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Two More Weeks! 02-22-2010 - 04:56 PM
So, post-op went well. I got to see pics. But Dr. kept me off work for two more weeks. Another post-op on 3-5 and then back to work 3-8. Probably best.

I am going to clean one room per day until I go back so I feel like they have all been cleaned through, although I now room 1 will be a mess by day 5. Oh well.

More snow last night, but not as much as excepted. Sloppy day.

Had a good weekend. Had lunch with DH again. That was nice. Watched movies and took it easy the rest of the weekend.

Feel like I have stagnated. Been feeling the same for over a week now. No better, no worse. Same poking feelings and minor aches. I noticed when I cleaned the kitchen today my belly hurt in the middle afterwards, but not for long. Just enough to let you know you did something. I didn't do anything after that. That was enough for one day. Going to have to go slow for awhile still. I can see that. But that's okay. At least I'm going.
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Feeling better 02-19-2010 - 10:58 AM
Feeling better.

Still have a touch of the flu here and there. Just dwindling along. It can leave anytime it wants. Really.

I have progressed along very well this week and am feeling pretty good.

Only complaints - still some gas pain in the morning - but it's getting better. Still feels like something poking me inside sometimes. Pains here and there on the left and around the belly button sometimes. Up early one day and crashing 12-14 hours the next.

Left incision scab/glue fell off yesterday. I was afraid it wasn't ready yet. It was hanging on both sides but still pretty strong in the middle. It kept rubbing on my shirt and came off. Looks good though. Still have my belly button one.

DH home with touch of flu again, too.

I finally have my first post-op appt. today at 3:50, so we'll see how that goes. Hoping to go back to work Monday.
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Valentine's Day 02-15-2010 - 01:54 PM
I woke up Valentine's Day and came downstairs and DH has a pan and eggs out and said he was going to make me breakfast in bed, but I woke up. Ahhhh! Too bad. I've never had breakfast in bed before.

So, instead we went to I-Hop. Don't think I've ever been there either. It was delicious. I was full until 9. So, had a lazy day all day just lying around all full.

My left side was sore again yesterday. Feeling bruised inside like someone poking it. Stayed that way all day. Very aggravating.

Woke up this morning and I still have it. Along with a bout of diarrhea from another form of flu. Because DH had it all night last night and now me this morning. Belly hurts. Bum hurts. Ick and Ouch! Wish it would stop. Not good at all.

Besides my left side acting up, my only complaint is I guess the gas in the morning still and before I have a BM. Hurts so bad before I have a BM with pains that I grap stuff and yell out and then I go and it's all better. I think it was Friday that I had abdominal cramps all day like when you have your period cramps. That went away after a day. Hopefully, that doesn't come back.

See the Dr. finally on Friday. Shooting to go back to work next Monday.

Really tired today. I think from the sickness I got.
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WooooHoooooo! 02-13-2010 - 07:49 PM
So, yesterday I was able to just take that sexy dream I was having, again... and roll DH over and it all works and it was a go! OH MY!!! He was sooooo happy!!!! and so was I! What a relief.

And now I waited so long and knew it worked that DS was at a friends last night and gone all day today and well.... we did 2 more times today!

I can say this is the best I have felt since my surgery. I think just being close to DH make a HUGE difference!

Today we went to Fudduckers and had lunch and to the HD Dealership and shopped around and it was also so nice to get out of the house. And I put make-up on. And a bra. No jeans yet, though, but that was okay.

My dogs were fighting yesterday and jumped on the couch by me and kicked me several times in the process in the left side (the worst side). But seems to be okay. And then I slipped getting into the vehicle today. Not good. But overall, I'm okay and I had a very good day today for the first time in a long time. I am very happy today!

I know how good days and bad days go, so I am just hoping to keep the good days going and hope I'm not sore tomorrow.
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So how many days now... 17! 02-11-2010 - 01:09 PM
Woke up with gas pains again this morning. For some reason I have them every morning still and then on with the day. I can say that today seemed a lot better than they have been so maybe that is finally starting to subside. I think I read about 3 weeks somewhere so getting close to that mark.

