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afrenchfry's Blog
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Can't Believe it's already 31 May 2011!! 05-31-2011 - 07:44 AM
Hi ladies!
I hope all is well with you today. I'm doing good, trying to stay out of the oppressive heat. Yesterday morning I took 15 minutes to harvest some homegrown strawberries and I was soaking wet with sweat. The berries are yummmilicious.
This morning DH has gone to urologist to have a biopsy of his colon. I've been kinda cranky this morning; I must be anxious about this, tho I'm sure not nearly as anxious as DH.
Tomorrow will be our 29th wedding anniversary. Every year we celebrate, it just amazes us!

Anyway, that's all I have this morning. I just wanted to check in with you ladies and say "hi"!

Love, hugs and prayers to you all,
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Friday Eve May 27th... 05-27-2011 - 07:05 PM
Hi Ladies!
Wow! Almost 2 months of retirement and DH and I are still living (and together)! Noni, I live in Maryland; by the time western storms get to where I live, they've mostly dissapated. We could use some rain. Oh yeah, on the 18th or what ever day it was I whined here, I did go up to the garden to weed; guess what?? as soon as I stepped onto the garden it started raining. Soooo, I went to Walmart instead and spent money. In addition to the 9 fruit trees, probably 10 berry bushes, horseradish, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes; we also have planted the strawberries (and berries are looking good!), corn and then today carrots and lettuce. I cleaned up my rose bed a little bit today. I cut my first **** Clark rose yesterday. It is pretty, but not quite as pretty as I expected. But then, if I fed the poor roses they would be much happier! Diverchick, yes, I'm getting into a good regular routine with CURVES and started walking outside in the early mornings several days a week. I am currently on what I call sabbattical from WW. I just can't get into the new program design; I just hate when WW does that! I do need to get back to the meetings regularly, real soon! In spite of the physical activity I have been getting I've gained weight, so I'm thinking something else has got to be going on. I'm hearing thunder in the distance now...I'm gonna consider getting off-line soon... I just don't care to be attached to a piece of electronics when the electricity in the air is active, know what I mean, ladies???
I'll be checking in again, soon!
I love you all! Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!
Hugs and love to you all,
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Weds May 18th 05-18-2011 - 08:12 AM
Hi Ladies! I hope you all are doing well.
I'm in the "blues" again; I know rain is needed, but why can the sun come out between the rain showers???!! I need my sunshine!! Oh, I just had an idea (duh, me!)...I COULD weed the garden up the hill. Wet ground is a good time to hand weed...

Have a relaxing, healing day my friends.
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Monday May 16th, 2011 05-16-2011 - 12:54 PM
Hi ladies,
I'm feeling in the dumps today, even after being outside with DH planting more vegs' into this sticky wet clay-sand-loam ..yuck. Sun is nice and bright (plus humid) but my spirits are mid-grey. I went to CURVES this am and had nice chats while moving my body. Maybe I just didn't get enough sleep last nite..I went to bed at 11 pm and danged cat was mmmmmmmmmmeooowing between 4 and 5:30 am. grrr
I know this will pass and I snap out of it by tomorrow, if not sooner. I'll sign off for now. Don't want to bring anyone else down any further than I already have!

Love and hugs to you all!
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Thursday eve...April 21st...I'm so aggravated! 04-21-2011 - 04:46 PM
Hi Ladies!

I had a nice day today: skipped WW (oh well); worked with DH on finishing gravel work for base of our new, larger green house; got 4 flats of 72 plugs each, of corn readied and watered. Discovered 3 true, maturing/mature asparagus spears in the back yard and my Veterans Honor Rose already has a bud! Didn't go to CURVES. Did fill my car's half tank of gas...$25 plus change for 6 or 7 gallons of gas, and that is with a 20 cent discount deal from the grocery store. I was feeling nice and content until I checked today's mail and looked at my annual blood work-up and the cover letter from the doc that said I have high cholesterol, so eat better and exercise more!! What the....???!! I am just so aggravated and beside myself right now! I don't know where to begin with this!! Maybe I'm feeling all like this cuz I didn't get my nap today. I pulled out some of my Heart Assn. cookbooks, again. I guess I'll just wait til tomorrow morning with a fresh outlook on this and start back with literally writing down the menu plan for the week every week. WHERE IS THE HOME ECONOMICS 101 CLASS REFRESHER COURSE?? HELP! okay...that's all I have.
Thanks for listening, whoever you are!
Have a wonderful Easter weekend!!
Love and hugs always,
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Wednesday April 20th 04-20-2011 - 04:40 PM
Hi Ladies!
DH went to urologist this afternoon, to get a prostate physical exam (yeeoyee...agh!). Anyway, his prostate is enlarged but no irregular bumps or lumps. The doc is going to do a biopsy the end of May, just to make sure things are okay. He (DH and the doc) are concerned since DH's baby brother recently passed away as a result of prostate cancer. The DH of one of my close girl friend's had prostate surgery and got a nice clean bill of health; however, while recovering from that surgery he had a massive heart attack and was in the hospital for 3 weeks -- had triple by-pass surgery. As of today, he has a clean bill of health on that too, thank the Lord! I don't expect all that drama with my DH but one nevers knows! Please keep my DH in your prayers if you have room on your prayer lists.

Today I repotted shasta daisy seedlings...they are sloow to grow. Then I went shopping for new athletic shoes and walking sandals. Yesterday at CURVES, I arrived just before they held a ZUMBA class, so I signed up and participated. It was great! But I knew immediately that the shoes I had were worn out and no good for the action you do in ZUMBA. I will be doing that again next Tuesday. Once I get accustomed to it I'll sign up for one of the other days they have the class.

I was going to say everything is going well with retirement adjustments...which it is...BUT apparently this morning before 8:30, I was too chatty for DH and he said so! When we went out for our coffee and talk about computer games was going on, I told him I could either go to CURVES at 7 am to work out or just slither back to the computer room and do computer games...for some reason, he isn't liking the idea of me leaving the house at 7 am, but he'll go for the computer games. I thought that was too funny! I will try to be a good girl!

Blessings, prayers and hugs to you all!
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April 17th, eve...grrrr...the electronic world give me gas! 04-17-2011 - 08:24 PM
Hi ladies! Yesterday (Saturday) I had finished doing my income taxes on one of the electronic "do-it" sites, as I have for probably the past 10 years now. All was good til I checked my emails a few minutes ago. ARGH! Apparently I needed to obtain new electronic signature PINs (no big deal); its just the point of having to mess with that *&(&% stuff again! And the new cell phone I bought for myself (and DH) last weekend...well, of course DH's phone is working like a charm...mine, on the other hand, is choosing to be a P.I.T.A.! So tomorrow, the second thing, after treating myself to breakfast out with DH is to go back to the cell phone store and tell 'em to give me a new one. Even the phone company techs couldn't help me out and told me to go back to the store for a new phone. ggggggggrrr..

On the not so annoying side of life: I'm struggling, but getting more into the new WW program AND I have recommitted to going to CURVES on a regular basis. Friday when I went to CURVES and did the weigh-in and measure, the counselor (a new gal..I love fresh blood in places like gyms!) sat and had a nice long positive chat with me and said she would work with me towards my goals.

On being retired for 2 weeks now: I'm finding that I feel guilty when I tell people I know that I am retired. I receive congratulations, but some say afterwards "Well, some of us still have to work. See ya later!" I understand how its meant; I just need to work on not feeling bad. After all I've been through at work recently and 33 1/2 years of working, I really shouldn't feel bad/guilty. My brain is out to get me sometimes, I just know it.

DH and I are doing well, so far, 2 weeks in, 24/7 around each other. We don't stay in each others faces all day everyday, which is the way things should be. I am nearing a point now that I need to start exploring some of the volunteer options I have considered over the past couple of years. I seem to have established a minimum baseline daily routine. Now I need to fill in some of the longer gaps in some of my days. Of course the days in the veg garden are so full that I need nothing else to do but that!

I went to doc last week, to get my meds checked/renewed and bloodwork taken. Now I need to reconnect with my gyn who moved to another medical group at the end of last year. I've been debating (or procrastinating) about sticking with her or sticking with the medical group and having a new gyn. I also need to get a dermatologist check-up. I neglected that last year, which isn't good being outside in the garden. I do cover up, head to toe including sun glasses. Sunscreen, well I guess because its not so hot out yet, I don't think of it, but I know I need to be diligently using it.

DH has been talking more and more recently about us possibly visiting the local animal shelter to pick out our new doggie. My cat Skitter is doing okay for an senior citizen, but since her dog died, she just hasn't had quite the same zip in her steps.

Not that any of you would even ask me this (tee hee), but my lower abdomen stills swells up by the end of the day. It really swells and aches with the gardening. So, my memory of my hyster (now 3 years and 3 months past) stills hangs with me, although with softer edges to it now.

If I'm not here before next Sunday, I wish you all a happy and blessing Easter weekend!
Lots of hugs, love and prayers to you all,
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April 12th and the planting has started! 04-12-2011 - 04:09 PM
Hi there, sisters!
Although I'm not here daily or weekly lately, I think of all of you every day and say a prayer for one and all..truly!
So far for this growing season, DH and I have already put into the ground: 3 varieties of strawberries, 3 varieties of blueberries, 12 different fruit trees and 12 blackberry and raspberry bushes (Not 12 each).. I better get on the stick to find out about setting up a roadside stand this summer!!

I haven't received any retirement pay yet; its making me nervous, even though I received my last full active pay check only 12 days ago. My worry must be because it's income tax month; I didn't take that piece of information into account in my decision to retire. I am happy to no longer be in that wacked out work environment and the daily commute (my aching back and chronic fatigue have mysteriously disappeared already!); I really do miss all my friends and acquaintances, though! It's quiet at home, just DH and I. I know I have friends here where I live; I'm just right now trying to figure out how to schedule my activity plan around our somewhat irratic gardening schedule. I'm probably right now just decompressing some also.

Marta and Annette, I'm going to be looking into a water color painting class this year too. I've wanted to try that for a while. I also want to get back to sewing --- especially since I've gained so much weight this past 6 months, I can't find clothes that fit me right at all any more! I weigh more than I ever have!! I've got all kinds of ideas of stuff to do to keep me busy, when I get comfortable enough to not stay on hold with my activities waiting for the next planting session.

Oh, DH is at two years of not smoking now! I'm so proud of him!! We don't have a new doggie yet; I'm leaving it to DH and I think his grieving for our Jenny is almost over. He alludes to getting some one new more often now. Skitter, the cat, Elder Queen Bee of the roost is doing well after her belly-bloat issue last month. She's gotten a bit slower moving and can't jump up on chairs or beds without steps or a human lift. But she's still a beautiful love-bug and nestles in when she can.

Much love and many hugs to all of y'ase!
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Checkin' In a month later... 03-08-2011 - 07:23 PM
Hi Ladies!
I hope all you journalers are doing well. I'm doing very well, all things considered. My whining is this: I've gained 10 pounds in the past 6 months or less, so really need to see doc. And the past couple weeks, my lower ab area has been tender, like maybe I strained the muscle (due to growing fat cells??!! ) .... feels kinda like when I was first recovering from surgery. Nothing else personally, tho. I have been sad; the husband of one of my good friends had a massive heart attack a week ago and he needs triple bypass surgery. Many people who know this couple keep asking me how they can help...I wish I knew cuz I'd like to help. I tell myself and everyone else that the opportunity will present itself and we will know.

On the happy side, only 17 more days and I will be a retired gal! DH already has my honey-doo list...work, work, work in the garden and selling anything that may actually grow! I'm looking forward to being outside; this has been a tough winter, I think for everyone!

It's close to bed time for me now, so I'll sign off.
I wish you all a relaxing, healing evening.
Love to all,
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6 Feb 2011 02-06-2011 - 03:27 PM
Hi ladies!
Thank you all for the b.day wishes. It's like it never happened, altho I DO remember that DH and I went out to dinner that evening and had a very tasty filet mignon and crab dinner...blort! It was yummmmilishish.....

Well, events at work this past week hit me 'tween the eyes (plus encouraging news) to push me closer and faster to retirement. The short version: I was 'stabbed in the back' by someone in my office who is a middle management type. By Thursday eve, I saw that God was sending yet another message to me that I need to get on with the next phase of my life. Friday morning, I spoke with one of the other middle managers about the incident; we both saw eye-to-eye that there was no problem other than that individual not bothering to talk to me to sort things out. Friday afternoon I received an email offering me the retirement buy-out! There is no hesitation in my mind now. My next move is clear. That is not to say I'm a bit jittery money-wise, but that is my OCD worry-wart talking, not reality. So, the big escape day will be 31 March 2011...not too far away at all!

Until next need to unload here, I send you all hugs, love and prayers!
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January 27th 01-27-2011 - 03:14 PM
Hi Ladies!
Thank you all for the cyber hugs!! Thankfully I got thru that melt-down I had last week! whew! The eye appointment went okay, I guess; I had anomalous test results in my right eye, that might, but don't really indicate glaucoma. Sooo, I go back for another check in July.

News, i'm trying to do as you suggest right now, and live in today and let it flow as it may. Obviously I get wrapped around the axle a bit too tightly sometimes!

Noni, I just can't get thru the inertia to get back on my walking and Pilates routine. It all went to H*** in a Handbasket in November when the time changed back to standard day light time. I weighed m'self last evening...aack...I weigh more than I ever have, ever, even more than when I joined WW!! But I know I will be okay, regardless, until I have the next melt-down!!

I love you all! Be good, be safe and take care of y'selves.
PS What the heck is in my attic??? It sounds like a bunch of kids running around up there!!?? ACK!!!
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January 19th 2011 01-19-2011 - 06:40 PM
Hi Ladies!
I am having a hard winter this year, dealing with a dark depression...ugh...I was hoping to snap out of it once my cold was gone, but nooooooooooooo...So, when I remember to and motivate to do so, I'll make an appointment with the doc. I am due for all the annual check-ups anyway: Had dental earlier this week; have follow-up eye appointment Friday to re-check for cataracts (getting mature physically is a real stinker!! ); then of course soon: mammogram, gyno check-up and meds check, regular doc with check-up and meds check...I probably should start seeing a podiatrist, as my footsies aren't getting the best of care from me lately; oh yeah, I'm a year overdue to see the dermatologist. Argh...aside from all that clogging my brain, I guess I'm still mourning the lost of my Jenny-girl-dog and my DH's youngest brother, who passed New Years weekend. DH and his other bro had a rather ugly phone exchange the other day; we did not go to TX to the burial -- the way flights were going, we probably wouldn't have made it down soon enough anyway. And DH just can't deal with funerals these days and I surely won't fight him cuz they aren't easy for me either.

I'm anticipating retiring in a few months (mixed feelings there)...I'm praying I get the buy-out. If I don't, I just need to skeedadle anyway...I have no motivation at work any more; I feel like what little career I had is moving backwards, fast. My girlfriends at work are totally on my nerves...I'm on my nerves! Thank goodness Skitter-cat keeps me smiling when I go into my bathroom and see her lounging in my bath tub!

Thanks for listening ladies! "This too shall pass; not very gracefully, but it shall pass!"
Love and hugs to you all!
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Good Grief! Where did the time go! 01-11-2011 - 05:30 PM
Hi Ladies!
Sorry to be neglecting this site. I need to get back here. I realized a couple days ago that I will be "celebrating" my third Hysterversary this Friday! WOW!

I hope this head cold will be gone by then! I hate feeling yucky...

Hugs and love to you all!

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Friday 23 July 07-23-2010 - 04:33 PM
Hi Ladies!
Vehicle cost wasn't as bad as it was last week for repair that electric window! Afterwards, I went shopping at Annapolis Mall (probably to remind myself why I rarely shop in stores for clothes). Nordstroms was having its mid year sale so I browsed thru....I was specifically looking for undergarments...I tried on Spanx bra, cami and panties...nope! I'm now ready to get liposuction and be done with this! Ended up going to Penney's...bought some bras and undies. I had hoped to see some summer outfits for work, but not caught my eye (that was in my size). I did go into one jeans store, I think it was called Lucky Brand Jeans. The woman greeted me, asked me if I had been in the store before. I said no. She said "Oh you'll enjoy our sale items; they will remind you of when you were growing up." I knew I was doomed, but I looked around. She was right and I bought nothing merely cuz 1) nothing was my size and 2) yeah, at age 50-something I don't want to wear what I did wear in high school, thank you very much! ARGH.... On my way home I stopped at a seafood store, bought two lobsta's and some clams. I called DH to get the steam pots going; he tells me the dryer wasn't working. I told him, "Well, let's enjoy the bugs and clams then tackle the dryer issue." YUUMMM...my cholesterol had jumped up off the scale I'm sure. That was a scrumptious treat!

I'll sign off for now.
Love and hugs to all!
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22July eve 07-22-2010 - 05:32 PM
Good evening Ladies!

I had a killer sinus headache all day. I don't know if its related but I over-ate big time today. Now I feel like my belly is going to EXPLODE! I took 2 TUMS, several doses of otc sinus headache stuff (according to directions thru out the day). Sun isn't down quite yet; I may beat it to bed tonite.

Tomorrow I'm off work, to pork over more dough to car dealer for routine oil change and check up...another credit card charge I'd prefer not to make. --sigh--

Harvested a Crenshaw melon two days ago and had some last nite. Never ate one before. I thought it was a honey dew before DH corrected me. It tastes like a cuke/honey dew flavor...it is very nice....

I need to catch up on the journal entries here, so good nite.
Until I check in next, be good, be kind to yourselves and remember..You Are Worth It!

Hugs and love
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19 July...A Quick Update 07-19-2010 - 05:23 PM
Good evening ladies!

I won't be real verbose here...I have the attention span and memory span smaller than a gnat today...so...

Back to work from vaca this week, not too bad. Rumors of 'buy-out' for qualifying to-be-retirees come October. Morale in office is still in the dumpster.

Harvested this past week, masses of large-to-enormous zuchini and yellow squash. I wish I could share all with y'ase. DH and I pickled a dozen pints of those bad boys yesterday. YUMMY.

Yesterday celebrated my 20th year sober. What an amazing miracle!

This morning got my follow-up eye exam: field of view and retest of eye pressure. All is good, BUT doc wants me back in January to do field of view test again with right eye. He suspects the errors are cuz it was first time I've done test. I sure hope so. I think I was stressing about it all weekend cuz I was bingeing every afternoon - Sat, Sun...and oh wait today too, AFTER the appt. ugh..

Keep forgetting to call gyno re dexa results. Apparently I'm not that worried...??...

That's it for now.
Love you all! I carry all you ladies in my heart and mind every day!
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9 July...If It Ain't One Thing... 07-09-2010 - 03:41 PM
..Hi Ladies!
Today I got 'payback' on the irony about DH's truck. This morning when I was done with my gym work out, I thought I'd open all my car windows for the ride home as the humidity was lower than it has been this week. Well, I heard a funny noise in one of the doors. The (electric) windows all went down fine. Then I tried to put them all up. Three went up, except the driver's side window. ugh...make this story short, DH shoo'ed me to the dealer to get that fixed (rain is predicted for sometime these next 3 days, maybe). So, I drove to my car's dealership...they fixed the window...replaced the window motor, to the tune of lotsa moola...ARGH...well, at least I won't have to have plastic duct taped over the driver's side window!

Oh, yesterday, DH was thrilled with his stress test results... blood pressure was good; blood oxygen good; lung capacity good. He was expecting worse. The cardiologist told him he does need to exercise more. I made a suggestion..why don't the two of us walk together in the evenings. DH said, 'I'll buy a treadmill.' ...soo, I better get a dumpster to toss all this stuff in the house so there is room for a treadmill!!

