rough. I had spoken with the oral surgeon about her problems with anesthesia, and he gave her a dose of Zofran before the surgery. Plenty before any other meds. He checked on her several times before they called me back. I go back to recovery and her stomach started to heave. She threw up and up and up. He gave her some more Zofran, only to have some more puking. At that point he said our only other option would be phergan....suppositories. Luckily, she quit throwing up and we left 3 hours later! The vicodin kicked in and she started chattering away! She's swollen and in a little pain, but by later that first afternoon she was asking for a Starbucks!

So, last nite, I was exhausted. My day off was spent running and at the dental office. Work was long....so I eagerly hopped into bed, knowing, just knowing sleep would come easily and I would rest all nite. Not even an hour later, my phone beeps in a text. It was DS, just in the other room and he said he was freaking out, so I crawl out of bed and drag myself into his room, where he is in an utter state of panic. Now I'm still not clear on all that happened, but he and his GF had a huge fight. I took him downstairs and we talked. For whatever reason, he feels he has to be her protector, but she is one of these very needy, emotional types. I told him that those people will never be happy until they could find out what made them happy. We talked till 3 and I was sure I had made an impression. I crawl back into bed and no sooner had I pulled my covers up then DS gets on the phone with his GF. DH by this time is livid. He starts to yell at DS, who yells back. Finally, we all settle down and get some sleep. I got up this morning and told DS per our agreement, he had to go help his dad. He starts to get an attitude, and I blew up. I told him he has huge goals that aren't going to just appear out of the blue, that if he wants to do an academy, he has to stay focused. So we'll see. Part of the problem is that her mom is really pushing for the relationship, in fact she talked DS into going with her DD. And DS is the type to try and please everyone. DH wants to forbid any contact, which of course is unreasonable. I told him I want to talk with this lady who has been helping him with his studies and get her input. He really likes this person and takes what she say to heart. But I'll wait till Monday. And then, I so LOLOL. DH says he suspects that DS is having sex with his GF. He says he knows younger DS is a lot more mature than our oldest DS. I told him that oldest DS was a senior when he had sex, and DH turns to me in utter amazement. All the time, he never picked up on that minor detail! I asked him about the time DD found the condoms in his car and DH said they were DS's friends! OMG.....seriously?

But, on a good note, we went and saw my sister and her BF for dinner with my dad. It was really nice. My mom and her BF were there too, and we all had fun. The only ones not there were my brother and his family.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna finish cleaning....I was too tired to be effective today. But the upstairs is almost done, and the downstairs is done. DH has made cookies for DD's dive trip this weekend.....so we've all been busy!

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Weds, wisdom teeth and quilting! 07-28-2010 - 09:06 PM
Hallelujah, it's Weds! It seems like forever since I've had a normal work week. Between folks on vacation and my Saturdays, I"m always either going in early and/or staying late. And it's gonna be like that for awhile! This week, I'm off to take DD to get her wisdom teeth out, next week is my Saturday week, and the week after, we'll be going to KY on Friday....AND the following week I'm off! But only to come back to more folks out on vacation.....

DD gets her wisdom teeth out tomorrow and she's a tad worried, but she's been issuing her orders for smoothies, frappacino's and mac and cheese! LOL! I don't think she realizes she'll be out of it for the better part of tomorrow! LOL!

I took my final quilting class....and now I just need to know how to quilt the quilt. She taught me to do a log cabin and the borders. But, I think the store is trying to drum up business, so she told me to just have them quilt it, for a hefty price. Well not really considering the work, but I want to learn to hand quilt, so I'll do that instead. DH and my mom were quite impressed with what I do have. DH said the last time he looked it was a bunch of blocks and now it looks more together! I'm excited. But....the quilting instructor is old and a little cranky. For whatever reason, she opted to teach another lady to do borders with me. I didn't mind, but this lady had a new machine and she couldn't figure out how to wind the bobbin or to thread it. By the time we got to sewing our strips, this lady was blowing a fuse big time. I just stuck to my border and sewed away!

DS has hit a possible snag in the job process. While undergoing his physical, they discoverd a shoulder issue which could keep him from going any further. They did an MRI and xrays and the doc said it should be ok, but it's up to Homeland to make the final call. DS is on pins and needles and DH is trying to bite his tongue from saying he told DS to get in for care! I'm just waiting to see what happens. And in the meantime, DS has discovered he could get hired on as an EMT in Cincinnati with their mobile intensive care unit, something I'm sure he would enjoy as well. I'm just trusting that the universe will do what is needed, but it's hard!

The heat has been unbearable. DH had the 4 legged creatures out the other day. He was playing Frisbee with Zeus the shepherd, but not for long as it was so hot. anyway, he went to put away the frisbee and DS let Zeus inside. DD heard him panting and came to see if he was ok and he was disoriented and wobbly on his paws. DH cooled him off with rags and water, but it took him quite awhile to cool off. And all that with just a few minutes playing! So much to Zeus's dismay the frisbee games are off till it cools down! And Zeus has been upset because while DS is home, he's at work a lot, working his security job to earn some more cash until he hears from HOmeland!

Work....too busy for Cinderella to play her games. But today, we were all ready to shoot her. A lady had been trying to come in, but she called yesterday and said her son had died and she wanted to wait, understandably. So what does Cinderella do but call her today to see if she was ready. My one coworker and I just stared at her in disbelief! Obviously, not thinking and our hearts just ached for the poor lady being bugged before she even buried her son!

Not much else going on, Marta, I'm gonna have to give Dd your facebook name. She's gone wild with Farmville, and got mad cuz I don't play it. Now realize this DD doesn't know a weed from a flower, but she's got a huge farm going! LOL! I told her I just haven't figured out the whole farm thing!

Gotta hit the shower and bed, it's late and we have an early time at the oral surgeons!

Keep cool....HUGS~
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Heat, lonnnnnnng week, and looking forward to the weekend! 07-22-2010 - 08:45 PM
The heat....WOW....yeah, hot and humid. And that's all I'm gonna say! I'm not a cold or hot weather person, I'm for those mild fall/spring days! i love the crisp coolness of fall and the beginning of spring breaking through the bitter cold.

Work.....the one coworker is off and Cinderella is taking over her post. Or trying. Cinderella's head is now ten sizes too big for someone who just hits arrived on the computer. She's been issuing orders and acting like she is in charge which is funny cuz she has no clue what she's doing and she gets so mad when we pipe in with the correct actions. And she's doing it all to herself. Life can be good. I on the other hand am trying soooooooooooo hard to not LOL, but am chuckling to myself.
Our new manager, too soon to tell. He seems nice, but I don't think he'll be the answer to any problems!

WIth work being what it is, I cancelled my appointment. I've found that I"m not too bad as long as I nibble periodically and I'm trying to nibble healthy. I"m still gonna go in, just when we're back to full staff! I've been going in an hour early and to get there even earlier seems to be too hard!

DS is home from his first stent and trying to get ready to go to CA. He STILL hasn't told his GF, and no it's not over....YET. I'm sure hoping she's understanding. We all LOL....tonite we just grabbed a quick bite at Bob Evans. We got a table for 6 with 6 chairs. Our server came and asked if we were waiting for 8....um can you count? So DS emails his GF and told her he had dropped her for the math mensa waiting on us!
I am a bit concerned because he has to have xrays and studies done on his arm. He said it's pretty sore and that this may mean a different post with HOmeland. But then he told us he's been playing Wii in the evenings in Columbus, 3-4 hours a nite! AND he sleeps on that arm, which they have told me at work compresses the nerve.

We're trying to squeeze whatever we can in before he leaves....but it's so hard with our schedules. It's such a strange feeling that he'll be heading out for his new career. I've felt alternately excited for him and depressed, and wonder just how we did as parents to him. Did we support him, provide him with what he needs? I didn't really think I'd feel like that, I was so sure I was ready for him to fly the coop, and now that it's all happening so very fast....I'm not sure. DS feels the same, he's been so excited now that DS is home.

We have to get back to our decorating....Mia, my dog got bored the other day. I dunno if she was searching for treats, or trying to find a quick route to ship Sadie to China or what, but they left her out for a short while in the kitchen. They came back and found an area on the floor where she tore up the flooring.! So that area is obviously first, and there seems to be so much to do!

And now for the question du jour. DD found on DS (the 17 yo)'s computer, a pic of his GF in her bra. Now on one hand, it had more coverage than her bikini, BUT they're only 15 & 17! I had a long talk with him. I told him it wasn't appropriate. He was annoyed that I had looked on his computer and I never did reveal my source. I know it's not quite as bad as some of what teens do, BUT....and I think I mentioned sending him to school in KY with my sister, without a cell phone, computer, or itouch.....so other than the threat....any ideas on what I coulda/shoulda done? Later, he did apologize and swore he wouldn't do it again....I think he kinda worried I might have followed through with my threat.

But now, I'm gonna go to bed. DS stays up late watching tv and listening to his music. Invariably, at midnite, DH will throw off the covers, hop out of bed and go yell at DS which wakes me up. Last nite, I fell right back to sleep only to have DH hop out of bed at one to go potty and get some water....and by that time I was so annoyed that I grumbled and didn't get back to sleep much at all! And I was tired before all this! So I'm gonna hop in bed!

Saturday, I finish my quiltling lessons! And i'm hoping to get some backing for it....and learn how to put the thing together! I must say I like how it looks!

Hope everyone is staying cool.....have a wonderful weekend! HUGS!
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Travel, work, computer woes, and more! 07-17-2010 - 08:53 PM
Wow, I can't believe half July is over! The month has flown by!

We took DS to Annapolis for his tennis camp the beginning of the month. Despite DH's issues, we had a good trip. Since we had planned on the weekend there, we took it slowly. It was nice because it gave me a chance to realize DH's issues. We had a nice early departure and stopped for lunch. Not even half an hour later, he got panicky. Said he felt like stuff was caught in his throat, so we pulled over. Luckily the stop had a little shopping strip, so I suggested we just go walk at Barnes and Nobles. I got a tea, and we just walked. He said that certain foods made him feel like he couldn't swallow and that made him panicky. I told him I could totally understand that and I was fine walking around. He was so grateful that I didn't get mad. And he just spent the entire weekend eating softer foods. I told him that driving alot made my stomach bloated as well. The weekend was wonderful. We stayed in a beautiful hotel with a wonderful view of the bay, near the Navy Pier. It was hotter than anything, but we just sat and enjoyed the water. The next day which was the 4th, we walked around the dock area, which was neat. Lots of big boats and vendors. I hadn't eaten much and just as we hit town, I got a wierd dizzy spell, which DH said was probably my blood sugar. He got me all settled, and we enjoyed the rest of the day. We took a nice boat ride around the area, and went to the Naval Academy to show my mom. Since the entire area was cordoned off for the parade, we were limited on dining options. The hotel had good food, but it was heavy, and it had a lot of MSG, which gives me a headache. There was a subway almost a mile away, so DS and I walked over and grabbed some sandwiches and walked back! Good exercise! The fire works that nite were amazing! We dropped DS off the next morning and headed home. Another long drive! Then, on Thursday nite, DD and I headed out to get DS. We drove to the Ohio border and stopped to get a head start. The next day was long as we battled construction and traffic to get DS. We had a nice dinner, hit the bed and was out early the next day. DS had a great time, but said it was hot the entire week. He had brough enough clothes for the camp and a few extra, but he hadn't counted on evening outings. So, he was left with the smelly clothes on his back so we had to get some new stuff!
Another very long trip home....and I was exhausted when we hit the front door!

In the meantime, oldest DS headed out for his orientation for his new job. His laptop had crashed, so he's been using my computer, which caused mine to shut down temporarily. Sos off to the shop it went for some repairs. And I need a new adapter!

At work, we have a new manager who starts MOnday. The jury is out. He's young enough to be most of our sons, a wet behind the ears just graduated a year ago. We'll see. Ours is a rough area with our area's Cinderella and the other area's Cinderellas! Our Cinderella and the other co worker had an interventional meeting wiht employee relations, which we have yet to hear how that went. The one coworker is off this week, so we'll see. But with the one coworker off, my hours will be shifted AGAIN!

And between all the driving, little sleep and the heat, I've had blood sugar issues. The other nite I got very dizzy at the grocery store, sending DH into a tailspin. When I finally got something into me, I realized i had eaten very little all day, and it was all junky carbs! DH was not amused! And I'm going to go see the doctor on Tuesday to see what he says. I'm sure it's my blood sugar going wierd with different hours and eating out while traveling, but I want to make sure!

DS and his GF still going strong, she's very nice, BUT DS hasn't told her yet that when she gets back from her summer trip to Africa, that he'll be heading to San Diego for training! I told him he better get it done!

Not much else going on here...although it's been a lot! I've missed getting on here, I haven't figured out how to get onto the journals with my iphone! I love that little thing, but there are some things I can't figure out!

Here's hoping everyone has a great week! HUGS~
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Here and there........ 07-01-2010 - 08:44 PM
So Happy It's Thursday! Sorry! But oh what a week.

Cinderella has been off, which has been peaceful, BUT the one coworker directs traffic so to speak, but doesn't do much, so it was up to my one other coworker and I to handle it all. Phones ringing off the hook, people scheduling, cancelling, irate. A very hectic week! But........tomorrow is Friday and we have a lot of folks off.....so I'm hoping for a somewhat calmer day?

Saturday we leave for Annapolis. I'm excited, annoyed. DS trying to milk every moment with his GF, which means he isn't doing a lot here. DH getting panicky about being that far from home....and having enough stuff to keep his blood sugar up. DH annoyed with younger DS cuz he's been gone and saying we shouldn't have allowed him to go. DH moaning about the cost....but he's the one who picked the hotel. I'm actually more excited about next week when DD and I go to pick him up! It will be a LOT less drama.

And DH is annoyed with oldest DS, as am I. DS, is never home between work and his GF. Which means that guess who has to watch Zeus? And we're so busy it just makes it more of a hassle, and with DS's new job, he'll be out of town for 7 months, which guess what that means?

DH is having stress/anxiety issues and it's so much more stressful. Now, he says he has problems swallowing, which I'm sure he does but I"m also sure it's stress....as it only happens with heavy breads and beef. He's having an EGD done next month, but wants it done NOW, which they won't do cuz it isn't an emergency. I so wish he would focus on dealing with his stress instead of freaking out over the issues he has with the stress.

Not much else happening here.....I did unwind last nite with a pedicure....it felt wonderful! DD's were getting various things done at the salon, so I thought why not. It felt good and now I have cute toes!

Gotta go, I'm trying to get all the laundry done....and things straightened up here! Hope everyone has a great Friday!

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Quilting class, calm hair, big news, busy weeks! 06-27-2010 - 08:03 PM
Quilting class is 2/3 done! I know have a wonderful top of log cabin squares! It was kind of stressful to get 12 done in a week, and I know I'll enjoy it more when I'm not on a time crunch. In a few weeks, I'll do the border and then learn to do the quilting! I'm hooked!

By THursday of last week, I was beside myself with my hair. I had tried conditioners, de frizz, you name it. So I knew of a salon where I knew someone had gone to. I figured anything was better than what I had. I told the guy to just cut, but he didn't. He cut some and taught me to use a flat iron. Told me my hair is dry beyound belief. And he said he wants me to grow out the top some more. I was thrilled! I"m sure he had to have thought it was his very unlucky day.....lady in with a bad perm expecting a miracle! But he was very nice and I'm thrilled!

On Weds, I came home tired and wantint to eat a salad and quilt. For some reason, DH had ordered pizzas. I got home and DS was semi dressed up, which isn't that usual. I asked him if he was going to eat with us. We were all starving and had already dug into the salad and pizza. DH gave him the "look". DS said he was eating with us, but had to get a friend first. I asked what her name was....and DH looked amazed. I told him that all DS's friends knew where we lived, so it had to be a girl. And do you think the house was clean? NOOOOOOOOOOO. Dusty, clothes on the couch....AND Mia had burst an anal gland and smelled to high heaven. I ran around trying to do what I could. His GF, very nice. She's a math teacher where DS goes to high school. We loved her! And I have to wonder. My step mom was very insistant that DS get her diamond ring. She taught math. DS's GF teaches math and she went to the same school where my step mom taught! You gotta wonder if she isn't playing Cupid!
And then, DS found out he got a better job. He's going to work for HOmeland Security, in Cincinnati. He's thrilled! And he can still live in the area!

This next Saturday, we take youngest DS to Annapolis for tennis camp. We'll drive over on Saturday, come back Monday and leave the following Friday to get him again! That's 2000 miles in a week!

Work has been so very peaceful. Cinderella is out of the office. Even with a person short, things have gone so smoothly!

Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement!
I'm gonna go watch Food Network STar and then get reservations for Annapolis!

Hope everyone has a great week!
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Better end to the week and quilting class! 06-18-2010 - 08:34 PM
TGIF...and how!

I didn't sleep a wink on Weds. Tossed and turned all nite long. When I finally drifted off to sleep, I had a nitemare where Cinderella cornered me in the office and I couldn't get help. There went the rest of the nite!

I dragged my weary body into work and the morning dragged. My one coworker was silent, Cinderella was as well and the other co worker was trying to create issues as well.

Mid morning I had to go ask one of the therapists a question and you know when you get those little nudges....where Little curly tells me to do s omething?! Well, I listened and acted. So, early afternoon, I swallowed my pride and apologized to Cinderella for assuming. She started into this long tirade and said she was calling HR for a mediation. I told her fine, we all needed it, but this was NOT the time to go into it. Later, I went to see the manager of our area, not the registration staff. I asked if he had a moment and he said if I didn't mind him finishing his report to shoot. I apologized for my assumptions and said I was mortified. You could just see this smile spread across his face and he doesn't smile. He turned to look at me and asked why I was apologizing. I said I just didn't like how I had acted. He told me I wasn't the one who needed to apologize, but he really appreciated having a team player. He then told me that whatever it takes will be done to rectify the situation. I knew he had talked to the one coworker, cuz she was slamming charts down and left in a huff. Today, Cinderella kept checking her email and sure enough, halfway through the morning, she smiles her little smirk and heads out with her purse, shutting down her computer and phone. 40 mins later, she comes in, slams her purse in her desk and reboots her computer. The other coworker tried to get me to guess what had happened, but I ignored her. By lunchtime, Cinderella was the nicest thing you had ever seen, and I'm guessing words were said to indicate, shape up or ship out. I don't imagine my manager was happy to be put down by the other manager. So, the week ended on a high note. I don't know that things will improve, but Cinderella will be gone for 8 days (working days) and then I'll be out and then the other coworker. Works for me!

And, tomorrow, Curly K starts her quilting classes! I'm psyched, my bags are packed, my sewing box filled, my material, washed and ironed.

The hair....still curly, but it's amazing what a flat iron can do, which cracks me up that I spend an hour to undo the curls i wanted! LOLOL! And, it looks rather frizzy, which it is....but it will relax at some point.....

But most of all, thanks so much for your support. I felt lower than a slug in the creek.....and you all surrounded me with love and support and it meant the world.

Noni, I'm figuring maybe if you're on the south end we can meet for lunch? With Cinderella gone, I can plan more ahead! And just maybe, squeeze in a little more time if we're not too slammed. I've gotta show you the frizzed out curls, my quilting project....AND I know you need an in person hug...cyber hugs are nice, but the real ones are better...AND....I need one too.

Gonna hit the shower. I didn't work out for the majority of the week, so I did a 5K walking tape that really kicked but. That made up for all the mini chocolates I nibbled on today!

Thanks again everyone......I love y'all!
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The perfectly horrible day, computer woes, and more..... 06-16-2010 - 09:05 PM
Whoa, I knew I'd been too busy to get on, but didn't realize it had been that long.....and I'm so far behind on journals......I'm gonna have to get caught up.

I've been computer sharing with our oldest DS who's computer crashed. We were gonna get him a cheapie lap top for his bday but he wanted cash. So we're computer sharing....and now my computer is slower than a slug....and he's been taking mine to work. DH told me to go look for another one as DS isn't the cleanest when it comes to hand washing....and I kinda worry about what may be on my keyboard~

And, work and kids have had me busy. I';ve also been trying my darndest to exercise more....and by the time I've done all that, the days gone....so, sorry I've been off for so long!

