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Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009 Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

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Unread 01-26-2009, 12:00 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

If your hysterectomy was between Jan 26-Feb 01,2009 this is the place to post your progress during your hysterectomy recovery.

If you have a question about your recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns!

We hope you are recovering with plenty of rest and a bit of walking.

Post how you are doing here when you are home and well enough to sit a few minutes at your computer.

Don't forget to pamper the princess, drink plenty of water and walk a bit!

How to use the Progress Report threads:
  • 1. This thread is for the purpose of your hysterectomy recovery progress report.
  • 2. Generally, ONE or TWO posts on this thread per member/per day is adequate to share your daily progress.
  • 3. Remember to start a new thread to ask your questions.***
  • 4. The Progress Report threads will be moved at approximately 8 weeks post-op to the Date Club forum inside the HysterSisters clubhouse.
  • 5. Remember all the love & support you got here as a pre-op member? Now it's YOUR turn to give back to the women in Pre-Op Forum. Extend your hand and your hugs in replies to our pre-op ladies in waiting. This will complete our circle of Women Helping Women!

***If you have a question about your recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns! There's information on how to start a new thread in this link: New Here?
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Unread 01-28-2009, 10:44 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

I made it! I had a TVH and it was no where near the pain that I thought I was going to have! I had my TVH on Jan. 26 at 2:30pm. The tough part before the surgery was finding a vein for the IV. I had general anethesia and only remember having my feet put in the stirrups and boom, out like a light. I finally got to my room about 5pm. They had to put me on the pediatric ward. Luckily my roommate was another hysterectomy patient with the same dr. I do have to say that she was in a lot more pain than me.
I didn't ask for a pain pill until 8pm. I had another during the night and one in the morning before leaving. The pain I felt was more of a full bladder pain. I was not able to pee on my own so by 10pm they put in a foley and drained the bladder. I kept it in all night. They removed it by 7am and I was able to pee on my own by 9am. I was discharged by 11:30am. I can't believe how good I feel. I just took my first shower but am ready for a nap.
I've been walking circles in my house. Now I'm waiting for the first BM.
Unread 01-29-2009, 10:47 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

Well, I made it! I had surgery 1/27...the plan was to do LAVH/BSO, but it didn't work out that way. I ended up having TAH/BSO after the doc started the laparascopic way. I had anesthesia complications. I guess you're inverted slightly with head toward floor for LAVH and I went into respiratory distress and my heart rate went too low. The anesthesilogist wasn't comfortable with how I was reacting, so I had to be uprighted and the doc had to do abdominal incision. He had already had a look around thru the scope though and said he was going to have to do incision anyway. I was doing the hyster prophylactically because am a BRCA2 gene carrier (breast/ovarian cancer gene mutation) but surprise surprise...the doc said my cervix was very long and in the way, and I had active Endometriosis on my uterus which was enlarged. Sheesh, who knew? I had learned to live with painful, heavy periods all those years just because one doctor told me that he didn't think Endometriosis was my problem but just the fibroids I had...and I never pursued it beyond that. Go figure. I bet I am going to be feeling so much better when I'm all healed up!

I was supposed to be in hosp. for 2 days, but I was very motivated to go home, so I got up and walked by 8pm on surgery was 2 1/2 hrs long and I got to my hosp. room at 2:00. I had one scary moment just before I walked where a gas pain hit me so hard that I started sweating bullets, feeling nauseous and almost passed out. They gave me one injection of morphine right away and I begged for a fan or something to cool me down...they had to turn the AC on in my room. Fortunately, I had a private room! The morphine kicked in, I cooled down and then decided I better get walking. Ladies, it felt so gooooood to get up and walk~ I was scared to do it at first, afraid of the pain of getting out of bed but it was so worth it. I swear, once you can take that first walk, everything gets easier.

I took the wonderful advice of my hystersisters and drank TONS and peed tons. I wanted that foley cath. out as fast as possible. They took it out at around 3am and that was such a relief. I did, however, experience bladder spasms for about the first 3 times I peed on my own, and that wasn't fun, but it got better. Now it's fine.