I'm working my mind back into 'go back to work' frame of mind. Between porking out the money to get the car window fixed today and thinking that way to back to work, no wonder I'm suddenly really cranky this afternoon!!

This too shall pass......

Everyone have a nice relaxing weekend!
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A.M. 8 July -- Vacation Day 4 07-08-2010 - 10:07 AM
not that I'm counting! hahahaha!
Hi Ladies!
I have to tell you all something ironic. About 2 months ago, I might have mentioned that DH's beloved T. truck was recalled for undercarriage corrosion. Well, this morning he got a phone call from the rental company of the T. truck he is using while his is in the shop for repair. Guess what? The rental truck is now under recall! At least the real good news is that the dealer has the parts to fix DH's ol' beloved truck.

DH just departed to go have a stress test done. I'll be interested to hear his story of the adventure and more importantly what the results show. My dentist appointment went well, tho I need to tighten up on my flossing...agh...
I do need to call my gyn for my dexa results. Why don't they send those to me like they do the mammo? It the dexa result so complex that I am not allowed to see it??

I've been enjoying my time off work this week. I'm just a little disappointed that the heat and humidity is keeping me indoors more than I had anticipated. Today, I am going to try to motivate and either sweep or vaccum the floors, to remove all the giant fur balls moving into the middle of the floors. And I'm gonna try to exercise in addition, maybe via cable fitness show...? maybe... DH took my vehicle to go to the hospital for the stress test, cuza the size of the truck. There is no way I am driving THAT beast of a truck!

I'm gonna move on, for now. Maybe do something productive here at home....or not...
I hope you all have been doing okay with recoveries, heat, floods, etc.

My love and hugs to you all!
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6 July - Still the morning - moving to Code Red AQ 07-06-2010 - 09:42 AM
Hi Ladies!
Yesterday DH and I watered the tomatoes. I think we will only get what is on the plants and nothing more, as the branches of the plants are dry and burnt. Harvested lotsa squashes, tho. They seem to like this weather. We also have melons starting, winter squash starting too. The deer and whatever else got the green bean plants, so we only got two harvests there. This morning, DH watered more plants and I harvested the red cherry tomatoes, a cuke and more squashes! Yes, we are already giving away the squashes. I took a picture of today's harvest. I will post that and our 2010 garden season pics (all 3) sometime this week.

I've been to Curves twice so far. That's the best place to get gentle, cool exercise this week!

This afternoon, I have a dentist appointment. Not looking forward to going out in the heat, but I'll manage.

I've been thinking about calling one or two friends of mine at work today, but I surely must NOT. No reason to, other than say hi and remind them of how hot it is outside.

I hope you all had a good July 4th holiday/weekend!

Hugs and love to you all,
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July 4th, 2010 07-04-2010 - 03:18 PM
Hi Ladies!
Thank you all for the encouraging words about the choice I made last week about going to that party cookout. I've gotten over it (and myself) and have moved on.

I will see if I can find you FB ladies on FB.

I haven't been to the garden to harvest anything since Thursday. I'm sure there are a few overgrown squashes. The 'maters, last check, are still green and no rain is expected for the next week. I will work on prodding DH to get to watering the plants tomorrow!

I have taken this coming week off from work. What a relief! Last week, it was all I could do not to get into a confrontation with one of our younger male analysts, who it seemed to me, sprang suddenly on requiring me to train him and his intern on a database. My passive-aggressive behavior kicked in. I worked with them both last week, BUT I said nothing about the fact that I was going to be off next week. I did, being me, leave the office after providing an email of instructions on what THEY could do without me. That is probably so very nawty and unprofessional, but ya know, I feel rather good that I did that. Yep, I probably need serious professional counseling....

I hope you all are having a happy Independence Day holiday!
Be good, be safe and heal gently!
Love and hugs to all who check-in here!!
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27 June Sunday late afternoon 06-27-2010 - 03:24 PM
Hello Ladies!
Veg garden harvest has begun. Yellow squash, zucchini and beans are popping out all over! Pickling cukes are forming nicely. Tomato plants have loads of fruits...it'll be something when they all ripen...I fear that will happen all at once!! It's been mighty dry here in Maryland. DH did buy a watering tank that tows behind his ATV, so that is great for keeping the plants some what hydrated.

All last week I was fretting about attending a cookout yesterday, for a military retiree. My fretting was about me being around alcohol on a searing hot day. I made the choice, verbally to several people yesterday morning that I was not going to attend the cookout that afternoon. I did not attend. Of course today I had to call my friend L who went and was expecting me to be there. She took no excuses, which is good, cuz she wouldn't have understood anything I said. And she gave me the details about the evening I asked about (and didn't ask about). I did miss a very nice gathering; somehow I don't feel comfortable now with the choice I made. You see, I am coming up on a 20 soberiety anniversary. I get wierd and ansy this time of year anyway. The heat and cook outs harken back to the scary last bender I went on. I don't know why I am feeling so conflicted about this. I would think after not drinking alcohol for so long that it would be second nature not to be concerned. But then, perhaps it's the whole 'survival' thing that kicks in..??... Anyway, it's just a blip in time.

Thanks for listening to my incoherent musing.
I pray we all have a safe, happy, healing week ahead!
Much love to all you ladies!
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20 June Afternoon....GOOD GOOG-A-MOOGA! 06-20-2010 - 01:12 PM
Ladies! I did a quick catch-up on y'all's journals! OH MY!! I pray things will ease up some for y'ase this new week.

Yesterday morning, I started doing some computer maintenance, but stopped at a good stopping point. Later, in the afternoon, DH tried to go online and couldn't connect. He was hollering to me to come help him. ugh. well, I was no help. He called our provider tech help (somewhere in India). He was trying to comprehend their english and do what was being said. He got so frustrated he handed me the phone (Thanks Dear! NOT!)...Anyway, after about an hour and a half on the phone with this nice patient lady, while I'm waiting for the machine to reboot for the 4th time, I hear her speaking in her language to someone else, then the magic on-hold music comes on. I decided to disconnect the call. I tried to get her attention just before then, but she apparently didn't hear me. Once the computer rebooted, I readjusted some of the firewall settings that I had earlier reset to the original defaults. That helped open up the connectivity. About an hour later I get a call back from another tech in India-tech-central. I told the man that it was working okay now. I went to several websites to be sure, at his instruction. Today I await a planned follow-up call, for them to be reassured things are running well. And they are so far. I have not been to FB and the games, but I agree, Noni, I'm think those game features must dump alot of cookies and other hidden-wares. As of right now, my computer is running at a reasonable rate. I am anxious to get to my farming game (not like I need to play a game to farm)...but....well...my addictive personality is just itching to login, so I probably will if DH doesn't get home before I get off this site.

Yesterday (before the call to tech help) I did some weed-management in the veg garden. I daresay, we have ... way too many plants! I lasted an hour (or less) with the heat and humidity. So did Jenny (she HAD to join me in the garden). So today, I went to my weekly meeting, bought a quick run of groceries and have parked in the a/c.

DH is home. Gotta run.
Love, hugs and prayers to you all!
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14 June Evening of Flag Day 06-14-2010 - 06:38 PM
Hi Ladies!
I just wanted to quick check in and say "Hi!". This morning I turned on the news and the weather 'guesser' had on an American flag tie. I thought to myself "what the? It isn't July yet." Then I remembered seeing Flag Day on one of my calendars.

Today at work was okay. This afternoon, I started moving my desk stuff over to my 'new' permanent desk, in this renovation of the office. I've been hearing that the department is going to be 'restructured'. I'm curious now if that means once people get resettled from this renovation if we will all be moving to other desks that reflect the new department structure. I am getting the impression someone is playing a shell-game and see who hangs in there the longest! ugh...

Anyway, that's all I have to share for today. I hope all has been well today for you ladies! Many hugs, much love and oodles of prayers to you all!
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Sunday eve June 13th, I think... 06-13-2010 - 06:27 PM
Hi Ladies!
First, on the computer PITA issues, I'm just wondering, is it us FB users having trouble? I noticed this slow down after joining FB, which I find a little suspicious...or maybe it those games on there dumping spyware or something to slow the works...?
Yard sale went well yesterday. THank the Lord there was a breeze! It was sunny, hot and humid. I sold only half of what I brought. I made 50 bucks. I'm so happy with that. A couple of my other friends seemed really competitive, like it was a challenge of who could make the most money. The extra dough is great but I'm just glad some of my crap is a now a treasure for someone else! I was a little disappointed, tho, in human nature. One inexpensive piece of jewelry grew legs and disappeared. But if it was just one thing that vanished no prob. And hopefully that person will be enjoying their free treasure. I put lots of sun screen on, but doncha know, I forgot my feet. The tops of my feet and toes got burnt (yeah, I wore sandals). Yesterday everyone thought I was burnt head to toe, but I was just beet red from the heat.

I have a question about this website. Has there been a change on how to get to these journals? I don't get that drop-down menu from the top tabs like before. Now I have to Google within the site "Member Journals". Please let me know if there is an easier way to do this.

Today I had brunch with a couple of my AA lady pals. That was ever so nice. One of them called me yesterday, as I was driving home from the yard sale. She's preparing her home to move to Texas in the near future and she had been doing alot of sorting stuff out and going stir-crazy. So today she joined me at the meeting, we chatted pre-meeting and all three of us chatted and shared our phone pics of kids, grandkids and critters (that was me) while eating. I also helped DH get more seed started in peat pots: 2 varieties of sunflowers and 2 packets of gourds. Like we won't have enough stuff...OH! at the yard sale, I sold five jars of my fig preserves and got the name of a lady who said she'd buy some of our canned veggies when they were ready! That was probably the most rewarding part of the yard sale for me.

I hope you ladies had a good weekend! I'll let you all know how the mammo and dexa tests next week turn out!
Hugs, love, and many prayers always!
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Eve 6/11/10 PC Being a PITA 06-11-2010 - 06:02 PM
Hi Ladies! I'm afraid to use the smilies this eve, so forgive me for not having my plethera of smilie content...PC is too sketchy for me to trust anything fancy. I've been well. Had office morale team-sponsered picnic yesterday. It was a great success. Food seems to be the primary morale booster. I took of work today, to help DH with planting MORE veggies in garden and prep for yard sale I am participating in tomorrow. Yep, still more veggies to plant after today. Have various tomatoes, peppers, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, melons of all sorts...yikes! Taking last season's fig preserves to yard sale, see how that goes. Next week I get annual mammo and Dexa. I pray that Dexa is same or better than last year! I'm still doing early-bird Pilates. Contract issues so instructor isn't there, but I brought in the New Dawn Pilates dvd I purchased on this site last year (yep, last week was the grand opening of the dvd package!)...LOL! This eve my abdomen is kind of burny, no doubt from up-and-down of planting seedlings along the garden rows. Also left knee feels like a blow out...yeah, the ol' body parts aren't what they used to be...oh, wait, they never were all that terrific in the first place! hahahaha!
Oh, oh! I've broken thru my weight loss plateau and over the past 3 weeks have lost 3 lbs! YIPEE! I'm still going to my WW meetings. I've decided the meetings are a must for my weight and food management, like AA for my alcohol abstaining.....Jenny-girl is doing well...digging holes all over the yard looking for those voles and moles. Skitter is enjoying lounging like the lioness of the savanna. Oh yeah, speaking of vermin, I've already been bit twice this season by deer ticks. I'm keeping an eye on those areas. So far, nothing scaring me, much.
My love and prayers to all you ladies! Til my next visit and musing here, hugs.
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Sunday May 23, 2010 05-23-2010 - 01:02 PM
Hi Ladies!

This afternoon I seem to be having an anxiety attack over feeling depressed -- whasupwiththatcrazystuff??? I'm sure none of this has to do with: 1. a dark rainy day; 2. one day w/o my estradiol; 3. haven't bought more Reminfemin; and lastly (and just realized a few minutes ago) this is the anniversary of my mom's burial 20 plus years ago. I did take a 'catch-up' dose of my estrogen about 30 minutes ago. -- sigh --

Anyhow, aside from my nutty brain-werks, I am doing quite well. Yesterday DH and I repotted two tomato plants that had outgrown their containers. DH has not wanted to plant more stuff in the ground until we got more rain. I'm not sure if this rain will be what he was looking for, but if we don't get more of these seedlings into the ground soon, we'll have our yard covered in container veggies!!

My Peace rose had a beautiful, big bloom that I brought in the house to enjoy last week. Now Veteran's Honor has three blooms opening up. I forgot how velvety, deep red those blooms were! Oh it makes me happy to look at them and the Rockin Robin rose that rocking away with all it's little white and red blooms!!

I hope everyone is doing well. Saying that reminds me I do need to schedule my mammogram and Dexa Scan; I seem to be conveniently forgetting to get scheduled. My one year will be next month..so, I'm not behind...yet.

Love, hugs and good healing to all you ladies!
Til next time,
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Saturday May 15 05-15-2010 - 01:18 PM
Hi ladies!

My brain's thoughts are all over the place today so I probably won't make much sense. Mother's Day weekend was nice...DH took me to dinner Friday to Mexican restaurant. Yum!! Monday we managed to get in touch with DH's mom -- she sounded good (she'll be 90 in June).

Also Monday DH took his pick 'em up truck to be inspected; the maker of the vehicle had sent out a noticed which we received prior week about corroded body frame. Yep, body frame corroded. Also needs other repairs. For us, the customer, between 4500-5000 bucks. ugh...We'll find a way. I'm thinking home equity loan would be wisest, otherwise we drain what little spare resources we have, what with the gardening stuff, gas, yaddayaddayadda... Rethinking that retirement thing, again.....

My Peace rose has a blooming rose already and Veteran's Honor has 3 blooms ready to pop open! And Rockin' Robin rose is covered with blooms ready to pop! I took some azalea cuttings from my bushes today to try and start some new ones. The bushes themselves don't look too healthy, I think from the locations I have them in. So, if these few cuttings work, I'll be making more cuttings. Coral Bells I bought last spring are so pretty! I can see the color of the flower clusters from my kitchen window. And to my surprise the 2 Boston ferns are doing well in the ground where I planted them, near the coral bells.

Still getting my sleepy self to Pilates during the week. Seems last week, that was the only exercise I really got. My walking partner got 'lazy' as she put it; so I got 'lazy' too, unfortunately. I'd probably be in a better frame of mind right now had I gone for my daily walks during the week. oh well...

I hope all you ladies are having a good weekend.
To those going into surgery soon, my prayers and thoughts are with you totally! Don't overdo in your recovery; it's not worth it. Let yourself be the Royalty we all deserve!

Love, hugs and good healing to all!
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I hope everyone is having a good day today!

I have chores to do; did a few but now I just feel lazy. No work in the veg garden yesterday or today -- it is soo windy! And the pollen is flying. ACK!

I wish you all happiness, blessings and send many hugs for the coming week!


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Friday May 7th 05-07-2010 - 11:31 AM
hello ladies!

This morning DH and I planted more veggies in the Upper Acreage: Peas, bush beans, and of course one more thing that I can't remember what it was now. Yesterday DH planted the corn. I have lettuce on the edge of my rose patch. Marta, my roses bloom are: red (Veterns Honor), white (Teneca), red and white stripe (Rocking Robin), lavender (Midnight Moon -- or a name close to that) and off-white/yellowish (Peace). I have one that died over the winter so I need to get around to digging that out. Our asparagus patch in the backyard is hanging in there; there are 7 plants out of the 24 roots we planted last year. I did a sizeable weeding on those. Plenty more veggies will be planted over the next several weeks. I'm considering to research what might be involved to make this activity some kind of a small business. My first thought is farmers market, yard sale, let people pay for the canned produce when they do offer to pay.

Our new-ish admin, N, the one who got me going to Pilates class, has been a God-send to my sanity at work these days! Apparently I must be offering her a similar feeling as everyday she tells me how glad she is that I am working in the same office she is. She told me she has OCD (and probably hyperactive), which explains why she moves like a bullet throughout the office! She and I have a good time during the day. I feel like I'm an older auntie (her mom is younger than me by six years...aggh...tho not surprising). All this gardening and Pilates keeps reminding me of my surgery; not bad pain, but enough achy-ness for me to reminesce on the event.

Oh! Last weekend I signed up in Facebook. I've been wary about doing it and still am, however, yeah, all my coworkers are coming out of the woodwork wanting to 'Friend' me! I have yet to really figure out why or what I want to communicate about. Anyway, just thought I'd share that little new activity of mine.

So much more to share but I need some healthy WW-type lunch now.
Hugs, love and healing to you all!
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1 May 2010 -- YEAH GAWDS!! 05-01-2010 - 12:29 PM
I can't believe I've been away from my beautiful Buddettes here for so long! DH seems to have 'issues' w/me logging on to the computer during the work week evenings; plus on Pilates days, when I get home, I can't keep my eyes open for long...barely long enough to get dinner on and cleaned up!

I've been doing well. At work, the office reno continues to be a fiasco and at least half the folks in the office are highly on edge! I'm hanging in there, tho.

I wanted to let you ladies know that DH and I did our first plantings into the veggie garden today. Three varieties of tomatoes, brussel sprouts, brocolli and cauliflower. whew! That sun was HOT at 9 am this morning!! My Coral Bells and Boston Fern are doing nicely out in the back yard. We have 5 asparagus plants that hung on through the winter. Also my roses are going nice and healthy, but for the one that died; I haven't totally decided if I should replace it or not.

So, in short, I'm doing well. I do need to make my appointments for mammo and Dexa scan. DH has passed the one year mark for not smoking and has lowered his cholesterol numbers and his sugar number is lower also.
Skitter and Jenny are good. I need to get them to the vet for their 'elder girls' check ups. The girls keep us on our toes!

Until next time (and hopefully not a month and a half later!), I wish you all good health, happiness and blessings!

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19 March, two weeks later...... 03-18-2010 - 06:25 PM
Hi Ladies! Well, seems I'm doing well at showing up to go to Pilates class Tues and Thurs a.m. (6:15) and N has not shown up since the first workout we met for! LOL!! I razzed her about that today. She and I laughed about it! She's a good sport. I haven't gotten Louise's book, yet; got too caught up into 'life'. But as DH asked me to take off tomorrow, Friday (like he had to beg...NOT!), I might find some time during this longish weekend to go book shopping. I also need to shop for a better mat for Pilates; the one's at work are just thin enough I get too much pressure on my pressure points. I ain't doing the Pilates perfectly, but I hang in there. One of my friends who is in the class told me after class this morning that she was really proud of me for doing so well in class and having the desire to change my morning routine to show up. I thanked her very much for that compliment. I think I'd be in a total work-related, ugly depression now if I wasn't doing this class and back in my daily walk routine. Conditions in our cramped, noisy, impolite office area are getting tense. I'm not the only one about to loose their cool!! Luckily, in another week or two, we all will be shifting to the renovated section which at least has windows for some nice sunlight to come through. I doubt it will be any less noisy as there are fewer partitions between desks than there are now. It is awful, just awful.

Tomorrow, I believe DH and I will be attempting to assemble our new little green house to start our garden seedlings. Oh! the daffodils (that the squirrels transplanted years ago) are up and blooming now! My crocus are up but not yet blooming.

So, that's what I've been up to lately. I'll keep you posted on the garden activity and of course everything else!
I love you ladies, I really do!

I hope all is well with y'ase! I need to get reading and catch-up and check on our new journaling ladies too!