Work.....lets just say, I'm in the process of updating my resume. Cinderella has gone all out and today just was the icing on the cake. Cinderella has been a thorn and management just ignores it. Today, however, I got into a discussion over what I assumed was a situation. Well, you know what they say happens when you assume and it sure happened. And it may bite me in the but. However, my one coworker did come to my aid and to let others know that I had merely let out months of vent up frustration...BUT i know I disappointed her, and myself as well. And I'm just mortified. My one coworker ended up going to the head of our actual department, not over the registration staff and he told her he'd get it handled. He doesn't want to lose either of us and I'm fairly sure she made threats. He did tell her that he knows I'm too smart and level headed to get into things like that again. AND, Cinderella has announced she is going to our manager, which I don't know how that will go.....so my stomach is in knots.......

which why I decided to get a perm today is beyond my imagination. I have coarse stick straight hair. I can curl, spray and gel only to have it go flat in no time. So I asked this hairstylist I've been seeing if she thought a mild perm on top would help. She said it would....so after a year of hem hawing away, I decided to go for it. One would think after my day that I would cancel, but no, me the eternal optimist went on ahead. And did I mention this lady doesn't do perms on a regular basis? And that she wound my entire head???????????? And that when I left, there were stares, and not the kind of wishing they had done that?????????? The only consolation is that my hair grows quickly....and I'm gonna wash the daylights out of it tomorrow and hope the curl relaxes......... And i'm hoping once I dry it out it will be ok..........

so I come home to find out that DH is cutting his BP meds down, on the advice of his doctor. But now he's in panic mode, complaining of leg weakness, headache and not feeling well. I'm thinking I'm not gonna get a good nites sleep tonite!

On the upside....and there truly is one. We did have a wonderful weekend in Louisville, not boating, but away from a lot of the rain. And....not only do they have my yarn store, but a quilting store! And.....I start quilt lessons on Saturday. Noni, I'm gonna take from a lady in Beavercreek at the Mason Jar store on Fairfield. But, I couldn't get to the store earlier, and I am already gonna fail on not having enough material! LOLOL!

And....just so y'all don't get tired of all the whining.....I did a great one last week. I had ordered new contacts. I was excited because these I can REALLY see out of.,....I can actually read all the signs on the road! So, DD brings them to me at work and the right eye is fabullous. I pop in the left lens and I can't see squat. I'm getting dizzy it's so bad and I can't even read the numbers on my phone to call the eye doctor. I finally get them called and in a panic explain I can't see a thing. The girl asked if I had it in the right way and I get all huffy cuz I've only had contacts for over 20 years, but I decide to take it out to look and they're in the right way, both lenses, the old and the new! I had put a new lens on top of the old.....LOLOL! I called the lady back at the eye doctor and explained that I had them both in the right way......with two lenses in one eye. She could barely talk she was laughing so hard, and I'm sure they all had a good chuckle.

And on that note, I'm gonna take my curly head to bed....I really missed seeing you all on! It seemed everyone was off for awhile and then BOOM, I've got a lot of catching up to do, which I'll do tomorrow I PROMISE!

And, have I told you ladies that you are very special???????
News......I'm so glad things went well, I'm eagerly awaiting pics, i've got to read it all.
Noni.....I've been surrounding you with health, and it sounds like you've got a lot going on......who do you see for your hand? Do you go upstairs or to someone else?
Marta..........I truly have to catch up, I just caught titles and I have to admit, New's journal MARTA has me intrigued!

Promise I won't stay away so long again............LOVE YOU ALL!

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Sneezing like Noni, new grill, weekend.... 05-29-2010 - 09:16 PM
and so it goes! Like noni, I ha ve had a horric cold. I started the week with a scratchy throat and by Weds nite I had chills, a cough and my nose I was told looked like Rudolph! DH told me to stay home for the rest of the week and i was feeling too puck to argue. I spent Thurs and Friday in bed, or on the couch. And let me tell you there is nothing good on daytime tv! I resorted to Wife Swap, which was truelly the low point of my week, and I worked my way to level 250 on text twist on my iphone! LOL!

But, today came and I was feeling well enough that I rounded up the girls and we went to my mom's garage. Which in itself is a challenge of boxes, crates along with her lawn equipment. We unearthed 8, yes 8 boxes of books that I had read and boxed, and really didn't want, so we took them to Half Priced Books where I got some money, and even after buying 2 books, was worth the trip. DD's just groaned when I came out with 2 books! DH and DS cleaned the garage, but I still have 4 boxes of stuff I kept, and there is still a garage load of stuff at my moms. That will keep till another weekend though!

After showering and some yummy mexican food, DH and I went in search of a heman grill. DH loves to grill out and he unfortunately ruined our grill last year. I knew which grill he wanted, but he had to do the ritual look around to show me how nice the one he wanted was in comparison. Now DH doesn't ask for anything, so when he does, I don't complain, but I let him do his routine and he finally agreed to just buy the grill he wanted, which was silly cuz it was in the same price range as the others were. It now sits in our car in boxes, cuz he will not pay to assemble it, says he can do it in 5 minutes. Yeah. We'll see.

DD's are getting ready for finals, while youngest DS is done with his classes for the summer. The girls are stressed and DS is already asking "what can I do?".

Thanks for all the input on the dreams....Noni, you hit it on the head! BINGO! And....it all made sense.....although DH is still LHAO about the whole dream. I told my one coworker who had her knee repaired by Dr. Welker and she almost fell out of her seat LOL!

I'm gonna hit the tub, I'm feeling better, but I'm still wiped out. I can't figure out how 2 days in bed and I'm still tired!
Noni....sure hope you're on the mend!

News....where are you? Eager sisters await news from news! And, like Noni, I'm sending loads of prayers your way.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! HUGS~
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and the games continue....and what was i dreaming? 05-21-2010 - 09:18 PM
at least with Cinderella. This morning, on the schedule was a note that one of the accounts needed to be fixed. Well, Cinderella was the only one to touch the account and do you think she fixed it??????????? Then, this evening when I was finishing the charts for Monday, I told her she was missing one and she got her pursy lipped smirk and asked if I had looked for it for her!!!!!!!!!????????????????? I told her my shift was not over and i had not yet looked but that while she was there, she could go look. She was not happy. But.....even if I report it, it won't do any good, so I'm just gathering all my tools and memos to take to HR. This manager is moving to a much larger area, and I am so half tempted to buy him a set of tennis balls so he has the balls to do the job. Seriously, he has so empowered Cinderella while stripping the power from all of us.

And, thanks for all the support and tips!

So on to the funny stuff. Noni you are SOOOOOOO gonna love this dream I had! And all you dream analyzers, do fill me in. I had a dream where your ortho doc Noni had done surgery on my knee. In the dream, he comes into the post op area and he is laughing hysterically while he watches his cell phone. He then proceeds to tell me that I am a very funny lady in preop and shows me this video of my doing this stripper dance in the hospital gown. Naturally in the dream, I am horrified and he LOL saying he has to run post it on You Tube. I tell him he can't do that and he says that when I signed the consent, I consented to using photos for educational purposes. So he leaves and this nurse has me walking all over the facility. I ask her why I am walking after knee surgery and she tells me that they are having a carry in and she isn't going to let a patient ruin her good time. They finally let me sit and I notice the sutures on my knee look like a frown, and the nurse shakes her head and says that this doc makes a good knee have a smilie and a bad knee has a frown. So the knee bit I get....but the rest????? Any ideas dream people?

And yes, Noni....I am going to start to quilt. Have you ever been to Sew a Lot? I heard they have some neat quilting classes, and wonder of wonders, they have one that fits my work schedule....kinda. It's gonna take some manuevering, but I think I can swing it. and....yes, i figure this hobby will get us together! I'm psyched!

Tomorrow is either clean house and do laundry or do the garage, both ours and my mom's. My mom's garage is beyond overflowing with my junk....Robin, I may need to bring it to your friends house! I know I have remnants of dishes and glassware, books, games, decorations, you name it, and it's probably there.

But for now, it's tub time again. Everyone else did their exercises but me.....tomorrow I so have to get out there and move!

Thanks again ladies for the support, it makes me so angry to even think of this b***ch. The good thing is that when my other coworker comes back, she'll deal with it. She reminds me of EF Hutton, when she speaks, they all llisten! And she is so fed up with it that I'm sure she'll get things rolling!

Off to the tub................stay cool and dry (we have loads of rain here, I may need to send all the junk via boat)....and have a wonderful weekend!
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I am mortified..... 05-20-2010 - 09:01 PM
what a rough 2 weeks!
This after almost 90 hours over the last 2 weeks.
The week started well with Cinderella, but as the time passed, so did her helpfulness, and by this Tuesday, a migraine and tight chest were regular visitors by the end of the day. Tuesday nite, I was ready to ram my car into anything, so yesterday I spoke to my manager. He said he is at a loss as to what to do, said he has warned her that if she doesn't shape up, he'll write her up....well excuse me, there have been at least 3 violations of her agreement and he is warning her? I told him he was like the parent who threatens to count to 3 and by the time they hit 300 wonder why the kids is still throwing a hissy fit. He wasn't amused.
Well, another coworker and I were fed up so by the time today rolled around, I am ashamed to say that we didn't play Cinderella's game and unfortunately it was something we should have done. Well, she went crying again to our manager and bottom line, we all got called into a meeting and warned of our actions. I am not only mortified, but furious. He warns her for months, lets her do what she wants and then comes down on the 2 of us? My other co worker who has written proof of his threat, is going to HR...I think. And I am just bewildered beyound belief. Never in all my years of working have I felt like this.....and Cinderella just sat there all smug in her glory today. I wanted to seriously slap her.

But....other than that....life's good. DS is winding down his school year. Finals next week for him and then me trying to keep him busy enough to not be with GF all the time. DH, DS and I met with the officer who helps students with the application process for the Naval Academy. It was an interesting meeting and he had a lot of helpful advice, but he doled it out slowly, saying that DS needs to get this stuff done first.

We went to see my niece dance last weekend, it was so cute! This weekend is my other nieces dance recital.

And it's hard to believe that May is almost over. I'm going to use next weekend to scour through my garage and my moms. I am sure there are boxes of stuff in her garage that are useless....and I need to put away my Christmas dishes. You think it's time to store them away????

So, in order to relieve some frustration, I'm hitting the tub....and reading a new book. DH got me a gift card to a bookstore, and I was like a kid in a candy store! I got some mysteries, and a book by a new author I have discovered. She writes these neat books centered around quilting! They're a nice easy read. And, so Noni...guess what my next hobby to take up is?

Anyway, hope y'all are having a better week...but hey tomorrow is Friday! And.......News.....we're eagerly awaiting news about Nini and tini!
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Is it only Wednesday? 05-12-2010 - 09:08 PM
A lot of folks seem to think the week has flown by, but I'm being dual personality lady here and it's been dragging by!
My one coworker is off this week and next, so I'm going in at my usual time while staying to close for her hours. And the week has been mercifully slow, but that makes for a long day!
And....did I tell you that another coworker was hinting at me to see if I wanted to cover some weekend hours??? I just played dumb! And....Cinderella and the other co worker I swear are taking turns tugging at that last nerve! Today, I had to explain why we had to balance our deposit against the closing reports.....someone just didn't get it!

But....it IS Wednesday and that means only 2 more days.....

Other than that, life has been uneventful. Mother's Day and bday were nicely quiet. DH, however forgot to call MIL for Mother's Day...and I had done a friend request on FB...and she deleted me! LOLOL! I took my mom to the nursery for her to pick out a plant, which she loved. We never did get to Bingo as the girls had midterms, but I'm hoping to go Sunday.

DS #1 went diving for dead bodies today....seriously! He's with a rescue dive team, and they had to go to a local quarry to look for dead folks......not my cup of tea....and rather gruesome if you ask me! I personally would rather fish for fish or even bottom rock!

The weather here has been nicely cool....but after nagging from my mom and DH...I went out and got some new pjs. They are silky, but not silk, and the first nite, I ended up sweating through the entire nite! So we'll have to see how that goes!

I'm gonna hit the tub and then bed......I'm tired! I didn't sleep well last nite.....so it's early to bed....and News, by doing some affirmations, I've been sleeping better other than last nite...AND my aches and pains are getting better!

Hope that Noni, you have a wonderful trip. News, I can't wait to hear when Tini arrives...and Marta, I'm hoping you get some good news or better feelings at work.

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Many many thanks! 05-07-2010 - 09:04 PM
WOW...what a wonderful way to end a nice day!

I love birthdays! and thanks to Facebook, it was a wonderful day! I don't go telling folks it's my birthday, so I was surprised that i had an email message last evening wishing me a happy bday. Today was the last day for one of our therapists, so we had a carry in luncheon. I went into my cubby room. and there was a card and a jar of cream from my coworkers! So I asked who the little birdie was, only to find out it was Facebook! surprise to me!

The luncheon was yummy....DH made brownies, we had pulled pork, meatballs, chicken dip. salad fruit and chips. Did I say I couldn't move afterwards?

Tonite, we just grabbed pizzas and DH is making more desserts. I'm not a fan of eating out on Mother's Day, the restaurantes are packed, the service not always so great, and I worry that the food is cooked in too big a hurry and about how clean stuff gets. Wierd I know. So, tomorrow, we're all going out to an Italian restaurant for pasta and then to my dad's for cake! YUM!

Not much else going on here.....tomorrow morning DS is in a tennis tournament. So we're heading up there early in the morning. And then I have a ton of cleaning to do...and laundry. On mother's day, we're gonna take my mom to Bingo.....she'll love that one!

THANKS again for all the wishes...you are all so special and if only you knew how great it made me feel!

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Storms, hectic beginning to the week, and life! 05-04-2010 - 09:14 PM
Like Noni said and it sounds like we all got to experience it....was storms! DD and I were out last evening and all of a sudden, it got horrid! But...I love sleeping in the rain....AND, when we got up, it felt great!

Today feels like it should be at least Thursday! Monday, I went into work early to hopefully see Noni at her docs office AND I had to drop some stuff off early. So I hopped into the office and started to say that I was only dropping off and my one coworker was telling someone that karolyn was here and would be with her in a minute? WHAT? I tried to m otion to her that I wasn't really there, but with the windows both being 3 deep and phones ringing at all 3 desks, I didn't really feel like I could jump ship. And the day didn't end until after 6. My one coworker and I were both ready to jump off the ship about noon. And today wasn't any better. i went in to the same scene, and we had walk in hand people all day long, with the last one popping in at 5:10......at which time the hand therapist looked at me and said "really....did you have to do that?" She was just kidding....but around 4 you kinda think you see the light.
And May is not only my bday (News....Nini has to go for Friday)...but it's also the month that I have to have my yearly TB test. But it's not as easy as it sounds. There are only so many folks who can administer it....and it has to be read by another group of folks within 3 days, but later than 2 1/2 days, so it's a matter of timing.....and today and yesterday wasn't it for me! I'll have to try on Friday. That's ok...and I may wait till Monday....after all....who wants to get stuck on their birthday?
News....thanks for the info from that book. I pulled it out...and it is ringing true. My mid back is bugging me with no joke with all the c**p going on at work with Cinderella and management! My shoulder is bugging me...and my knees...and I didn't read shoulder...but the knee part was true too! And so I've been popping Ibuprofen more than I normally do, which I am sure where the waking up is as my body tries to get rid of that!
Sunday, we went to my nieces First communion. It was sweet, but oh so crowded. Wall to wall and pew to pew filled with folks. We were in charge of my 5yo niece, who chattered the entire time through mass. Halfway through she whispers to DD that she wasn't wearing underwear...but to not tell anyone.....it was a secret! DD almost fell off the pew LOL. My SIL then told us that last week, my oldest niece had asked if she could take snacks to school. Both parents said NO since it was late at nite and they were tired after a long day at work. My niece went into pout mode, which she is very good at. So the next day, my SIL was surprised when the sitter asked her to reimburse her for the snacks. Apparently, the oldest niece wrote a note asking the sitter to get 21 boxes of juice and bags of chips and bring them to her school at noon. The note was placed in the 5yo's bookbag and the 5yo told the sitter to read the note...which she did, the snacks were bought and dellivered, and my SIL....not very amused that her DD's weren't so darling...AND that the sitter had followed the advice of a 7yo! I on the other hand got a wonderful chuckle out of the entire thing!
Now....I'm gonna hit the bed. Tomorrow is a ROTC banquet for DS and I get off work a tad earlier...but I have to go to work way earlier! No fun!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week! HUGS~
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More rested, nice weekend and week.... 04-29-2010 - 08:36 PM
News.....I'd love to see that article or know where to look! I'm sure something is repairing itself....probably my back or knees! LOL! But..... I've had 2, count em 2 nights where I've slept for 6 hours straight! It's really helped my disposition....but I still feel tired, although part of that I think is allergy related.

The weekend and DD's bday....FUN! Saturday morning, I knew she would go to her favorite Starbucks and there was a gift card and tumbler waiting for her. She came back with a big grin.....and eagerly awaited the rest of the day. Later on, we went for our pedicures, which by the way were heavenly. When we got to the general area, DD handed her a card which had a cutesy poem which told her what was next and she was thrilled. We also got her a new stereo for her car, which thrilled her. She loves music but the one in her car didn't work. All in all, she said it was an A+ day!

Work and Cinderella......our manager is such a weenie. Can I say that? Anyway....he told Cinderella if she does it again, she'll be written up...but hey, he told her that one before and it hasn't happened. So we'll see. It's like telling a kid....I'm gonna count to 3....and then counting to 3 twenty times! But....she has been a tad bit more subdued, so we'll see.

DS...very excited, the oldest one that is. He bought himself his first car! He's so excited. He's not the best at paying his bill, so it took awhile for him to get approved, and he was so excited. He found a nice Trail Blazer in fairly good shape.

And....youngest DS's GF's brother and his wife had a baby girl the other day! GF is way excited and I told them both to not get any ideas. I so LOLOL though. GF was telling DS about watching the baby get a bath. DS didn't know why the baby needed a bath since it hadn't been outside or gotten dirty. Apparently, somewhere with all the talks and classes at school, he didn't realize they don't come out squeaky clean! And when I described how they look, well, his gag reflex went wild! LOL! I asked if he thought they came out dressed and ready to go!

We've had out typical Ohio weather.....cold and frosty earlier this week and warm today. Tonite I spent some more time in the yard.....which still makes the kids mouth's drop open. I must feel a need to reconnect with the earth or whatever, but I'm having fun. There's something so exciting about seeing things get done.

I'm gonna hit the shower....and get to bed.....hope everyone has a great week!
I'm missing seeing everyone on here......
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HARUMPF........... 04-23-2010 - 08:59 PM
Is that even a word??? I know it's how I feel today!

The week started well, I had my review which went very well. My manager spent an hour talking to me, but alot of it was filling me in on information. And while we didn't get merit increases, I was pleased that I had done so well. That was a great start to the week!

And the week wasn't too bad, but today was just off and awful. Too much caffiene has made it hard for me to fall asleep...and for some reason, I've been getting up at 445. And not going back to sleep, so I'm tired. Another coworker hasn't felt well and it shows. plus, our area has been so unorganized as far as staffing.....and that adds stress. But today, Cinderella and another coworker were at it. Cinderella will hang on to stuff that is needed for days for no reason. Our manager basically told her to knock it off or she'd be written up. She was ok for a few days....but today, she didn't do turn her stuff in. The other co worker fired off an email to our manager, but I had to listen to her complain all day, which put me in a grumpy mood. Then, before Cinderella left, I was going through the work and asked her for her share. no comment. as she's leaving, she tells me that she had left the work in another area of the building, which to me was just down right childish, so i emailed a not nice email to my manager. and.....i kind of tactfully suggested to another helper that has been coming down that she could perhaps switch her schedule so that someone could have a 4day week....and i hope i didn't make her feel badly...... after all that, i felt unsettled. i hate confrontations and there is sure to be one on monday,especially with cinderella. but....seriously....so i dunno...should i have just let it go??????
When I got home....dh and dd were at odds, both stating the other was in a bad mood......and by that time...i just lolol!
But.....on the good side....my washer and dryer work like a dream.....i didn't think laundry could be washed that quickly....and tomorrow is dd's 20th bday.
All day i thought about the day she was born, it was so scary. Her placenta had never attached as it should have, and it was low lying and started to separate when i went into labor. at one point, my gyn got so frustrated, he went to gather a team and OR to section me. Well, dd decided right then and there that no way was she getting cut out! So out she pops....and just as the placenta broke loose. and here, 20 years later, shes' such a joy....most of the time!
I have a few things up my sleeve for tomorrow, i have a gift and drinks waiting at Starbucks along with a gift card. Pedi's for she, myself and other dd. frozen yogurt. i hope she has fun!
So....now i'm going to try and get some sleep!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!
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New washer.............and dryer ! 04-16-2010 - 09:15 PM
DH and I FINALLY found some time to go look for a washer/dryer....and found one! Here I am with the calculator on my phone trying to see if we could get a better deal......and when DH realized what I was doing....and that the next sale price would save us a whopping $11...he shook his head and said I would cause him A LOT more than that in grief over the current set.