Belly seems much better today. Still seems tender and bruised but only slightly. Not anything like it was yesterday when I broke down and ate 2 pain pills during the day.

Other than that feel okay. Bladder seems to be getting back to normal finally. Not all the way yet, but I can tell it is making its comeback. Discharge also seems to be easing up. That's good. It has been dragging on so long, I thought it would never go away. Only have when I wipe so no need for pads, but still it is there. They told me 3-7 days but it started on day 3 and is still there.

My work is p'ing me off. I emailed before surgery since owner out of town, week of surgery to let know I was fine. Nothing. Got one email asking if I got the flowers. I emailed back no. Got no response. Got them the next day. I emailed that I got them and thanked them for warming up my day. Got nothing. Emailed again the next week with an update. Nothing. DH goes to bowling and they said they emailed me twice. I have nothing. I called the next day and emailed, which was Tuesday. Got nothing. I went back and forth with accountant and owner cc'd on me not getting paid while off because I have no short term disability at work. Nothing. I asked to work from home in every email and phone call I made. Not one single response. Very frustrating. I am purposely being ignored. Must not want to pay me. Time are tough but at least give me the respect of a response. Let's you know they really do only think of themselves. Disappointed. I really could use a check while I'm off. Oh, well... I can't made them be human.

My plan is going to be to take it easy today since so sore yesterday. Then, try to go out to dollar store for some items on Saturday. I need to get myself ready and built back up for my normal routine. Grocery store seems too much right now. So dollar store will do.

then I take DS to orthodontist on Tuesday so that's another day out. Dr. on Friday - another day out. Try to get out again that weekend. If I'm lucky - I'll get out on V-Day, but we'll see what DH has planned. I'm not saying anything and leaving it up to him this year. I do it all every other year. It's his turn.

So, backwards yesterday and forward again today!
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2 Weeks Post-op 02-10-2010 - 11:22 AM
On my two week post day my DH went to our bowling league. I was so sad I couldn't go. I have been without him several times as he had shoulder surgery in March and then a hernia surgery in November. First time I had to not go.

He came home about 10 and then started vomiting and did so all night until 4am! My son just had this last Wed night until 2am! 3 days later, now DH gets it. So, there I was again disinfecting everything with the can of spray. Didn't stop DH from getting it, though. I am so scared if I get this it will hurt soooo bad to me. I am trying like crazy not to get it. This was Monday. Today is Wednesday, I am washing all the beds now and blankets now today.

I moved in the middle of the night Monday night down to the coudh so I wouldn't be by him and he was keeping me up running out of bed, then next thing I know I am woke up in the middle night and he is down here now. I was like, why are you contaminating both bathrooms and keeping me up all night. I felt so bad for him but wanted a clean bathroom for myself.

I was up all night til Midnight and then up around 4am and then up early in the morning so got no sleep. I was so tired Tuesday but didn't even nap for some reason.

Tuesday, DH was home from work since sick all night. Held food down but was ill. Exact same thing son had.

I bent down looking for a can in a cupboard and it always falls off track on one side so I picked it up to push it back in and felt a slight burn on my right that hurt. Looks like I lost some glue but can't see any damage done. Feels fine this morning.

However, this morning I have this terrible pain in the front of my belly. I would say right in between my incision site and my belly button. It is painful to the touch. If I just rub my hand over it, it hurts like it's really, really bruised. This is a new pain to me. I just woke up with it and I don't like it at all. It is very, very sore.

I had no gas pains when I woke up yesterday. Yeah!!! But I had them again today. Boooooo! So, that's still not over.

We'll see what today brings.
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Surprised at how tired 02-08-2010 - 12:17 PM
So, last night I tried to take it easy since I did so much on Saturday. In and out of the SUV, walking around stores, etc. I did get up and had my bath - which still wears me out.

I took it easy most of the day.

I got up to help DH make supper which was fun. I taught him how to make my famous pizza tarts he loves so much. It was fun doing something together like that.