Hugs, love and hugs again,
:bunnyhug:: world:
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Sunday afternoon March 7th 03-07-2010 - 03:57 PM
Hi ladies!
Good goo-a-mooga, noni, marta, patty & karolyn!! Your weeks last week seem to fit with the fact that was the full moon (in a waning phase) last week! YIKES! Y'all wore me out! By all comparisons, my week last week was just hunky dory. I didn't choke any co-workers, bosses or friends; I didn't want to quit the morale team after the first meeting of the year; and I was re-inspired with my WW program. My WW inspiration came about an hour before my meeting Wednesday, when I was looking through the literature and my weigh-in record. I had one of those DUH moments I have lost 5 percent of my starting weight! Yeah me! (it's been that way for the past year) SO, I shared that at the meeting and got my 5 percent sticker. Funny how little things like that (the sticker) can lift my spirits. Obviously doesn't take much to turn me around!

Today I went to my weekly AA meeting and we read and discussed one of the AA Traditions. After the meeting I went to brunch with one of my lady friends that was at the meeting and we had a nice chat. She showed me a book I will be getting for myself. I believe the author is Louise Hays. Have any of you heard of her? Seems she teaches (?) holistic healing and the power of positive thinking. This book my friend showed me had a section on all body parts and internal organs and major diseases, with what the negative emotions are causing the ills and a positive statement to reverse that ill. For example, there was one on the foot. The emotion/feelings associated with foot problems: Fear of stepping out into the unknown (I'm not quoting here, just what little I remember). The positive: I will free myself to explore my enviornment. I am very intrigued by this book, if you could tell!

On Friday, I had our new admin asst join me and my gaggle of ladies for lunch. Before the gaggle arrived, I chatted with N and she was talking about her experience at our gym at work during her morning work outs. She told me that she has tried to strike up a conversation with other ladies that are there and they have basically been rude. Silly me, now all inspired with my weight loss effort, I told N that this coming week, I would try to join her for some part of the time she works out. uuum, She gets to the gym at work at 5:30 AM, Tues, Weds, Thurs. and works out an hour each day. I told N that 5:30 AM would be impossible for me, as I will not get up earlier that 4:30 AM...I refuse. But I said I could probably get there for 6 AM (Pray for me!) and work out then...she was game. She said she really wants a friend there to talk to. I did not point out to her that perhaps it's so early that those at the gym just don't want to talk to anybody...but there were apparently rude words said to her last Thursday when she tried chatting with a lady her age.

This weekend has been beautiful weather-wise. I had wanted to sit in the yard in the sun, but actually it wasn't quite that warm. But I did not spend too much time inside. This afternoon, I did a walk around my front and back yard. My roses took a beating from the snow, so it will be interesting to see how they do. I have blubs of unknown types popping up in my flower beds by the house. I think they might be...oh, probably crocus. I can't believe we will have a time change next weekend, 'spring forward'. That will mess up my mind and body for a few weeks.

I will pray that the Moon-Goddess shines her light into all your lives next week!

Hugs and love to you all!
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Tuesday eve - 2 March 03-02-2010 - 06:32 PM
Hi Ladies!

The gyno appt went well today. I brought my list of daily supplements and prescription doses. I asked doc if I was taking any supplements that would counter the prescrips. She said no, it was all good to take. I also asked her about taking the Actonel and when my next dexa scan should be. She told me that the Actonel is taken for 5 years then stopped for a year. This year I will get another dexa, as well as my annual mammo. So, there's my report. Diverchick, do try that Remfemin (I spell it 50 different ways)...I believe it will help you. It is working for me.

Today DH sat with me and we have ordered our veggie garden seeds for this season. Plus a small green house. This is a sign that DH is ready for winter to be over and spring to spring.

Noni, thanks for the quotes. I will copy them and put them up in my bit of a cubicle. Yesterday I peeked at the side of the office that is currently being renovated...the cubicle partions are up...it's gonna be even more open and noisy that we are now all crunched and double-bunked! Maybe my mood will lift a bit tho, when we move over there, all scrunched together...at least the windows are on that side and it is soo much brighter!! I have never, ever in my work-life been so apathetic about my job as I am now. This morning I asked DH, 'When I retire, how many months, 1 or 2 months, would you let me not work?' He said 'A week, 10 days.' We both laughed. He told me when I see a stack of lumber in the back yard, I better get that part time job. I've actually been checking companies and want ads; I think I'm just really ready to do something that doesn't require specific skills. Or, I might take some classes. Anyway, I'm musing too much here right now.

Many hugs and lotsa love to you all!
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Sunday afternoon Feb 28th... 02-28-2010 - 01:51 PM
Hi ladies! Well, the weather-guessers have said that March 1st begins meteorological spring. I will believe it is spring when the birds stop hiding, the trees are budding and there is no cold white stuff on the ground nor in the sky! They are talking snow again this Tues eve/ Wed a.m. Why is it always during rush-hour??

And, to you ladies who responded to me re: my work Morale Team....ugh....yeah, I'm back on it. I put a definite end time on it to my supervisor and my Deputy Dept head. My switch probably was cuza taking the Reminfemin and my estrogen again. News, I'm taking them together; Tuesday I have a gyn appoint, so I will ask to be sure it is okay to do so. But I've not had any noticable side affects. It is definitely helping with the nite sweats. I still get 'em, but its more like on the beach in the Carolina's than the Bahama's!

On the D3, I picked some up, not on the recommendation of the doc; however, my last blood work, the person who read the report to me over the phone said that it was in the low normal. I asked if I needed to take a supplement; she said no. I think I whined about this.....back in the fall but maybe not here. Anyway, I'll ask my doc Tuesday about that also. My feeling is, if I'm feeling better than I had been last fall, what I am taking can't be a bad thing.

Yep, I'll be skipping on my way out the door my last day of work next year!! I keep praying to be given the fortitude to hang in there til then. The work days are just so draining for me anymore. I realized on Friday (I took the day off to have my car have it's routine servicing ... to a handy sum..yikes!) that even if I wasn't looking towards retirement next year, I sure would be looking for another job out of that office and probably the organization. I saw my friend who was laid off just before Christmas. She is doing very well now and in a good routine. She is so much happier than when I last saw her. She has given me hope for life after work.

OH! Yesterday I made an impluse purchase at the local jewelry store. Luckily, it wasn't as implusive as it could've been. I bought myself a nice simple pair of 14kt gold hoop earrings. I looked at some rings styles that might go with the ring I bought for my 25th anniversary a few years ago. I also saw a pretty pearl ring that was on sale; ooohh, I was so tempted. But I restrained myself. I told the young lady helping me that I would wait til next weekend, after I get paid and see if the ring was still there. If it is, then I should be meant to have it. Now, ladies, you sensible things, pray that I totally forget about it, so I won't put myself in that temptation dilemma again!!

I'll sign off for now. I need to catch up on what y'all are dealing with.

Hugs and love,
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Sunday eve 21 Feb 2010 02-21-2010 - 05:15 PM
Good evening, ladies!

I can't believe it's only been 5 days since I've written here...it feels like a year! Well, thank goodness it was a short work week (4days, due to last Monday Prez Day). Work is a real drag these days. I truly have trouble giving a rat's pattutie about my work. I'm just trying to hang in there til the end of this year/early next year to retire. I told my bosses I was resigning from the Department morale team...I've been asked to reconsider... I have no more morale to give out; I just don't know.

Anyway, besides work, I've been well. WW was good..Yeah, I lost a pound; it had to be SHOVELING SNOW! No other good reason for that loss! I've been trying to be careful-ish since weigh-in and maybe there will be another loss this coming week (not that I've shoveled any snow since last ... oh Sunday). Tomorrow we are getting a wintry-mix/mostly rain. I just hope it stays warm enough during the day so it doesn't turn to ice.

I've been w/o my estrogen refill this past week (because of my inattentiveness)... so I would guess that has made me feel edgy and just wanting to (but not doing) snap people in half! Noni, I bought the Remifen today at Walmart...better price; it was half the cost than at my local pharmacy. I will start that tonite. I hope this will help stop the nitely trip to the Bahamas I've been having! I will wait and not expect results TONITE...but I will expect something after a couple of weeks. I've added 400 IU of D3 to my daily supplementing and I have noticed that has both helped my moods (thank goodness) and my joint pains are not as severe. Oh, and I did pick up my estrogen refill today also. I should be good with all the tablet/pill poppings now, until I run out of something again, suddenly.

I hope all of you ladies are fairing well this week!
Have a blessed, beautiful, and healing week!
:gr8da y:
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February 15th...Awaiting the wintry-mix... 02-15-2010 - 12:25 PM
Hi ladies!

Noni, thanks for the recommendation on the Remefem. I'll buy some this weekend (after I get paid...wait, I shoulda checked WalMart today while I was there! --sigh--). I had checked the price at my local pharmacy..YIKES! Anyway, I definitely will try it out. I am wearing two sets of pjs a night right now. During the day when I'm outside and inside, I'm fine cuz I'm dressing like it is early fall (even tho it is 35 degrees outside) and quite comfy.

News, I wish all this shoveling were contributing to weight loss. Alas, shoveling the snow means I then shovel the food right into my belly afterwards!!

I have found that these blizzards have been good to my bank account. I have lots remaining than I had expected. So of course today I took care of that problem and spent 50 bucks at CVS for the household things I needed and 50 at WalMart to buy a shirt and t-shirt for DH (a stray pen was in the load with some of his shirts and are ruined) and of course I bought two white blouses for myself!

I knocked down a few more icicles and attempted to shovel more snow, but gave up on that cuz now the snow that remains is just a giant block of ice. I can't wait til we get our wintry mix later today. That'll really help the existing snow situation... ugh....

Ladies, stay safe and comfy!
hugs, love and healing,
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Feb 11th: Part Deux -- Report of Morning Activities 02-11-2010 - 12:52 PM
The morning report, blow by blow...

I cleared off the ATV a little bit, at DH request. Thankfully, it was just enough that he could move it out and knock down the snow on the driveway. He got his truck cleared off and almost got to the top of the driveway before getting stuck. So, he worked the plowing a bit more, cleared off my car and tried driving IT up the driveway, only to get it stuck just below the truck. Soooooooo, Jenny and I came to the rescue,on foot, trudging up the driveway with two shovels. Jenny was lovin' the snow today. DH tried to rock my car a few more times and it didn't budge. I knelt on the ground to look under the car -- as I suspected the one back quarter of the tire and chassis was buried in packed snow. So I started chopping at that. Meantime, DH did some digging around the truck, then was flinging snow and mud by rocking the truck out. He got it out and to the top of the drive. Then he calls my name. I call back -- no answer -- so, I tromp the rest of the way up the drive to the truck and he asks me if I want to join him to go find some place open for beer and soda pop. I said, "Well sure, now that you got me all the way up the driveway!" Now, I'm back home, inside, nice and warm, my car is un-stuck and DH is off to finish his daily rounds! LOL!! What a morning!! cheeech...I do believe the search for flat land will be underway this spring!! We are both just too old and outta shape for this 'frontier' living any more!!

I have been sweating this week as much as I do mid-summer!! Between the nite sweats that have returned full bore, and being outside messing with the dang snow, I'm just one ol' sweat ball!!

Okay, I feel a nap coming on.... Uuum, but first I'll have some ice cream!
Love, hugs and healing to you all!
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Feb 11th: The Aftermath of Round 2 02-11-2010 - 10:00 AM
Good morning ladies!
DH finally did get home safely. I scolded him; of course he was oblivious. I asked the Lord to give me patience and not knock the poo outta him!

Anyway, DH survived (me) and we made it the other side of the blizzard w/o losing power!! yipee!! I've taken more pics, but sounds like y'all don't really need to see more snow pics...Maybe in the summer, when we are all melting from the heat wave!

I woke this morning feeling more rested and in a better, less cabin fever mood. My previous rumination here must've kicked something into this hard head of mine. Or it might be that after I let Jenny out and fed Skitter at 5 am, I went back to bed and slept til 7 am. I cleared off (as much as I could) the ATV that has a plow attachment, for DH. Apparently it was enough cuz he's been outside since, clearing the driveway with it. We had the drive plowed by a pro at the end of Blizzard #1, so it wasn't an overwhelming amount for the ATV to handle. I have a few pics of those...

I heard on the morning weather-guessers talk about another southern storm brewing. Apparently today, from that report, Texas and some of those states are getting snow...what the heck is going on with this weather?!

I'm moving along now. DH is bothering me with lotsa questions about my car (I think he is kidnapping it).
I'll check in later....

Hugs, love and healing,
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Feb 10th, Early Afternoon Ruminations 02-10-2010 - 11:30 AM
It's a'blizzardin'.... I'm loading the bath tubs with water now. I've been noticing the lights flickering...
DH left the house around 8:30 this morning to keep his routine...I sure hope he gets home soon...I'm getting worried about him now. The wind is blowing the snow to white-out conditions... Jenny took two short runs in the snow, so she has her cabin fever released some. I've phoned almost everyone I know to phone, just to talk to someone. I know I've got the cabin fever bad if I'm calling people. I'm not big on using the telephone unless necessary. I took some pics earlier today and will be organizing them to be posted here within the next fews days. I find it so curious that when I'm confronted with this kind of situation, that is, a blizzard, I don't accomplish anything. Lord knows I could do any number of household chores or even some kind of hobby, if I had a real hobby that I stick with. Instead, I'm sitting around waiting...waiting...for what??? The bus to Mexico doesn't even come near here! Speaking of that, I've got the thoughts in my head that it is time DH and I seriously look to moving to a new house if not another state!! We are going to minimally have to repair the eaves of the house. We have icicles all over the place! They are pretty, but they indicate bad, bad stuff going on...

I'm off to check around the website here.
Hugs love and healing to you all!
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Feb 10th: East Coast Storms Round 2 02-10-2010 - 07:51 AM
Hi ladies!
Stormy winter weather round 2 is underway. I expect this time there will be more power outages as a result due to the high winds which apparently are brewing. I need to take pics of this mess...haven't yet. When I do, I'll post a couple representative shots around my house.

I'm not feeling quite as well as I did yesterday, so I'm gonna take it easy (like I can really do anything )...well, okay I won't shovel...I will do some prep for the probably power outage, ie, clear the way to the downstairs fire place. That will be enough to make me go take a nap!

Noni, you are right...I too prefer to take the hazards of this white and icy stuff to the 'shake and bake' and mud flow of the west coast.

I'll check in later today or tomorrow, if the electric gods are still amped up!

Hugs and love to you all!
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Feb 9th: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow MORE?? 02-09-2010 - 02:37 PM
Hi Ladies!

I see some new names here to the journals and I want to welcome you all I'll catch up on the entries after I've finished journaling here.

Well, here in Maryland, we got upwards of 20 inches of snow over the weekend and are now awaiting the arrival of the next batch coming at us tonite/tomorrow! We're supposed to get another 10 to 15 inches! Enough with the snow!! Last Friday nite, as the first storm was hitting us, I got sick... ...Ya'd a thought after 5 hours of it all that I'd've lost a pound but alas no! I started feeling better on Sunday and felt human again yesterday.

Anyway, whenever it was that the storm ended, it was up about just below my knees. Jenny was not happy to having her butt touch the snow while she peed. Skitter didn't venture outside until yesterday (Monday). The guy we hire to plow us out didn't get to us til late yesterday afternoon, but thankfully, he got to us!

Today I went to the grocery..saw lotsa people I know and shared the 'war' stories. For some reason today, though, I feel really drained. Don't know if I'm still not quite healed from my sickness the other night or if it's just the wear and tear of cabin fever. I feel like I'm living in New England again! Mexico or Majorca, here I come!!

I hope everyone here is safe and healthy!
hugs and love,
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Saturday Jan 30th, 2010 01-30-2010 - 10:47 AM
Hi Ladies!
Okay, who turned up the dial on the month speeding by?? Even my birthday this past Thursday came and went in a blink! As far as I can tell, I'm still 16!

At work this past week, my headache stayed away til Wednesday afternoon and hung around the rest of the week. I have that as confirmation that the air is bad there. I'll keep popping my sinus stuff, antihistimine, and headache stuff and be more diligent about a regime of sinus irrigation!! ugh..

The snow is here in Maryland and it's cooold outside! This electric heat pump heating is for the birds (and I bet they are warmer!)...DH needs to get home and build the fire! Oh wait, he might think I've already done that...I have been making the fire during the weekends. He thinks I'd do well on Survivor because of that. I told him I wasn't even entertaining an idea like THAT!!

My eye appointment last Monday went well. Unfortunately, the new doctor (to me) looks like he's 15 y/o, so I managed to hold back on my self-depricating remarks on age. Remarks like, 'Geez, you look so young, doc. How long have you been out of eye doctor school?' This Monday coming, I take the day off work again and chauffer DH for his eye appointment. I hope he does good too. I know he's worried about his bp, as it still is running high, in spite of his bp meds. He has another appointment to visit the doc next Weds. He's still doing good with the no smoking!! I think we are just a few months from 1 year of quitting!!

This morning Jenny and Skitter got me outta bed at 4:30 this morning! I really wish they knew what the word 'weekend' meant! Jenny got her a.m. run before the snow started and I fed Skitter, then just did my early a.m. channel surf....the shopping channels didn't have much going on that interested me...After DH departed the house, I had a short debate with myself: 'Go out in the snow to CURVES, stay home, CURVES, home...' Guess what won? You got it!! Home...didn't wanna deal with driving today. So I had a brilliant idea. I went to our cable tv On Demand fitness channels and picked out Lesley Sasone's one mile walk. It was a real 'doh' moment. I've WATCHED the clips many times before, but just this morning actually WATCHED and EXERCISED along with the show! Weird how the lazy person brain works! After about 45 minutes of fitness, I did the requisite laundry, change the bed linens, tidy up the kitchen dishes...and now I'm here. Jenny is soo worried I'm gonna run off w/o her as I have my sneakers on..blessed her beagle-ness!!

I think I'll do some web-window-shopping now.

Hugs and love to all of you!
:luv pets:
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Sunday January 24th, 2010 01-24-2010 - 04:06 PM
Hello ladies!
I thought I'd muse a bit here, but I made the mistake of reading some of my past entries! YIKES! I won't muse...
Instead, I will just chat briefly about my day today and tomorrow. Today, after my morning meeting with my friends, I had an overwhelming desire to buy a second pair of jeans, so I went to Walmart. To my surprise (1) I found a pair that fit perfectly and (2) I got out of Walmart spending under $20!! So, since my hyster, I have 2 pairs of jeans, altho, when at home, I still highly favor my sweats w/no undies....(?TMI!) After I got home, I took my Jenny-beagle-girl with me to pick up our Chinese carry out dinner. She had her head out the window and her tan ears were blowing in the wind!! She was not going to let me get out of the house w/o her! Tomorrow, I have an eye appointment, so I won't be going to work. I left work at noon Thursday cuz it was the second day I had a 'sick' headache (by that I mean no painkiller kills it and I got very nauseauous and dizzy). So, I took the better part of valor and departed at lunch time. I also took off Friday, cuz I was still feeling poorly. I slept about 4 hours in 2 hour segments on Friday during the day. I must've been at least very exhausted. I'm wondering if all the dust and mold being kicked up in our office area with the remodel was/is the trigger. I did notice Thursday morning, our admin assistant, who has asthma, was wearing a heavy duty surgical mask; she's being having problems since the first day they started disconnecting the computers and desks that we vacated.

I hope you all have a good week! I need to catch up, again, on all y'alls journal entries!!
Many hugs and lotsa love! :cha t:
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Monday Jan. 18th, 2010 MLK Day 01-18-2010 - 02:05 PM
Good afternoon ladies!
I did a quick catch-up on y'all's journals and my goodness, so much going on with all of you!! My thoughts and prayers and hugs and love continue to go out to all of you!!