And........the set arrives Sunday......so I am so psyched! And Patty....i love new appliances too!
DH got all psyched over the appliances, so we looked at refrigerators too, which we will need as well. But the area we have is very narrow and the frig he wants won't fit....and he's not a happy camper. He likes the lighting in it. The lighting isn't as bright, and is easier on his eyes. And I do admit that the frig he likes is nice.

DH got pretty p'od last nite. And this is one of this very hard situations that i have to deal with. He was mad cuz his coach was being a jerk. Now on the one hand.....DS was talking with his GF...so I don't blame him.....BUT....he said his GF said the coach was trying to sneak a peek down her shirt. He wanted to go yell at him...or to go to the board....and I can truly feel his pain, however, I told him it's her word against his, and he has 30 years of a career behind him...and with it being a look, I told him the coach would have a million excuses. I told him it was wrong and repulsive, but that this was one of those times when although things are disgusting, he's best to let it go and to keep his GF away from the man. It makes me mad that she felt violated, and i felt horrid for my answer, it sounds so complacent.....but with BF having big plans, he can't get himself into anything like that. So I dunno....I kinda feel like I let the GF down.......Any thoughts????????????

DD is sneezing and coughing and has lost her voice. I told her it was nice . She's allergic to so many antibiotics though, and she knows that she's better off with all her vitamins and homeopathics! But for now, she's miserable.
Part of it is allergy, the other half, the crud. I'm just hoping she keeps the germs to herself!

Spring cleaning will continue this weekend.....I was going to go clear out my stuff at my mom's....but.....with DD sick and DS has ROTC.....and the weather.......I'll work inside!

And.......the WW has to resume. The scale is going up, the clothes seem to be shrinking, but i know better, and my knees are not happy campers. so........this next week, I'm going to plan out some stuff. this week was bad as we rean so much that we ate out a lot and that's never good, and all the sodium makes my fingers swell.

And.......last but not least.......my mom's blood work came back with her being anemic...........so they want her to do those little poop on a card things........which I KNOW she won't understand.............but she won't do a colonoscopy due to her diabetes.....so that has my mind in a swirl as well.....

Anyway.......tub and bed time. I'm tired, I did a lot of long days this week to be able to go see DS play tennis.....but the good thing is my vacation time is building up nicely!

Hoping everyone is having a great week...........HUGS~
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Warmer weather, tired, taxes done! 04-13-2010 - 08:50 PM
Sums up my week so far!

The weather has been so amazing, and I've loved it. I spent the weekend cleaning and organizing stuff. DH almost fell over when I was out cleaning out my car.....and then.......I went out and did yard work. Now realize, that yard work is not something I've done a lot of, so the kids were in a state of shock...........but they were LOLOL cuz I had my iPod on and I was just bebopping away while I pulled weeds!

But, my sleep rhythms have been off, and I'm tired, plus all the pollen has made me stuffy, so I think I'm dealing with that. And............I got mad at DH the other nite over a stupid comment he made, so I didn't sleep.

Our taxes are done, and we didn't come out too awfully badly. We still had to pay, but not as much as we were expecting, so we were thrilled!

I had a chance to leave work early today and watch DS play tennis. It was his first match this year and while he didn't win, he gave his opponent a good run! It was so nice outside and it was fun to watch! He's been worried, his GF has an ovarian cyst, and it's been giving her a lot of pain.

Work has been interesting. I've been kind of moving around while we have people out. At times it leaves my area short, while at others, they're using others who are filling in. Our manager is trying to find a few additional people to help out as some areas are truly understaffed.

Not much else going on here. I've got to go look for a new washer, mine is giving me a lot of grief. Now that we don't have to pay as much, I told DH I can get the set I want!

Hope everyone is having a great week........HUGS!
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Easter, warmer weather....spring cleaning.... 04-06-2010 - 10:00 PM
pretty much sums up life here!

Easter was nice, except that we didn't get to church. We've been really not very good in that area, and had felt bad that we had become those 2 time a year folk. But, the church we do attend is 30 mins away and they were doing services every 45 mins, so we kinda felt that it would be like a dvr'd service. A church closer to us was tempting, but the kids really don't like the speaker, well, none of us do, and it's awkward, because he's the father of a friend of DS's.....we debated the entire weekend and by the time we didn't come to a decision, it was too late.
I spent the day cleaning out our closets, both upstairs and downstairs. Dh cleaned the garage and we felt like we got a lot done, although it would have been nice to be outside instead!
My one creative moment was when DD wanted to find eggs. I bought a couple of packages of plastic eggs, and stuffed a few with candy....but then I bought some lottery tickets, some gift cards and toothbrushes, and a dvd. Some of the eggs had little notes in them, and I made sure the kids each got a lottery scratch off , gift card and toothbrush. They really liked them!
We went to dinner at a historic restaurant with my folks, which was good, but very crowded, which kind of took away the ambiance. Nothing like making conversation over 2 tables of scfreaming kids!
The weather....so nice! I've been enjoying it immensely, but someone told me that it's gonna get colder here at the end of the week! And....of course i have all our coats at the dry cleaners! And I am NOT gonna get them dirty for 2 days....we'll all just have to freeze!
Work has been soooooooooooooooooo slow, but nobody wants to use their time off. It makes the day go by so slowly. My coworker and i have been fighting over things to do....well not really, but we both seem to be racing to get things done, while Cinderella just stares at her computer screen. I have no clue what she's looking at.....and she's been acting very wierd, and driving us nuts. But next week, a lot of folks are off, so we'll be going to other departments, so hopefully it will go by a bit faster.
Sooooooo....the funny thing this weekend??????????? OMG....I am still LOL. Friday, I had that 6th sense that DH was up to something. Sure enough, he and DS's had gone motorcycle hunting. No, nothing was purchased....but they all decided to go take the license test on Saturday. So, the 3 of them head out. Youngest DS, who has had some unfortunate events with driving, texts me shortly after that he's done and passed, but other DS and DH are still at the computer. A bit later, DH calls, and he's grumpy. Apparently, DS #1 passed, barely....and DH....well....lets' just say it's a good thing he didn't buy anything! He failed! And of course, DS#2 is soaking it up..............and DH is grumping about taking it again...............LOLOL!
So that was the thing that still keeps me laughing........and now I'm gonna hit the bed. After a month of nagging DH to get stuff to our accountant, tonite, he looks at me and says that the accountant needs all our stuff, by Thursday. And did I say I work tomorrow and Thursday? And did I tell you that DH has stuff all over the place?????????????
Hope everyone has a great week! HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Sick dog, hurt dog, ducks and son gone! 03-30-2010 - 09:00 PM
That kinda sums up my last week!

Last week, Zeus, the shepherd went fishing in the sink and found a steak knife. He tried to see if it had food on it and scraped the roof of his mouth, but it wasn't bad enough to take him to the vet, but enough to give us a scare!
Mia, feeling left out, played her leading role as the girl in the Exorcist. DH said he and DD's came home for lunch the other day and there was proof that Mia had gotten sick. They cleaned her and the cage up, sat down to eat, only to have her start spewing stuff out, that they all said looked like something unreal. DD took her to the vet, who couldn't find anything wrong with her, and by that time, Mia was wagging her tail and eager to get treats. A day of eating chicken and rice, and she's back to her normal self. The vet thinks she overdosed on sticks of all things.....

DUCKS! Not for us, but DS's GF bought 6 baby ducks. They are adorable, but no thanks. Now he and DD want ducks but I said NO WAY. 3 dogs and ducks do not make a good combo, especially when the 3 dogs love to eat duck! DS's GF said she's going to raise them and then release them on a pond at a friend of her mom's. DS said perhaps they could just have a duck roast when they were big enough.....

DS left for DC Monday. He's having a ball. Said they won't get to the White House, but they did see President Obama pass by in his limo. They're going to ESPN Zone tonite, which is from what I gather, Chuckie Cheese for adults. But, he misses us as he texts us a lot and I'm sure GF even more!

Work has been strange. Management is just doing wierd things with personnel and it doesn't make sense. We do have a lady coming down to help, but until she's trained, it's taking more time to help her. And some of the other areas are understaffed at the wrong times.....so it's just wierd. But this lady is kinda keeping Cinderella at bay....so it's good.

The weather has finally warmed up.....last Friday we woke up to ice and very cold weather. DS called and told me to be careful, and sure enough there were cars off the road and accidents on the highways, but the side roads weren't too bad.

For Easter, we're going to go to dinner with both my parents. We're going to a buffet at a historic restaurant. We went there for Mother's Day last year and we all agreed it was good. DH just said the other nite we have to go get candy...and he's all about baskets for the kids, even with them being too old! I'm wondering if we'll find anything or if like last year we'll be down to just the left overs! LOL! I did buy grass and colors, so we're covered there.

Gonna go hit the shower.....it's been so hard for me to get up with the cooler nites....it's just so easy to turn over and snuggle for just a few more!

Hope everyone is doing well.........

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Sunny weekend! 03-21-2010 - 08:41 PM
Whoa, it's been awhile! It's been busy...when isn't it?

Work has been busy, we've been one short for 2 weeks for one thing or another. It was nice cuz Cinderella was off for 2 days. But we're also having another lady has been coming in to train with us. Hopefully she can help fill in some gaps.

This past weekend I took the girls to Columbus. DD wants to eventually move out there, hoping she gets a job out there. So we started to look at housing out there. Except, youngest DD was annoyed. I think it's more that she doesn't want to think of her sister leaving. But we did look at a couple of places, which are so highly priced. I figure anywhere that offers coffee, soda and snacks is gonna tack that fee in somewhere! I told her that DH and I will take her up a few more times. We had a nice time, although we didn't accomplish anything. We did see a few cars that I want to go test drive, but didn't have time to do that. We did some shopping, but we had to be at the melting pot by 4, so we were in a hurry. After a wonderful dinner we walked around and window shopped, but didn't really see what we wanted. then we went back to our room and watched NCIS reruns (we'd not seen it before, but are now fans) and also Did you hear about the Morgans. All fun, but we were up till 2 am, so today we slept in late. We were beat, so even though we hit another mall, we were too pooped to shop!

DS is getting ready to head to Washington DC with ROTC. He's excited. He leaves in a week, and then when he returns, it's his spring break.

While we were gone, other DS went on a bike ride and flipped off his bike and cut his forehead. I would have insisted he get stitches, but he told DH he was ok. It's ok today, just swollen and he has a black eye....and he's had a lot of teasing that he needs training wheels! LOL!

This week will be busy. I work Saturday, so I have to adjust my hours to stay out of overtime. And I really don't like Saturdays....it really tears into the weekend.

NOt much else happening....I'm gonna go watch some more NCIS with the fam.

Hope everyone has a great week....and I'm loving this weather!

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It's Thursday! 03-11-2010 - 08:40 PM
and tomorrow is Friday....and you have no clue how very happy I am! What a week!

Of course, we're down a co worker at work, so it's been a very hectic week. She said Cinderella had to leave for a bit. I agreed. I went into what can only be explained as a monumental zone of war. Apparently, communication had not gotten across and Cinderella was not there. My other co worker had had to deal with a very angry and confrontational patient who had scared her....and she was livid, understandably so. And amongst it all, in strolls Cinderella....
I told her that we had no clue she was coming in late, and she got flip. Told me in no uncertain terms that she had told management. I told her that as a coworker,she had to be a team player and let us know what was going on. She got huffy and snippy, but I told her it wasn't fair for her to just roll in whenever.
Today, I went in and my other co worker had to leave immediately, she had a family emergency, so we were 2 down and i'm still not sure she'll be there tomorrow. We had 2 fillins and Cinderella didn't like the first one, so she pouted. But with the second, she was so acting like she was employee of the month....or something....no biggie.

But, it's been a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggg week....and I cannot wait till tomorrow. The downside is that next week may be just as long and short staffed, but my one co worker will be back and I can't wait. Things just go smoother with her, because we work well in tandem. I had called her yesterday and told her her chair held power, that i had calmly but firmly put Cinderella in her place. LOL! But oh Marta, yesterday I came in with some charts and don't even ask how very close I came to whacking her! It was such a temptation!

Despite the week.....it's warm and sunny outside and yes we've had rain....but it's warm and we've seen glimpses of sun!

DS had his safe driving class, and I so wish they'd do it BEFORE they get licensed. He came back so full of facts and tips...and it would be nice if they'd do it before they got tickets. He also said that his tennis coach was very disappointed in him about his ticket and that made DS feel badly.

Thanks for the advice about dad.....I have to agree, part of it is that fear of asking his doctor and not interpreting it....and my dad feels that whatever a doctor says is gospel. Seriously. If a doctor told him to run out in traffic, he would. And it's just been hard for me as i've had mom issues as well.

Noni, thanks for the advice for mom.....I'm going to have to look into that later. I don't mind the doctor appts as I;m too much of a control freak to not know what's going on, but it would be nice to get some assistance in other areas!

Noni, you must be getting ready for finals, DD's have their finals next week and they're looking forward to a week off! And DS is looking forward to his trip to DC later this month.

I'm just looking forward to getting things done here....and for this weekend for some good old R&R!

And to start that off....I'm gonna hit the tub!
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Can someone please do some splaining to me? 03-08-2010 - 09:08 PM
OK, maybe I'm not at my swiftest....but I'm truly trying to figure this out.. My dad after 2 days left the hospital, walking just fine and with new meds. He was given clearance to drive to the grocery, church and the doctors AND to resume regular activities. Did I say REGULAR activities?
So, Saturday was hectic, but yesterday, DH called my dad and asked if he wanted to come to dinner. We would pickk him up and take him home, but my dad said he is "homebound" and cannot go to people's homes for dinner. He can resume regular activities, but he can't come for dinner? Am I missing something??????? So I call him today and he goes into this long dissertation on the fact that he is ill, he is HOMEBOUND and cannot go anywhere but the grocery, church and the doctors. That medicare may take away his walker if he goes anywhere else. Seriously? Does he really think they patrol that stuff? And does he not realize that they are NOT going to list every activity he CAN do?
Anyway....I was tired and cranky, so I cut the call short. My patience this week is almost non existant. He immediatly calls back to see what is wrong. I explained that I was tired...and I had just come home after being gone for over 12 hours. What I didn't say was that he is way over reacting with this whole thing. He told me he feels it will be weeks before he is back to normal. Now I'm sure it will take awhile....but I'm not sure if he's attention seeking or what.....

And then there's mom....which is why I think he's over reacting. My mom is worried because she can't eat with her stomach and her blood sugar is all over the board. Up and down and she just feels horrid. So, I'm trying to set up appointments for her with all her specialists. And I know my dad feels left out, but I seriously cannot divide myself any thinner, and right now, blood sugar and stomach issues win. Last year when they did my mom's EGD, they felt there were some more serious issues, but my mom refused any further testing, but now she thinks she needs them.....

Work.....hectic but it made the day go by quickly. However.....with my one co worker being off, I've had to pull her hours....and it's been very busy. And I'm tired.

Bingo....no luck...not even on the instants! oh well, it was fun....and we all have fun with it.

DS's dance....like I said in news' blog, the kids we picked up were rude. But DS had an awesome time and he looked so sweet, I cried. The next nite was Sadie Hawkins...and he said it wasn't nearly as nice. And he said he was amazed at how drunk some of his classmates were. He had been invited to a party, but said he doesn't want to take a chance on being at the wrong place at the wrong time.....smart kid. If I ever figure it out, I'll post pics on facebook.

The nose.....looking good! But this is my last week with the patch...and I'm thinking of keeping it on. I'm hesitant to lather make up and crud all over my nose...and it looks so red and bumpy that I think it would take a lot of work! News....I wasn't playing rebel....I just figured it would be easier for a mole check if I didn't have it covered.....I didn't figure it would be a big deal! LOL!

And, have any of you seen the Hangover? I so LOl....during the mole check, I felt like the scene in the hospital for those of you who have seen it. If you haven't, there is this younger doc checking out an older man. That scene flashed as this doogie howser is checking out the back of my lumpy legs!

The weather is warming up....I didn't even wear a coat today...and it felt good. Spring ALWAYS makes me feel good....and I'm looking forward to it! The only thing is, once I leave my coat at home....I'm hesitant to take it out again...and it is March in OHio!

I'm heading to the tub...and off to bed. Tomorrow I'm working a longer shift......

Hope everyone's week is better.....
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I'm running away! 03-04-2010 - 08:30 PM
Seriously,, maybe.....

We had a nice weekend in Louisville, well a nice day! It was short but sweet....with just enough time to check out Sophie's yarn shoppe! More yarn to add to my stash! LOLOL!

Monday, I go into work and my one coworker announces that she has to have arthroscopic surgery on her knee....this week and will be off for a week. Mind you, she and I are the playground referrees and peacemakers.....so after a lonnnnnnnnnnnng day, I go home to find out my dad was in the hospital. His dilantin levels were too high. Now realize that my dad will take everything a medical personnel says as gospel....my dad loves an illness for attention....AND he will drag out any illness to the nth degree. Long story short, he was in for 2 days. And this was just not the week that I could get over there....so there went the guilt trip. And my brother and sister....well, can't you get over to see him? But, dh did pick him up, take him to lunch AND bring him over for dinner last nite. Now dad is just relaxing in having his church call constantly and come by, us call.....and I know I should be more patient.....but my patience has been spent this month!

Tuesday, we have the washer repairman out and now my washer is worse than it was BEFORE he came...and he is saying that the problem is more than likely very costly, so we need to think of replacing the washer......and did I say the frig also needs to be replaced? BUT, Tuesday, DS had an orchestra concert and it was nice.

Yesterday went smoothly, and my co worker and I had a ncie talk. She laughingly gave me "the whistle" as we call it for the playground....which doesn't exist, but we laugh about it.

So today was h**l at work. Phones ringing, people waiting and getting annoyed. At the end of the day, Cinderella tells our team lead that she is so tired of being the only one who does work, that she does the majority of the work in the area....and she just wishes everyone would pull their weight. When Cinderella left, I blew at our team lead, but not before I dealth with 2 new patients, finished my off site work...and did I say I was at work 30 minutes late to finish the patients? Tomorrow I am so going to talk to my supervisor...this is ridiculous!

But....on the good side....I went for my mole scan yesterday. The dermatologist chided me for not wearing my patch on my nose....but said it looks good. AND....he found nothing else suspicious, although I did have him remove a mole that irritated my shoulder. He said I'd have to keep up with my checks...and that I have to learn to use sunscreen. I really had to LOL.....my dermatologist is this little doogie howser. Seriously, he isn't even 40. But anyway, I asked him about my reddish spots on my body...and he said they were Birthday spots! OMG....I almost fell off the stool LOL!

And...tomorrow, DS has his military ball. He is soooooooooo excited. He has a nice corsage for his GF. Plus her new bracelet...and I surprised her by paying for her updo tomorrow. And he said they will enter the facility through the sabered swords....which I think would be neat, but it's on base so we can't see it. But I can't wait to see her all dolled up! It's gonna be DS's first big dance....and I know he's thrilled.

I'm gonna go soak in the tub....but not before I have a dish of ice cream

And....tomorrow will be a better day...............after all, it's Friday!

Hope everyone is having a great week!
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Wednesday! 02-24-2010 - 09:04 PM
And week, while tiring is off to a great start.

Last weekend, DH and I started to look for another vehicle, but only after visiting the truck. DH and DS were in true mourning as they caressed the fender, the battery, you get the picture. I was ready to hum taps! But, while we were at the dealership, DH said we'd "just look". We're taking our time....but finding some ideas. And when the insurance company came up with their offer....DH was a bit more perky.

We took my mom to Bingo on Sunday...and no luck. Must be the room and the seats! But it was sad because her fall has really taken it's toll on her and it was more than obvious that nite. It's very sad to see her like that.

Today I got the sutures out of my nose! The derm came in and asked how I had done. I told him that it was a very rough time....and he said he was sorry, asked if he had been at the bottom of my list of folks I liked. But he was more than thrilled with my nose and it's healing. 2 more weeks with just a patch to keep it together and help with healing. He and his staff are just so very nice, unlike the other doctor that does surgeries. That guy looks like he has a major problem! So, other than my mole scan, I'm good to go. Thanks again for all the healing thoughts.....and news, I'm very glad Luv is keeping an eye on his area! I never dreamt that I would have an issue like that, and i have to admit, it threw me for a loop.