But, I basically got so tired so fast I had to go sit down and let him finish. Just standing there for that long - which really wasn't that long, made me so sore and tired. Must still be worn out from Saturday. DH siad he liked making food with me. That was nice! And he made me a bowl of ice-cream later.

I woke up this morning and my belly seems to be going down a lot more. It looks much better today. But I still had horrible gas pains this morning. Every morning lately I wake up with them in the morning. I am tired of that already. Who wants to wake up to horrible pains that make you whine out loud? Not me!

When they say you will be resuming your normal activities after 2 weeks with DaVinci they are full of it. For real. I can do things again and my head is clear. But I can't do everything and I tucker out and get sore so quickly. I can walk great in the morning and eventually throughout the day it gets worse, down to babysets again by bedtime and sore insides. It really does take more time than that to be normal again.

I am still balancing resting and walking and not ready for "normal activities". My brain is, but my body isn't.
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Day 13 02-07-2010 - 11:43 AM
Yesterday I went out for the first time and went to some stores. Very sore when I got home and little sore still today. Still waking up with gas pains. Yesterday was the only day I didn't have those first thing in the morning in the last 4 days. They bring tears to my eyes but are short lived. Goes away as soon as I have a BM.

Not emotional anymore. They seems to have finally went away between Friday, Saturday and Sunday now. My feeling get hurt quickly but not crying for no reason anymore.

Weird pain underneath my arm in one tiny spot in the tricep area that started bothering me yesterday and still comes today. Weird.

I did have some leg pain the first week of surgery - behind the knee - but Dr. said that was from my leg being up during surgery.

When I do too much sometimes I have a slight pain and throbbing in the vagina. Had that yesterday after walking a lot.

Other nights I've had shooting pain down from the lower abdomen toward the vagina while lying in bed after walking or standing too much during the day.

These are just little things that have happened during my recovery that let you know when you've moved too much I guess.

I started with pink discharge on day 3 and still have it at day 13. I only have it when I wipe - so I don't need a pad. Sometimes there's nothing. Sometimes it's orange and when I do too much it gets red.

BMs have come pretty easy to me since I got out. No trouble there besides the pain I have before I go.

My bladder is the worst, I think.

When you get home from the hospital you just can't pee right. You leak a little and then feel like you have to go again right away and you just leak alittle more. By day 2 or 3 post-op, this corrected itself and I could go normal - a full stream. But I still have a sore bladder. You don't really have an urge to urinate. You just know you have to go because it is sore. That's how I know when it's full. So, it really sore in the morning. Sometimes a slight pain with the morning pee. I think this has been my worst complaint, along with the gas, during these last few days.
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Days 8-12 02-07-2010 - 11:34 AM
Extremely emotional. Feeling insecure and unloved. Scared DH doesn't love me anymore. Crying all the time throughout the day. I cried during Maury and Steve Wilkos for Pete's sake. Moving around better. Taking bigger steps. The emotions and the gas pains are the worst. I did a lot more moving around then previously and get very sore afterwards.
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Days 6-8 02-07-2010 - 11:32 AM
Initial terrible soreness starting to go away. Left side incision still hurting. Starting feeling tight all over. Gas pains started. They hurt sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally slept all night and on my side with the help of my pillow.
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Days 1-5 02-07-2010 - 11:30 AM
Extremely sore on the inside. Feels like someone took an ice cream scooper and scooped all your insides out all around. Sore all around. Hard to move and get comfortable. Insomnia. Couldn't sleep. Up til 1am and then up at 2am and the back to bed at 3am and then up at 5:30am was pretty much the norm. Lots of pain meds.
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My hysterectomy 02-07-2010 - 11:29 AM
I was extremely scared like everyone else and posted questions and snooped around the site everyday. Sometimes I felt okay and other times I cried a lot. Which seems to be the norm. A lot of other ladies were experiencing the same thing. I had LSH by DaVinci robot.