Today I've been having a mixed emotion day...blue and happy. As long as I keep my mind (and body) moving, I am enjoying the beautiful blue sky, sun and 50 degree weather. On the other side, I feel so very sad because yet another family member (now 2 sons and the dad, gone in a two year period ) of friends of ours passed away last Thursday. The survivors are mostly the women folk of the family now. And I know DH is taking it really hard and he's been away from the house for about 5 hours now. Today is the viewing and tomorrow is the funeral. I am (but wavering now) planning to go to the evening viewing tonite, then go across the street where there will be a meeting for me to go to. But if DH gets in a condition as I expect he might, I worry about him being alone, altho I know he will just pass out into sleep. I might take off work tomorrow and go with DH to the funeral, as I did 8 months ago for the funeral of this man's dad.

In the meantime, I've cleared out some of my clothes and shoes I don't wear any more to drop off at the local charity thrift shop; I've been doing laundry like a fiend, including the dog's bedding; I went to Curves for a work out; I had morning coffee with DH at the local restaurant.

Right now, I'm about ready to jump outta my skin with aggitation, even just typing here. ugh...

Oh, this morning over coffee, DH tells me I need to start looking for my part-time job for next year when I am retired! Wassup with that??? I don't mind to work part-time but not where I will have to potentially commute even further than I do now! Oh no, no, no!! I was thinking more like part-time at some local business, where I don't have to drive more than 20 miles round trip. Anyway, that's a little bit away, so I won't sweat that too much, yet. Do know that I am already checking the local paper to see what companies and types of jobs are out there these days. Naturally in this economy, the job hunting section of the news paper is very skinny. In the Sunday issue, what used to be upwards of 30 pages is now about 6 pages, if that.
1. I am grateful to be alive, sober and reasonably sane today.
2. I am grateful to have my health, home and family today.
3. I am grateful to be gainfully employed and have the means to live comfortably.
4. I am grateful for DH, Skitter and Jenny in my life today. Without them, I know I'd be lost.
5. I am grateful I found this fabulous website and have all these wonderful cyber-friends to share with!!
I must move on and switch out another load of clothes....

My love, hugs and prayers to you all!
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Thursday January 14th, 2010 01-14-2010 - 05:56 PM
Today was my 2nd year Hysterversary!
Amazing how fast those two years went by, one the drugged up haze and pain left!!!

Hey news, I finally got your book on its way back to you. Over the weekend, I dropped it off in the mail box. Monday eve it was back in my mailbox. I guess they didn't like your address label for mailing. So I wrote up a big label with your address, as you will see and took it in to the postoffice yesterday, before my WW meeting.

My WW meeting was good. I lost 1.6 lbs . Still working on that same 5-10 pounds from two years ago tho! I'm close to the 10 pound loss...only2.4 to go... we'll see how easily and soon that happens.

I'm gonna sign off now. DH woke from his nap earlier and snapped at me for not having dinner cooked cuz poor thang was starvin'....gggggggrrrrr... gotta go! Getting yelled at...
Luv yase!
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Thursday January 7th 2010 01-07-2010 - 05:32 PM
Hi Ladies!
Happy New Year!
I'm just popping in to say hello; not staying long right now.
I'm back at work and seems in the office, the new year is picking up where we left off before the holidays. Lotsa tension and from what I heard today, back-stabbing going on...ugh.

Hugs and love to you all!
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Tuesday Eve, early, 29 Dec 2009 12-29-2009 - 04:24 PM
Good evening ladies

So far, I've been enjoying my week off from work. It took the first 3 days off for me to lay about like a slug before my energy and motivation returned. I've started tackling the clutter pile in our back junk bedroom. The canning supplies are already refilling the empty spots in the room!! Yesterday DH was talking about possibly making more sauerkraut...as it turns out, the supplier for the cabbage gave him word today that there'll be no more cabbage til spring time. So, I wonder what will be the next canning project; I know one is brewing in his head.

Today is windy, windy, windy! I can't help but think that the Weather-Guessers here might be wrong about the scattered wintry mix and a blizzard might appear on New Year's eve. I just feel it in my bones (and other body parts)

DH was telling me that a couple we know bought the wii fit; yesterday he told me he wants to price them out plus really wants to get a new set of kitchen pots and pans, stainless preferably as it better suits the canning. So perhaps tomorrow, when it's not supposed to be windy and in the 40's we may be shopping...

My thoughts for the spring garden are: lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, peppers, a different variety of pickling cuke I saw in the catalog...a few other things. Later this evening I may start the list..

I managed to upload my pics from my digital camera and yesterday tried to upload them up on this site. Of course, there was user mal-function happening, so I will have to try again.

I must get dinner started, according to my growling gut.
If I don't get back here til the weekend, I wish you all safe and blessed New Year celebrations! :xmasnana:

Many hugs and love,
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December 26th, 2009 Saturday 12-26-2009 - 03:57 PM
Good evening ladies!

I hope you all had a happy, enjoyable and safe Christmas Day yesterday. Christmas at my house was quiet but nice; nice DH, myself, Jenny and Skitter. I baked a ham, according to an Emeril Lagasse recipe...yum!! Oh, I shoulda taken a picture of it..it looked so pretty, drapped in orange and lemon slices! I also made another Emeril recipe, brussel sprouts gratin. That was delish also. I need to adjust the white sauce consistency, tho, as it came out thicker than I think it should have. As usual, we made enough food for a family of at least 4...no, Jenny and Skitter don't like their veggies...but ham...

Today was the first day I left the house and drove my car since my 'slip-n-slide' Thursday morning. My primary goal (besides just leaving the house) was to get my butt to an AA meeting, which I did. It seems lately every time I go to a Saturday a.m. meeting, someone is celebrating a sobriety anniversary!! I sure needed that meeting badly!! I had intended to do some local shop browsing, but as it was cold rainy and very, very foggy I headed back home. With the rain melting the snow, our downstairs has water seeping in from the saturated ground. Haven't seen that in a couple years. --ugh-- When I was out, I had noticed that streets that were close to the Ches Bay were blocked off, so there must be street flooding happening. I have no doubt I'm not the only one with a wet basement around here!

The mail delivered the first seed catolog of 2010!! I'm already thinking about what our veggie patch should hold. Hopefully, DH will be willing to incorporate a few of my suggestions, otherwise, I'll just have to make my own veg patch/container garden.

Many blessings to you all for the new year of 2010!
hugs and love,
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December 24th, 2009 12-24-2009 - 09:06 AM
Hi Ladies!


(uumm, my fonts and color didn't work correctly. Oh well!)

Just a quick note: Starting out to work this morning, my super long slippery driveway kicked my bee-hind this early dark cold a.m. I got halfway up and the car started sliding backwards towards a tree.
Luckily, I managed to slide backwards to a halt and parked that thing. My nerves got the better of me, or, I know an omen when I see one! Took me back to over 20 years ago when I spun out on black ice and kissed a telephone pole.
Needless to say, I stayed home from work today and started my holiday week vacation a few hours early!
BTW, I got my table top fiber optic tree set-up this past weekend, during the blizzard event. I'm so not looking forward to this wet mass of weather sneeking in tonite! It could hinder Santa's arrival!!

I love all you ladies! You have been a true blessing in my life these past two years and I hope that there will be many more!
Hugs and love always!
:xmashug4::snow men::season:
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Thursday eve Dec 17th 2009 12-17-2009 - 06:48 PM
Good evening ladies!

Wow! I'm getting concerned now...I'm seeing alot of my own journal entries here. That better mean that the rest of you are involved in the season's festive activities!!

Marta, DH (himself) canned 8 quarts of kraut...turns out, he really just wanted me there for moral support. We have already opened up one jar. Oh it's yummy! Not too tart, not too salty. It's good with hot Italian sausage, and tonite had it with leftover ham steak.

Yesterday was our office Christmas luncheon. We were able to hold it in the two newly created office areas of Renovation Part 1. It was nice to see those finished products. My morale team planned it so all people had to do was sign up and pay a few bucks. My team took care of ordering the Popeye's chicken with biscuits and sides and all the team members made desserts to bring in. I daresay, I enjoyed it very much and I think it lifted the spirits of many of my co-workers. Unfortunately, from what my Deputy boss said, this was the only time we could use those spaces. She used this opportunity as an "open house". Hopefully, next year I won't have to be concerned about arranging such an affair.

Also, our holiday door decoration was enjoyed by everyone in the office. However, we didn't win the contest and I behaved quite indignantly about it in the office. That of course sparked plotting out a plan for next year. I might have to concern myself with that next year...maybe...

Tomorrow eve, my Lunch Bunch ladies will be getting together for our annual dinner and gift exchange. Snow (of some magnitude) is expected to start late tomorrow nite. I hope the forecast doesn't get dire otherwise, DH is going to lock me in the house (to be off the roads) until he deems it safe to go back out. Isn't that sweet? It really is, altho at times seems too obsessive. --sigh-- he has me trained well tho; more often than not, I see the logic. Also, I discovered tonite that DH is stingy about letting me give away our canned goods to my gal pals. He was okay with me giving them the fig preserves; the other items, he was not wanting to release. I am going to give our admin assistant a jar of kraut, plus the fig preserves. She has put up with my stories of the garden and canning adventures this year and reminesed about her growing up and helping her mom with canning their garden produce. I know she can genuinely appreciate what went into making these things.

I hope and pray all is going well for you all!
I'll be back checking on y'ase!
Hugs, love and holiday cheer!
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Sunday Afternoon Dec 13th 12-13-2009 - 01:19 PM
hi ladies!
Noni, thanx for the tip on where I can get less expensive fresh veg. I just may be shopping more regularly at SAMs after yesterday. This morning I bought the Sunday paper (Washington Post)...$2.12!! Yikes! They are struggling to stay afloat, considering that price hike!!

I don't think I'll be getting my little Christmas tree set up today. This morning, as I was going to head out for my meeting, DH calls me to help him. Well, he started loading up jars with the sauerkraut. Not a huge deal other than I'm late getting out to my meeting!!! argh. Well, I helped him get one batch ready, then he sent me on my way. I asked him if I should finish the job when I get home. He said yes. Well, he must've changed his mind. I got home and there is a note for me to wait for him to get home from the first round of tavern poker. Sooooooo, my luck, if I start messing with the tree, he'll get home oblivious to what I'm doing. I'll just chill. My meeting was good for me this a.m. Reading about ACCEPTANCE...wow! That was my morning!! I'm good now, really. After the meeting I had a late breakfast with a couple ladies from the meeting and then went to the new town house of one lady. It is lovely! Such a spacious living area considering its a town house! She was telling me and the other gal about her experience with the number 11. Apparently in numerology, if you see the number 11 frequently, it means the existence of angels around you. Now I'll be on the look out for the number 11.

I see the journaling has been quiet so far this weekend. I sure hope that is a good sign that everyone is busy.

I'll be checking in on all of you later this evening!!
Hugs and Love,
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Early Saturday Eve, December 12th 2009 12-12-2009 - 04:02 PM
Good evening ladies!

I had a nice day today. Lounged til around 8:30 am this morning, drinking coffee and chatting w/DH, watching news shows. I went to CURVES...yeah me two days this week! whooo..... Feels kinda (?) good, those muscle parts that have been in lethargy. Then I dropped off a winter coat to the dry cleaner and went to Yankee Candle. I had a mission. I'm not sure I bought what I really wanted but I spent my typical $30-40!! cha-ching! I bought two reed infusions, Misletoe and Christmas Cookie. Those were a twofer deal. I've never used infusers before; the candles seem to be missing my needs this year, so thought I'd go different. And I also got a 3-pack of the Misletoe hanging air fresheners. I will use at least one for my Dept holiday lunch next week. We will be having Popeyes chicken and sides and a number of desserts. I thought the air freshner may come in handy what with the lingering aroma of fried food in our 'new' conference room. I just hope 30 people plus food will all fit...it's probably okay. I think the conf table sits about 15....yep, we'll be fine. After that, I went to the grocery...I forced myself to buy some kind of fresh fruit. I couldn't believe the prices!! gads!

My tree isn't up yet, but I hope to put it up tomorrow, while DH is off to his weekly tavern poker games. In the a.m., we will be canning our brined sauerkraut.

I hope all is well with y'ase!
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Friday Eve, Dec 11, 2009 12-11-2009 - 07:56 PM
yeah, it is bbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrr in Maryland too!!
The wind blew thru my wool-lined London Fog coat today and made me feel cccccccoooooold!

This week at work, I spent quite a bit of time helping out with clearing out the one half of our office that will be reconfigured with offices and more desks, soon. Lots of old, old paper work that no one wanted to acknowledge or look at so my coworker R and I dug in and ended up tossing most of it; there were some keeper tidbits. I came to a realization doing this paper clear out why I touch every piece of paper at home when I clear out. I have to do that at work, so I am so habituated to it, I do that at home also. Funny how and where we acquire weird ocd habits. Oh, I don't think I mentioned (or maybe I did) all people in my office are now double bunked into cubicles now so that cleared half can be renovated.

Two days ago, one of our younger employees asked me if we should decorate our office door for the door decorating contest, being held by the Combined Federal Campaign group at work. He said he could check decorations at the Dollar Store. I said I suppose you could decorate the door, maybe be in charge. hehehe...he balked at the in charge and organizing part. As it turns out, three of us put the door together this morning and it appears most everyone that was in the office today really, really liked it. That was nice to hear. Everyone's been so snappy and cranky the last several month's it was great to hear positive words come out of their mouths. I am doing my best to give the bulk of the door credit to the two young'uns, not me. Cuz really all I did was give permission (like I have any authority, NOT) and hold the scissors and tape!

Yesterday was our organization's Holiday party. It was held for a second year at a local hotel's banquet room. It was wonderful. Good food, good dessert. Good dj and good company. Prior to the party there was all kinds of whining and moaning about the price having gone up. Apparently the price was worth it cuz today everyone I spoke with today enjoyed a good time. The turn out was, unfortunately less than was last year, again, I'm sure due to the price increase. I was willing to pay the price for a half day outta the office with food, dance and fun. OH, well, I only danced one dance.....gads....I know I'm a bad dancer, but wow, baby! I was REALLY BAD yesterday. So once was enough. I enjoy watching others dance anyway. I am a people watcher.

I'm hoping to put up my 3 ft artificial tree with fiber optics up tomorrow or Sunday. I hope I do a little more than that but if I don't that's okay. I like my little tree that I bought at auction (probably not for any bargain) three years ago.

DH visited the doc this week. (uumm....I'm repeating myself I do believe)....anyway, his cholesterol went down, but still needs to take Lipitor. He is also on bp med and...glucophage for diabetes. On the diabetes, I find it curious that he doesn't need to have a blood sugar meter. Maybe his diabetes isn't severe enough to warrant that (I hope!). The doc told him that quiting the smoking played a role in all this revealing itself and over time should stablize. Doc also told DH that he needed to cut back on the beers cuz that was where the diabetes/blood sugar issue was really coming from (no suprise there to me!)....So, don't know how he is doing on easing back on the beer. That is one I won't ask; I'll just let him speak up and pat himself on the shoulder when he is ready.

I'm going to bed now. My fingers are getting numb and cold.
I hope all is well with you ladies!
Much love and many hugs,
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December 5th -- First snow of this season 12-05-2009 - 03:32 PM
Hi ladies!

Maryland has it's first snow of this winter season. It's quite pretty. The day started with rain and by noon, has cooled down into the 30's and it started snowing; still is.

This morning when I got up, after sleeping in til almost 7 a.m., I was in a good mood. By around 10 a.m., I was in a DH-induced foul mood!! I know he has no idea how he got under my skin, that probably makes me more foul. The first thing he said to me was, ' I have a project for you to do.' I immediately barked back that I know, I know, give it a rest. Then about twenty minutes later he is taking a large load of laundry downstairs and started that. He announced to me, ' I've started the first load.' I think I said something like 'good for you'. ggggggggggrrrrrr.... I was planning to go to CURVES ( but didn't) and to go to my AA meeting (which I did do). Before I departed for my meeting, tho, I packed up 3 bags of trash for the dump. Jenny wanted to come, but it was such icky weather, I made her stay home and cozy inside. Anyway, the meeting was good for me...it was an anniversary meeting; a woman I haven't seen in a while was celebrating 24 years. After the meeting I drove to the refuse site (aka the dump) and tossed the trashy goods, meanwhile getting cold and wet. When I go home I shuffled a few things in the junk room that DH was eluding to, to make it look like I had done something (I need a non-rainy day for that job as much of the clear out goes to the dump). I also placed excess canning jars in the room, refilling the empty spots I had just cleared. Then I did more laundry, made some quick baked apples. By then DH was home and hungry (and in my way and still festering my nerve). I made him a grilled cheeze sandwich. Somehow, his peeking into the 'clean up project' room and remarking that I DID do something in there didn't do anything to ease my ego. NO, I'm just so aggravated!! I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen by my younger male supervisor at work, and then being at home having my husband talk to me like I'm a 5 y/o just frosts me!! News, tell me how to SMUDGE my DH!! Everyone, thanks for listening....

Diverchick, I have no ovaries...so that is why I'm confused about 'cycle' stuff. Noni, I take estrogen. News, I do believe and have observed for myself that I am attached to the cycles of the moon. One of my nieces use to send me a moon cycle calendar every Christmas, but stopped a few years ago. She's no doubt broke and jobless or just getting by, living with her mom (one of my sisters).

1. I am grateful to be alive, physically sober and reasonably sane today.
2. I am grateful for my employment.
3. I am grateful for my little family, inspite of my mood-tantrums...
4. I am grateful to have a comfortable roof over my head.
5. I am grateful to be blessed with the friends and acquaintances in my life, including :hs:

I send you all my love, prayers and hugs! I trust that you all had a good today and will have a better day tomorrow!

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December 3rd Already...where has 2009 gone?? 12-03-2009 - 06:05 PM
Good evening ladies!
The week before I took off work for Thanksgiving, I received my performance review. It wasn't good. Today I spoke with several co-workers in my office -- seems theirs were not good either. It appears from my informal poll that quite a few of us in my office received below average ratings. That is sure a major hit on morale that is already in the septic tank. Speaking of office morale, I gathered the morale team members that still care and we came up with a plan for a Christmas luncheon, in spite of there not being too much time left before people bail out for the holiday weeks. Our office space is in chaos for the first phase of the office remodel. About 50 of us are squished to one side of the area, basically sitting side by side, with each desk having different computer workstation configurations. I'm at a desk where a tv is on top of the credenza. It is driving me insane and I've only been sitting there 3 days. Oh and there is an air vent directly under my feet. I do cover it during the day, but I remove the cover overnite, as there are 2 cpus under my desk and they do need to stay as cool as possible. My understanding is that this phase is to last about 9 weeks; then we all shift to the remodeled side, once again in close proximity of one another until the other side is remodeled. I suppose by summer 2010, we will finally get to our final desk configurations.

DH is planning to go to the farmers market tomorrow with his elder buddy. I believe the plan is to pick up strawberries ('imported' from Florida). So, when it snows and sleets on Saturday, I suppose I'll try my hand at strawberry preserves.

My mental attitude is stablized, for now. No 'darkness' of melancholy. I do believe, as one of my friends pointed out to me recently, that the 'darkness' of my mood and anxiety, etc is related to the monthly cycle, regardless of the fact that I have no uterus, ovaries or anything much else...I had hoped ALL menstral cycle related symptoms would be gone forever after surgery; guess that myth has been busted for me!

I am going to catch-up on what you all have been up to, then chill a couple minutes and then go to bed. I wish you a good nite's sleep and a wonderful day tomorrow!

Hugs and love,
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Tues November 24th 11-24-2009 - 03:03 PM
...poooh!!! bah, humbug!
I took off work this week and so far, dark, dreary, chilly and rainy!

Noni and News, thanks so much for sharing your insights. News, I may take you up on the offer of borrowing your book. I will PM you with my address...