This morning, I also fired my mom's endocrinologist. I've had several issues with their office and today was the straw that broke the camel's back. By the time I got off the phone, I very calmly told the lady we would not return and would be requesting her records. I'm sure they'll be glad, I know they think I am a major PITA because i expect things to run fairly smoothly and for them to be time efficient as well as to provide my mom with quality health care. DD just stared over at me in disbelief!

We're getting ready to head to Louisville for the weekend. And I'm excited about Sophie's yarn shoppe! And..............there's another baby on the way! My SIL is due in September........so, naturally, I need more yarn and I need a set of knitting needles that they sell there......DH is just rolling his eyes!

I've gotta get going, all 3 dogs are at it. Sadie the pug is on DD's lap and the other 2 aren't happy and they're letting us know! LOL!. Just like kids! Miss Mia, my lab, turned one.....and she thinks she rules the world!

Oh.......and before I forget..........DD is in line to graduate in June 2011....DS passed his EMT test.............and DS seems to be more focused on his studies..........life is wonderful! and so are all of you!

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I now knows that Mohs on the nose is...... 02-19-2010 - 08:23 PM
not fun! And I would not be in line for a repeat performance!
Let's just say this doc had better be sure that it's all gone!

I went in early Wednesday morning, but was not the first to arrive. I was also not nearly the same age as the others. I think I was the only one NOT on Medicare. LOL.
They called me back, and the nurse took close ups of the area and marked the biopsy site with purple ink. The doctor came in and numbed up my nose.......have you ever had several injections in the nose? It's not a picnic! He then proceeded to cut the area out....including the cartilage. All I could hear was crunch, crunch crunch and knowing it was my nose. He then cauterized the area and scent of burning skin didn't help at all. The only saving grace was this doctor talked to me the entire time. His nurse then numbed some more, wiped all the blood off and stuck a huge piece of gauze on the area and out to a special waiting room. Not even a room, just a little corner, with 2 other patients. We all sat for 2 hours. I knit, and the others read. I had brought my green tea and some snacks, and DH read his book. In a couple of hours, a nurse came by and would point at us, and announce "clear". It was like on Idol when you get to go to Hollywood. Only, for us, it meant we were free to move to the closing stage, so one by one, we all got sent to a room. More numbing and more pictures. I got a glimpse of the area........and it wasn't pretty. The doctor came back in and NUMBED again......but by this time........I felt nothing. He then said he didn't like the slide, it was clear, but just barely. So some more crunching of cartilage and some more cutting followed by burning. Then he stitched me up and I got a huge bandaid on the area. It looked like a tampon stuck on top! LOL!
Since I felt numb and ok, DH and I went to lunch. Dh dropped me off and found me quickly. He was LOL. Said he had asked the hostess where the lady with the big bandaid was. LOL! Still being numb.....I even got my nails done. But by the time I was done......the numbing was wearing off, so we went home where I iced and rested. Iced some more and rested. I took off Thursday, where I just took it easy.....something I can't remember doing in forever.
But, it's gone. It hurts like a dickens.......and DH said I didn't even complain this much with my hyster. He did offer up some pain pills.........but I"m not much for taking that much, so I've been just dealing with it.
And......other than some monster swelling and light bruising......people just kinda wonder why I have a bandaid on my nose. I'm just glad it's done. The derm did say I will be on a tight recall schedule with derm #1. Said he is hoping this is just a scar gone bad. He said that certain birthmarks are more prone to cancers...........as well as large scars and even smallpox scars.
Thanks for all the prayers., and healing.............the doctor even thanked me for being such an easy one to work on. I know that all that energy kept me calm and able to just sit back.
The worst part was being home and yesterday our internet went on the warpath, and there was no internet for 2 days! I thought the kids would go nuts! LOL! DD went to school for some wifi............and you could hear the cheer when it resumed! I'm not sure what happened. The cable company told us they had no cl ue.........and the computer folks were just as clueless!
Anyway...........I'm gonna hit the hay........I'm tired!
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02-16-2010 - 09:01 PM 02-16-2010 - 08:01 PM
Snow, snow, snow........we're surrounded.....but not nearly as much as some of you ladies! I've got to say that i'm getting a tad tierd of the snow.....but not as much as DS.

DS had a wonderful weekend, his GF LOVED her gifts, was brought to tears. Noni, it's not a cave man thing........DH just gets all mushy with the holidays...and he admits he went overboard. As for me...........DH got me flowers and candy and a gift card for yarn! We're looking to get new carpet and a new couch, so I told him not to get anything big.........

Anyway......DS was out driving in DH"s truck yesterday. Another car came out and DS co uldn't stop and tboned the guy. DH's truck is a mess...may be totalled. DH...not happy...........and even less so when DH comes out in shorts....and his GF showed up. But.....nobody was hurt, other than the guy who hit DS. He cut his head as he was unrestrained. There was question as to whether the other driver was insured, but he was.......luckily. But it scared DS...and it occurred to him that if he had been in his car, he would have been hurt seriously...or worse. I'm just glad he's ok....and like I told DH cars can be replaced.

So, tomorrows the big day....I'll spend the morning at the dermatology office. Noni, they use a local in office. He'll cut off a small slice and analyze, then back to the nose until it's all gone. A co worker used to work there and said the guy I"m seeing is the better of the 2 docs that do this procedure. So I feel confident. But another co worker who is covering some of my work heard what i was doing and said......."so you think you'll be back Friday?"

Not much else other than the snow.......we've used 4 days of snow days......and I'm ready to get back to clear roads and warmer temps!

I'm gonna hit the tub............and then watch the rest of American Idol and then Chopped!

Stay warm, take care.............and
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Mohs nose.....tech problems....and more.... 02-13-2010 - 07:24 AM
What the heck? This is my 4th attempt at posting this week. I've typed an entry, hit add note and poof....it's gone into cyberspace. Somewhere out there, folks are snoozing!

What a week, month, year.....
This week of course we had Ohio's version of a storm. Round the clock coverage, I got into work to find my 2 coworkers studying the weather maps....and phones literally ringing non stop with cancellations. While trying to juggle the schedule and answer phones, my mom calls. She had gotten up that morning and her blood sugar was high, so she took her insulin but didn't eat. It dropped too low, she passed out and fell. On her back, on her kitchen TILE floor. They brought her to the facility I'm at. Xrays weren't conclusive, so they did a CT. Of course the fear was her hip. Fortunately, it was a compression fracture of her L2 vertebrae, which is bad, but requires little treatment beyond a brace and pain control. She spent 2 nites with us, and her BF is now watching her...which is not good as he is not in the best of health...and he really is too old to watch over her. DH suspects he is close to a heart attack as he can barely move without becoming short of breath. But he's wanting to help.......so I just keep my fingers croseed and say a lot of prayers! Luckily, I was off on Weds as I work the weekend....so I only had to take part of a day off.

In the midst of snow and falls, was my appointment with the dermatologist who will do the Moh's procedure. The first thing they told me was that I am not your typical basal cell patient. My skin is darker, not fair and I'm way younger than a lot of cases seen. The German/Norwegian side of me apparently puts me closer to the classification, but what probably started the whole area to change was a birthmark I have. Years ago, they tried to chemically burn it off, and this doctor said it probably made the area more prone to changes...AND my years of sunning......sealed the case with the big B. So this coming Wednesday, he'll cut, look, repeat until he finds clear margins, which he feels will end up being the entire length of the birthmark. And I'll now have to see my other dermatologist like the dentist, twice a year to make sure nothing else creeps up, since once you get a basal cell, there are usually other areas ready to pop themselves out. And news....while it took my weary mind a moment to process millinary.......yeah, I think hats will have to be a part of my summer attire! And new sunglasses..............hmmm. I did want to schedule the procedure close to a trip to KY, but the doc said no way, no how, I have to be close by for a week. They said it's gonna look a lot worse than it will feel.....I'll probably look like i lost a fight. I'll keep ya posted.

And....your prayers and thoughts have so helped this week. It brought a smile to my face, and made me teary eyed! Thanks! I'm so blessed to have everyone here!

Not much else going on. I'm gonna get my hair cut and my brows waxed today. I figure it may be awhile till I want hot wax poured on my brows....
And tomorrow is Valentine's Day. not sure what we'll do, or what I'll do for DH. He took DS shopping for his GF...bad idea. DH is a romantic. DH let DS get his GF a dozen purple roses....AND a bracelet that had a few diamond chips in it. What the heck was he thinking?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The boy is 16, we're not that fond of the girl and I told DH now the GF will NEVER dump DS! DH just patted my hand and said..."now, now".

I'm gonna try AGAIN to post....I may try and copy if it doesn't take.......I dunno! But............here's to a wonderful weekend for everyone. Some warmth, and a loving weekend. Have fun...and enjoy!

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Hopefully 3rd times the charm! 02-04-2010 - 08:19 PM
I can smile....but I can't post. Go figure! I was so excited to be able to get the smilies and I sure hope this posts!

What a week! Thank God tomorrow is Friday!

I don't know if I mentioned that last week I had a couple of moles taken off. The first was an area on my nose that had had a mole 2 years ago and was nothing, but the same thing flared up again, but by the time I got to the dermatologist, of course there was nothing. But he told me that if it were to flare again, he wanted to see me pronto. He took the smallest little area off and another mole that had been bleeding. I was actually more worried about the bleeding one. Well yesterday, I'm listening to my voice mail and there's a message to call their office. Normally, they just leave a voice mail telling you that all is ok. So I call and the lady asks why I'm calling and I told her I assumed it was since I had some moles taken off and she said "OH", which got my heart to racing. Then the very young girl says, oh well there must be something to tell you and by this time I'm ready to hit the floor, my heart is racing and I'm shaking. Turns out the one on my nose is a basal cell, which is the best type of skin cancer to get....BUT since the margins weren't clear, and the area, I have to see another specialist there where he will tell me how they will remove some more of the area. I just hope they realize I need my nose for my glasses! And spring is just around the block....which means summer is in the next county which is when I go boating, so this has to be done quickly!

Work.......let's just say it would take a ton of chocolate to calm the waters. Enuff said.

We're supposed to get a lot of snow tonite and tomorrow, so I'm hoping it's not too bad that I can''t get home! DS has to work nearby though, so I'll have him take me in...and pick me up. Then, I'm gonna cuddle up with a blanket, some books and my knitting!

I had a massage tonite...and it felt awesome. My muscles were so tight. Our massage therapist has really improved and the knots are now little pebblesl. So, for now, I'm hoping this posts....and I'm gonna hit the tub!

Take care everyone....stay warm and safe!

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Those words were pretty crunchy! 01-30-2010 - 08:28 PM
as in the words I had to eat! DD went last evening to Columbus to get her hair cut. DH and I kept telling her it was ridiculous to go that far....but when she came home, she looked wonderful. So good that DH turned to me and asked if I should go there. Now in the first place.....that didn't go well....I was tired....but I did call and today I went and had them work with my hair and despite the fact that the lady was DD's age....she actually understood what I wanted! The only thing I'm trying to get used to is the highlights she talked me into. I haven't highlighted in quite a while, so it was color shock.....Thanks for all the words about the rant on DS! You'll never know how much better they made me feel! He will be forever grateful! And, he's been much better this week. Today he went with GF and her brother to see their dad in Indiana. He was good and called the minute they got back, but we were still in Columbus, so we let him go to dinner with them....and he was thrilled. I did tell him though that tomorrow he is mine, as in cleaning!It's sooo cold here.......but I'll take the cold over all the snow some of you have had. Marta....I think of you and Robin! Be safe!AI, Marta, has been interesting. The guest judges haven't been too bad, and Simon has been actually taking a few breaks through the auditions, I think in preparation of his departure. That newer judge Kara, has become the biting one, and DD's and I said she could be the Simon!Finished my lonnnnnnnnnnnnng week....I think I clocked out at around 50 hours.....10 too many for me! But, Friday, one of my co workers was off....and Cinderella decided to not be quite so bad. When the 2 of them get together...it's horrible!Not much else going on here.....I'm gonna bundle up on the couch with my knitting.....and the chocolate almond ice cream is calling for me! LOL!Hope everyone is safe....and staying warm!HUGS~
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They say..... 01-26-2010 - 08:28 PM
that with a guy blood can only flow to one head at a time....and I'm sure of it now. All I can say is WHAT THE H**L WAS HE THINKING? After getting off so very easily.....DS went out to celebrate Friday. DH told him to call and let him know what was going on....and I dunno, our phones were wierd....but long story short...no call. So we blew...but with the phones you couldn't prove he hadn't called. Sunday, he did go see GF....and was very good. While we were eating, we heard a "pop" and there went the power. Someone had hit a pole and knocked out several blocks. DH and I took the girls to Starbucks and Target...and DS asked if he could go watch THE GAME at a friends. We specifically told him to go to that friends...and not to got o GFs. So coming home, we passed his friends house...but no DS, so we drove by his GF and there he was! We were livid....and DH and I pulled his keys AND phone. I seriously do not know what the boy is thinking. Last nite, I had ANOTHER long talk with him about his goals...and his behavior. He said he knows he's been amiss...and can't explain it. Said he knows he's too young to get too serious but that GF's brother and his wife have dated since high school. I reiterated AGAIN....about how all actions have consequences.....I seriously am gonna strangle the boy!Work....don't even ask. THis is a lonnnnnnnnng week as I did the ER as an extra shift....so I don't get a day off, and I had to stay late last nite. My supervisor is going through some serious issues, and Cinderella is pulling her nonsense again.....it gets old. Being in the ER brought back how much I enjoyed it....I just wish they could offer better hours there!I'm waiting to get the info on the PT....Noni....I want to at least try and get some relief. Even walking brings on the faucet....and I'm just not ready to resign myself to pads 24/7! I do know that I tore seriously with 2 of my deliveries...and even DH said there has to be some muscle damage....so we'll see. For now.....I'm gonna go watch Idol....and knit!Hope everyone has a wonderful week!HUGS~
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Day in court! 01-22-2010 - 09:41 PM
Today was the big day. I didn't sleep at all, kept dreaming that I was in court! LOL! I'm sure DS didn't sleep and actually he didn't. He drove us over there....and he went a whole 35 miles an hour....in a 45 mph zone! We got there...and there was one other guy in a shirt and tie. All the kids there were for traffic violations. Actually it was a very efficient system. 5 would go back at a time. The judge gave a speech on what would happen and told us what 3 circumstances would mean license loss. Nobody met that criteria. She then asked if anyone was under 17 and had had their license for less than 6 months. DS raised his hand. She said that more than likely he would lose his license. He muttered an obscenity which luckily nobody heard.

The first girl had been in an accident and the judge had questions to if she was insured. She kept her license unless they couldn't prove her insurability. The next guy was almost 18, so he was given a fine and traffic school. The next girl was charged with driving without a license, without plates on the car or any safety devices....ON THE SIDEWALK! Her guardian said that they weren't saying anything, they want a trial with a jury....but that it couldn't be on a Tuesday or Thursday or the girl would go to jail. After that, DS's didn't seem too bad! But the judge was NOT amused with how fast he was going, and we were sure he would lose that license. But DS very respectfully explained what happened. The judge then asked me what I thought. I told her I was very upset, and that I expected him to go to traffic school and that we would respect whatever she decided. I did tell her though that I was glad to be there versus the morgue or hospital. She looked at DS and told him to never forget my words....and with that only issued a fine. You could feel the tension lift off him. I took him to breakfast then and we had a long talk. I asked him what his intentions were for his future...and told him I was worried with the attention he has been spending with his GF. He said he knew...and that he was going to focus. So all in all it was a good day.

Went back to work....and then tonite we just ate pizza and watched a movie. It was nice!

Not much else going on....tomorrow is clean and laundry day...and Sunday I have to help out at the ER.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend! HUGS~
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Failed that darn test again! 01-18-2010 - 03:53 PM
I seriously have to figure out how to pass that urodynamics test! Failed....AGAIN. GYN said that however, it is a case where he doesn't know what to do. The slings he does would basically go ovefr what I have, but at a different angle, however, he doesn't think he can insert another one in that area. So....he's passed all my notes over to a specialist in Cincinnati, whom I have heard of. In the meantime, he wants me to try PT and to lose some weight. I asked if he thought that either would avoid surgery...and he said no, but at least we could say we'd tried all that we could. He said if I decided on surgery, that he'll have this guy in there with him as he doesn't want to mess up things for me. So......I'll try the PT....although he recommended someone at a private location....which is ok, I don't want to be known to be the registration clerk who leaks! LOL! So, it wasn't good news.....but I'm gonna kegel all I can, and give the PT a whirl. This also buys me some time to build up on time off. I'd get short term disability, but I wouldn't want to deplete all that i have! I'm gonna have to buy Cliff notes if I take that test again!

Lexington was short but not bad. We just LOL about the room....and they did feel badly enough to discount the room a bit. However, on Saturday, a friend's mom of DS called. Apparently someone had called her and said it was DH and that he had approved the boys going out that night. I told her that my oldest DS was at work and we were gone. Youngest DS got immediately sent to my dad's while we figured things out. Turns out that her son had wanted to go out with someone else. So, he had another friend pretend to be DH. What cleared DS was the mom telling me that her son had gone off with another friend from our house AND his GF's mom, who is his friend's mother's sister. Are you as confused as I am? Basically it boils down to the fact that this kid used DS to get away with something. And he got caught....and his mom was just using us to lure him into his trap. Situation resolved, but I did have a long talk with DS that this kid could spell trouble in the future. Told him that that was just the tip of what could have been a whole bunch of trouble if the kid uses him as an alibi.

Today....after my appt with the GYN, I had to take my mom to the urogyn....who my GYN doesn't even use anymore. He is not happy that my mom is having recurrent UTI's....so he is going to do a cystoscopy on her and then some further testing. Apparently, he tried to do a pelvic on her...and she refused, he's seen it once and that's all he needs. LOLOLOL. Wish I could have used that on my GYN today....he decided he needed to check a few things out further....much to my dismay!

I've gotta go get some laundry done...and it's gonna be a lonnnnnnng week. I have to put in 3 11 hour days and Friday will be short as I'll be in traffic court.....with DS. DD is threatening to bring cupcakes to bribe the judge....to throw the book at DS!

Anyway.....off to the washer/dishwasher/dryer......

Have a great week!
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Down in KY! 01-15-2010 - 09:59 PM
It seems to be our home away from home! LOL! DH is in Lexington this weekend and it worked for me to come with DD's. Now my true test will be to see how DS's do home alone...and if youngest DS behaved! And hopefully....well...you know where I"m going with that one!

Lexington is nice, but DD and I concur that it just isn't as much fun as Louisville. Louisville just seems more compact and easy for us to navigate. All our favs are in one line, so we start at one end and work either up or down. Here, it's more scattered and the traffic is horrific. Plus, DH is further away to do his meetings....so we have a lot of running back and forth to do with him. And this time, our hotel just isn't up to par. We're at a Residence Inn, and it's a nice sized 2 bedroom suite, which was reasonably priced. But the one bathroom floods, and although they said they fixed it, this evening, over she flooded again. The room is cold and we can't get it too warm, which is ok as I'm having power surges...and the water is either too hot or too cold. Nothing in between....AND the door to our room can't be shut all the way as it locks and then I have to pound on the door to get in which annoys DH! Luckily, it's just for a night.

I'm tired too.....in order to not dip into my vacation time, I worked long days and actually ended up with a tad more than 40 hours in 4 days. Yup, they were long...AND we had to be here by 830 this morning, so we left Ohio at 5:30....so I'm feeling the fatigue....AND I've had the worst time with those pesky power surges that make me either too hot, or chilly. I'm hoping to sleep in a tad tomorrow!

I go see the GYN on MOnday to get my results for the urodynamics. Being the procrastinator that I am, I forgot to do my pee journal....so here I am trying to recoup it all this weekend! What a pain! But I'm curious to see what he has to say...and after a weekend of eating out....I hate to hop on that scale!

It was so good to see NOni, even if just for a moment. Cinderella is up to her tricks again, and one of them has to deal with her time off. She'll ask off, and then at the last minute, she'll change her mind...OR take part of the day off and come in, throwing our entire schedule off. And unfortunately, my lunch is the only one that gets thrown off....plus she's been pulling some other tricks......I'm collecting my charts! LOL!

I'm gonna hit the bed.....I"m tired...and I'm hoping the room stays cool so I can sleep and that the power surges don't figure out that I"m cold....wouldn't that be nice? I could be at a normal temp all nite!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend....and one of these days, I have to check and see why I can't use my
smilies....I miss them!

ps....NOPE still can't get those smilies to smile~
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Cold and snowy Saturday! 01-09-2010 - 08:05 AM
and I'm enjoying a moment of peace.........DH and DD are at work, DS is at a friends, and DS and DD are sound asleep. Mia, the lab just came in from a romp in the yard....and poor Sadie the pug simpered out and scurried back in. LOL.

