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Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007 Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

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Unread 03-08-2007, 10:43 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Thanks to all! I feel better, more at ease. Y'all are right, they just send you home and tell you to take it easy, call if you have a fever and watch for oozing from the incision! I'm so thankful I found hyster sisters. I think I would be going crazy without it!! The only antibiotics I have had was during surgery. And I haven't had any painkillers since they took me off morphine on day 2. All I've had is motrin since then. I take alot of meds for other problems and one of them is iron for anemia. I am lucky cause it works opposite on me and regulates instead of constipating. Couldn't imagine what I would do without it!!

Thanks again for the reassurance!!
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Unread 03-08-2007, 12:22 PM

Hi Everyone--Just had my 2-week post-op exam. Dr said everything looks great and is well-supported. That good news because my hysterectomy was because of uterine prolapse. Fortunately, I didn't need any other repairs. As far as lifting, he said nothing more than I could pick up with one hand. I'm having light bloody discharge which is irritating my vulva so he gave me an antibiotic gel. He said the discharge changes the Ph in the vagina so it can get itchy and sore down there. I'm feeling really good with basically no pain. By the end of the day, though, if I've been sitting up too much, my pelvic area is achy. I've noticed a couple of times on my toilet tissue a little string which look like they could be sutures. Is it possible that as the stitches dissolve one could make its way down? I forgot to ask the dr. about that. I'm pooping OK but dr said I need to keep it loose and that's proving to be more challenging.
Unread 03-08-2007, 01:01 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Knitter47- my doc said that the stitches often come out as they dissolve and not to be alarmed if you notice them when going to the bathroom or when in the shower. So I think you are probably alright.
Glad to hear your 2 week postop went well. I don't have any appointments til 6 weeks postop and to tell you the truth I'd like a few inbetween there just for reassurance!
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Unread 03-08-2007, 01:05 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

Hello All, I had a TVH/BSO on the 19th and had a 2-week post op appt because I wanted to go back to work. It's not all cracked up to what it's supposed to be. They tell you not to put anything in your vagina for 6 weeks, and then at the doctor's appointment, he put in an appliance and then his fingers - ouch! I started bleeding a little heavier after that! But, all went well and I am healing well!
Unread 03-08-2007, 01:22 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

aglow95: Hi I am wallchild, we have the same surgery date. 2-22-07. My bladder and BM seem to be my biggest problems right now. If you scroll back on the pages you will see anothern who had surgery the same day as us. This site sometimes is hard to navigate.
Take care! Sounds like you are doing better. Each day you will get stronger, just dont push it to much or you might end up going backwards!
Unread 03-08-2007, 05:59 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

This place rocks! I love you gals already! I'm about 2 weeks post op from Total Abdominal removing everything.. (not sure what the acronymn is). I'm doing much better than that first week. Was in the hospital for 4 days.. thought I would share my experience if you all don't mind... today, I'm doing pretty well at the two week mark.. now I have to consider all my HRT options..

(mind you, the staff including doctors, nurses, etc. were fabulous. I had excellent care.. so there is a little light humor in my story)

I get to the hospital and have some nazi nurse introduce herself. I laugh with her (giving her the impression I just adore her) but now the darn ***** decides she is going to teach a nurse aide how to put an IV needle in me. She precedes to tell her how you don't want the needle to go straight through the vein and out the other side and on and on or you don't want a blod clot or an embolism...Is she nuts!!! I'm having pre-jitter surgery nerves!!!!!! I pulled Nurse Bruno over and said, listen lady, I think you are great, but could you cool it with the descriptions!!!!!! She laughed and smiled...Not only that, she was the SAME lady that prepped the me the last time in the hospital and was training another lady with my IV then!!!!! So I said, Nursey, what happened to the other one you trained!!!! She laughed again. I was fantasizing about pulling her into a dark alley when I got out of there and kicking her little hard ***...just kidding..

Next, I get prepped and ready for surgery.. Doc, anesthesiologist and everyone talked to me. Signed my life away.. they shot me up with something and that was that..