The pie is deelish! I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine yesterday and told her what was in it. I said very little butter. DH overheard and naturally exclaimed 'WHAT? No butter in the apple pie??'... He is almost ready to quit this lighter, healthier eating; he is not seeing any weight loss (I've not pointed out, yet, that the daily beer drinking might have something to do with it). He said he'll take the pill rather than this watch what you eat nonsense. I asked him if he has been taking that fish oil supplement he bought. He said no. I told him until he can remember to take the fish oil, I would suggest staying away from other pills that cost even more.

This past weekend DH and a buddy went to a local farmers market and bought loads of veggies...cauliflower, brocolli, onions, cabbage....so far, we have parboiled and frozen the brocolli and cauliflower and started freezing a few onions today. Smells like brocolli in this house right now...I guess it could smell like something different..........

Over the weekend, I discovered that the Curves I had been going to closed. So on Saturday I went to another Curves nearby and started transfer of my membership. Today I did my first Curves work out at this new place (and the other) since a long time...too ashamed to admit...okay, a YEAR!
sigh-- Proved I'm really outta shape dispite my walking...

Love and hugs to you all,
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A WEEK LATER ALREADY!? 22Nov09 11-22-2009 - 04:41 PM
Good evening ladies!
Well, last weekend's grocery trip went okay, especially after I figured out I had been two days w/o my estrogen cuza not picking up my refill (yep! forgot). Soooo, before going to the Giant grocery, I went by the pharmacy, picked up the scrip and a bottle of water; got back in my car and swallowed down a dose of my estrogen. By the time I drove to the grocery, I was much calmer. The shopping trip, however, went way too long -- two hours. I was looking at just about every label of each item I picked out!! ugh At least that trip has my kitchen basics and daily mind into low fat, low cholesterol type thinking more regularly now. And this afternoon, using all my available low fat cook book resources, I made a low cholesterol pie crust for apple pie. I will have to report on the verdict, as the pie is cooling right now. It smells good, but the taste and texture is the real proof (as well as having accolades from DH). I haven't done pie crust in years, so it was interesting to me that I didn't flip out making the crust, I just went with the dough-flow. And for WW, I have finally (at least so far) broken thru my plateau and am back on the downward trend of the scale!! Yipee!!
I need some advice, comments, points-of-view on estrogen use after hysterectomy and how it has helped or not regards your experience with breast health and osteoporosis. I am going to pose the same out in a forum, but as I am here, just thought I'd toss it out you y'ase. One reason it has come up for me is that I was speaking with one of my friends today who is a breast cancer survivor. I was talking with her about how emotional I have been this week (read: I boo-hooed with anger at my job performance review Weds; today I boo-hooed with joy sharing about a spritual awakening in addiction recovery). She asked me if I was still taking the estrogen that the doc put me on last year. I understand her worry and concern on it, as she had the estrogen-sensitive cancer. I do have family history, but never knew anything about estrogen sensitive or not. I'd prefer not to take it and have talked with doc earlier this year. She (the doc) seemed non-commital, like it was my choice, which I suppose in the long run really is my choice. I thought I would do half a dose daily for a few weeks and see how it goes. The pills I have this time are a bit larger and I can see the score line to split it in half. But my rational head says talk with the doc first. Anyway, that is where I am with that.

I hope you all had a nice weekend! I'll be tuned in here more this coming week as I have taken the week off from work.
Hugs and love to you all,
*pa ws*
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11/14/09 Pre-grocery trip anxiety 11-14-2009 - 08:11 AM
Hi ladies,
This will be a quick note. I just need to release my anxiety that is building up as I prepare for my grocery trip today. I do believe I am over-thinking this low-sodium, low-fat stuff. I can't decide, do I take a longer trip to go to Whole Foods Market or Sams, or do I go to the local Safeway and/or Giant. aggh I know at this point in the morning (after 9 am) I'll stick with local, now is it Safeway or Giant?

News, I have to share this...a few nites ago, I had a series of wierd dreams. The one I remember was a short dream. I was in church at Christmas Mass. The church was decked out in white and red. The Priest and his servers came out and who did I see as one of the servers?? Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs!! Now tell me THAT dream didn't have some meaning coming out of my subconcious!!

I hope you all are having a good day today. I'll report back later about my grocery trip and let you know if I totally freaked or actually was calm ....

Love y'ase!
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11-11-2009 Happy Veteran's Day 11-11-2009 - 11:45 AM
Hello ladies!

Noni and News, I'm glad you understood my previous rant.
Noni, I think Marta is a state employee vice fed. However, both are government at some level and we all know how well government can operate!

Today is a cold, rainy and windy day here in Maryland, due to Ida (I think that's the latest hurricane/tropical depression). It adds to my heavy heart for our current military brethren; I am very very sad about the event that occured at Fort Hood; very mixed feelings for the perpetrator. I'll keep praying....

This morning DH and I went out to breakfast. He told me he needed to get EGGS. So, I had in mind to get a "bad" cholesterol breakfast, like I thought he was going to do. Oh, he is learning...he ordered an Egg Beaters omlette, with bacon and onions, no cheeze plus yeah, home fries. I got the worse one: an egg, scrapple and cheeze sandwich on wheat (actually got the white bread)...UUUMMM soo good! Nice change from Cheerios, banana and lite soy milk! Jenny beagle got her ride, to the restaurant with dad and home with mom. Yeah, we drive two vehicles. My AA recovery is partially dependent on having my car available. I no longer follow DH around, in same car, during his daily 'rounds'. Haven't done for years...probably 18 years....

Our admin assistant's (JL) daughter(NL) was having serious vaginal bleeding this past Monday. The docs could not determine the cause. JL had asked me Monday before taking NL to the hospital about what the docs had given me when I had been bleeding so badly. I confirmed to her that it was a low dose bc pill. JL thought that because NL had been taking high doses of steriods the previous weeks for respiratory problems that those could have triggered this. Apparently (and rightly) NL was freaking. Found out that NL was freaking because she didn't want to fail her college semester, not so much because she was bleeding profusely!!

Yesterday, after I spoke with JL about her ordeal, I found out that also on Monday, one of my friends, who works in a different directorate, was taken to the hospital for chest pains/probably heart attack. She was kept over nite (at least) for tests. As of yesterday a.m., the docs determined she had not had a heart attack....I'm starting to wonder why the docs are unable to come to an obvious diagnosis in either of these situations. I suppose our lives are so complicated by other outside elements, and the docs are so afraid of being sued for wrong diagnosis, they just leave the diagnosis vague until they confirm what they think??

Well, got my retirement estimate in email today. So I will now go study that and the Medicare stuff that DH needs to get on the stick about asap.

I hope you all have a good day.
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Monday Nov. 9th and Marta's Spider... 11-09-2009 - 06:46 PM
...is making me itch!! I hope you can get past that soon, Marta!

I'm trying to be patient and grateful and start getting my retirement widgets in a row (read: get my fanny in gear to do the paper work and other stuff).....towards preparing. Noni, I work for Uncle Sam..yeah, I'm a Fed. I am actually at a point in my 'career' that if any of the PITAs get overly PITA, I could go any time. I have minimum age (55) and enough years (32 years at this time). --sigh-- I've never hated my actual job before now. News, I think you're correct - the PITAs are meant to be PITAs now. I am no longer waffling in any decision to retire.

Sorry I'm not making any sense. I wasn't planning on journaling along this topic line, so I will move on to go watch 'Dancing With The Stars'.
Hugs and love to all,
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Goodness! November 5th Already?? AGGHH... 11-05-2009 - 05:28 PM
Good evening ladies!

I hope you all have been well and surviving the various pot-holes life has to offer us. The past 3 days I have been attending Pre Retirement Planning seminar. It ended today; I am soooo ready to move on to new life adventures! I can't stand going to work any more. Every time my boss speaks with me (he is not mean or anything, just gets under my skin) I get a serious resentment. I pray and pray. I even have my walking partner pray for me during the day. If I can last one more year, I will retire the end of 2010. Otherwise, could be sooner. The desk shuffling is beginning in earnest. The other room has been finished and set up so those people are moving to that new room and my side of our main office room will shuffle to the opposite side and double desk with others. Sounds like fun, eh?!

Dining for cholesterol lowering for about a week and a half is doing my weight loss well...It is apparently the kick my habits needed to move the scale in the downward direction. Last nite at WW, I was down 2 pounds. DH has lost 8, of course. I do have to admit, dinner last nite and tonite certainly did not come close to being anything cholesterol lowering...last nite, Arby's food; tonite, a local tavern's club sandwiches with chips and fries. Yeah, that makes the arteries healthy..NOT!

DH and I are having our usual problem with the time change... 5:30 pm feels like mid-nite! -- ugh -- I'd like that we just don't mess with Father Time like that. Father Time is doing a good job at keeping all of us on our toes without help from humans!

I don't have much else to share...I'm too exhausted to rant and ramble(not to say it isn't in my brain rolling around)...I expect I'll be in bed no more than an hour from now.

My love, hugs and prayers to you all!
:hugs 4::cathugs:
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Tues Eve -- A Quick Note/Update 10-27-2009 - 06:29 PM
Hi Ladies!
You ladies all are fabulous!

So, at work, so far this week is good. I'm throwing away crap I've carried from office to office the past 30 years! My cubicle is looking emptier, especially since a 2-drawer lateral cabinet got hauled away to another space first thing yesterday morning.

Most important -- update on DH. PSA test is normal...whew! All it is is the high cholesterol, high bp, and high sugars. So, the book I bought this past Friday by the AHA for low cholesterol, low fat eating is perfect. DH and I are absolutely in the same boat healthwise here. So, to celebrate what did we have for dinner tonite?? hot dogs and pork and beans!! We'll get it together! I promise!

Okay, moving on now.
I hope all of you are having a reasonably decent work week!
Hugs love and prayers,
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Sunday October 25th Afternoon -- The Gratitude List 10-25-2009 - 01:23 PM
Hello Ladies!

The Gratitude List

I am grateful to be alive, sober and reasonably happy today.

I am grateful that God has given us (me) a beautiful, sunny mild day in October, to glory in (if I can get past my petty resentments...OooPS! that slipped out...).

I am grateful to have a lovely home and family that loves me.

I am grateful to be gainfully employed.

I am grateful to have the financial resources to help in the maintenance of my household.


sheezch! That's the best I can do today with that list...

Last week's chili cook-off went well. I didn't win but it was fun anyway. I had enough chili leftover to take home for a meal. WW went okay that same day; that pesky 8 to 16 ounces is keeping it vigilance. I asked my WW leader for an info sheet on something about men and weight loss, for DH as well as myself. This coming Tuesday, DH has to go back to the doc. He got a call Friday that they wanted him to come back. I guess (no, I know) I'm worried. They didn't say why they wanted him to come in again. He thinks it's his prostate; which makes me wonder what he has been experiencing that he isn't telling me. ugh..men...

Did I tell y'ase already that I got the call from my doc's office about me having high cholesterol and my vit D is low but in the norm.? I think I did (I know I must've told every woman that spoke with me last week!!)

Thursday afternoon at work for me was chaotic. The bottomline was: I over-reacted to events that I should have just acted on calmly, at 30 minute intervals.
I had a meeting just before lunch, with my supervisor, subject matter expert (sme) and IT program managers of a project I've worked on for four years. It has dragged on and on because of the type of contract(s), funding availability, and contract personnel working on the project being put on other projects during the gaps in retooling the contracts. Anyway, all that aside, there was a visitor in the office whom the sme wanted me to speak with after lunch and give a demo of the application interface. As I went to lunch, I stopped by the lab where said computer with application is located; I found it to be disconnected and sitting on the floor. Yep, I freaked. To end this silly story, all turned out well, but I was a stressed out mess, to say the least!! When I went to bed that nite, I just bawled into my pillow for about 10 minutes and then was asleep. Luckily, I had scheduled Friday to be off work, to get my warrenty service done on my car. That went well; it was a day of shopping (or not) for me in the Annapolis area. I was so relieved to not have to go in to work.

And, I am really not looking forward to tomorrow, Monday, to go to work. That is why I must be grateful to be gainfully employed, as many people are not and have far greater and important stresses that could make them insane and make really bad decisions.

My resentment du jour (for today, Sunday) has to do with something someone said at my recovery meeting today. We read stories of recovery. This one guy has been pushing that this Sunday meeting needs to consider omitting reading the personal stories in the book we read from. I kept my trap shut; I was so happy to hear a newer person in the fellowship speak up for what those stories mean to his recovery. The guy who keeps pressing for omitting the stories, number 1, does not regularly show up to this Sunday meeting in the first place; and number 2, he thinks the authors of the stories have written fake stories to shock people. I'll keep praying for this fellow and for myself, to have the patience to let him have his opinion. I know for myself, those personal stories in the book have saved my bacon more than a few times!

So there you have it. That's where my head is at today and I'm not liking it. The good thing is, I can change my attitude any time I decide I've had enough of my pity-party (I think that party is almost over now...).

As always, ladies, thanks for your time. I hope you all have a nice weekend!
Hugs and love, Robin
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Tues Eve October 20 and LOL!! 10-20-2009 - 07:08 PM
Hi Ladies!
Thanks for all the encouragement and the laughs you gave me about everything! Kindred-spirits are so important to have in one's life!

Before coming here, I briefly browsed the Quaker Oats website for low-fat recipes. We'll see if I use any of the 4 I printed out. Fiber is our friend; however, I already have gas (maybe I have more fiber in me than I thought, OR something else more sinister LOL!!). Tomorrow eve is WW, so I'll either be re-engerized or ready to throw in the towel (for the zillionth time).

DH went to the doc yesterday to get his annual check-up (he planned it all on his own, I was amazed!). Anyway, the doc was happy he finally quit smoking (yes, he is still hanging on...). However, he needs to loose weight and it was recommended to him to ease off the daily beers some. Since I bought the skinny 'fat' scale, neither of us have used it. I am trying, but having difficulty revising our dinner eats to be more healthier with that. Dinner is DH's primary meal. That I could only have one primary meal and 'graze' lightly the rest of the day would a nice thing.

I entered a chili contest that takes place at work tomorrow. Yes, WW day. I hope I win! I suspect the contest will ruin my WW weigh in (not Sunday's binge LOL!!)

--sigh-- I think my half a benadryl tablet is kicking in now. Off to my hypnotizing crossword and bed. Gotta get my beauty sleep for the contest tomorrow.

Much love and many hugs,
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Sunday Eve October 18th, 2009 10-18-2009 - 06:07 PM
Okay, 5 days of rain and chill is enough! Today I binged on food (only at lunch and dinner, no tween snacks, tho). Now, I have a massive belly bloat and ache. I suppose it could be worse...if I'm gonna binge, I'd rather it be food than booze! I started off good..breakfast was cherrios with light soy milk, a banana and light vanilla yogurt. By the time I had lunch, tho, it was 1 pm and I got over hungry and stressing over tiny stuff. So lunch was two servings of a WW Breakfast Quesidella (1 is 4 points), PLUS potato chips and dip. Dinner was supposed to be steak, baked spuds and salad, but DH came home from poker starving so between the two of us we polished off a large Domino's everything pizza. And THEN, I had a reasonable serving of apple crisp I made, with a glass of light soy milk. Well, I suppose I can say that I got it out of my system for a while, cuz I now feel miserable and disgusted with myself!!

Yesterday I met some girl friends from work at a Quarter Auction. This was a first for me. I spent close to $30 worth of quarters, but it got me out of the house and socializing on a rainy day. I did win a Vera Bradley pink pattern lunch bag. I had also won a beautiful Southern Living pottery platter, hand painted. The sister of one of my friends collects that potter's work, so I gave the platter to her, as I have no real good place to display it nor any social life to use it. I felt good giving it to her; she just lit up with joy. She told me she has a bowl in the same pattern, so to me that made it all that more important to give it to her. Of course she paid me back in the number of quarters that I bid for it. I'm not sure I can clearly explain the quarter auction thing this eve, as I have all kinds of miscellany going on in my head right now.

Last Thursday was clean up day in our office; desk shuffle-rearranging will be starting any day now. By Friday morning, I had to hold my tongue, I was so sick of guys coming by my desk and telling me I better get packing my stuff! ggggggggrrrrrrr......I'm throwing away far more than I am packing, which is a good thing, especially since I am retiring next year at some point. Boy, that was a journey down bad-memory lane, going through some of that work I had done. Some of it I'm very proud of, but sad that no one in my organization gave a hoot. Luckily I took off half a day Friday to get my car serviced. Thank goodness I did. Not only did I get an oil change but they replaced two dry rotted drive belts. I thanked them profusely for saving me from having one of THOSE bad days; I had my fair share in the past!! Plus, next Friday I will have to take my car in again...there is a part within the AWD mechanism that has worn down and needs replacing. Luckily for THAT it is still under warrenty! --whew!--

Last Wednesday I received a phone call from my doc's office regards my blood panel test. I was informed of my high cholesterol numbers and told to eat a low fat diet and exercise more. I almost said something nawty to the lady but I didn't. I did, however, ask her about my vitamin D levels, as that was something the doc had talked to me about at length. So, she said that the level was low but within the norm. I said to her that I assume that means I shouldn't worry about it because I have been. She said I was okay. I just some how don't believe that. So, yes, since Wednesday (and two weeks prior) I've been obsessing about this vitiman D thing and now the cholestrol also! I can't help but think all that obsessing helped trigger my food blow-out today. --ugh-- I just need to find a way to settle back down and get into a good WW routine of appropriate eating, then everything else will likely fall into place. What do you ladies think? I am over reacting and obsessing, aren't I?

Well, it seems I've unloaded my brain cell of its garbage into this journal. Thanks to whomever had the patience to read thru this crazy thing. I'm going to do my Sunday crossword now, before going to bed. Tomorrow is a new day, a blank slate, a new beginning.
Peace, love and hugs to you all!
:eleph ant:
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Saturday October 10, 2009 10-10-2009 - 03:06 PM
Hello ladies

Well, the fridge cleaning project at work yesterday went well. There were 4 of us, so the job got completed in about an hour. Yeah, lots of scrubbing the interior and associated shelving. I personally, did only 'light' work; I suppose you could call it more supervisory or...standing by as needed. I did that somewhat deliberately. I was part of the initial two person team that pulled out and tossed the science projects. The other two did more of the heavy work. It is beautiful now! Suitable for food again.
As for my fridge at home, well, at least today, it still needs the same treatment. HOWEVER, today at our local community grocery, there was a one day meat sale. DH went out and bought the meats and I did sort some old stuff outta the freezer and packaged some of the new stuff to go into the freezer. Still more to go, but I got a start, about 2 hours worth. Then Jenny, DC (Dear Canine) and I went for a ride to the county refuse collection to trash the old freezer debris. After getting back home, I scrubbed the kitchen waste basket (outside), as I found that was one source of our fruit fly 'festation. I also scrubbed and refilled Skitter's, Dear CAt (DCA) potty-pan.

As I was wrapping up those cleaning projects, DH comes home from his 'rounds' (after buying the meats, he needed his beers to relax ) He's all fired up to clean out the pickle crock....apparently, I found out after getting out of the way, that meant washing a gallon jar and putting the pickles from the crock into the jar. I thought he was going to toss 'em out into the woods (I probably would have done if he had stayed out of the house much longer). Anyway, the crock is washed and the pickles are in this giant jar, in their original brine, and not pressure cooked. I don't know that this is a good thing. I know I'm not eating those particular pickles in that jar. DH also opened a jar of the schnapps peaches. He shoved a piece towards my face to try...so, I did. I don't think I'm gonna go out on a drinking binge from that. He asked me if they tasted okay. I asked him the same back...Anyway, I did not taste alcohol (thankfully); the peaches were okay; I didn't rave as what I was tasting didn't seem rave-able. That is more than likely a very good sign coming from me, being that they are steeped in schnapps. The cooking of the jars probably disappated the alcohol...??