I'm ready to say that the snow can leave.....we've had our pretty snow...and now it's just cold and slushy and messy. We got several inches the other day, I think around 4", so of course the entire city had closings and there were accidents all around. At work, it was nice as we had 2 very slow days, so I got a lot of my work caught up.

The Cinderella drama may be coming to a head. Yesterday, coming back from lunch through my former area, the one girl I really like was LOL and said she had to tell me something. Everyone else was in a serious huddle with our manager. She told me later that they were telling him that they never understood why I kept saying I was in another area, that they thought I was covering for lunches, which made me ROFLOL....as they knew I was going there for good. Anyway.....our manager who is new came to our area, and we set him straight. But the whole thing is that.....the other area is trying to get rid of this other girl I like, and they want Cinderella to come there....whereas my one coworker and I told her they could have Cinderella! In the first place, the other area won't put up with Cinderella, Cinderella would hate the hours involved and the pace....and this other girl would love the area and her hours....so to me it would be a win/win/win.....I hope it works!

I've been very good this year with exercising.....only missing one day. But, I've had a lot of foot pain. Last nite, DH told me that he was watching me as I did my tape and he noticed I was twisting my foot out instead of planting it firmly.....AHA! So I'll be more careful! Plus, he thinks I need new shoes. He said with all the walking I've been doing, they are probably worn, even though they aren't even a year old.

We're heading to Lexington next week. DH has to go to some meetings there, so the girls will go with. It'll be nice. DS has finals and can't go.....BUT I have plans for him to be kept busy. It all falls under my telling him to remember the Lord's Prayer....."Lead us not into temptation."...LOL. And I figure no way will he be alone having his serious girlfriend....and Noni....I've had numerous protection talks with him......and I'm pretty sure he gets it.....at least I hope so!

In the meantime.....I've gotta get some cleaning and laundry done. I've been drinking wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy too much caffeine and not sleeping and so I haven't been as efficient with getting things done here. Plus, my one goal is to tend to my physical as well as emotional needs....and one way is to spend more time in the evenings doing my reading and working out.

Marta.....AI starts this week! I've heard that Simon is being phased out.....so I"m curious to see what that is all about!

In the meantime....everyone stay warm.....and dry and be safe!

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Rough start to the New Year.... 01-04-2010 - 08:47 PM
I don't know if it's the full moon or what, but this year has NOT gotten off to a good start!

Saturday,DD's and I went to the movies. DS was feeling puck, so he and DH stayed home. We saw It's Complicated, which was cute. Had our usual popcorn, nachos and cokes. When the movie ended, youngest DD made a beeline for the restroom where she tossed the nachos, popcorn and cola. She thought it was the popcorn, but we had all been little piggies....and as she threw up throughout the weekend, with a fever, we figured it was a bug! So no sleep for me as I'm a worrier.

Then, today, DH and I got into a stupid fight. I just get frustrated with some of his thoughts on things and today I was too tired to deal with it. So the tempers flew. He called later and apologized, but then when I came home, he was starting in again with his stupid thinking. So, now I'm stewing again....and I still can't use my smilies.

And you know when you have a rough start the whole day goes downhill? Work was the pits....I gladly bolted out of there today, which for me is unusual. Cinderella is really trying to butter up management, and it almost makes me sick, as well as the fact that despite my supervisor has seen her at work, still falls for her BS. And it's so obvious.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

So....enough venting. It's cold outside...and snowy....and now my computer is freezing up as well! Venting done....sorry about that! And now I'm gonna go sit in the tub with bubbles, a book and just soak.......Hope everyone else is staying warm, safe and is having a good week!

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year! 01-01-2010 - 08:45 PM
I've finally broken free of all the tinsel, wrap, flour and holidays! I was held hostage for the latter part of December, and it was an experience I don't care to repeat!

We procrastinated for way too long which meant we were running around like maniacs, and barely stopping. It left me not only exhausted, but it really put a damper on my holiday. My cards are still on my dresser, adressed, but not mailed....and I've finally caught up on sleep, as I try to plan out so this year isn't so stressful!

And I don't know if it was the stress or what, but Christmas didn't feel like Christmas. DS had to work Christmas Eve night and early Christmas morning, so we didn't open our gifts till later Christmas day. We had my folks over. The Sunday after we went to my dad's house. It all seemed so very useless to see us buying gifts just to buy them. My sister looked like she had shopped the clearance aisle at Odd Lots, she literally bought junk for everyone, while being so drunk she couldn't see straight. I know she's unhappy in her relationship, but geez.

However, I have gotten the place in order. For New Year's Eve, I got off at 5, and we grabbed some dinner. DD went on a date, and DS went out to a friend's house with his GF. Oldest DS had to work again on New Year's Eve and today. So, youngest DD, DH and I watched some movies and just did nothing. It was nice.

Today we had my folks over again. Our tradition is to have pork, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, which we did along with eggplant parmesan for DD who says she is now going to become vegetarian, sweet potatoes, and banana bread. I'm stuffed. We then played Bingo with a game we had. We LOL because my mom got the biggest kick out of deciding which game we would do, and before we could even clear off the little plastic dots, she would be ready to go again! We played for a good 2 hours, LOL at it all.

While we played, we watched our Bucks victory at the Rose Bowl!

I had my urodynamics earlier this month and I was so much more impressed. Nurse Ratched turned out to be very nice. She had called in an antibiotic as well as Pyridium for irritation. I ended up not taking it, but it was nice to have. She said I'm not retaining much, but still leaking. I now have to go see the GYN for the results. So we'll just have to see.

Work has been work. There was some more Cinderella drama and this time I blew and told my supervisor that I was tired of it. She says she is working on a plan that is the last resort. Unfortunately, Cinderella has many years in with the hospital, so they can't fire her, but our supervisor said she is bewildered as to what to do with her. It's been a crazy few weeks because a lot of people have been using up the last of their benefits and some very unfortunate people will be losing their benefits soon. It's sad.

DS is getting way too close to his GF. It worries me because her one brother got married at Halloween and he and his wife are expecting in April. Her other brother got married over Christmas because they are both in the Marines and want to be stationed together. It just seems that her family doesn't have a lot of ambition, and the mom is ok with that. I just don't want DS to lose sight of his goals, and the fact that he could become sexually active concerns me. This relationship is far more serious than any of his other ones. I had a long talk with him that resulted in a lot of "oh mom's", but I told him he needed to think long and hard before he had relations and if he did, to be protected. I hope he listens.

Off to the tub for a nice long soak and to bed soon. I have had trouble sleeping on and off, and it's been tiring. DS has had some wierd hours and it wakes me when he gets in. Then, with youngest DS on vacation, he'll either come in to grab something out of my bathroom, or decide to text me with some question......but tonite, DS got off early and I told 16yo no entering once I'm in bed...AND not texting! LOL!

Speaking of 16 yo.....just a few days after his one month anniversary of his license and he got a ticket. I was mad. He and GF were coming home from DD's bday celebration. Her mom texted that they had 10 minutes to get home, so even though they were a good 20 minutes away, DS tried to get her home instead of calling her mom. She felt badly,but now DS has to go to traffic court since he is a minor and will face not only a stiff fine, but possibly lose his license for awhile. He felt horribly, and we all took turns yelling at him. It was a nice effort, but stupid idea.

Anyway....off to the tub.....hope everyone has a wonderful year! You're all special to me!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONI! 12-21-2009 - 09:56 PM
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NONI! I've been thinking of you all day and all last week. I have a card to send out with your Christmas card....but I"m lost in a tangle of wrap, flour and cards! sorry!

Hope your day was as wonderful as you are.....and that things are looking up!

Have a great day and week!

And I STILL can't access my smilies.....

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Not bad for 50! 12-11-2009 - 08:48 PM
Went for my physical yesterday. I shoulda taken Legos or Pokemon cards for the doctor, he was sooooooooooo young! But very on top of things and I was impressed.

He sat and just talked for a long time. I told him that I had not really done a lot for my health other than the hysterectomy and that I had avoided blood tests for a few years, but that since I had turned 50 decided it was time to be more proactive. While he was going over my family history, he noticed all my mom's ailments. He looked up and asked if she had avoided docs till she was 50 and then caught up. LOL. Other than my blood pressure that he thought was white coat induced, he wasn't worried. Said the shortness of breath I get on occasion could be exercise induced asthma or just me trying too hard. Said to watch out for it. They did an EKG which he said was amazingly healthy. Said my working on my weight was good. Said he felt with my gyno history that all those checks needed to be with obgyn. Asked me what supplements I took and said he is a firm believer in taking stuff to prevent. I liked that. Then the really cool thing is that their office provides online access to medical records. So tonite I had all my blood tests with a message from him saying that my blood counts were great, other than a borderline glucose! So I felt pretty good...and other than Doogie Howser, I think I"ll stick with him. He's on time and the distance from work? 4 floors!

The drama at work has left us feeling rather cold....literally! The 2 ladies were at a fight over the thermostat, so we went from 70 degrees all the way to 76! No kidding! We had one with a heater on top of the high temps and a fan running, so management, said the temp stays at 72, no fans or heaters. Figures on the 2 coldest days of the year...and I froze my arse off! They still aren't talking and my one other coworker and I are playing Switzerland!

Christmas decorating.....stalled
Christmas baking....DH has made some incredible peppermint bark (there goes the glucose levels) and some rollies, which are basically pie crust rolled with cinnamon, sugar and chocolate chips.
Christmas shopping....is it the 24th yet?
Christmas cards?......is it the 24th yet? Can I still find some?
Obviously, things need work!

DH and I went for pizza tonite with DS and his girlfriend and her mother. THe mom was nice as is the girlfriend. The relationship worries me in that DS is either on the phone with her or with her a lot. We've had a lot of talks.....

DD is sick with the lurgie....headache....cough, sore throat, yukkies....they called in an antibiotic for her, but that's upsetting her stomach. She's a miserable little one, and I hope she refrains from sharing!

I am gonna go unravel/untangle my knitting. Have a rather large blob of yarns.....I'm working on scarves, Nini's blanket, and dishrags.....and have had to hide all my yarns! LOL!

Hope everyone stays warm.....and has a wonderful weekend!
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How does time go by so quickly? 12-09-2009 - 08:18 PM
I cannot believe that December is flying by! And I am so not ready! Same old story.....year after year!

Louisville was nice for us.....and San Diego was fun for the boys. They threatened to cash in their tickets and stay out there....if they could afford it! The couldn't bellieve the cost of living out there! We had nice, but cold weather.....but we didn't get any Christmas shopping done, the stores were slammed and traffic was crazy. DD was thrilled at their Whole Food Market....you could grind your own peanut butter! So we came home with 3 partially filled containers of almond butter, chocolate almond butter and peanut butter!

Work has been interesting.....and the drama with Cinderella came to an ugly head. Let's just suffice to say that management now realizes that Cinderella is very devious...and that she has created many bad feelings....but unfortunately, there isn't alot that can be done, but she has been talked to by management.

Tomorrow I go see a new family doc to get a general go over. They said they'd do all the blood work, which will be long overdue. I've been really trying to work out a lot and be a little better with the food....so we'll see how it goes. This doctor is supposed to be very nice...but very young.

We've had some wicked cold weather this week....it rained last night and it dipped way cold today....and now we have flurries...not a lot but enough to make it wintery!

Hoping that you all have a great week!

OK, so i can't open the smilies! Drats.....and I felt like picking loads of them! Anyway....stay warm, stay safe...and have a wonderful week!

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Lot's going on.... 12-03-2009 - 02:16 PM
but what's new?

Thanksgiving was nice....but quick. I worked Friday and Saturday, so I really didn't have a weekend. I had jokingly told DH to quit being scrooge and start decorating.....so....he took the bait....and went from Scrooge to Clark Griswald! DD's called Friday and thanked me NOT! Said DH had gotten the bait and was at work. His 5 minute project took all weekend....and we were all exhausted! Lights outdoors, wreaths...and inside stuff. All but the tree! It does look nice though!

Both boys headed to San Diego early, early this morning. What an eye opener in so many ways. DS doesn't have a credit card, so I called the hotel. What a circus to let him use my card. The hotel basically wanted me to fax a photocopy of my credit card to them.....which i had problems with. The manager couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't fall into the wrong hands. After 2 days of back and forth arguing, we agreed to email her the number and an authorization, and she would personally photo copy the card when DS's got there. And, it wasn't just this hotel, they were all like that. But both boys were out the door by 5 am.....and at the airport by 7. Oldest DS had taken his laptop, so he was searched and not amused. But they called an hour ago and they are safe and sound.

We are getting ready to head to Louisville....again. Which is ok, as I love the city. So I have been packing and running back and forth with youngest DD. She had a doctor's appointment and I had to go see obgyn.

I've still had bladder problems which are getting worse since my surgery. My gyn poked and prodded. I have no clue what he was doing down there....only that it wasn't the most comfortable. He said I am the third person since early November with a sling that leaked. So he wants me to go through the entire urodynamics again at his office. What fun! NOT! Said he has had to do repairs on the other 2 ladies over their sling. I was mentioning all my other issues with my bladder and he looked at me and asked if I was still taking meds for my IC. I looked away....and mumbled not really, not at all. Felt like the kid with her hand in the cookie jar. Down went the pen and folder and he said I truly had to get serious with some issues. That my bladder issues would not disappear on their own, that I had to somehow deal with the IC...and then he said, that my weight is also a factor. He wasn't mean, and said he just is worried that I'm not addressing issues. I was taken aback....but I needed that. So, I'm now more in the spirit of getting into shape. Not looking forward to the urodynamics....and it's with his nasty nurse ratched to boot. But my goal for this year was to address these issues and get things handled...so here we go!

Work....don't even ask. People are trying to get their services done while deductibles and insurances are in force. The phones ring from the time I come in till after I leave. Cranky people, cranky therapists. I had a real lulu a few weeks ago....and a few more in between. Cinderella finally showed her colors to our supervisor and another co worker, and they are getting the clue.....I just try to go with the flow.....I went back to one therapist who I needed a huge favor from and told her to remember twas the season to be jolly, and it was the most wonderful time of the year.....she got the point. And yesterday, DH made a huge batch of cookies that he sent in, which put everyone in a better mood....they love his cookies!

Better hit the laundry and get to the dry cleaners. Try and get the dishes done, the frig cleaned out.....and get a work out in. I'm gonna get this weight thing going NOW. Next week will be back to WW and more of my tapes. I've also set up an appointment for a physical and to get blood work done. I haven't had blood work done in ages, and want to see what all my numbers are. And other than my yearly exams (which has been 2 years), I haven't had anything else checked out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have to get some serious shopping in!

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Day before Thanksgiving..... 11-25-2009 - 08:58 PM
and I am thankful for so very much. My family, friends....and for my Hystersister friends! I love Thanksgiving...because other than the meal, there isn't a lot to do! And it's always nice to take a moment to go over my gratitude list!

Things have been busy....at home and work! Work has been crazy.....a lot of people have been coming in to use their insurance benefits before they run out. It's been crazy....and unfortunately, things aren't always smooth. The other day, I made a mistake...and told the therapist I had had a brunette moment. She just LOL!

Last Saturday, I took the girls shopping in Columbus, but we didn't get a lot done. Mia had gotten sick, and DD had a headache, but we had fun despite it all! We had eaten at the Melting Pot....and had such a funny moment. I don't drink that much.....but they had a spritzer that sounded rather good, so I ordered it. It was nice and light and fresh....and before I knew it, it was gone. DD's just looked over at me as I sat there grinning away....and all of a sudden, I burst into laughter. I took a sip of water and they asked if I was ok and when I burst into LOL AGAIN, all the water sprayed all over! I am such a lightweight when it comes to booze!

Tomorrow, we are having my mom and dad over. We cheated and bought a lot of the stuff pre made.....it's been too crazy a week and we were both tired....AND we both work on Friday, so it was just easier. We'll do the turkey, sweet taters, and mashed taters as well as the corn and green bean casserole....but the stuffing we bought as well as the cranberry salad! I also bought a ham as my mom has had 2 turkey meals in the past week and said she is almost turkeyed out.....

I don't think we'll decorate this weekend, I work Friday and Saturday....and Sunday will be laundry day. Next weekend, the boys are going to San Diego....and we have to go to Louisville with DD"s. it's gonna be a hort but hectic week!

Gotta go....I'm tired....and I have a 20 pound turkey to pop in the oven tomorrow.....

Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving....and a great week!

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Lessons learned...... 11-17-2009 - 08:49 PM
the hard way!

Let me preface by saying it has been a horrid, wierd week. Stress abounding. I had blown up with DH today....and ended up slamming the phone on him, not once, not twice, but 3 times! So to relieve stress....I went to the coffee shop at work and got a Pumpkin SPice latte. Lesson #1....don't get a pumpkin spice latte from work. I now have a headache from something awry...and well....some stomach issues.....lets just say that there wasn't a fuel shortage here....and other issues led to lesson #2!

DH and I went to the mall. All kids were out and we took the time to peruse the mall without kids or crowds. It was nice UNTIL, my latte decided to seek revenge. I raced to the closest restroom and the closest facility hadn't been flushed. No problem, as I leaned forward to flush, down went my cell phone! So I figured I wasn't gonna try and retrieve it....and then...well stomach issues....and I flushed a few more times, but the phone wouldn't go down! And I didn't want to just leave it....so I fished it out....scrubbed it at least 5 times.....LOLOL the whole time....and went to find DH who by this time was very worried. And we decided that someone is getting a new phone this week. No way do I want to use it, scrubbed or not!

But that final event made me laugh, made him laugh...and that broke up the stress! I just do not know how to explain to Verizon what happened!

Other than lessons learned....I renewed online last nite for here! And good thing....I thought I had till today, but yesterday was actually the day...AND then I did an online course to finish my DH CE credits. Hard, but done. Now I'm just waiting on one last certificate and off to the board it will go. And I'll be on time and even a tad early!

Gonna hit the shower....and then bed. I'm beat! And here's to a better week....some more of this nice weather....and to another wonderful year with all of you!

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Wonderful Surprise! 11-12-2009 - 07:45 PM
Today started wierd and out of sorts. People in bad moods, I had a few things I had done wrong....which was no biggie and then a horrid staff meeting. All enough to make you want to grab the clip board and WHAM....
So I huddled in my "office" which is the file room....and a co worker tells me someone is there to see me! She looked perplexed....and when I went out, there was the beautiful smiling face of none other than Noni! What a wonderful treat....and although I couldn't chat long....it was sooooooooo good to see her! That in itself turned the day around....and I just got to work efficiently spitting out my work. The kids chuckle at my "room." I don't know if any of you have ever seen the movie Best of Show, but it's a movie with Eugene Levy, the chick from the Home Alone movies and a few other familiar faces. Anyway, there is a scene in the movie where Eugene Levy has to stay in a utility closet at a posh hotel....and the kids say that my "room" reminds them of that movie!

So....as I shared with Noni.....DS is now a driver! DH brought him back home....and the car fired up and roared off to school. I told him to call me when he got to school....and a long time later texted him, he had forgotten. He very joyfully went to the post office, the bank and to bring me a tea! He then went to my dad's, who was very pleased to see him!

DH....still coughing up crud. He went to the family doc today who said he needed an antibiotic. Unfortunately the decongestant he prescribed is one that makes you jittery, so we'll forego that....and I'm so hoping we sleep tonite!

Not much else....the girls are studying for finals, oldest DS is at work, and I am gonna just sit and knit. It'll be nice!
Then, a nice hot bubble bath, with a book....and off to bed.

Has anyone here read the Twilight series? I'm reading Twilight, and it's different, but it's not one that I race through. I'm content to go at a lesisurely pace, unlike the Harry Potter books where I read them quickly.

Anyone....here's to an awesome Friday for y'all.....and in case I don't hop on tomorrow...to a great weekend!

Noni...thanks again...it meant the world to me! I've missed you...and you look amazing!