The same day, I woke up in a hospital room with family and friends feeling like a Mac Truck ran me over.. I had a little button of Morphine to push every time I felt anything. Needless to say, I pushed that sucker a billion times.. but unfortunately, it did not go as planned.. I started rippin' off my skin each time in my groggy a** state when I pushed that button. The staff couldn't figure out what was going on. I was between half asleep and itching from the insides out.. this went on throughout the day until they discovered, "oh, she must be allergic to morphine!" ****! ****! ****.. What was your first clue nurseys? My skin on the floor?????

Here the other hospital patients were enjoying their drips!!! Sayin, "oh, I don't feel any pain. This is great. wooo hooo!!!" SHUT THE **** UP!!!! Not me!!! I wanted a rake to scratch the heck out of myself. A tractor with a big claw, a snow plow running over me...anything to stop the itching AND the excruciating pain!"!!!

Next, they began shooting my IV up with Benadril. Oh that was fun. Now I felt like I couldn't even blink my eye or did I have three eyes? Heck, I don't know I wasn't sure who I was or what I was. I was gone mentally. Somehow by the grace of God, I made it through the night.

The second morning, they would get me up. The nurses tried and realized the Benadril and combinations of drugs made it impossible for me to get up on schedule. So they would have to keep me another day in bed on drugs, IV, Catheter, benadril, oxygen and anything else they could think of for a 10 inch incision with staples. I listened all night to the sound of the man hacking and puking in the next room..gee, that was fun.. and a little poor old lady down the hall saying, "help me, help me, help me..." Oh lady, I'll help you alright.. if I did finally nod out, the nurse would come in and say, "time for your blood withdrawal, or blood pressure, or meds ok..LADY, I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!! CAN'T I GET ANY SLEEP AROUND HERE!!!!

The third day came and they came in with something that was my favorite!!! Marshmallows on a stick!!!!! YUMMY!!!! I was so excited!!!!! They stuck them in my mouth and they were cherry and kind of dry!!!! What??? Cherry dry Marshmallows!!!!!!!??? What's going on!!!!! Nurse, why are the marshamallows cherry and so dry? She says, "no dear, these are glycerine cotton balls for your mouth"....What the??? Whose going to buy dry cherry marshmallows on a stick??? I'll miss that food booth at the fair this year.

They started me on some liquid diet that consisted of soup bowls that tasted like salt licks with jello that was so sweet tasting I thought I was eating liquid fructose. As you all probabaly know, you do NOT want salt and sugar when you are queasy. Needless to say, I sat there for a while with my Mother. We were by ourselves at one point and I said "Mom, I think I'm feeling a tad queasy.." She handed me some kidney shaped bowl and sorry to tell you the gory details but everything shot out of me like a seltzer bottle. I felt like the famous Linda Blair. I thought my neck was going to spin all the way around too. Jello filled the bowl, flying all over my mother, all over me, all over my long hair.. I swear jello was everywhere. I thought I was in a jello swimming pool. If I EVER see a jello shot, I am running for the hills. So DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!! Although I could have made a great commercial with Bill Cosby.

But I was determined. They cleaned me up, I got out of that darn bed on the third day and walked around all over the hospital with my IV pole in hand. I wasn't lettin' nuttin stop me. Came back to bed, rested, ate more ***** GROSS food.. then they gave me soft food.. Oh just what I wanted more food!! But I graduated from liquid to soft... hmm, what will they give me!! Oh no, not again!!!!! What were they thinkin??? They gave me some meat with gravy drippin' all over it!!!!!! How the heck do they think you can eat this stuff when you can't even look at a piece of cotton ball without wanting to puke!!!!!!!