While DH was messing around with the pickles I went back outside and yanked more weeds around my roses and checked in the back on my coral bells and Boston Ferns. I am amazed that the ferns are actually doing better than the coral bells!! I thought for sure that the ferns, being indoor plants would have died by now. They seem to love where they are planted. The coral bells are doing okay, but not really thriving. I think I picked too shady a spot. As the autumn has eased in, I have discovered they are in a location where the trees are dumping their leaves on top of the plants. So I am periodically fluffing away the leaves so the coral bells will get air........

Speaking of air, today, I've been fussing at DH for closing the windows and cutting off 'my air'. He said 'All you ladies are complaining about not enough air today.' I told him it must be because we all are menapausal! It is about 70 degrees today, mostly cloudy and 67 dew point. I've been sweating bullets all day until now (as DH naps/sleeps, I have opened a couple windows again! ) The house temp is 75 degrees...ugh...

Those are my adventures for now.
I hope you all have a great weekend !
Hugs and love,
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Thursday Evening October 8th 10-08-2009 - 07:27 PM
Hi Ladies!

Thank you ladies for giving me permission to be lavish with the smilies. It's the little things that amuse me so! News, I do know what you mean about the time to find the ones you want. I wish there was a way to search them easily.

Marta, what you have explained with keeping the used veg matter in the fridge; for my household, that would just be a whole different matter for procrastination. I truly do appreciate the suggestion, but I'm going back to my less environmental ways. Speaking of which, regards the fridge at work...there are two other women and one man that will help clean it. Noni, yes you are correct. The plan is, open the fridge door and what is in there goes in the trash! Yesterday I sent out an email plus taped a note on the fridge to take the stuff they wanted out by close of business today!! Opps...anyway on the environmental part, one of the ladies, a young lady almost young enuf to be my DD (yikes!) is environmentally concious. Today when she told me she was helping and what could she bring, I told her that I had bought a bleach based kitchen cleaner and the fella was bringing Lysol. I explained to her that I thought about her last evening when I bought the product. She smiled and laughed and told me she has no problem with using those products, that her mission is just to make people think twice. She did say she keeps Lysol at her home, but uses it sparingly. She has set up a box to recycle soda cans and water bottles, as folks in our office are too lazy to take them to our break room where there are recycling containers.

The farewell next week will take place the same day of our office clean-up. It gets too complicated to shift a day one way or the other. But the plan for next week is pizza, with farewell cake and ice cream. So, the office gets a free pizza lunch (I may not have mentioned our chili cook off affair in September), dude leaving gets cake (collection of a dollar from everyone in the office) and one of my morale team members gets his long awaited ice cream social. Yeah, there's gonna be serious sugar-high happening next Thursday in my office! I'm sure someone will whine about something not being fair. I've gotten so I just nod my head and say 'sorry you're not happy' (could it be my longevity at the joint kicking in, finally?!)

Yesterday was WW weigh-in...I'm still hanging with those two pounds that come-and-go. I have to share this funny -- before going to WW, I stopped at CVS drugstore/pharmacy to kill time before the meeting. Anyway, the bathroom scale I had for years went haywire a couple weeks ago. DH has been concerned about his weight gain since he quit smoking, so I'm 'in charge' of helping him (right-o NOT). So, I picked up a digital scale at CVS, all happy that DH and I can now share weekly weigh-in moments again. DH opens the box, takes out the scale and puts it on the floor. He stands on it...he says 'I can't see any numbers.' I come into the room now, tell him to try again (I'm figuring he's messing with me)...he stands on it and sure enuf, no bright, big digital numbers. So check for the battery, yes. I say I'll take it back. Now he sits down and reads the booklet that came with it. He peels off the black film covering the LED display. I'm in the kitchen, I hear him put the scale back on the floor. Next thing I hear 'You bought the wrong scale! This is a FAT scale! I wanted a SKINNY scale!' I start fussing cuz I don't know what's going on, so I go back into the living room, he's standing on the scale and tells me to look at it...it's a FAT scale! That's when I get 'it' and say to DH 'Welcome to my world. Get over it.'

Well, my eyes are blurring now so it's time to go to bed and get all rested for the fridge event tomorrow.
Hugs, love and prayers to you all!
:loveh s:
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Tuesday Eve 6 October 2009 10-06-2009 - 05:57 PM
Good evening ladies

Marta, you crack me up! Worriers Anonymous (WA)
' Hi, my name is Robin and I'm a recovering Worrier...did I say that right? or is it correctly?? AAGGGH! ' Oh and Marta, tee hee, I have been thinking about you alot lately. Recalling your flea-festation; well, my house is infested with FRUIT FLIES!! Reminds me of the Bio building in college, the semester we studied genetics! Why you ask, is my house full of fruit flies?? Because in our "Earth Child" mode, DH and I had been separating our veg matter to toss outside into the garden and mulch it directly back into the ground. There is one, maybe two issues with that: 1) DH and I, are Procrastinators Royale and 2) someone has to take the stuff outside and dump it on the garden. -- sigh -- No, my 'daughters' the dog and cat are useless in that task.

CQueen, thanks for the thought on the Effexor. That is my concern as well. I am keeping aware of it, as the doc currently doesn't want me to change the dose nor taper on to something else. I'm waiting to hear the results of my blood work and the Vitamin D verdict...ie too low or okay.

And Noni, I'll be letting you know if I get another attack like that soon!! I sure hope not! I had blissfully forgotten how much it alarms me when I feel it coming on.

As I was driving home from work this eve, going into a commuters trance, I was thinking I really needed to do a Gratitude List. Well, now that I've had dinner, fussed at the fruit flies and drove DH nuts with chatter while he watched COPS then he goes nap (yes, he is napping now at 6:30 pm), I'm feeling quite chipper. I must be on a carb-high: had Chicken Helper Alfredo, peas and bread with butter. A grrrrrrreat Weight Watchers meal...NOT!

So, I feel I must report on the progress of my Morale Team at work. I really think my team is perceived as a joke, except when we organize food-related events. Then we are heros. Anyway, the latest event coming up is next week. As our office is about ready to be remodeled (modular walls taken down and put up elsewhere and desk cubicles down-sized and moved) we will be cleaning out bunches of junk (so the Deputy Dept head hopes). Also next week is the last week for one of the branch heads at our organization. So, my team will be combining a clean-up day pizza lunch and farewell to this guy. Kinda curious that combo; one of my team members pointed that out to me. If we can we will try to plan to have the farewell cake and presentation (don't know what, but boss said something...I think a picture of the building) on a different day than the clean up. Anyway, all day today (or most of it) I spent formulating this social event plan. I also (heaven only knows why) volunteered to clean out the office fridge this Friday, as no one volunteered yet ; the original email went out a week and a half ago....Don't know if any of the guys got shamed into volunteering after my name was sent out as the only volunteer. I departed work today, wondering why I was acting like a den mother or just a mother with 50 sons!! --YIKES! -- I obviously need to start another chapter in my life.

I hope you ladies have had a reasonably happy day today.
Much love and many hugs,

p.s. Thanks for putting up with all my smilies. I just scrolled down thru some entries...I do get carried away with them don't I?
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Monday eve, October 5th 10-05-2009 - 06:17 PM
Hi Ladies

An update on my weekend. Yesterday, DH sent me to our county fair to take photos of the canned goods, so he could see how to prepare the goods next year. I fussed at him to try to get him to go with me, but alas, it was for naught. I know if he had entered something, especially one of his pickles, he woulda gotten a ribbon. Of course, I could have entered my fig preserves, but nooo. Procrastination is a huge character flaw in both myself and DH. Anyway, I lasted at the fair for about an hour (it's not the same being by oneself...). I said hello to the cows and the sheep, checked out the marvelous skills of the 4H kids! Impressive!! Confirms for me there is hope for future generations.

After the fair, I stopped for lunch at Ledos then went to get groceries. I was almost through my list and all of a sudden I felt the anxiety kicking in....my heart rate went up, I wasn't breathing, got tunnel vision and couldn't think. So, needless to say, I stopped shopping and checked out. I was very puzzled; it has been several years since I've had that happen!! Anyway, by bed time I was settled down and slept well.

Today at work went well (I hope I'm not overstating this so that it backfires on me tomorrow). Yes, I had a good day at work. Probably because all the bosses were at sessions for how to review employees in this new evaluation system. It was nice to have a bit of a breather.

That's it from me for now. For the obsessers/worriers: I'm worrying about my bones crumbling to dust before my eyes. Yes, I know that is the silliest thing ever, but ....

Hugs, love and prayers to you all! As I've said before, I keep you all close to my heart and in my thoughts every day. You all help me get through each day!
Til next time,
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3 October 09 evening 10-03-2009 - 05:08 PM
Hi Ladies!

I'm checking in on you all. I see things are settling down for some of you (News, Moonmab), and still in disarray for others (CrystalRayne). Hugs to all of you and anyone else who reads this needing a hug.

My mind has been obsessing about this vitamin D thing. I just need to let it go til I get the results from the doc, but my brain goes roundy-round with it. I printed out an NIH information sheet (of course all scientific, not much plain english). At my age, I thought I had a fair knowledge of health and nutrition...WRONG! -sigh-

Today, DH (I assisted on minor things) canned more spuds. I have no idea where any more canning jars can go in this house!!

Skitter and Jenny are doing well. Jenny is keeping her beagle nose and eye attached to my every twitch and move.

uumm, I know there was more I wanted to say but it disappeared into lala land! poof!

My love, prayers and hugs to you all til next time,
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Evening of the last day of September 2009 09-30-2009 - 07:28 PM
Hi Ladies!
geeesh, reading all our journals, we are all having a time of it recently, aren't we??

Well, I went to doc and discussed the Effexor. He was very reluctant to increase it; I told him I didn't want him to. He explained his concerns about tapering off the Effexor and how difficult it is (which is another of my concerns too). Anyway, since what I described has only been going on for a short period (about a month or so, unless you ladies thinks I should check my journals again to see what's really going on? ), so he wants me to stay the course for now and see if I get past this. I also updated my total meds list with him. He asked me if I had osteoporsis; I told him the dexa showed the osteopenia in the hip and osteoporsis in the spine. He talked to me briefly about vitamin D. I told him I am taking OTC calcium with D and making sure to be in the sun, outside at least 30 minutes every day. Anyway, he is having a blood panel run, as the last one done was a year and a half ago (!! To my surprise). That will include testing the vitamin D levels. He told me that if I'm taking the Actonel and my D levels are low, there won't be any bone building going on. Soooo, oh, yeah, while I was there I got my annual flu shot. That's the story. Of course after left his office, my knee started hurting. So I gimped around WalMart and the grocery before going to my WW weigh-in. I dun good this week: lost 2 pounds. I hope and pray I can keep the downward trend. This zigzag up and down is really getting on my nerve (like I have any nerves left!)

DH wants to try canning meat. I can't imagine; kinda grosses me out thinking about that. Canned candy? uummm, interesting concept there...

I hope and pray we all have a better day tomorrow, as it is a clean slate, a new beginning.

Hugs, love and prayers out to you all!

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September 28th, evening 09-28-2009 - 05:17 PM
Hi ladies! Yeah, the food's at my house! c'mon over!! You'll also get beagle love (lickin's that won't be quittin') and cat sniffin's.
YIKES! All this food work kinda makes keeping to WW a bit difficult...On Saturday, after the potatoes, we canned more brined pickles...They taste fine; just not the Vlasic crunch. No, we haven't grown all that produce. The initial cannings, yes we grew, but the rest, DH purchased from various local farmers. NOW, DH is wanting to can MEAT. Somehow, SPAM comes to mind...blech! We will see. This is the first year ever we have canned. Prior times we've frozen the goods. This project has DH decided since we can work together without killing each other, I can now retire. Dunno if that's such a good idea!

On the Effexor, yeah, I know the withdrawals are bad..I've been bad once in a while, one day off the scrip and I'm more of a nut case. I don't think it's working for me any more which is exactly why and what I will discuss with the doc this Wednesday. I'm taking the high dose now. I probably need to get my hormone levels rechecked too, since it's been a year and a half since my surgery and on the estradiol. Does that make sense to do too? And, are any of you ladies maybe taking Actonel for osteoporsis? I'll toss that question out into one of the forums (fora?) here; I'm wondering if that's doing something weird. Oh wait, my body is just plain out to get me isn't it??!

I allowed myself a crying spell just before coming online here. Yesterday was one of my sister's birthday. I had bought a card last week, to mail in time... and just this evening found the dang stamps to mail the card!! That was my last straw for today, so I boo-hooed for about 10
minutes, took my meds and I'm okay, for now.
I wish these smilies had a search feature...so, anyway, I want to catch up on y'alls' news, so I'll end this for now. You almost got the gratitude list but lucked out tonite.

As always, my thoughts and prayers are always with you ladies every day!!
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Saturday Afternoon Sept 26th 2009 09-26-2009 - 01:02 PM
Hi ladies!!
All you ladies have had quite the month of September!! I will pray that October is a calm and health filled month for all of us!!

Good heavens, time flies when you're canning 24/7 every weekend!! Two weekends ago, I gave myself a break and went to Ocean City Maryland for a nice weekend with a couple of my girl friends. We had a wonderful time. I played skee ball for the first time in years. I think the last time I played that game was when I was a young young'un, at an arcade in Laconia, NH.

Update on the canned goods produced at my home since the weekend of July 4th: bread and butter pickles; pickled zuchini and yellow squash; pickled beets; schnapps peaches; peaches in apple juice; peaches in white grape juice; plain tomatoes; plain beets; pickled peppers; pickled okra; brined dill pickles (DH is not happy with this batch -- they aren't crunchy like he likes them); pickled green tomatoes and onions; plain green beans; fig preserves; and today, plain potatoes. When I stop and think about this, I wonder if DH has a secret plan of stocking up the pantry for some future unforseen food shortage...

I've been struggling off and on these past few weeks with bouts of depression...a few days and then it lifts, then down again a few days. I will make an appointment with my doc next week, as my scrip for my Effexor will be out soon. Anyway, things aren't bad, after I compare to some of y'all's stories I've read! goodness!
Gotta go...the canning chef calls....
Hugs, love and prayers out to you all!! :cybhug:
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Is It Already September 6th?? And S.A.D.D. 09-06-2009 - 07:16 PM
Hi Ladies..

Holy, schmoly, guacamoley! I had no idea I had been away from here this long!!

This morning I woke up and I was blue-er than a blue heron (or maybe a blue bird..let me find one here....okay, I know that blue bird smilie is here somewhere! ARGH)...I'm positive that the S.A.D.D. is amplifying any underlying depression I'm having right now. So before I moan and muse futher, ladies, get set...here it is again: THE GRATITUDE LIST
1. Today I am grateful to be alive, sober and reasonably sane.
2. I am grateful and blessed to be married to a man that puts up with me; and be owned by two wonderful critters that offer that unconditional love.
3. Today I am grateful I can recognize some of the sources of my daily angst and make choices on how to deal with it.
4. I am grateful I spent 3 hours outside, in sunshine, in my yard this afternoon, clearing some of the weeds from my rose patch and laying some weedblocking cloth over the ground. (Found that little birdie!)
5. I am grateful to have friends, both near, far and in cyber-ville; this is a true blessing.
Moaning, Musing and other News
Whew...that's a bit better. My other "angst"...well, let me see...at work (I'm grateful to be gainfully employed) it is performance evaluation time again and we have to write up a self-assessment of our work, which then goes to our immediate supervisors, who get to have their input. I just really don't have a "warm and fuzzy" with this fella I work for now. It really disturbs me that 1. I feel this way and 2. others that work for him and don't work for him feel that way. UGH... Marta, I think of you often: The state of Maryland just started mandatory furloughs, like once a month or something like that for the state workers. I'm waiting for us Feds to do that too. I remember it happening in the mid-1990s. I'm still praying that you will come through this well.

Additional agnst: I feel like my long-time girlfriends from work seem not to fit into my sense of values any more. I try not to ponder (but I am a pondering sort), but I do wonder, if its me thats changing, or they are changing or all of us are changing (the third one is likely, we range in age from 48-55..yeah..we all are changing..). I just don't like a few of them any more.

Weight Watchers went well last weigh-in. Get this: I actually tracked my food for seven days and a strange thing happened: I lost 2 lbs! Now just because I tracked doesn't mean I stayed anywhere close to that daily points of 20 that their quiz says I should stay within. I can eat that for breakfast alone without too much trouble!! But, I am happy about that. The tracking apparently helped me resist going on any binges...

My post-surgery healing (it's been 1 yr 7 mos) is going very well, although my lower ab still likes to be tender and annoying as does my incision scar. I know "..this too shall pass." I just want the evidence to stop getting on my nerves! ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr....

This weekend I've organized the kitchen pantry somewhat, so that we have storage for our canned stuff rather than have it strewn about the house...looks good so far, but like my rose patch, still needs working on. Heck no, I can't finish any project in one shot! Where's the fun and adventure in that???

Lastly, tomorrow, Sept 7th, is DH's bday. He is still smoke-free too! On his birthday, what will we be doing?? one guess.....give up???.........CANNING beets and green beans. I kind of feel like this must be some kind of subconscious "green" revolution we are nurturing, one jar at a time. Every weekend since July 4th, we have canned: pickled beets, pickled okra, pickled peppers, pickled cukes, dilled pickles (underway this weekend too), peaches (in juice and drunken schnapsky), fig preserves(my personal singular project), uumm, oh, tomatoes...I believe that covers our inventory for now. I expect we'll soon be canning spuds, turnips and who-knows-what in the coming months....

Thanks all for reading/listening and being out there for me and each other!
I keep you all in my daily thoughts and prayers, truly do.
Many hugs and much love to you all until next time,
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Monday August 24th - Eve 08-24-2009 - 06:30 PM
Good evening ladies!

This weekend was another one of canning produce. Saturday and Sunday was preparing summer squash (zukes and yellow squash) for pickling. OH, oh...On Saturday morning, I went to WalMart, to buy some sugar, vinegar and pantry organizing do-dads. Well being Saturday and the last weekend before school starts it was crowded. I was pushing my cart along, being in my weird little world I get into at any store. I went to turn down an aisle, where an elder lady was standing -- in the middle. So I made a wide turn of the cart to avoid hitting her, bumped an empti-ish wire shelf hanging on the end. That shelf had metal lunch boxes way on top but otherwise was empty. So, my cart bumped the shelf, I said -- S*** ; oh, I'm sorry --as a couple lunch boxes fall and just miss two younger ladies (who were chuckling and acknowledged my full remarks) walking behind me and the old lady just has her sour-faced look at me as I wheeled my cart by her. I kept my avoidance radar out for her the remainder of my trip.

okay...I have now forgotten what else I was going to ramble on about. Lucky for you all, I'm not whining about my goofball boss today. YAY! As I read all of your entries on work, I ought not whine and moan about my work place. I'd probably not survive a full week working where you ladies work.

I just remembered: DH canned peaches in peach schnapps today. He is soo good...I alluded to the fact that perhaps WE might sample some this eve on ice cream. He told me that the remaining uncanned peaches were not in the schnapps, so I could have mine w/o and he'd add schnapps to his. Needless to say, I was both impressed, relieved and my alcoholism was sad. But I'm good. DH is sleeping now, so I haven't even eaten any ice cream, thank goodness! I believe my food addiction has kicked in...I feel like I can't stop shoveling food in my mouth and I'm not even hungry! ARGGH....