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so close to pulling a Marta! 11-11-2009 - 08:38 PM
Sorry Marta....but I can so see how you went over the edge...and unfortunately, I did, but verbally. Cinderella has been on her high horse. Nobody has felt well, and nerves have been tight. Tuesday, I went in extra early, and our team lead was admiring some dishrags that another co worker made. Cinderella is jealous that she can't knit, so for the 3rd time...at least....she asked why we bothered....why we just didn't shred our sweaters and use those.
Well, lately, Cinderella has been requesting all these days off, and then at the last minute, she changes her mind which means that the other co workers have to change their plans....AND nobody else can ask off for that day. She was pulling the same c**p for this week....and I finally blurted out that she needed to think of others instead of holding her days hostage. I'm not sure how the team lead will think of that, our supervisor has been off.....but well....she ought to be lucky I didn't have a folder....or a binder....or a mallett.......
This week, things have just been "off". DH has a viral thing....and hasn't been sleeping....so guess who else has been up? Last nite, he was trying to decide whether to take his inhaler....at 2 am. Called the pharmacy who of course told him it's up to him.....then used it, which of course made him jittery. So, he comes in and asks me to take him to the ER. I get up DD to alert her, get dressed and out the door, where DH says he isn't sure. I told him no way...we were going...but I still wasn't sure what we were going for. Well...after 2 hours at the ER, he has a virus....no fever, clear lungs....just a virus. But the doctor was very good with him, asked what it was that concerned him and made him so panicky. So I guess it was worth the no sleep....but today I'm tired and cranky.
News.....I was getting ready to respond about the dog issues...when my computer went wild and shut down. I agree that it is sad that some people have no clue what to do with an animal and it's the pet that suffers. Dogs take a lot of time....and work. Luckily for DS, we adore Zeus, because he just doesn't have the time to work with him. And Zeus unleashed and restless can be a nightmare, but take him out with a Frisbee or a walk....and he's wonderful. I call him my Marley shepherd! LOL!
Noni....I am so hoping my new schedule is more conducive to lunch...or at least coffee. Right now it's been a challenge as we've had people out sick and we 're so short staffed anyway....but I'm hoping!
DS goes for his manuverability tomorrow....cross those fingers please. He decided to try a few new moves and did worse practicing! And he is sooooo anxious to be able to go out on his own!
I'm gonna hit the hay...I'm tired....and grouchy and if Cinderella doesn't behave tomorrow....out come those files....or my tongue. Don't know what's worse!
Noni...sure hope you feel better.....
Have a wonderful week!

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one more requirement.... 11-07-2009 - 08:35 PM
for my dental hygiene license! A mere 4 hour ce course online...and I can submit that puppy for another 2 years of licensure! Today, on this beautiful day, I spent inside doing my CPR/First Aid recertification. I have to realize that while I have done CPR courses countless times, when I go through the Red Cross....well the other people haven't taken it before. And boy did it show today. The class was run by students in training. I was truly old enough to be all of their mom's. The one kid had red hair and a runny nose that he kept wiping on his arm....I was ready to hand him a tissue. And, there were numerous students who despite the fact that they gave us the answers for the test, still flunked the test! Scary. I asked if I would get more out of the Professional rescuer course and they thought that would better suit my needs....or a course at DH's office. I don't think I'd have the patience for the same course again, I've seen the videos countless times!
Came home to find everyone else doing yard work....how nice! Did a 2 mile walking tape that kicked b*t....and am now just chilling. I'm tired!
Work is bringing some more adjustments to hours. One of my co workers is changing her hours to better accomodate the department, and my hours are to be determined. That's ok. Having the other co worker there all 5 days will be worth it, and she's the one giving the most up. She had worked 4 10 hour days, and is going to 5 days.

Poor DS went to take his driving test....all puffed up and ready to drive solo. Not so.....he hit the pole with the manuverability, which of course meant he goes back again. The disappointment was so sad, but I figure it's a learning experience. However, with the money from grandma, he found a very good deal on a used Camaro (yeah that's a car I think he needs....NOT) which is all shiny and ready for a driver! The kid he bought it from had to sell it so he could go to school. It was a tremendous deal....but I hope DS doesn't make me regret it!

Tomorrow is cleaning, laundry and BINGO! I have 2 free sheets coming my way! That's gotta be good luck right there!

Not much else going on....Noni, once I figure out the hours, lets hook up. I know, it's my schedule, not yours that makes it crazy!

Gonna hit the bed....I'm tired wtih the time change! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Frantic Friday..... 10-30-2009 - 09:25 PM
and I have to go sit in class all day tomorrow!
It's almost full moon...and I can tell! Cinderella at our work...in rare form today. The patients....demanding and never ending, which that's ok as that is job security. But I have to laugh, each one thinks that we are there to meet their schedule and nobody elses. When I tell them I have nothing, they look at me like...."and your point is? I still need that time....." Anyway, I got off work an hour late. We grabbed a quick bite and took DS to the football game with his friend. Came home and got ready for my course tomorrow....I have to leave by 630...am.....

Noni....DS gets his license next week...BEWARE! He's excited to say the least. Me....not so very sure about that one! The jury is still out!

Tomorrow is trick or treat....but we'll be gone. We generally get a handful of kids....but nobody will be home. And for us, that's a first.

My mom is still feeling punk....the infection really knocked her out for a loop. As of Wednesday, it was still pretty bad, so hopefully she's on the mend for Sunday nite Bingo! I'm ready to go!

Monday nite, I'm going to do what I hate....and go to an appointment in the evening. Am gonna try another hair person. I seem to be finding these people who take forever to get in.....AND work ridiculous hours. This one is no exception...other than the fact that it isn't too far away....it's just a consult. I can't get in for a cut till later in the month...but I have some ideas to toss around beforehand.

And....can anyone believe it's almost November? And...it was 3 years ago that I joined! 3 years ago, I was going through that horrid...do I do IT or not...and trying to schedule it in with my step mom being sick. 3 years ago, I was blessed to find Hystersisters....AND a bunch of friends who have become so very close! 3 years since I found a place to vent, to cry, to laugh.....to share....and for that...I'm eternally grateful and blessed!

And on that very blessed note....I'm hitting the hay. 630 departure means a 545 wake up...and that time doesn't exist too very often on my clock!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.....and THANKS!
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Nice start to the week.... 10-27-2009 - 10:03 PM
The weather has been beautiful...and I've enjoyed the colors as I drive! And even the rain today didn't dampen my spirits...nor the wierd harried day at work!

The weekend was nice....the evening of movies/popcorn/knitting....nice. The pumpkin party...fun, although the nieces weren't so very nice to each other.

Work....just wierd this week. Just wierd...Cinderella finally talking. Not that the silence wasn't golden...but there was this horrid tension that made the small place even worse and all those non verbal inuendos. And this week the clients....OMG! I had one lady demand to know who stole her appointment time and another get downright nasty because I couldn't pull an appointment out of thin air! But, tonite was DS's orchestra concert, so that was fun. And it was neat to see how far the orchestra has come since 7th grade! And being the "higher ups" allowed the guys to wear all black with a colored tie which was classy.

So....me thinks I have a tad too much yarn....and I can't stop buying the stuff! Last nite I had to go to Target...and had DS drop me off at Joanns where they had a sale....and well before I knew it....I had increased my inventory. So I snuck it into another stash.....but it's all going to good use! DH just LOLs....and asks the kids to restrain me.....

This weekend I take the CE course I need. Then all I need is CPR and 4 more hours online and I'm good for another 2 years! Spending 8 hours on a Saturday in a class room with a room of strangers....not fun....but necessary.

Tomorrow, before work, I have to take my mom to the dr. Sunday she called convinced she had H1N1. It didn't sound like flu, but she did sound horrid. Well, she then told me that she had had urinary problems for 2 weeks...and sure enough it was riproaring UTI. Her foot is also bothering her....and although it's funny....it's not. She said the dr told her that her bones were soft and she is happy. Soft bones bend....not snap. Oh my. That'll be a tough sell. Anyway, with this being like UTI #3 this year, it's back to the Urogyn as well...and the ortho doc for her foot.

So, I best toddle off to bed.....
Hope everyone has an amazing week.....

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Doing nuttin on a Friday nite! 10-23-2009 - 09:22 PM
And how wonderful it is! We've all felt kinda achy and tired, so other than DS at work and younger DS at the game, the rest of us ate dinner and bought a batch of DVDs to watch. It's been nice! I finished another washrag....20 down and many more to go....but it's fun.
Work was a stressful day, but just hectic stressful. Just as it was just Cinderella and myself, she decides to lay on the sympathy card with a patient while I had to finish up 2 new clients, make appointments for others and try to coordinate a schedule for a VIP on the phone. Then she has the audacity to ask me to check in someone and when i told her i was busy, she throws this other client a "see how I am treated" look. I was not even amused....but for whatever reason, she has our supervisor so blinded, so it'll be awhile I'm sure till she is seen for what she is. She was mad all week and gave the entire office the silent treatment UNLESS we had management in. I however am just riding it out, I've seen it happen before and know that if I just let it ride....it'll work out.
Not much else happening here....I gotta clean and do laundry tomorrow....and Sunday is my dad's annual pumpkin carving party. i'm hoping for at least no rain!
That means I gotta get some pumpkins and decide what to take!
Gonna hit the bed early tonite.....it's been a long week...and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep from our trip!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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We're Back! 10-18-2009 - 07:40 PM
and what a weekend!
DH and I took both DS to Annapolis, MD so youngest DS could see the Naval Academy. We left Ohio with it being cloudy and cool and the further east we went, it got to be more rainy and by the time we hit Maryland and the mountains, it was dark, raining and foggy. I was a nervous wreck by the time we got to the hotel!
It drizzled on Friday, but we persevered and went to the Academy. There was a huge boat show going on and parking was at a premium AND unless you are a student or have a military connection, no parking at the academy! So, for the grand price of $25....yes you read it right, we got to park a mile away and trek over in the rain!
The Academy, impressive and beautiful! You could just sense the history and magnificence of it all. Even with the tails of First year harrassing...DS now has swords and military life dancing about his dreams. It sure sounds like a very disciplined lifestyle and not for me....but I do admire him. However, DH and I were hit with the fact that if this all happens....once he graduates, he's gonna be military property and that is a very sobering fact. Despite the rain, it was a nice day and DH and the boys checked out the gift shop, coming out loaded down with shirts and hoodies!
We ended the day with a wonderful dinner at a restaurant shaped like a ship on the water.
Saturday, we had to exchange a few things and then we headed home. Despite the heavy rain AND DS asking to stop every hour , we made it back at an ok time. And that included an extra stop at Cabelas where the guys had a great time and I read my book!
Today was getting caught up here, doing laundry, and organizing. And tomorrow, it's back to work. It was nice to have a couple days off....I really needed them! DH printed off some pictures off the camera.....LOL...he printed them backwards and thought the printer was broken! Poor guy....
Not much else going on here......but it was good to get back home and to some sun! I think the colors out east would have been nice, it certainly looked nice.....had it not been for the rain!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!
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Where has the month gone? 10-13-2009 - 09:06 PM
I can't believe it's almost half over!
And it's flown by!
It seems that by the time I get home, get dinner and kitchen...and then either exercise or knit...there goes the nite! It has been rather hectic though with kids activities and this and that.
Work.....Cinderella still pulling her stunts. She's been a real piece of work lately...and between her and another lady, my other co worker and I are ready to assign them a time out! Cinderella will instigate something and the other lady always rises to the bait which makes Cinderella go running to somebody and start to cry. It's a horrid circle. But, I love the pace, love the other co worker and even the other lady. 3 of us knit, so we talk a lot...and Cinderella is just rude about it. She asked us why we would consider washing dishes with sweaters! Honestly!
DS ALMOST done with the driving....one more class.....and then he takes his test. Noni...beware....he still has "issues". He's eagerly awaiting to see if he got a promotion for ROTC, which I can't imagine he wouldn't, but it is still nerve wracking.
DD's......busy with school.
We're taking the boys to the Naval Academy this week. DS has Friday off and gets off early on Thursday, so we're leaving early Thursday afternoon and spending a couple days there. Because the rooms are kind of small, we'll let the boys have their own room....and they're excited. DS said they're ordering a pizza one nite. I'm excited, except it's supposed to rain! But it'll be nice to get away.
And with all going on.....it occurred to me that I need to get my continuing ed in....so I have to go take it later this month! You wouldn't think I'd forget.....but here I am at the last minute......but better close than late!
Not much else happening...it seems like my goal to get on more has been harder to do...and I keep trying....I miss you guys! I'm hoping that once we get back it gets a little slower paced.....
Till later!

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Conferences, coffee and more.... 10-03-2009 - 08:01 AM
It's a cool Saturday morning and I've yet to even see what the rest of the day will hold. And...although I want some , but if I go start it , miss mia will want to come out and all heck will break loose! And we have so very much coffee! DH was watching the Food Network the other nite and they mentioned a coffee shoppe? Where they roast beans. So he hops online and orders....well a lot of coffee. And at the rate of coffee that we drink may lasts us till the New Year of 2011! LOL! Not really...but we do have around 5 pounds of coffee.....

Full moon was this week and you could tell. I felt horrid because Monday I just couldn't face working with Cinderella....and come to find out her step dad had passed away and she was off for the entire weekend. I did go to the viewing to show support....but I'm sure next week we won't see a lot of work action out of her. It was actually good that she was gone as we were slammed all week and the 3 of us there worked well together. Noni....I don't have a lot of options at that facility, or anywhere else. They are studying each and every dollar spent, so I'm kinda stuck...and our hours are such that I have to be with her for the better part of the day. And it just seems that a lot of the women in the other area are like her....so maybe they'll send her over there! Anyway....the week flew by and before I knew it, it was today!

Had conferences with DS the other day. It's so sad because although the schools where we are have some excellant opportunities....there is a large percentage of lower income families who for whatever reason don't have the time or desire to have their kids excel, and our test scores are low. But the staff really work with those who want to. All his teachers were surprised and pleased to see a parent, but wondered why I was there. His ROTC instructors obviously hold him very high in regard, and are willing to do what it takes to get him into an academy. My head was high and shoulders back...until we went to his Chemistry room where he is known as Mr. Mouth. Apparently, he has quite a few friends in the class and likes to take a few moments to compare notes. the teacher said she'll ask him to stop only to have him hold up his hand and say, "yeah...just a sec". And even worse, she laughed at it! She finds it amusing! She said that he really is a good kid...and she said he has such an endearing smile....and well.....I told her to do a Marta! (sorry Marta)...actually I told her to just whack him on the head.

Today is cleaning, laundry, bill day. Poor Mia was snorfleed so can't get bathed...and Zeus has an ear infection so he's spared too!

I"m also eager to cut into this humoungous watermelon that a patient of DH's grew....it's as large as a pumpkin! I'm not sure if we're to eat it or carve it~

Thanks for all the support last week....I was just floored at work. I did talk to this other co worker who wrongly gets accused of being mean to Cinderella....and she said which I have noticed that Cinderella has 2 sides, one where her true colors show and then the side that the others see. And I'm just tossing it to the universe to handle.

News.....the blanket is begun as well as a little rag, it's pink with a bunny! The blanket is white and soft, with little flecks of pink, purple and blue in it. When is the baby due?

Noni....did you go to the Moose lodge for game nite? How was it? When is your throat thing? I'm thinking of you!

Marta.....I'm still proud of you! Things will work out...and I suspect that others may be quite thrilled at you doing that!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend....
:starhugs::bl essings:cathugs::chicks:
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May I have some cheese with my whine? 09-26-2009 - 08:16 AM
I'll try to only vent a wee bit here.....
Marta....is your Cinderella still at work? I think she's gravitated to my area! No kidding!
We have this lady who works in the area. All but 2 of us thinks she's the sweetest thing...but they don't work with her. Everything in her life is a drama and there are numerous dramas overlapping. She says her son is horrid...but she won't ever spend any time even talking to him other than when she's using horrid language with him on the phone and she's very judgemental about all of us that she feels aren't Chrisitan enough for her. At work, she will spend literally an hour discussing her viewpoint on religion with the patients while the rest of us are doing work, and then criticize anyone who dares to interrupt her to ask her to work. But never in front of a supervisor. Now I know that she is going through a rough time. Her step father is ill, and she feels she needs to either spend her entire day at work on the phone with her famlily. I can totally understand that, but she has almost 500 hours of time accrued that she can take off. In my opinion, she needs to use some of that and just be with her family because she isn't doing a thing at work.
So yesterday, we were the only 2 in our area. I had to check in all the patients, register all the new ones (and I think I did at least 10), check people out, and make appointments. She complained that she was soooooooooooo tired, and spent at least 3 hours discussing her step father with other people and/or talking on the phone with family. The only time and I mean the only time she looked busy was when management came by and told her how wonderful it was that she was working so hard. And when she left, my supervisor said how she admired her for her "strength".
OK....out and done with.....sorry had to get that off my chest....I was ready to scream!

Noni...we have had a lot of people with flu symptoms in the ER...and after that girl at Miami died, the ER was filled to over capacity all week! And a great majority of them thinking they had the flu! I don't think we've had any confirmed cases and of all of them, only a few were considered to be even flu type symptoms. Mine are just allergies...it's all just upper head congestion.

Today I have to get the place back to rights. Major cleaning going on. I've been gone for several weekends and it's time to make it right! Plus I want to start getting organized...and it's time for DH's yearly, what can I decorate roll. This year it's our bedroom.

Not too much laundry....and if the rain stops, I want to go get some mums and some cider and apples. I love fall. I also want to put out some fall decorations.

Better get a move on it here.....the morning is slipping away!

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Feeling sinusy.... 09-22-2009 - 08:54 PM
Made it through the long weekend...and had a great Sunday. But today I'm feeling sinusy...congested and headachy. I'm sure it's allergies...although, I did have oodles of people sneeze in my face at the ER. Thank them very much....NOT! The ER wasn't too bad....but I didn't have fun. The first half was spent with this chick who had broken her wrist. News...I couldn't help thinking of you and your elbow. Anyway....this lady isn't too with it on a good day and having her on pain meds made it worse, not to mention the fact that she couldn't register in less than an hour, per patient. Which is ok for third shift or early first....but not ok for a Saturday afternoon. Luckily, the second half relief came...but didn't. This was a lady who was so irked at working with this other girl that she just sat all nite and guess who registered the majority? Finally, I got ticked and came out and told her the rest of the nite was hers. Lets just say it will be awhile till I work there again!

Noni....DS is applying to the Air FOrce Academy which is in Colorado Springs, the Naval Academy which is in Annapolis, Maryland, West Point and the Coast Guard Academy,. They told the students that applying to all 4 won't hurt their chances in the least. DS loves a regimented, controlled atmosphere...so it would be a great opportunity. When we pulled up the Naval site, it was more encouraging. Out of 9000 + applications, only about 3800 were qualified for 1500 spots plus 250 prep school acceptances. So we told him we'd go look at the Naval Academy in October and the Air Force Academy in the spring or summer.

Not much else happening here....I'm trying to get back into my walking routine, but I pulled a muscle and with this sinusy thing...it's hard to get motivated. I really want to keep at it though as I do feel better after doing it.

Gotta get to bed here....I'm pooped!

News....sure hope you're doing better....your poor arm and body! Between your arm, Noni's vocal cords and Marta's mom....the prayer lines are running fast and furious...but I can't think of anyone I'd rather be praying for!

Take care everyone......and enjoy this wonderful fall weather!

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Loonnnnnnnnnnnng week....almost over! 09-19-2009 - 06:31 AM
Whew....TGIS! What a week. Dunno if it was the moon or what but this week has dragged on forever. This is my week to do a Saturday...and for whatever reason....I also agreed to do an ER shift tonite....so I work from 7-12 and from 2-1030. Bummer. Add to the fact that we were 2 short in my area yesterday....and 4 short throughout the areas and we never did get lunches yesterday. I'm pooped!

Plus, work has been stressful....too many negative chatterers determined to bring down the group...and it's tiring to shut it all out and still get the job done, and we've had a lot of folks with serious family issues.

Nuff on the plaining here....I'm gonna sound like those coworkers!

Long as it was...it was a nice week. Youngest DS is excited about homecoming. We had a meeting on Thursday nite about the Air Force Academy which stirred his interest for that. He came down in his uniform for ROTC WEds and I was just astounded at how good he looked. I took him by my mom's and she just sobbed....which got my tears flowing! Despite the competition for an appointment at an Academy...I do have to say he is very determined....and his ROTC officers are very impressed by him. The representatives at the meeting also seemed to be impressed with his mannerisms.....so we'll see how things go. Even the statistic that there are approximately 8500 applicants for 1500 slots didn't faze him. He figures if he applies to all 4 of the military academies, he stands a better chance and we'll see. It's not the life for me....but for him....well I can see him as a military person.

This is the time for renewal on my online sites....and I opted to just choose one...this one! I was on a walking site....which seemed useless as it seemed as though all I did was track this and that here and there and I felt like I spent my evenings updating all these sites! I do get on Facebook....sometimes.....but I'm hoping to get on here more often! Between trying to walk more, knit, and keep up to date with all the online stuff....I was feeling very stressed!