1 day post - op: I am home! I went home yesterday at about 3:30. When I first got to the hospital, they put my IV in, which she did a great job on that. I've had blood drawn in the past that hurt worse. Thank goodness I asked for prayers to guide her hand while doing that. It worked! Then they took my temp and I was 99.9, 100.4 and 101 so they were all worried about bringing me into surgery and I was worried I would be sent home. But they had me do another urine sample for urinalysis and they brought me in. So, needless to say through all the commotion, I didn't get any Versed until right before they wheeled me to surgery, so I didn't get to feel "relaxed" beforehand at all really. I remember being in room and them putting the mask on me. Ansethesiologist seen me before hand and said I would do great. So, that was reassuring. Next thing I knew I was in recovery and not groggy at all. I was wide awake and looking around and talking to my nurse and eating ice chips. They brought me to room on the nursery floor in case I wanted to spend the night, but I knew as long as I wasn't in severe pain, I would rather rest at home. I ate lunch - soup, vegetables, crackers had juice within the next hour. No nausea and felt great to eat. I was so hungry. I asked to get my cath out and go pee on my own, which I did. Wanted to take my leg things home. They were great. Pain was at a 1-2 when I woke up. Had a steady stream of morphine and a pump which I only used once. They took me off the IV and gave me my meds and I went home shortly after. They said no one ever does that good and were very surprised. Dr. told my husband everything went great. But I don't know what exactly happened until I talk to the Dr. which I want to because when I came out of surgery, my temp was normal. Wondering if I had something going on inside that was causing that. Needless to say, it's not that easy though. I was just very determined and brave to go home. I had been so scared, the nurse kept telling me to relax when doing my IV because I was so tense and scared my vein kept disappearing and I have so deep small ones, but like I said that turned out good. They had to come get some blood before I left, which they took out of my other hand because that vein looked better than my arms. It didn't hurt any more there than normal in the arm. I have bruises on the hands, but they are small and my IV hand was puffy and my hand was slightly swollen, but no big deal. I'm like that. I was up until about 11 last night and woke up at 4:30 or so. I only woke up in the night one time at 1:30 to use the bathroom. My left side is more sore than any other incision which they told me would be the case since they take the uterus out through that tube. My insides are very sore. I feel very, very sore when I wake up from lying down. Peeing was very weird. I couldn't just go a stream like normal. You go and you trickle some and then wait 10-30 seconds and it does it again, no pressure or force, just a trickle flow over and over and everytime you get up, you feel there is more to come out, it just won't come out steady. Just like when you have a uti. This seems to be getting better the more I go. The more I go, the stronger the flow and it's working better. Little sore in there from the cath that I feel now and again. And the bladder feels sore when it's full. I bought a big jug of cranberry juice and have been drinking since Saturday to make sure I don't get a UTI. Thanks for that tip. I move around pretty good despite the pain. Nurse told me to do nothing for next 2 days but get up to go to the bathroom that I needed to rest for at least 2 days with doing nothing. So, that's what I am doing. Cath doesn't hurt coming out for anyone reading, it is a little uncomfortable when it get to the end part and burns for a second but then it's over that fast. All in all, I've been very alert. I sleep in intervals. I am very sore, but nothing not tolerable. I am pretty good at tolerating the big things though and crying over the little - like stubbing my toe. I feel more sore today than yesterday which I attribute to moving around and sleeping and the morphine wearing off. Husband has been great, getting me eveything, but he passed out on me at about 8pm last night. lol! I know it took a toll on him, too! We were both exhausted. I know we was just worried all day waiting. He said so. He got me a red monkey with a heart on it from the gift shop which was so cute. I collect unicorns and I got 2 with my last procedure and I brought them with me to the hospital. He said they didn't have any unicorns and he knew I liked monkeys next. So, sweet. So I had all my animals in my bed with me. I just took a stool softener to help when I have to go and I am taking a gas pill at lunch to see if that will help with some of the soreness I feel inside today. I passed some earlier and felt like I was a balloon and I deflated a little so thought I would try some more of that later. I will post more as I progress. My laptop is heavy. Thank you for all your prayers, I believe they were heard and answered. I am so glad that part is over! It all just seemed so surreal like it wasn't really happening that day, so I just tried to be a good patient. Hugs to all my other sisters out there recovering, too. And it really is a wait off the shoulders to just have it done and the waiting over. Thank you for this site and thank you to all the sisters who shared and gave advice that helped me prepare physically and emotionally. Thank you!
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My pre-op 02-07-2010 - 11:27 AM
I took my husband to my pre-op appt. I brought my list of questions I had made. (I also had a list of what to bring to the hospital and what to have by my bed at home).