Gawd, I didn't want to eat again... and I was wondering if my food cravings would ever return!!! (WHICH THEY HAVE WITH A VENGEANCE!!!) And they then want to you pass gas or you're not leaving the hospital until you do. I was determined for that.. but nuttin.. I don't usually have a problem in this area.. chuckle.. but this time there wasn't even a peep of air coming through.. and I couldn't squeeze.. that hurt like hell.. I know.. TMI !!!!! Somehow though, everyone's prayers worked.. a little peep popped out.. it was so small it sounded like a mouse squeak but it WAS A NOISE and my ticket out of there!!!!!!!!!! Wooo hooo!! I'm gettin' out I thought!!!! Another night of the Hacker, the crying lady, the nurses running around smashing things into walls, the machines.. oh holy hell..

Friday was my final day.. couldn't WAIT to get out of there.. took forever.. every minute seemed like an hour. By miday, Doc saw me again and thought I bounced back so fast. He told me I was very fit and asked if I was a marathon runner!!! Anyway, he discharged me and said the nurse will take the staples out. She came in with TWEEZERS!!! Oh my GAWD!!! She picked and picked the first one and I thought the agony would never stop.. it was the most horrendous pain.. so she went and got another nurse who said, "oh honey, you have the wrong tool !!!!!!!! WRONG TOOL!!!!! With the other tool, they came out effortlessly. If she had gotten all 15 of them with those tweezers, I think I would have asked her to join me in the alley with Nurse Bruno!!!! Needless to say, I got home and have been in a lot of pain but I'm coming along. Each day gets easier.

Okay that was my story.. once I got home, I got off the pain pills within about 2 days.. then I started walking.. got myself a stop watch and timed myself.. 10 minutes around the house at first week mark.. fatigue is brutal but by 10 day, I was walking 18-20 minutes around the house.. Like I said, I'm determined but I hope you will all help me.. I have a lot to accomplish but I know this is a "day-at-a-time" healing process.. thank you for allowing me to share.. I hope I didn't overdue it for a first timer here...
Unread 03-08-2007, 07:20 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

I'm 9 days post-op from TAH/BSO and doing fairly well--I don't believe I have quite the hospital story, but I can totally relate to itchiness from the Morphine(of course I didn't figure it out until after my IV was out. Glad to have the whole process over and ready to travel down the recovery road. Best Wishes!!
Unread 03-08-2007, 08:33 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

i had my 2 week post op check today. told the dr. that i was having a strong feeling of pressure when i pee or poop. he thinks i may have a bladder infection so they took sopme pee and are also checking my white blood count for any infection. the gas part is still really painfull. dr. recommended i take 1tbls of milk of mag every day till i level out. hope all you guys are doing ok. i am not going bckt to work untill he sees me in another two weeks. take care all
Unread 03-08-2007, 08:39 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

i was laughing so hard lucky 2. and it still hurts to laugh! hope you are doing better. talk to ya soon
Unread 03-09-2007, 05:37 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 19-Feb 26,2007

17 days post-op and it's hard not to do normal things. My husband confuses me...First he tells me to take it easy. Heal. All that good junk he's supposed to say. Then when he gets home from work he asks, "What did you do today?" "Duhhhh. I watched a squirrel build a nest. Microwaved some food. Petted the dog." Then he says I'm wasting my days away and I should work on the taxes, do the laundry, empty the dishwasher. He wants me to get dressed in day clothes, and if I do get dressed and do anything, he fusses that I'm doing too much. Today I am going to drop the few things that fit me into a suitcase for him to put in the car for our trip tonight. We are driving to our NC house for a week of lazing around in the mountains. We'll drive for about 5 hours tonight, hotel, then another five tomorrow. I always pack a hotel bag so we don't have to lug everything in. I'm not carrying anything but my small purse!

I don't think DH realized how long the recovery period is for this procedure. He announced that I am to have NO other surgery until next year. Oh contraire, my dear, I need two hand surgeries, joint fusion and a replacement due to damage from rheumatoid arthritis. I've had many hand operations in the past, and I know when I need one, especially a joint replaced. I can't wait an entire year for that. It's happening as soon as summer starts. This type of surgery is extremely painful, but once it's over and I'm healed and gone through OT rehab, I'm nearly good as new, painwise.

I still am spotting bright red irony blood. Not loads, but I find a spot on the mini pad every time I visit the restroom. When does this stop?

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