Thanks everyone for the tips on the "issue". I'm trying to find the right time to broach it.....and news....guess I'll have to get a stash. Right there with the liners! LOLOL! That'll keep the local Walgreens lady wondering!

Better get my act together.....and as I finish this, i'm enjoying the most beautiful site of trees and the sun. How awesome and majestic.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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Long time.... 09-12-2009 - 08:48 PM
since I've written....wow....
I've missed being on here....but it's been hectic with school, work and trying to get my exercise in. And in my new area, it's harder to sneak on!

kids are getting acclimated to school...got the girls into their classes and that's going well. it's been a challenge getting things settled in. DS is enjoying his year and especially ROTC. on Friday, the entire ROTC classes dressed up and did a salute at the game, which unfortunately I missed.

DH had to go to Louisville and we had planned it with DS having Friday off at school. But with the ceremony, he decided not to go, so he and other DS stayed home...and the girls, DH and i went. It was a rather stressful trip as DH's blood sugar was all over the place, which made him very grumpy. We did enjoy today though...and found a really nice little strip mall.

I took advantage of his bad mood by knitting away...and got 2 dishrags done...and another one started. I went to the knitting store....but until I get some new patterns, I'm a bit unsure of what type of yarn to get for my next projects!

I'm not sure how to handle a situation. I had a box of new condoms from before my hysterectomy in my drawer...and the other day my drawer had that "looked in" look. The box was open and several were missing. DH said that I probably had forgotten that they were open...but i know i hadn't. I suspect it was youngest DS....and i'm not sure how to broach it with him. any words of advise?

gotta get a move on here.....although i slept like a rock last nite.....i got to bed late...and was up early....and still trying to catch up from a hectic week at work.

news....take care of that arm....and if we don't hear from you....we want that arm better! marta.....hope your mom is doing better and noni...hope that all your classes are going well!

take care everyone!

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Back to school....heat wave...busy week...new eyes! 08-22-2009 - 09:13 PM
that pretty much sums up my last 10 days!
DS started school on THursday... it was time....but last weekend was my nieces bday party. DH decided she NEEDED a Nintendo DS....AND some games....which made her a very happy camper! Monday was my dad's bday and since nobody was around, we took him out to dinner. We got him some gift cards and a shirt and jacket. Had some yummy cake...which led me to Tuesday where I had to do another shift at the ER. They have had this incredible run of bad luck for people and they've been short staffed by over one hundred hours! Wednesday we took DS for some school clothes AND to finish up his summer reading assignment....ahhem...and Thursday was spent getting school supplies. All that running meant grabbing what we could...AND no walking for me. Which made me feel cruddy!
Anyway...the heat wave has cooled down immensely...thank you thank you AND today, we went for a day in Cincinnati with my mom and the whole family. 7 adults in an SUV....I had wanted to check out a yarn store...so DH obliged me....my mom thought we were crazy...and asked why I couldn't get my yarn at a craft store...until she saw the store, which was when DH had a fit. Not only was it wayyyyyyy off the beaten path...but it was smack down in the middle of a not nice area. DH was so worried he stepped in with me, only to get overwhelmed by a very strong fragrance plug, which set him off coughing....so he sent in the two boys. It was a nice store...but the scent was overpowering and the door had this annoying chime which rang and rang and rang when the door was opened....and did I say that all 7 of us ended up in there....seperately? I did find some yarn...and we went to this incredible market. It has just aisles and aisles and aisles of international foods, health foods, wines, beers, salsas, you name it. We were all drooling...but since we still had running to do, we didn't buy. Then it was off to the mall....where I decided to get a makeover on my eyes. It looked very different, far more dramatic than I have ever done...but everyone liked it. DH said it really brought out my eyes....and the girls loved it. So i bought some stuff and we'll see if I can do the same look...or something close!
Now....we're all just doing nothing. And it feels great!
Gotta go hit the tub....and then to bed!
Hope it's cooler for everyone else....
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Tired and DH is sick! 08-14-2009 - 07:20 PM
what a way to end the week! We have all felt it hard to get back to our routines...and nobody has slept all that well. And I've had to work some overtime AND for whatever reason, I opted to help out at the ER last nite for a few hours....which put me into overtime. But I'm an ER junkie and I love the pace, so I did. But I was drained coming home! Called DH who sounded horrid...and was even worse when I got home, so I asked if he needed to be seen at the ER. Nope...he said he'd be fine. FINALLY, at 3 am, I fell asleep after listening to him hack up his lungs. At 6, he called out that he felt worse and wanted to be seen....so I dragged my poor body out of bed and we went to the ER, which wasn't busy...and after 2 breathing treatments, a script for an inhaler and pills....he went home with DD...and I headed into work. I could have called in, but we were short handed and I didn't want to put everyone to extra work...so I dragged through today.

But I'm home now...all bathed and just chillin. And it will be an early bed time!

DS starts school next Thursday..... Summer has been wayyyyyyyyyyy too long! DS is a high maintenance child who always has to have a friend over or be at a friend, or to be going somewhere. Some of his friends drive now...and we've let him go a few places with his friends who are 18. Which is wierd because even though DS is 16, that 2 year span feels larger. It's hard to let the baby grow up!

This weekend is my nieces bday party...she turns 7. I have no clue what to get for her....she's a hard one to buy for. I don't like to buy something she won't use....and every year it's getting harder. I thought of an aquarium for she and her sister...BUT they have this huge clumsy lab....so not a good idea. We'll see. But her bday party means no Bingo...and my mom isn't happy! She figures she's had 25 years of bday parties...and not that much Bingo! LOL!

Not much else happening here....I'm gonna watch a bit of tv and hit the bed! Tomorrow is cleaning and laundry day....and shopping for niece. And hoping DH sleeps tonite!

The ER doc who saw him was there when I was there last nite...and he was funny because he told DH he had to take some cough syrup or he was afraid after my nite before that another sleepless nite could be more detrimental to his health!

Off to the couch.....I finally feel as though I'm catching up here......

Everyone enjoy the weekend and stay cool....

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We're Back! 08-08-2009 - 09:19 PM
from a week of fun, sun and revelation.

Last Saturday we left for KY Lake which is located at Land Between the Lakes, which is in the southwest corner of Kentucky. We've gone on and off for several years...and were long past due for a trip out there. We generally stay in the same cabin....a log cabin on the lake with a wrap around porch. Very peaceful.

We originally were going to leave Friday after I got off, then altered it to very early Saturday morning...and updated to early Saturday morning! LOL! Despite several stops....the time difference worked in our favor and we got there at 4 that afternoon. Tradition is that once we unpack, the guys unload the water toys and the ladies go to Wally world to get groceries for spaghetti and the next day. But since it was so late....we stopped at a home town restaurant that is run by 2 older ladies who cook it all by hand. Good food....and then we ran to Wally world for breakfast items and fruits...enough to get us till Sunday later!

We had such an awesome week....we boated, fished....relaxed...ate too much....I read and knitted and just gave myself some much needed down time. It occurred to me that the last time we came was just before my body started to revolt and leading me to my hysterectomy. My step mom was in an in between stage with her cancer....

It also occurred to me that a lot had happened very quickly....my step mom passing, my surgery and returning to the work world...and I hadn't really given myself any time to adjust to any of it. I truly made peace with all the changes...and did a lot of good meditations. It was nice.

I read 3 books, knit 4 dishrags, did 4 puzzles with DD (jigsaw), got nicely tanned and a lot of much needed rest.

The boys fell into a routine of breakfast, fishing, jetski, boat, lunch, fishing, jetski, boat, dinner, fish, jetski.

I felt like we were a part of the movie Bambi....there were lots of wildlife....deer that would just sit by the water's edge, raccoons under our porch that would come out at nite...and even some rabbits! On Monday....the girls came running to the cabin with a yellow lab in tow....a very smelly lab! Friendly...but stinky! I asked the office about him...and they said his name was Casey and that he was old with severe arthritis. Apparently his owners had stayed at this place while their home was being fixed....they live close by. Casey comes and swims when his hips are sore, which is frequently. Noni....I couldn't help but think of you and your water aerobics! Casey then makes the rounds for some companionship and food....both of which we all provided,as well as several other families! Tuesday nite, we had severe storms come through and Casey spent the nite on the porch, drinking warm milk that we gave to him.

The site offers WiFi....but the storm blew it out and I can't say I didn't miss it! It was nice to not be tied to a computer! We finally got the service back late Thursday, but my dad came by and I didn't want to get on with him there!

So we're home today....catching up on laundry and all that good stuff! Back to our routine, which we are all more than ready to go back to. A week off is nice...but....a routine is good as well.

I haven't had time to even get on the site after losing the internet...so I have a lot of catching up to do! I'll do that tomorrow. I'm gonna hit the tub and pillow.....a day in the care wore me out!

I missed you all....and realized how important you all are in my life. You've all been such a support and so wonderful to me...and I missed getting on here! I can't wait to see what all is happening!

Till later.....

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Walking....driving....work.... 07-25-2009 - 07:06 AM
all keeping me busy! At the beginning of this month, I realized that WW just wasn't doing it...or rather I wasn't doing it. But I was frustrated at where I was body wise....so I pulled out all my walking videos, blew off the dust and started to walk. New socks made a huge difference and here, as of last nite, I have put in 31 miles with those tapes! I have a whole set of various workouts so I have enough to mix and it gives me a variety. I started doing some 1 mile workouts with a few 2 miles, but for the last 2 weeks, I've done primarily the 2 mile workouts with a 3 mile and a 2 mile interval tape. I feel good...and the nice thing is that I can walk and increase or decrease as I need to. And...the bonus is that the pants are getting looser...and I notice the teensiest muscle starting to develop in the arms...trying to poke through all the other stuff! I figure after our time at the lake...I'll get down to working on the eating. The only downside...and I see it as a bump is that by the time I get home, eat, get a few things done and walk....it's too darn late to get on here! I've been also trying to knit stuff for the holidays....so it's been me trying to decide between computer or the needles and so far, the needles have won!

Driving....what can I say other than the fact that I am soooo glad DS is the last of the bunch I have to endure driving lessons with. The boy has been the hardest to date....there are permanent fingerprints in the arm rest and my foot print imbedded on the floor mats where I pray for a brake like the driving instructors have! LOL! My eyes are in that semi half closed position....AND my vocal chords have had a workout...going DS said DH and I are too tense....and need to relax. Umhmmmmm.

The eyes....driving me nuts. Went to the eye dr for my yearly exam. I've had trouble with computers and my reading glasses weren't working. My options now are glasses WITH contacts for work, bifocals so I can do the reading and the puter....and then just reading glasses for home. Option number 2 was lasik surgery which would still mean reading glasses....and Option number 3 which I'm trying is monovision contacts. Which is basically one eye is for distance the other for near. Which means that in the near vision eye, the distance is blurred. The jury is still out....but I don't like the other options...so for now we'll see.

Work.....as of Monday I'll be in the new area. For the majority of this summer, I've been coming in to my area for a few hours, heading to the other to cover lunches, back for my lunch, back to area #1 for less than an hour and back to the old. It's been interesting and other than I forget where I am when I answer the phone, it hasn't been too bad. However, with all the logistics in area #1, it'll be easier for me to just move to the other area now, which has been the plan. But when my supervisor told me to clear my desk in the old area, I felt as though I'd been given the boot. She just LOL....and said I had another desk in the other area.....but still.....my desk I had had nice storage (see Mara...you aren't the only one with storage issues...my new desk is one of those older steel ones....and only has this teeny drawer....BUT the staff is much nicer and while one lady tends to drive the group batty....it's a nice place and the pace is fast enough for me!

Not much else....just going nuts trying to get ready for next week. This time next week I'll be almost to KY lake! Fishing poles, boat.....books and yarn and I'll be set to go! We did invite my dad and he'll come for a few days....so that won't be too bad. We'll have the majority of the time just doing nuttin at all!

Time to get my arse moving here....have an awesome weekend! It's raining here and I'm hoping the sun comes out!


: cool....new smilies
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Zeus sitting and life..... 07-15-2009 - 09:26 PM
DS is in Louisville this week testing for a corrections position, so we've been Zeus sitting. He left Monday and will be back in oh about 15 hours, but who's counting?

Since Monday, Zeus has torn apart all the toilet paper and junk under the bathroom cupboard, paced for 3 nites....and just been lying around with his ears down as he REALLY misses DS. Luckily other than the TP, there wasn't a lot under the bathroom sink AND the kids are continuing to learn that Zeus can't be left out alone....and all doors have to be shut! LOL!

I'm continuing to walk....AND stretch! Much better and easier on me! LOL! Plus, the other day we went to ****'s sporting goods. I just grabbed a pack of socks, without looking at the price and when I checked out, I almost went right back and returned them! But DH told me to just try them. I'm glad I did....they are the best! For whatever reason....they feel amazing and my feet aren't as sore after I walk! Noni....I wish you lived closer too....so we could walk!

Work has been busy....I'm the yo yo lately. I start out in my area, move to Sports Med for lunch coverage....and then head to my lunch, back to my area for 45 minutes and then back to sports med. It works for me.....I have enough slower time so I am not so stressed and I can get my accounts worked on for the satellite location....and then I get my busy spurt at Sports med! The ladies in my area are not so pleased.....they think I should just stay there.

We're trying to get things set aside and ready to head to the lake. Dh has been stocking up on paper products.....etc and getting all the fishing equipment ready. The boat is having some problems, so that's getting fixed. The girls are bargaining to see how much luggage they can bring! LOL! I vote for bringing what we need....and what we might need! Now realize, I used to pack 2 pairs of sock PER person PER day....with 6 people and 7 days....that was a lot of socks!

Not much else happening here.....it seems that by the time I get dinner finished and cleaned up with and my walking that the evening is gone! Add to that some laundry or bill paying and there's the entire evening!

Time to wrap up things and head to bed....but first the tub! I'm finishing a good book....and waiting to start another!

Gosh....you all are keeping my prayer lines busy....but since you are always on my list....it's a joy to include all of you in my life.

Hope everyone is doing better......


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Walk, walk, walk, OWWWWWWWWWWW~ 07-09-2009 - 09:19 PM
my hip! DH said I truly should have stretched BEFORE I did the walk! As I came limping down the stairs with the wall supporting my hip, he just shook his head. I iced well tonite! BUT, I've walked with a tape for 5 nights straight....some nights I've only done a mile....but 2 nights I did 2 miles and it's feeling good....other than the hip!

It's full moon and boy can you tell it. Moods at work are short....the patients have been short tempered....and it's just been wierd. We need to move out of that lunar cycle! And soon! Every day that I've gone into the Sports Med area, it's been total chaos and I just slide into it, and don't even stop until it's passed my time to leave. At the other area, they've been short staffed, but not as busy....but they still aren't happy. There are a lot of nay sayers there and they love to stir up trouble. Unfortunately there isn't a lot you can do, other than just ignore them. At our staff meeting, one of them was complaining about something and I told her that if she had encountered anything I had done wrong....to just let me know.....just as I've done for a year....but it's more a matter that no matter what you do, there's gonna be that one thing she doesn't like. I'm pretty sure these people aren't happy with life in general.

Next week, we'll be Zeus sitting for almost a week. DS will be working 3rd on Saturday and Sunday, which means Zeus sleeps in our room. Monday, DS heads to Louisville to take an exam that extends till Thursday....so we'll be Zeus sitting. Could be interesting. not that Zeus isn't with us....but DS usually tends to him and has him sleep in his room. Tonite.....Zeus jumped on the couch, which is a no no for him as he's so big...and DH told him to get down, to which Zeus lay down! We all LOL!

I had to postpone my yearly AGAIN. DD has orientation...and so I cancelled my appt as they had nothing at any other time. I then found out that she couldn't go on that day, but by that time, they had given away my time! I think I'll wait till I get the kids back to school. I've had my mammo and know the boobs are fine....and other than my lonely ovary and my leaky bladder....there isn't a lot going on. Oh yeah and those warm swings! But....it's just too hard to get it worked in with everything else going on!

I figure I'm gonna get some walking under my belt....and then find an eating plan that works. I have been cutting way back on sugars....and increasing my waters. Plus, I've been enjoying the fresh goodies at the store, with peaches and veggies. YUM! My goal now is to walk at least a mile a day, with my DVD's. I'm using the Walk at Home series with Leslie Sansone and I love em. She does whole body walking, and you utilize all the muscles....and also do some strength training...and even some interval work. I work up a great sweat and it feels good....other than when I don't stretch!

Not much else going on here....so glad tomorrow is Friday....although the weekend will be busy.

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7/6/09 07-06-2009 - 09:35 PM
Happy belated 4th of July!

We had a nice 4th. We had semi invited my dad, mom, sister and brother. We weren't sure who would show....but they all did! And it's been forever since we've done the whole cook out/make it all event. Lately it seems we grab something on the way to somewhere. So Saturday, we skipped the parade and hit the grocery. Came back and spent the day in the kitchen making homemade ice cream, some yummy bars, fruit salad, veggies and dip and a mexican bean dip that DS devoured. We all LOL because I don't think anyone else got a lot of that! He said it was awesome and I'll just have to take his word on it!

DS was the one who really got into the 4th, he went to the neighborhood block party on Friday, twice, to the parade and the fireworks! The dogs were not amused by the fireworks. DS's and DH have been setting them off all week and poor Mia just turns away and hides in her cage! Sadie just ignores them and Zeus barks!

We found out we had Friday off as it was our 4th. so i took a wild chance and called a salon I had wanted to try for a haircut. Please know that I NEVER go anywhere without knowing someone who used a person, so for me, this was, well not me. But DD said she thought the place looked cute and asked me to be the guinea pig. I was awesomely pleased! The lady really listened and I loved what she did. Not that it is that different, but it is cut better and a lot of people have commented on it. DD almost wrecked coming home as she kept turning to look at it! LOL!

I'm feeling like a yo yo at work. Being sent from area to area, from sports med to imaging. It does make the time go by quickly and before I know it, the day is done.

We're starting to get things ready for our trip to KY Lake in August. Neither of us wants to be rushed, so we're getting reservations for dogs,, getting things set aside....I feel like my mom! LOL! but since we'll both be working till the day we leave....and DH's schedule is hectic....we don't want to be worn out before we leave!

I'm trying to decide about my yearly that I was due for 6 months ago. There is another doc in the group that I have heard good things about personality wise. My doc is good clinically, but his personality is that of a wet rag! Anyway....I have a morning off this month and my GYN is out of town....and the other one has time.....so i'm thinking of switching. The only thing is that if the new one isn't good, it would be awkward. And my gyn is very open to not using hormones, in fact he doesn't want me on them. So i dunno.

On the health end....I've been very good with my walking tapes. It feels good to do them and i do at least a one mile one each day. I have to get back on WW or something....but I dunno counting those points made me actually want more...and it seemed like it was harder for me to control my appetite on WW than not. So we'll see.

Not much else on this end.....the wicked witch seems to have gone back into hiding....thankfully! I think between the cooler weather, not being in one area at work all day....and the walking have made her retreat! Thank goodness! That witch drives me nuts!

Till later.....


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Sunny Saturday.... 06-27-2009 - 06:23 AM
and it looks like it will be a sunny day! Of course, I work this morning....but there's the entire rest of the day to enjoy!

The week has been "off" and moods are short....dunno if it's the heat and /or all that's gone on! To lose 3 such fabulous people in a week was sad. My friend growing up looked like Farrah even her smile. She used to even style her hair like Farrah's and I was so jealous because she could! And my hair being stick straight and dark....And growing up with the Jackson Five....and seeing Michael change. And the one thing that was sad, yet amusing was that my kids only knew Ed McMahon as the Publisher's Clearinghouse dude. They don't even remember Johnny Carson!

We've been trying to get our boat water ready and it's been a long haul. Things just haven't been right since we had the boat versus rock/stump incident. We just got it back from the shop and there is still something off with the engine, nothing that would impede using it....but it still needs to be looked at. We're hoping to go boating somewhere nearby next weekend. The lake we usually go to has had extremely high levels of algae and there have been warnings to not go in it....so we've not gone up there this year.

After work, I've got a load of laundry and housework to do, and I need to get to the store for some stuff. Oldest DD is going :dive: this afternoon while she works on her Divemaster certification. Youngest DD wants to go car hunting....my mom is giving her money towards one, and she has some set aside. DS is going to a bday party and oldest DS works. Tomorrow, we'll go to my dad's to swim and have pizza. My dad is so funny, he lives in a condo and somewhere along the line he heard he couldn't have a grill as the buildings are attached. I've never heard this, but he got his condo association to outlaw grills and he won't even roll one out to the parking lot behind them! Which is a shame because to me swimming is about a cook out as well! You just gotta LOL!