Okay, I'm done for this evening. Thoughts of all you ladies during the day help me throughout each day. I hope you all know that; you are all very special to me.
Here come the smilies...:ele phant:

Hugs and luv,
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Thurs August...umm....20th.. 08-20-2009 - 08:30 PM
Hi ladies!
ooohh...I'm not starting here very well..let's see if I can get thru THIS entry and not lose it. I heard on the news this eve that it was 100 degrees today in DC. Two days ago it was 100 degrees in the blazing parking lot were I park.

I'm so paranoid lately about my memory, I've been doing crossword puzzles like a fiend!! Some of the simplest clues and answers befuddle me one day and then the next are as clear as a bell! go figure!!

Marta, I like the added muscle weight...of course that is what it is...since I go to abs class on average once a week. I got brave this morning and tomorrow I will have our fitness trainer at work do a fitness test to see how improved I might be since January this year. This'll be interesting to say the least!!

Oh! This morning in the cafeteria at work, one of my long time acquaintances and co-worker in the same Dept asked me how it was to work for my current supervisor. I told him that if I had a choice, I would not work for him. He said others say they can't stand him. I told this guy that personally, the supervisor is not treating me poorly, but I am observing his actions based on what others have told me. I said that he treats us all like children and doesn't respect us as adults. So, this acquaintance says, -- heads up. He is a two faced back stabber. He'll be nice to your face and twist that knife in your back at the same time. -- I said that from day one, I have not fully trusted this person as a supervisor. Sooooooooo, it's kinda disheartening to have what I've been thinking verified as reality. But I guess it's also good to know that I have some sense of awareness.... (sigh)

All this sweaty heat has been wrecking havoc with my incision area this summer! It gets all irritated and itchy! Sometimes at work I have to catch myself scratching my lower extremeties..but then I work mainly with men so they probably wouldn't notice. I power and/or lotion. When I get home from work and on weekends, I wear stuff as loose as possible....let that air flow around!

Okay, I gotta go to bed now. One more day and then the weekend.

hugs and love to you all (here come the smilies, I hope..)

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Monday eve August 17th 08-17-2009 - 07:33 PM
Aw Geez!! I lost another beautiful journal entry!
So much for that Gratitude list I posted for y'ase!!

Hi ladies,
I can't replicate what I just lost, but I wanted to check in and say hi, inspite of these computer gremlins.
Now I am going to go into my living room and try not to let out a primal scream while DH is sleeping in bed.

Have a great day tomorrow ladies!

Lotsa hugs and love to you all!

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Whew! It's Only been about a week this time! 8/15 08-15-2009 - 05:08 PM
Hi Ladies!

Thank you all for the various kudos you sent along to me in my previous entry! I am enjoying the canning; it is also helping me practice --how important is it-- when DH plucks that raw nerve I didn't realize I had going on.

On retiring, yeah, I am fairly young for that -- 55 years young. I tell many people my mental and emotional development stopped at age 16. I work for Uncle Sam's Civil Service (read: Federal employee). My dad warned me and my sisters. I obviously was the one who did not heed his warning, c'est la vie! I've worked for Uncle almost 32 years now; I'm reasonably certain I'm ready for a change of pace, if for no other reason than to wake up AFTER the sun has risen!!

Oh but I did get my first senior citizen discount yesterday. I took my car to the dealer to get the broken a/c fixed (on warrenty, of course, otherwise, I'd keep the 65x4 air flow). Sooo, I spent the day at the shopping mall while waiting...I regret to say, I did not do the female species justice -- I only spent money on food (naturally) and a movie (grand total: $20.00). Well, it was for the movie that I inadvertantly got my Senior discount. I was rendered speechless; I was pleased, then wondered if I should have been insulted, then felt guilty that I stole 50 cents. The Senior rate was for ages 60+. The young lady didn't ask, she just rang that discount ticket up for me.

Speaking of young ladies, did I mention previously that the young scam lady in my office is no longer employed at my organization?? It was one of those happenings that to this day alarms me; I believe she must've been put on some kind of administrative suspension for about 3 weeks, then an email from our Deputy Dept head came to us all stating she would no longer be working for us. It gives me the willies every time that happens to someone; perhaps it's from knowing what my own past record was and what could have been for me -- but for the grace of God, there go I -- .

The movie I saw yesterday was the latest Harry Potter movie. It certainly fit my mood yesterday -- the dark depression. I enjoyed the movie very much altho I don't remember the book reading the way the movie was, but it's been a while since I read the book. Shopping malls are actually places that unless I have a purchase goal in mind, my free-floating anxiety can get the better of me. In that regard I did reasonably well. Oh yes, after the movie, as I was going to take my last tour around the mall, I came across a dear friend of mine that I had been thinking about earlier in the week. I knew her and lived with her family in my (and her) early soberiety years. She told me she had been living in Ireland for 12 years and just got back to the states last month. I was shocked that it had been at least that long since I had last seen her. Anyway, she looked good, happy and healthy, so much more calm than the tulmutous times we spent together 18-19 years ago. There just are no coincidences; this is just another event proving that to me.

Well, that generally catches y'ase up with my doings...so far, no canning this weekend (but it is only Saturday evening)......

Hugs, love and blessings to all you ladies!
til next time,
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OMG! It's AUGUST 7th!! 08-07-2009 - 04:50 PM
DH must be wearing me out with that veggie patch and all that canning we are doing!! I can't believe I've gone 3 weeks w/o journaling here!! Yikes!!

As I sit here typing, I am surrounded by: 1 quart and 1 pint of Ice Pickles; 6 pints of peaches in white grape juice; 4 pints of peaches in peach schnapps (yeah..heehhe no, I haven't had any); and 4 pints of peaches in apple juice. Not to mention the beet weekend.

I celebrated my 19 years alcohol-free on July 19th (thus, no sampling of the schnapps laden peaches, altho it's been tough...I do hear them calling me)..

The Scam Hussie at work no longer works at my place of employment. I am sad for her, but I know that she did it all to herself. I have no doubt she knew the rules and regs and chose to defy them.

I'm still going to WW. Still working on that same 1 pound! And I'm still walking almost every day (outside, even in the surly sultry heat) and dragging my butt to abs class.

I'm really seriously getting my head into retiring next June. No, REALLY. I am burnt out on my primary project that moves at a slow snail's pace. Let me just say, a tortise moves faster than my project. And my young male boss irritates me. I'm trying to be objective. He did sit and chat with me a day after we had a branch meeting. He asked me how his presentation was and if it covered the areas of concern. I told him to slow down his speaking and don't worry so much about getting all you want to say precisely in 30 minutes...anyway...the guy is trying...I won't tell him to his face yet that I think he can be jerk and treats us all like children that know nothing.

Well, I'm going to sign-off now and take the easy way out for fixing dinner...order Domino's delivery.

I wish you all well and many hugs and blessings for the weekend. I vow to try and check-in here at least once a week instead of once a month. It's not like I'm busy!

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2nd journal attempt today 7/18/09 07-18-2009 - 03:59 PM
Hi Ladies!

Well, earlier today I had typed up a nice, newsy, catch-up entry so you all would know what's been going on with me. Alas, either this website or my dang computer spit it out and threw it away! boo-hoo! Sooooo, I'm keeping this short, plus I don't remember all the fabulous things I spoke about 5 hours ago.

Regardless, I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. It's probably been more like working with the products of the earth (and managing not to choke DH to death! hahahaha)

Hugs and love and probably more to come soon!
Love to you all,
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Tuesday eve 30 June 06-30-2009 - 06:31 PM
Hi Ladies!
Thanks Noni, Moonmab, News and Diverchick for all your suggestions and support in my previous "dork" report!

DXA scan diagnosis: osteopenia in hips and beginning osteoporosis in spine. I will be starting on Actonel once a month, when I decide to pick up the scrip doc called in to the pharmacy last evening.

Little she-devil admin gal...the con-person 28y/o, tried to hit me up for 20 bucks yesterday afternoon. The story: I need gas money because I don't think I have enough gas to get me home. ....I believe she lives no further than 10 miles from work. I said no, of course. She said thats okay, I just don't know what I'm going to do. I told her to pray that she gets home without running out of gas. Truly, I'm not positive I actually said that to her, but I know I at least thought it. And I heard that she scammed another one of the guys in our office for a sum of money a week or two ago. The bosses know. I just wish they would do something about it!!!

So, that positive attitude I had about work and my ditzy young male boss, well, it's back in the toilet. Thankfully I'm off work all next week. I need serious dirt therapy!!

I do believe at least my Veteran's Honor rose does that that musty fungus, but the blooms are absolutely beautiful. The other roses, I think I'll just trash them and start over next spring. I haven't quite decided. I'm a persistent cuss and generally don't toss a plant until it is good and dead and been dead at least a week before I'll chuck it. Isn't that awful???

I made some yummy ratatoulle the other night, with some garden zukes and yellow squash. I sauted sliced sweet onion, one garlic clove, one green pepper (all those store bought) in olive oil. Once they softened I sliced up 2 med zukes and 4 small yellow squash and sauted them til crunchy-tender. Then I added one can stewed tomatoes and one can diced tomatoes and simmered for about 10 minutes. Just thought I'd share how I cooked it. Sometimes I just toss the stuff in a sauce pan, heat it and eat it, but this extra saute time makes it much more yummy-ier.

DH is still not smoking!! Yippity-do-dah! I am so proud of him and just happy to not have cig smoke filling the house any more!! I believe during my time off next week DH and the *we* mouse in his pocket will be doing some pickling/canning. I asked him about sharing our bounty. He said he wasn't ready to share with anyone yet. But, he has started sharing with his friends. I'll be patient and wait til he tells me to start hauling the goods to work to share with my friends (and maybe the she-devil scam-artist...)....

That's my little world at this point in time. I'm going to browse the site here now and see what threads exist on osteo-anything.
Hugs and love to you all!
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6/22/09 Eve I'm a Dork! 06-22-2009 - 07:31 PM
heheheehhe... I am a dork! I over spent, just a tad and hafta reload my checking account, all cuza I spent big bucks for comfy sandals that don't hurt my knees nor my feet. I KNEW I should have just been patient and waited til this weekend (pay week). Oh well, I'll just redeposit the paper money I have at hand (cash I w/drew for the work week) and just spend the tons of coin I have laying around the house. Boy, I haven't had a brain-fart like this since, oh, well probably since this time last year (six months after my hyster). ugh...

Moving on, good evening ladies! I hope you all had a decent weekend...? ...no hospitals, no arguments or anything of that sort, I hope. I tried to catch up on your journals but I had to stop cuza y'all were EXHAUSTING me with everything all of you were doing and dealing with!

As for me, I'm plutzing along, made it thru last work week fine. So far, I have managed to turn my attitude around (or perhaps just ignore) my young male supervisor. This weekend I worked briefly in the veg garden weeding, until the skies opened up with Saturday deluge. Sunday afternoon I trimmed up my poor roses. I think they are afflicted with a rose fungus and probably some kind of bug that is stripping the leaves off. Veterans Honor and Peace roses are doing the best. Rockin' Robin is just vanishing into thin air. I'm glad I got a pic of Rockin' Robin cuz the flowers aren't half that size in the picture I took.

DH is still smoke-free! Yesterday he received a card from Jenny and a card from Skitter for Father's Day. I fixed bbq ribs for dinner. yum

WW is going okay. Last week, I stayed the same as the week before. I was THRILLED! Now, I hope I have a small loss this Weds...oh I do!!

That's it..oh wait...on my hyster recovery process, my ab-belly is really itchy and the incision area gets irritated easily. I keep slathering lotion and/or powder to soothe that. Sometimes I feel like a baseball player, scratching the crotch and everything nearby! lol Also, my hair texture has changed (at least it feels like it to me; others say no). Any suggestions on vitamin supplements or hair stuff that might help? I'm considering getting my short-short summer cut anyway, but even then, it just is very...how to describe...fly-away/dry/frizzes easily/no body...Right now I could go for a "high-and-tight" and be done with it! And last, I had my mammo and dexascan. Mammo came back just fine. I need to remember to call the doc and find out results of dexa.. yet another thing to try and remember. AGH!

Have a blessed week, ladies!
Love and hugs to you all,
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A Quick Note Monday eve 06-15-2009 - 08:18 PM
Hi Ladies

My co-worker was back to work today. I spoke with her for a bit today. She was telling me her mom has the same condition of vertigo, but far more severe. Anyway, she has a doctor appointment for next Monday. Seems odd to me that she couldn't have been worked into the sched this week, but then, that's just me. I was given yummy homemade cookies in thanks and a nice hug. Just before logging in here, I looked up vertigo. She had a couple symptoms that were indicated for a trip to the hospital. Okay, I'll stop obsessing...or at least try. I was so glad to see her back at work. And her daughter is home to stay, came back from the west coast to roost back in the nest. So, she won't be alone while her DH is out of town for a couple of weeks.

My weekend was nice and I had some good time working in the dirt (I now call it "Dirt Therapy&quot hahahahha...last evening around 5 pm, I went out back to water my ferns and coral bells. My Gawd! I thought the skeeters were going to take me to lift off!!! I must have at least 10 mega bites on both of my legs!! YIKES!

Well, it's getting late (for me)...9:20 pm...gotta get that beauty sleep!!

Hugs and love to you all!
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Saturday p.m. 06-13-2009 - 08:13 PM
Hi Ladies

Again, thank you all for the comforting words.
I called my co-worker and left a voice message. She must've done a reply to message, as I had not heard my cellphone ring (I had it in my shirt pocket); she left me a voice message saying she felt 98 % better and thanked me again for taking care of her. She sounded tired, which I expected. I will call her again tomorrow eve, to see if she needs a ride to work, as her car was left behind yesterday.

Oh DH eats the sardines and crackers, sometimes shares with me.

After my tuna snack and Gatorade, I went and sprayed my roses again with both fungus and insect spray. I also sprayed same on the Topsy Turvy tomatoes plants we have going. I'll post a couple pics of those in my gallery. Then I went to the back and planted my coral bells and ferns. Lots of worms had gone thru the pot drain holes into the potting soil. I was glad to know this Maryland clay-sand can support those earthworms, altho they looked quite puny. I'm glad the sun wasn't out full-bore today, cuz it was humid! By the time I was finished (about a hour and 15 minutes later) I was sweat-soaked. I got a good, back-to-the-earth sauna-soul-cleansing. Jenny was not happy that she couldn't help out in the morning or the afternoon. Oh the beagle howl...so sad and pitful! LOL

So, I'm back on an even keel. This morning, as I was plucking the weeds, I recalled back just before DH and I married that he and I had a terrible foul fuss about something only God know now. I was so angry, I went outside on a drizzly day and weeding the veggie patch we had back then. I cried while weeding...I was a mess. I can laugh about it now, but it taught me that working in the soil, regardless of the weather really does soothe and calm my mind and soul.

I hope you ladies have had a good day today and a better day tomorrow!
Hugs and love,
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Saturday a.m. -- Update 06-13-2009 - 09:32 AM
Hi All

Thanks News and Noni for your comforting words.

I just want to let you know that this morning, when DH woke and was getting his coffee, he apologized to me for scolding me so harshly. I of course, graciously accepted his apology; I also did aknowledge that what he said was not unreasonable. I also told him, if she had been taken to the hospital, I would have followed her there to stay until one of her family arrived. So, I hope to God this little incident is behind us. I'll be phoning her a bit later today, see how she's feeling.

This a.m., for about an hour and a half, I weeded and thinned out our beet rows. The humidity (it's only now 10:30 am) was a bit much for me, so I came in (yep, don't want to end up in the hospital either!! ACK!)

News, that would be fun to see Otto and Jenny play with each other, while the households sleep in! But I think it may have to be outside cuz I think it'd get rowdy with those two!! LOL...

Now that I've cooled off and updated you ladies, I'm gonna get myself a snack...crackers and tuna salad sounds real good. Then I will check on my plants closer to the house here.

Til next time, hugs, love, peace and a big thanks for being here ladies!!
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Friday eve... 06-12-2009 - 07:36 PM
I'm soo depressed right now. DH scolded me this evening for taking a lady co-worker home because she was ill and couldn't drive. The scolding got me second-guessing myself and any common sense I might have. DH told me I shouldn't have taken her home, should have let the EMTs take her to the hospital (altho she refused the hospital and signed the refusal form). She had a vertigo attack just before abs class. Needless to say, no class took place. I did get her home safely. I will be giving her a call tomorrow to see how she is doing. ugh...I'll try to stop beating on myself now.....I thought I did the right thing...double ugh.

On my 1.2 lb loss, I guess having oatmeal or grits for breakfast; lunch eating either 1/2 sandwich and small salad or larger salad with meat plus yogurt, a fruit and water helped. Dinners I'm fairly undisciplined as DH is involved in the dinner choices, etc. I've also been backing off anything with artificial sweetner...WW Leader and recent reading indicates that can get that fat-making cortisol activated. AND lastly, my walks to/from the parking to building every day, daily 30 min walk 3 to 4 days a week and sporadic attendance at abs class.

Between rain storms, I sprayed the roses. Rockin Robin has a red and white bloom. I posted a pic of one flower in my gallery.

Yesterday I got my teeth cleaned and xrayed, breasts squeezed and imaged and my spine and hip imaged. The rain came, it left, sun came out, the down-pour came, let up, sun out, down-pour...etc...after my appts, I briefly visited a dear friend of mine who lives in a senior living apartment complex. She was looking well and fiesty as ever, but she is battling depression and fighting hard not to isolate herself socially.

Well, the sun has finally set, I'll be going to bed shortly. Jenny-beagle woke me at 4:15 am this morning and I've been going since then. I feel beat and beaten...
Hugs, love and peace to you all!
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Weds Eve 11 June 09 06-10-2009 - 07:48 PM
Good evening ladies

Tonite I had a 1.2 lb loss at WW. Yeah me!

I came home, looked out my kitchen window and saw a crow perched on one of those potted plants not yet in the ground. Dude was drilling his bill into that pot. I'm guessing he was digging out an earthworm or bugs. Speaking of bugs, something is working at chewing up my Rockin' Robin rose bush!! If I got off my tired, lazy butt, I'd spray it. I just get so tired at the end of the day, plus it's been raining buckets the past few days....

Okay, my eyes are dry and the lids are slamming as I type.
Have a good evening,
Hugs and love,
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Sunday Eve 7 June 09 06-07-2009 - 03:56 PM
Hi Ladies!

Last Monday evening, DH took me out to dinner for our anniversary. It was very nice. We haven't gone out to dinner much since last summer.

The work week was okay. I was fairly depressed and onry most of the week, until Friday. I met with a contractor who is involved in one of my projects and I was so happy to have several hours with a person who actually knew what they were talking about!! I got some hope -- hope for my project to get on track and more importantly, hope that not all people are dumb and lazy!!!! (oops...got ranty there.)
A good part of my week was spent dealing with other people, unrelated to this project, who were either too lazy to do their jobs or not communicating well.

Tuesday my left knee really got sore -- I'm guessing my 15 minutes on the eliptical machine in the gym Monday afternoon triggered something...It got really sore and painful by Wednesday nite. No, I didn't go to the doc...yet....It seems better, but as of today, after working in the garden, then resting and standing up again, I can tell something is wrong is going on. I will make a doc appointment tomorrow.

This Thursday coming, I have a dentist appoint, then a mammogram and dexa-scan. I am more worried about the dexa-scan. I have no evidence (except the scan results-to-be) but I fear I may be in osteopenia stages...it's just been lurking in the back of my awareness for a few months.....