He asked me if I was ready for Monday and I was like "As ready as I will ever be". He asked me if I had questions and I told him I had a paper full. He took and then went through them one by one and answered all my questions.

I can tell you that surgeons feel like this is a walk in the park (piece of cake). You just don't get told everything that will happen in regards to emotions and recovery so this site was so great with that.

I left feeling a little better since my questions were answered but still again very nervous.
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Days leading up to hyst 02-07-2010 - 11:23 AM
I knew nothing about a hysterectomy except that they take parts out. I had to get on the internet and do all kinds of research about ovaries and hormones and what happens afterwards. This research led me to this site. This site has been great! With so much support!

I was scared. I didn't know which items would affect me and which couldn't. I just didn't know anything still. I was terrified of surgery. I cried a lot. I had good days and bad days. Everyone said the waiting was the worst part. It was horrible. The fear of the unknown. I had never been put under or had any surgeries besides my C-Section and had an ablation of my heart in 2005 but I didn't get put under for that either. I was knocked out without it so they didn't do it.

I had so many questions. I used this site to get all information I could of what to take to hospital and ask the doctor, etc. It helped me a lot.

I finally realized that I was freaking out and not looking where I needed to be looking for comfort. So, I prayed. I when on the prayer forum and requested prayers. My mother in law asked for prayers for me at church.

I had a sense of calmness after that. I was still nervous but it really did help set me at ease a little bit.
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My ultrasound 02-07-2010 - 11:17 AM
I went in for my ultrasound about 4:30 on 1/4. I was nervous but though it would probably be nothing and I was going to pay for this for nothing.

Multiple fibroids were found on the outside of my uterus and in the muscle tissue. He could see at least 6. Said some were golfball size.

He showed me them on the screen and took the measurements on the screen.

I had this done vaginally.

This Dr. worked in the same office as my obgyn but I had not seen him before. He did the ultrasound, could read it, and was a surgeon.

He then went through all the options available to me - sit and wait, ablation, scoop my insides out and take them off, etc. but said considering I had so many and I obviously had a uterus that liked to grow them, and my age, my best option was to have it removed. He told me this last, so I knew he was leading up to something. They told me they were booked for the next 2 Mondays and he only does surgeries on Monday so mine would most likely be 1.25.

I said I needed to tell my husband before I committed to anything. I didn't feel right without talking to him.

I then left and drove home and called him to tell him on my way and just started bawling.

I had no idea why. I had no idea it would make affect me this way. To have someone tell me I wouldn't have periods or cramps anymore, I thought would be great.

You just don't understand how it makes you feel emotionally until it happens to you.

I went home and talked with him and cried and cried. It was 6:30 and I had to leave for my bowling league in 15 minutes. I didn't want to go. I just wanted to stay home and cry.
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My first appt. 02-07-2010 - 11:10 AM
I had been feeling crampy here and there throughout the last few months. Nothing horrible, but enough to let me know it's there. My period pain became the way it was back when I was younger in high school, lying on my bed crying in the fetal positions, taking meds, and not going to school. I had a yearly exam scheduled in December and thought I would mention this while I was there. Thinking it was nothing.

During my exam, before I said anything, she said my uterus was enlarged and I needed to have an ultrasound. So, I though maybe this is why I don't feel so good and bloated all the time. I then told her how I had been feeling lately. She said I probably had a fibroid or something and not to worry, they are benign.

My utrasound was scheduled for 1/4. My symptoms seem to have gotton worse from the time of my yearly exam to my ultrasound.
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