I'm tired......I have been trying to get more exercise in and that perks me up. I am not an early riser, so to try and get it in early hasn't worked yet, but I may need to change it up! Plus, with the heat means I've been drinking more tea......and you know that keeps me up! And....last, I'm sure there are those hormone things going on. I've gotta get some of that Remifen or at least get some of the stuff DH has at his office! I'm so bad! Being tired has made me grouchy too....and I think the kids, DH, and my dad are all eagerly awaiting that witch to leave the building!

Not much else.....I cannot believe that June is almost over.....DS is not happy! He starts back to school in mid August, so he really only has July and then a bit of August!

Gotta get my behind in gear.....have a wonderful weekend everyone. News.....how does Otto like bubbles? Mia LOVES chasing them and she looks so crushed when they pop! I'll have to consider an agility course for her!

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WOW....Wednesday already! 06-24-2009 - 09:19 PM
Hard to believe it's Weds nite already! The week has flown by! This is my week to do a Saturday, so I had Monday "off". "off" as in I didn't have to physically go into work....BUT I had to take my mom to the hearing aid place, DS to the dermatologist and the computer to the computer shop. Then DS had a tennis match....needless to say, it was busy!

Mom has decided to get new hearing aids, she got a digital one years ago and has never liked it. She is profoundly deaf in both ears, so she'll never get good hearing regardless. But the one hearing aid has been a source of contention with her for years. It was worrisome because I can see her starting to decline. She called me in a total panic on Tuesday to tell me that she had run very low on her meds. Now this is the lady that always has her meds refilled.....so when I asked her what was going on....she said she didn't read English, only she pronounced it like you would hear a Japanese person on tv....and didn't realize it had expired. It's sad.

Work has been slow and busy. Slow at the one area where I am in the morning and then the afternoon flies by when I switch areas. I'm looking forward to being there all day, but with vacations, I'm not sure when that will occur and in all practicality, I'll still float between the 2 areas.

DS's.....both driving me nuts! Oldest DS hates what he is doing....but it's a job. He is working for a security company and he currently just drives around a building. It's boring for sure....and on the weekends, he has to monitor a downtown parking garage on third shift. Then he is also working at Penneys where they aren't that very nice. But he's also wittling away his money and last nite I came down on him about his money. When he wasn't working we helped him out with stuff, but now he is expected to pay his phone bill and insurance as well as Zeus's medical bills. And since younger DS has to play with Zeus and take care of him all day, I told DS #1 that he has to pay him some money for his time. Not a lot....but it's 13-14 hours a day. DS....not happy. Younger DS has more testosterone than he can handle....and I am trying to let the rope loose bit by bit without giving him too much reign. It scares me because he has a girlfriend who is younger by 18 months....and when you're only 15....well that's a big span to me. And, he's never been that serious with anyone...AND oldest DS didn't get serious till he was a junior! Her dad isn't ready for her to date and I told DS he has to honor that...but in the meantime.....he's tried every trick in the book to get together with her! LOL!

The weather here has been warm....so we've had the 4 legged kids out a lot. I bought bubbles for them. Mia is the only one who is amused! she loves them! Sadie just ignores them as does Zeus! Zeus ate his way through 2 more frisbees.....even the one I bought that is supposedly chew proof!

Not much else going on here.....trying to stay cool in the heat.....and get things done here.

Take care everyone.....LYLAS!

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TGIF! 06-19-2009 - 10:04 PM
Whew what a week! It flew by, but at the same time it was stressful...was it full moon? New moon? anyway, Im glad it's behind us!

The good thing was that I found a home for the blanket! Earlier this week, a former employee told us she was pregnant...and I was sure the blanket was for her....but no....the next day a lady I work with announced she had her first grandson. She's gone through a rough year and somehow I just knew the blanket was meant for this ladie's grandson, and she was beyond thrilled. Of course, now I have to make ANOTHER blanket for the former employee, but I have 6 months! LOL! I knew there was someone the blanket had to go to!

The bad thing was that a friend of mine has had a rough time. On one hand, he's not willing to make things go right for himself, but I think it's that he's been knocked around a lot. He leads an alternate lifestyle which I gather is not accepted by his family. Anyway....a lot fo us knew he was depressed, but the other day he went over the edge and fortunately, his boss got him to the hospital...and he spent this week getting some much needed help. I sure hope things start to turn around!

Noni....I'm in the same building, but over in the physical therapy area! Nobody really likes the department that well. My hours are different in that I get off earlier....BUT not. Since I'm off earlier, if it's time to go and I am with someone.....I have to stay and that happens a bit more than the family would like! It's never that late....AND like I asked DH and DD....how often are they on time? And I really enjoy the area!

The weather went from somewhat cool to blazing hot today! When I came in, it was just feeling nice with a light mist...but by lunch I actually felt sick being out in the heat!

Not sure what we're doing for Father's Day....DH said he didn't care. He hasn't made plans with his dad....and my dad will be with my brother.

We bought Zeus yet another Frisbee...I've lost count. DH got him a different type and he isn't thrilled with it...it's too hard to chew! He loves to play Frisbee...but he likes to chew between throws. DH was soooooooooooo funny, in the pet store, he was looking at all the treats, he said the "girls" were bored with our current selection and they had asked for something different! We then saw a small Pug and he's over there talking to it as though it was ours! Telling it that we had one who USED to look like it...but was much bigger. I just LOL!

Well....bed time for me....I'm tired and I've had a sinus headache all day. It got me up at 4 and I took an Advil...and by 9 it was back again. I figure it's either hormone or sinus as it's a tad stubborn!

Everyone stay cool and have a wonderful weekend!

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It always seems to rain.... 06-15-2009 - 09:32 PM
when we head to Louisville! At least the last 2 times! And we aren't talking a nice drizzle, but that downpour stuff! But we ventured through the rain and had a nice time in KY. I went to my knitting store....and it was the wierdest thing.....I just cannot figure it out. I finished the boy blanket and it is so soft and adorable that DH asked me to set it aside for future grandkids. I wanted to find something feminine....but all the yarns I liked didn't have nearly enough to make a blanket. I then browsed and found a book on knitting baby wash rags....and other dishrags. The other books on dishrags looked far more complicated than I can handle, while the baby book looked very easy, so guess what my next project is? Of course, I am also starting on all my holiday dishrags....so it'll be dishrags intermingled with baby wash rags. Honestly....I don't know what the deal is....and the wierd thing is that when I toss up the question of what to do with the blanket....I get the feeling that somewhere out there is a baby who needs it, or will. Strange. Better not be a grandkid for awhile!

Anyway....after the yarn store, DD got to go to Whole Foods...news I'm sending her to go shopping with you! She could literally spend hours going up and down each aisle....while to me, it's just a grocery store. So we each had our good time. DS...not amused, but since he had his cell phone, he texted the entire time. DH and DD got done with their business earlier than expected, so instead of sleeping in a hotel on Saturday....we headed back up the road, while the sun finally made it's appearance!

Mia....who stayed home with our oldest DS was so thrilled when we rolled in....she came running out to greet us! It made us feel good!

Today, at work, my supervisor told me that I get to transfer to another area in her department. I like it there, they like me....and they are a person short.....so it all works out! I'm excited. There's a lot more work to do, although not usually overwhelming, so I won't get bored.

Then.....my DD's scuba instructor called. Apparently there is a dive magazine who features articles with her in it frequently. Knowing that she is a pioneer in having kids learn to dive, they asked her if she had any success stories to share...and she thought of my 2 DD's, so apparently, they'll be in this article. I was excited....and yes....proud.
Then, I got to watch DS play tennis tonite. He wasn't amused, it's an adult league, and DH is cheering him on. We got the look. DS's hormones continue to be out of control....so I've had to pull out my Lord's Prayer speech....you know...."LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION".....LOL. He better NOT be the one to need that blanket! But he told us that since he has big goals, he knows he can't take any chances that could interfere with his future.

Not much else going on here.....just trying to catch up on stuff. I cannot figure out how getting away is supposed to relax you....I'm exhausted! I guess trying to sleep in a different bed and change schedules is harder on us than we think.

And speaking of hard....OMG....I have to call the eye dr. I'm having trouble reading my computer screen.....DH says it's age.....and I'm afraid he may be kind of on the right track. My eyes have always been the first thing to show age for me. Everyone is LOL on the prospect of a different form of lens for me!

On a kind of sad note....my mom has this wonderful set of neighbors. They were so helpful when her DH passed away and they have always helped her with her yard. She told me earlier this spring that he had been in a car accident which caused him to lose his license, which I thought to be wierd, but I didn't want to pry. Then mom mentioned that he went to some type of senior center where the insurance paid, but she didn't know who would charge....that set me on high alert....but I didn't feel right calling the wife. Anyway....apparently he has early onset of Alzheimers and it is pretty severe. He can't be left at home alone as he forgets to turn things off or if he's eaten or not. He also has started to just say anything that comes to mind.....it's very sad because he is only in his 60's...and was so active up till this winter. In fact, the last time I saw him, he was telling me about the cruise they were taking their family on. I'm glad they had that memory to rely on.

Anyway....time to get to bed....gotta let the girls out (Sadie and Mia) and then tub time and bed! I'm tired!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week....Noni...chin up....news....stay ON the ground PLEASE....Marta....are you getting some rest?

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Nice weekend....but busy! 06-07-2009 - 07:57 PM
After a lonnnnng week, I had to get up early Saturday for a meeting at work. So early that Starbucks wasn't even open, but i'm an easy caffeine fix, so I grabbed a coffee at McDonalds! Got to the site, and our manager had bought donuts! YUM! The meeting wasn't bad, it was training session for a new product, but I can't help but think that somewhere down the line, people will be replaced by this system....maybe not but we'll see.

After the training, DH and I went graduation gift shopping AND he took me out to get some clothes. DH has extremely good taste and he would not do what I usually do, and just try on a few outfits. He had me try on half the department! LOL! And, while I wanted one top and one pair of pants....we came out with more than that! But I'm not complaining! Then I went and got my shoes for work....my feets are excited!

Today, I went out and worked with DH and DS's getting the yard in shape. I cleaned out this area with our bushes while DH and DS's put up a stoned area for some plants. Soon we'll go find some stuff to put it....better late than never. After that, we had DD's graduation dinner. It was nice, except for the inlaws. MIL sat with her arms crossed, and the looks when DH was oohing and ahhing over my nieces....AND we had invited some friends versus the rest of the family....My one niece asked her uncle if they could have a sleepover and DH said absolutely and did they want to make cookies too? it was cute! And despite the inlaws, it was a nice time. Now all the festivities are done.

Tomorrow mom has to see the ortho doc AGAIN for her leg. She won't take the glucosamine he told her to take and can't figure out why her leg still hurts. I just threw my hands up and made her an appointment. I think that part of it is that she is secretly hoping for a knee replacement, which I don't think he'd do at this point. We'll see.

Friday, we head for KY....well actually Thursday nite. It will be nice to get away....and I'm gonna go check out the yarn store again....only this time I'm gonna look for yarn for dishcloths! LOL!

The dogs have been getting out more....youngest DS is home more and one of his jobs is to take them out and run them around till they can't. It's made a huge difference! And Zeus loves Frisbee.....Mia can't do frisbee yet, but she will chase this small bouncy ball we have and bring it back!

Not much else happening.....hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Terror duo! 06-03-2009 - 08:34 PM
Those dogs! OMG! This morning, DH said Zeus looked bored. I LOL and told him to beware. DH had a lot of running to do, and in the meantime, Zeus knocked down his barriers (news, we have him gated in the kitchen) and ran to DD's room where he ate her log book of dives. And since he already ate DD's divemaster homework....
Then, Mia made two messes along with taking the stuffing out of a pillow while we got ready. I reminded DH that she is only a baby....and had he NOT seen Marley? But she's soooooooo cute.....when I come home, she bounds out with her tail wagging....it's hard to stay mad! Although, DD is a tad annoyed with Zeus! Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer and DS can take him to the park OR play frisbee with him.

I was very good eating today. Dh made a nice healthy dinner....although he did pick up some volcano cakes at the store. It was soooooooooooooo tempting, but after my workout, I was too wiped out to ruin it with a piece of cake! I've picked up some more of the Walk Away the Pounds DVD's and this one kicked but! Literally! It was a very intense 2 mile walk followed by hip/leg work with resistance tubing. No way after that was I gonna put on the pounds with a piece of cake! So I'm sipping my water....

So dream analyzers.....here's my dream from the other nite. I dreamt that we had a baby girl, but we adopted her. I remember being horrified that someone would just bring us this baby and drive off. Then, my step mother who passed away was standing next to me and I asked her if she thought I was crazy and she said No that she knew the baby was lucky. What was really wierd was that the next day at the grocery, I got not 1 but 2 jars of pickles. Sooooo, what gives? And with the baby blanket?

Work was wierd.....our supervisor is out at another location for the week, and our group leader hasn't been much help. It seems that I've been the one trying to fill in the gaps where she won't help. Plus with summer and graduations, we've had people off, which means I'm double doing it. It does make the day go by quickly....but with the nit picking ladies, I feel as though whatever I do isn't enough. Today I finally snapped that if someone in our area had to wait a few minutes, it wouldn't be the end of the world and you should have seen the looks and heard the comments, you would have thought I proposed that we cut the department back to one person. Add to the fact that I also do work for another location....and my days are filled. It makes for a busy day, but I like busy. And how you can have 12 women between 3 areas and still feel stretched is beyond me, but some of those women won't go outside their little area and help. It's frustrating for not only myself, but for my supervisor.

Not much else going on here.....I feel I'm not getting a lot done with me trying to workout and then list all I do and eat. I was trying WW online with the meetings, but I think I'll switch to the good old fashioned way. By the time I log all that....it takes awhile!

I'm gonna hop in the shower.....and do some readings. Maybe throw in a load of laundry or unload the dishwasher!

Have a wonderful Thursday.....
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Two dogs in disgrace, bad meeting.... 06-02-2009 - 09:17 PM
After work I went to my WW meeting....and I found the pound I lost. I was sooooooooooo disgusted I gave the scale a discreet kick on the way out. Driving out of the parking lot, I plotted my revenge....I was going to stop and buy a pint of my ice cream, and chocolate, and cola and chips. By the time I made it to the road, I realized that I had REALLLLLLY slacked this week going over on my points at least 3 times and we had eaten out. I then decided that if I plotted revenge, I'd be up in weight instead of at the same. I so hate when I lose a fight with myself! I was looking forward to that ice cream! But....I came home and had salad with egg whites....and chicken and then I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on my chi machine.

But when I came home, the kids were waiting for me....said I would not believe my eyes...and sure enough, Zeus had made a HUGE mess in the kitchen and not of the didn't get let out. He reached up on the counter, and tore up DS's book of certificates. Then, Mia had found an area on the carpet that does need replacing, and she chewed a hole in it. So we have 2 dogs in disgrace....

Not much else happening here. We're trying to get things together for DD's graduation party. Her final decision is to go to Wright State near home to finish her gen eds and then transfer out next year. I think it's a wise move for her. I did tell her she needs to get a job....as she will need it on her resume. I offered her something at the office, but she doesn't want to work with her sister and Dh....so said she'll try to find something.

Gotta hit the bed here.....I didn't sleep well on Sunday nite and I'm still trying to get caught up. I still have to do my readings.....and maybe iron.

Did anyone else get rain storms? We sure did...with tornado warnings and all.

Take care....and have a wonderful week!
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I didn't realize that..... 05-30-2009 - 06:48 AM
my dog would retrieve! LOL! the other nite, she saw a squirrel and I did see her get into point position, but I just thought she was doing yoga poses! LOL! Last nite, DD came in all horrified. Apparently, Mia brought to DD what she thought was a stick, but it was a dried out frog. EEW! We both screamed for DH who looked at us in disbelief and asked what we thought the RETRIEVER part of Lab did we not understand. He said his aunt's lab would bring home critters and did I not recall when my brother's lab went foraging. So I guess I'll have a dog who, well retrieves. If she brings me any semi alive or dead animals....

DS went to the mall last nite and kept texting me.....and at the end of each text it said...I LOVE BROOKE....LOL....but I did tell DH to talk to him, especially when DS said his braces got in the way of his social life....

I got a gift certificate for a pedicure...and I'm redeeming it today! i can't wait. I told DH that when i got up, my toes were singing, they were so excited. he just rolled his eyes. Then, it's DS bday...he's 25! I cannot believe I have a son who is that, um, old.....He works third shift tonite, so I don't know what we'll do. he worked third last nite and tonite, so I know he'll be exhausted. We'll see.

Noni....thanks for letting me know about Facebook....I just have to figure it out. And what's with the wall? And how do I find comments? They need a Facebook for Dummies! LOL! And if someone gives me a purse....what's up with that?

As for the WW.....this weekend, not so good, and I know there are people who drop weight quickly, but it went on slowly and I'll take it off slowly. I keep reminding myself that the tortoise won the race....although I would like to lose a tad more quickly! LOL! My biggest downfall is with 4words......Blueberry Pie Ice Cream.....ever since I discovered it. but, I have decided that once a week, i will work out extra hard and reward myself with a junior scoop of the stuff. It's soooooooooo good.....I told the girls when we do our trip to Columbus, if they can't find me to go look for the ice cream place.....LOL. I'm drooling as i type! And I already had my weekly fix! Fortunately, it's not a flavor sold in the stores, or I'd be history. You'd have to roll me out!

News....as for being anonymous on here versus Facebook....I love this area! i don't figure that people will see my blogs other than you all....and since some of the people are ones I work with, I can't vent.

Which brings me to a minor vent.....the girls I work with can be soooooooo petty. We have this new girl and she really is trying, although you do have to keep boundaries with her. Well, they are all going out of their way to be mean to her. Apparently yesterday she encountered a huge problem with an order and the one girl just blew her off, as did everyone else. Then they all talked about it as though she weren't there. I mean come on, this isn't junior high and this girl has feelings too. then....as if that weren't bad enough, they told her unless she went to lunch right after she came in, she couldn't go. HUH? So when I came back to the area, I shooed her off....I mean everyone gets their break and why shouldn't she? And to say anything to our supervisor looks like gossip, so I just told her to take note of things. I know that from other areas, that our supervisor keeps a blind eye to that kind of stuff and even when she does know....she doesn't handle it. Enough said.

Anyway....gotta get this day going! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.....enjoy the beautiful weather....and in case i don't mention it enough...you are all the best.....I so treasure what we have here.

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Busy week.... 05-28-2009 - 09:16 PM
WHEW, it's almost Friday and the week has flown by. I've been over at the other area....where it is ALWAYS busy....and have been loving it. My old supervisor said she loves working with me and the feeling is mutual. She's an amazing lady...and it's a joy to be with her. But by the time I get back to my area, I have to finish things up and then WHOOSH....it's time to head out! And for whatever reason, tonite, my supervisor had a simple project for me to do....I have no clue why I was asked...but I did it, which meant my stuff will wait till tomorrow....which is ok as Friday's are usually a tad slower.

I've been really working at working out so after dinner, I've been doing the treadmill and a chi machine. By the time I've done all that, it's usually late...and I've been trying to stay focused on my goals....so I spend time with that and tracking all my foods! I could surely use an extra hour or two in the day!

DS is done with school tomorrow....but DD still has 3 weeks left of her college stuffs. Other DS is now working, so the transporting of her to school is a bit of a challenge and I"m not so sure I'm ready to have her drive downtown just yet. She's ready....but I'm not! LOL!

Noni.....I change hours, I think next week. I say I think as I'm still changing hours it seems to accomodate other schedules....but I'll definitely find a time to get together! I miss you! Have you heard if you need PT yet?

My mom is feeling tons better after her EGD and with her meds....so I'm hoping it works. I just don't think she could handle another procedure and the one that the doc talked about sounded unpleasant.

With the WW....I'm down a pound which includes when I gained some...so it's been ok. I get frustrated, but with our schedules, we grab stuff a lot and it's hard to stay within the points.....I'm learning though. And like DD's said, it's a pound that's gone....now for quite a few more!

I've been trying the whole Facebook thing....and I guess I just need some time to navigate it.....DD said I"m too old for it, so she isn't much help! LOL! I'll have to just sit some time and poke around it! I guess I'm just used to being here with you all! and.....i'm not sure I want some of my comments going to co workers way!

Anyway....not much else here.....I gotta go track food online, do my reading and shower.....and try to get to bed within the next hour as I have to get up extra early tomorrow. I have to drop DD at school, and get myself to work 2 hours early. But hopefully, I can get out earlier tomorrow!

Till later.....
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