All those plants I bought at auction last weekend are still not in the ground (the ones that should be). Yesterday I did a small amount of "exploratory" digging where I want to plant them and found a massive tree root network remaining from the trees that were knocked (with backhoe) down several years ago. So today I moved them to a location closer towards the house (relatively). I noticed that one of the "shrimp" plants is getting a flower! This plant is too cool. I'm going to take a pic of it and post it here to show you all.

Last Wednesday before WW, I stopped in at a local little shoe store. The prices are high, but this looks like the place where I will get appropriate shoe sizing and fit. I can't wait til next pay day. I swear my feet were so happy and relaxed when they walked into the store and saw a foot measuring tool. I'm sure there's a proper name for it, but have no idea what it is.

And lastly, WW, well...ugh!! I am sooo stuck within this current 2 lb range...!! After the meeting I gave myself a good talking to and decided that my short term loss goal would be 2%. Since January, I've been going for the 5%, but I haven't gotten close to touching that. So, we shall see how this goes. If this weekend's eating is any barometer, it's gonna be a sloooooow process for me. *sigh*

There you have it. Oh did I say, I am still using my wheels, in spite of those MEN who think I'm carrying luggage and going on a trip. I just might surprise 'em all and do that one day!!

Hugs and love to all!
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Sunday eve, 31 May 2009 05-31-2009 - 07:21 PM
Hi Ladies!

Tomorrow will be my 27th wedding anniversary! What a miracle that is!

After whining here Thursday eve, Friday at work, I took a laid back approach and started clearing out old, outdated files. I didn't pressure myself to do anything more productive; I probably couldn't anyway as my brain was fried...

Saturday morning I met my former carpooler for breakfast at Bob Evans and then we went to a plant nursery auction for several hours. Oh yes, I bought a few plants. DH is just thrilled...NOT (or maybe he is okay with it...I really can't tell).

News, you have spoken of the alcoholism in your family. I daresay, as you noted, communications with those who are under the influence is really a non-starter. I only mention this because my DH was in that condition yesterday afternoon when I was unloading my beautiful plants. So, I don't know how he feels...and...as I type here, why do I care how he feels. I like all my plant pets and they make me happy when I look out the window at them.

I bought two types of coral bells, 2 boston fern (THOSE were an impulse buy) LOL; 2 small planters with impatiens, one large planter of geraniums, one large hanging fushia; 2 shrimp plants and two polka dot plants. I only know what I want to do with the coral bells, impatiens and geraniums. The rest of them, well, I'll figure something out.

I had a decent day today, unfortunately it included going grocery shopping, which I hate to do. I saw my former carpooler and her husband at the grocery store! That was too funny! We hadn't seen each other in months and now this weekend, each day.

Here is a mini-gratitude list, before I sign-off to go to bed:

I am grateful to be alive and sober today.

I am grateful to have my family.

I am grateful to be gainfully employed.

I am grateful for the beautiful day God gave us today.

I am grateful for the beauty of the sky, the forest, the plants and the rain.

I am grateful for all the people God puts in my path to help keep me in the center of the path.

Ladies, I wish you all a blessed week and success in all that you do!
Hugs and love, Robin
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Eve of Thurs 28 May - A Whine and Cheese Party 05-28-2009 - 06:30 PM
Hi Ladies!

I'm back...the Wicked Whiney Witch of ... uuumm... Womanhood (?).... I have been a miserable piece of humanity the last 48 hours!! ggggggggrrrr...I sure don't like being in that place!!

Diverchick, thanks for the advice on the sneakers...that may explain my knees acting up again. My sneaks sure don't feel like they have the same give/cushion as they did in January, when I bought them.

I might ditch my work-wheel-backpack....I'm getting a bit...what's the word?? weary of it...Plus, I suppose I'm letting the smart a** remarks of a couple men (one being DH) get to me also. gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrr....

My elbows, knees and lower ab (swelly belly) have been aching all day today. Being a human barometer is for the birds!!!

Okay, most of you had to see this next thing coming....

The Gratitude List

I am grateful to be alive and have my good health today.

I am grateful for my little family... Skitter, Jenny, DH

I am grateful to be gainfully employed.

I am grateful to have a roof over my head.

I am grateful to live in a country where we can express our opinions freely and without fear.

I am grateful to have a loving Higher Power that I call God, to help direct me along His path here on Earth.

I am grateful for all my cyber-buddettes here...my Hystersisters!!! :cybhug:

Before I sign off, I just want to let you know, I'll be posting picks of my Roses: Veteran's Honor and Rockin' Robin. And a pick of
my new mini-wannabe-Hover-Round for the garden.

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Saturday eve May 23rd 05-23-2009 - 07:15 PM
Good evening all!

Marta, I like that idea about writing a stage drama...maybe call it..."Office" That can also be my second series of Erma Baumbeck-like volumes I write when I'm in retirement. The first volume is called..."Life in Outer Suburbia".

Noni, I hope I'm not jinxing this, but I believe DH and I are back onto our even keel. I think that earthquake in Roanoke Virginia last week must've been the big electromagnetic-molecule-messing earth event for us ...

Yesterday at work, I was physically and emotionally spent, so I just blobbed around with those little tasks that get forgotten during the "urgency" of the week. My mind was so numb, Noni, I was going around, just smiling and saying TGIF.

Last evening I drove quite a distance (about 30 miles one way) to meet up with girl friends of mine to go to a community play. The performance was "The Best Little ***** House In Texas". I enjoyed it. It made for a long day, though. The show started at 8 pm , ended at 10:30; I headed home immediately after and didn't get home til almost midnite! I am soooo out of practice living the nite life! hehehehe...

This morning, DH & I went out to breakfast; he didn't have breakfast, to my surprise, but I sure did. I was starving cuz Friday eve before the play, I didn't have much of a dinner. I made up for it by having steak and eggs with wheat toast and grits. Ummm..no, I didn't finish the steak (I shared with Jenny for her breakfast)...Then DH & I worked in the upper veggie garden...my first time this year helping him. I behaved altho there was potential for me to flare up in a snit, but I talked myself down quickly. DH had several flats of different melons to plant. He was "showing" me how much fertilizer to put into the holes, plopped the plant sets into the holes, then demonstrated to me how to set the dirt into the hole with the plant. Up to that point, I was just standing watching, letting him talk. After the one plant demo regards the final planting, I started filling in the holes of the other plants. For some reason, he felt compelled to say "Remember, you aren't building a rocket, you are just planting." OOoooooooooohhh...I said nothing. I am so proud of myself!! That could have lit the rest of the day, but I got over it. I also went directly to one of my recovery meetings when we were done planting. I was about 25 minutes late, but then, what's late when seeking recovery? For me when I initially sought out recovery, I was late for that! It was a good meeting...the topic was on responsibility. After the meeting I chatted with a number of the ladies, then went home. I was scolded by Jenny for leaving her at home for so long. I fed and watered my roses. Veteran's Honor should be in full beauty Monday. I'll take a photo of her and post her in my gallery here. Then I went to our backyard mini-garden. Yesterday afternoon I saw a young deer enjoying more asparagus tips, so I checked today for damages. I did some weeding...AND WE HAVE STRAWBERRIES!! They are Yummilicious!! There were about 12 berries just ripe that I plucked, of course to beat those deer to it! There is also a passle of wild strawberries among them. I've not seen so many wild strawberries in quite a few years.

That's my weekend so far...it's nice to feel content, unstressed and at peace, for as long as it may last. I'll take while it's here and bask in it!

I send you all hugs, peace and love!
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Thursday eve May 21st -- A Brief Recap of Office Drama 05-21-2009 - 06:08 PM
Good evening all!

At work, around 7:30 a.m., our Deputy boss is yelling at someone, who is apparently following her to her office; they go in and she slams the office door. I stayed put at my desk, 2 cubicles away.

Later in morning around 9:30 a.m., the admins apparently had at each other. The young'un (R) I understand said nasty threatening words to the other (J). J has 22 years experience in this organization; R has 1 1/2 years, still on initial hire probation. I can't believe R is still working there. And thank goodness I didn't walk right into it like one of my co-workers did!!

Twit-boss was outta my sight today, so I didn't get too stirred up about him. I pretty much just kept a low profile, took a half capsule of generic benadryl cuza my eyes and nose started going all watery and sneezy. So, I was well subdued with that little dose to be generally useless to anyone including myself.

DH is now snoozin' after a good dinner he enjoyed. I guess I didn't have much of an appetite (could it be I'm exhausted from a week of work drama?)....as I prepared the pork chops, cornbread stove top stuffing and mixed veggies with diced canned tomatoes, I actually thought it was a fairly icky dinner. BUT that DH was WOWed and enjoyed, I won't argue that!!

Jenny and Skitter, bless their critter furs, are doing just fine. Skitter is loving the warm, sunny weather...lounging like a lion in the African desert.

DH has been planting his veggie garden. Last eve, he ordered a 25 lb bucket of deer and varmint repellent (thus the computer operating fuss we had)... Two of my tea rose plants each have a nice bloom, ready to burst open. One rose, called Veteran's Honor, I'm hoping will be open by Memorial Day. I think that would be really special if that were to happen.

I have so much more babble, but I think I need to lay on my love seat, to raise up my legs to rest them and my slightly swelly bellee. Oh I did want to ask some advice. My New Balance sneakers that I've been wearing every day for the past 6 months, would it be time to replace them, what with all that walking I do everyday? They are starting to feel a little less firm than they had been.... I guess I'll know the answer when my knees start hurting again.

My love, hugs and prayers to you all!
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Weds Eve 20 May 05-20-2009 - 07:55 PM
Good evening ladies!

Thank you all for the words of encouragement during my mini-rant yesterday. heheheehe...this evening, DH needed my help on this dang computer (like I can do anything to make it faster or obey orders) LOL Yep, a bit of a snit-fest again, but we are okay. I think I am getting better at dealing with our snits. After it all, I apologized for acting like a bossy teacher.

I went to WW this eve -- those two sticks of butter found their way back on me. I really attribute it to the fact that I attended abs class about 2 hours before weigh-in, so I wasn't that surprised; actually was pleased it was only the two sticks of butter and not 4 sticks of butter!!

Twit-boss was twitty today. I think I'm learning to ignore that (oops, him) too...at least did so today. Marta, I like that idea of yours....the no-workers anonymous???is that what it was? The two admin assistants in the office, I believe had at each other during the day. I did not witness but I wasn't at work 30 minutes and one of them called me to find out who had sent an email to the whole office, reminding about time cards early for the holiday...oooh, it was the young'un (yeah, the kid that hasn't paid me back all that money yet)....Maybe tomorrow I'll get the scoop. Ah, the intrigue, the mystery, the insanity!!

I wish you all a nice holiday weekend!

Robin and Company
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May 19th, evening...oops...I think there's a rant. 05-19-2009 - 07:21 PM
Hi Ladies

I mostly just wanted to pop-in and say hello to everyone here.

I'm progressing with being a little less resentful of DH. On the other hand, I am very proud of him. He has been 2 months now without smoking and not using the patch for about 3 weeks!

I guess the resentment is just the fact that when I get home, there is no "hello, glad you're home". It's mostly "I'm glad your home, I'm starving! Fix dinner now!" Anyway, I'm working on it. He's even been on my case about my wheeled back pack!! What the heck is THAT all about? What does he care??? He's not the one walking a jillian yards from his car to his place of work!!

This past weekend, I finally got myself to a massage appointment. Oooohlala! Mahvalous! And close to home, so I didn't have to stress back up driving home.

I'm attempting to get back into attending the abs class at work. It's doing something....like making my ab muscles wake up! And I am walking daily with my walking buddy L. at work.

I'm tolerating my twit boss, for now. The morale in the entire organization ( not just my department) is at an all time low. It makes me both sad and mad that so many people feel this way. :confuse:

I do my best to be pleasant and cordial. My walking buddy L. helps keep me focused on the awareness that God has a purpose for each of us every day. I am so blessed to have this lady in my life right now. She is my guardian angel

Well, time to get my sleep...
All you ladies are in my thoughts and prayers every day!
I love you all so very much!!

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Wednesday May 13th 05-13-2009 - 06:59 PM
Good evening ladies.

Still resentful with DH. ugh. This too shall pass, like a kidney stone, but it shall pass.

Yeah me! At WW tonite, I lost 2 sticks of butter!

I wish there was an easier way to search the smilies; I get dizzy scrolling for the ones I know I want.

I wish all you ladies blessings, love and send loads of hugs!
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Tuesday Eve 12 May 2009 05-12-2009 - 05:55 PM
Good evening ladies!

I have a request: Please take a minute each day for two weeks and for me. Please ask God to remove my resentment towards my DH. I don't know or understand the why of it, but, YEEGAWDS, he is sooooooo on my last nerve the past two weeks! Best I can come up with is that all of a sudden, all the little things, little details of life have taken their evil-turn-against us both. {I'll probably have a full-blown rant on here in a few days at the rate I'm going}

Hey Diverchick, I'm glad my list helped to cheer you up!
Did you get to WW? I go tomorrow, Weds eve. I sure hope I lost at least a stick of butter's worth!!

Moonmab, News, Noni, Alfie, Margali, all of you ladies who I have met here, know that all of you are in my heart during the day everyday, to help keep me smiling and somewhere close to the middle of the path!

Love and hugs to you all!

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Monday Eve May 11, 2009 05-11-2009 - 05:28 PM
Hi Ladies!

My Gratitude List:

I am grateful to be alive and sober today, for without these two conditions, I have nothing.

I am grateful to be gainfully employed, in spite of the knuckleheads in my office.

I am grateful to have a roof over my head and my blessed little family of Skitter Jenny and DH

I am grateful to have friends at work, in my community and here in CyberSpace!

I am grateful that God is in my life and heart and protecting me from myself.

For all these things and I'm sure many more, I am grateful today.

Whew! Thanks Ladies! I've been needing to get here to do this for a few hours.
I hope all is well with you all! Have a good, healing week!
Much love and loads of hugs,

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MAY 1st -- Evening 05-01-2009 - 06:22 PM
Hi there ladies!

I thank all of you ladies who commented and gave me encouragement on my rant. I really appreciate it. I've thought of going private on journal rants, but really, where's the fun in that?! I find the rants in public help me get objective perspectives from others, which puts me back in the middle of the path.

Noni, regards my DH drinking around me, etc; in my earlier days of recovery, I just wanted to spit fire at him for drinking around me. I finally learned that his drinking is his problem and I had my own to focus on. No, it hasn't been an easy path, but it's been far better than the previous road both of us were going down!

DH decided to weigh himself today... He was shocked! I did my best not to laugh, but I was grinning at him. One of his elder buddies and others mentioned to him today that he was putting on weight (not that he wasn't before...) Yes, he's EATING. WOW! He is having a difficult time with the nicotine cravings now. I probably mentioned that in the rant. I told him that he knows the principles of addiction recovery and I encouraged him to use those principles. I told him I am very proud of him for getting to where he is....one month without smoking. No small feat for someone who smoked for 45 years!

I had a good day today. I took the day off from work!
By the end of Wednesday I just couldn't see me getting thru 5 days of work, plus one of my friends who is retired asked me to go to the Sugar Loaf Craft show with her. So, I have the leave and I took off for the second Friday in a row. No, I won't make it a habit, I promise. Anyway, we went to the craft show. There are usually artisan booths packed wall to wall at the exhibition center. It was sad, there were very few vendors. Generally, it takes my friend and I about 3 hours or so to check out the whole show, including stops to purchase. Today, we were done in an hour and a half. I found it very sad ... I know it is a reflection on how the economy is hitting folks in the artisan community.

On my way home, after leaving my friend, I stopped by WalMart to pick up a few food groups and I also found a roomy, reasonably priced backpack with wheels to use for work. I've been using my 1970's vintage luggage wheels which get the job done, but there are days, like Thursday, where even my wheels refused to move to go into the building! So, I have a new set of wheels for work. yay! We'll see how it goes. The back pack on the back and the hauling a tote by hand were killing my knees, so wheels are the deal while parking the moderate distance from the building. All of that walking, tho, so far, isn't helping MY weight loss plan. Maybe, if I can get DH to sincerely work with me ala Weight Watcher type dining, both of us might have some luck in reducing the bulges. We both carry most of our weight in the mid-section. I'm only 20pounds lighter than he is. I really didn't need to know his weight any more that he did!! ugh......

That's all I have for now (well, it is all I can think of for the moment). Jenny and Skitter are doing well. Shedding like crazy, of course. And the mouse issue has settled down, for now also, thank goodness!!

My love and hugs to you all!
Til next time....:hidekey:
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Tuesday eve 28 Apr and a rant 04-28-2009 - 05:57 PM
Good evening ladies

Today I have been in a very grey mood, struggling all day to move myself out of it. I almost cried while I was driving to work; no apparent reason to cry (other than general anxiety and stress, oh my! ). My new supervisor gave me a copy of his mid-year review write-up on me, for me to look at before I meet with him. What he wrote was great, but I tell you, I didn't/couldn't/wouldn't see that. No, all I could focus on was one tiny negative detail, that I can clear up when I meet with him. But I blew that into a huge alpine monstrosity in my head today. When I first got to work, I was reading a daily meditation, the last part that went something like this: God wants to save souls. God wants us to save souls. Today is our day to help God save souls. Even having read that, I could not for the life of me get out of my grey-zone-bad-head. When I got on the road towards home, there was a traffic back up. I called DH; when he answered he said: WHAT? I said to him: I'm sorry I bothered to call you to tell you I am in a traffic back up and will be a little late getting home. GGRRRrr I decided then that I was never going to call him again to let him know ( until I forget I made that vow ). When I got home he was all pick, pick, pick, and not listening when I told him what I was fixing for dinner. At one point I got a good look at his face. His eyes looked like two pee holes in the snow (the cleaned up version of what he would say, when he's sober). Yeah, he over indulged in the spirits on top of working outside in the yard, in 90 degree heat.

I feel better now for the rant, but before I sign-off, perhaps I had best make my Gratitude List, cuz there is so much for me to be grateful for.

The Gratitude List
I am grateful to be alive and sober today.
I am grateful to have my little family - DH (grr), Jenny and Skitter
I am grateful to have a nice house that is a home.
I am grateful to be gainfully employed with a comfortable income. :steer:
I am grateful to have my extended family and friends, including my Hystersisters!

Yes, I have this and so much more to be grateful for.
Thank you ladies for listening! I feel much 'lighter' now!

Love and hugs to you all til next time!
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Monday Eve 27 April 04-27-2009 - 06:04 PM
Good evening ladies!

Noni, I want to thank you on the advice for dealing with DH being on the patch. I'm glad to know I'm responding as I should be!

I went to abs class today at the gym at work, before I came home. Guess what? I found the lower ab muscles which I thought had disappeared. They are still there..I woke them up today. Probably means bad news tomorrow morning!!

I was in a good mood when I got to work but quite down by the end of the day. A lady I walk with at noontime was telling me about a coworker of hers that lately has had anger management issues at work and most recently, threatened one of the supervisors. I told her, for her own safety, to keep the number of our security at the ready and to make an appointment with our CEAP counselor, to get some professional counsel on what to do. I also told her to document every instance that this person lashes out at her and present it to her supervisor. Not long after she spoke with me about that, our building was in lock-down for about a half hour. I was thinking the worst, that it was all related to what this woman has spoken to me about. But it wasn't. A local thief had stolen a car and was being chased on foot by the cops. The cops apprehended that person. The last thing after that event, was news that a long time employee, who had just recently turned 50, died suddenly last nite. It was a shock to most of us in the building. He was well known and had risen in the ranks due to his dedicated work ethic. I wonder if he was too dedicated in his work ethic.

So, thanks for listening. My day was one of highs and lows and the gamut of emotions in between. I bet I sleep well tonite!

Hugs and love to you all! Thanks for being here.
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