I'm on my own today. DF went to work at 5 am and I am managing just fine on my own. Gas X will be your very best friend! It is helping greatly. Thank God! And I am taking the pain meds every 4-5 hrs. I set my alarm to take it at 1 am and I would advise doing this....don't assume that it will be best to keep sleeping, even if you have had insomnia like I did. I am very grateful I woke up to take it because I was just starting to get fairly uncomfortable. I got up, took it, went to bathroom and got back to bed and was able to sleep till 4...the longest period of sleep I've had since my surgery. I didn't sleep in hosp. at all. But now that I'm home, I'm finally starting to sleep better. I felt so much better this morning...went back to sleep at 5 am and slept till 8:30. Now I am getting ready to nap again.

So far, doing well. Have experienced one hot flush last night...that wierd burning from the inside feeling. Strange, but I have a fan going and it lasted about 15 mins then was gone. And when I kissed my DF goodbye when he left for work, I started crying for no reason and couldn't stop..and that hurts the tummy~lol. I find myself crying easily. But, not a big deal...I expected the emotions to run amuk!

I hope all my other fellow hyster sisters that had surgery in the past few days are doing well. Good luck with your recoveries and be good to yourselves.
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Unread 01-30-2009, 01:04 PM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

I had a LSH/BSO on January 27th. Surgery took 40 minutes. The left Ovary was 5 times it's normal size. I'm pretty sore on that side. I ended up staying over night. I had a cathater put in a few hours after surgery. They said I could've come home with it in. Then go to drs office Wednesday and have it removed. My Husband said no. So I stayed and they kept me full of good drugs. I slept most of Thursday. I took a shower today. BIG mistake I got really weak,hot,pale and got the dry heaves. So I laid down for a bit.

Unread 01-31-2009, 04:39 PM
TAH Jan. 27th.

My TAH was done Jan 27th-9:30am. All went well and not as bad as expected. Was very concerned with enemas and catheter. Had to have 4 enemas before being pronounced cleaned out enough! But still nothing to worry about if you have to have that. Didn't feel the catheter at all and even barely when it was being removed the next morning. Had a little button for pain medicine in my IV (I think maybe morphine??) when I pushed it I usually dozed off for a minute or an hour. So that was nice. Up and around the next morning after cath removed. No food on Tues. or Wed. 3 meals on Thursday although not hungry and now waiting for proper BM so am very careful to eat only good food-and really not that hungry. Off IV Thursday morning and home Thursday night. Dr. did say I could stay but I was ready and insurance really only approves 2 nights. Today is Saturday, feeling well. Have Tylenol 3-kind of thought I'd get something a little stronger but then again if the pain was gone I would probably overdo it.

My hysterectomy was recommended by a different Dr. last year due to fibroid (7cm). 2nd opinion said 'don't worry about it if there are no major symptoms'. (had normal periods-constipation-some odd pains, including during sex) Went back to my old Dr. from years ago whom I completely trust but is kind of far away and she said by feeling it she thought the fibroid was nearer 10cm and recommended hysterectomy. Scheduled for 6weeks later. Turned out to be 2 fibroids, 1 being 10x8x7. Plus multiple cysts on both ovaries. But I did keep my ovaries. I also got a picture of what was removed. Interesting. Am very glad that is out. Had the fibroid been even half the size (after seeing this) I would have wanted it out. Long story short...I watched this grow since 2002 and I went for more than a year after hysterectomy recommendation because I was in the mind set that if I wasn't in terrible pain or bleeding then the fibroid shouldn't be messed with. Why put myself through surgery if not necessary? Again, after seeing what the growth was...I am very glad I did this. No matter how big it was-too big or fairly small-I'm glad that is no longer growing in me.

Couple of FYI's: Dr. used dissolvable stitches with what I think are steri strips...about 6 inches long (bikini line). I did ask for a private room if available when I got to the hospital and I did get one-on the post delivery floor-which may not be wanted by some women. The only thing I used out of my bag that I packed was slippers (which I threw out after walking around the hospital) and toothbrush/paste, contacts/glasses, chapstick, and deoderant. Everything else I took (clothes, book, Ipod, etc.) never left the bag. Lastly, so far 3 bouts of unexplained uncontrollable crying. Not sobbing, not sadness, just tears streaming down my face. It's almost comical! But, if that's the worst of it then I am extremely grateful. Good luck to all going into this and all recovering!
Unread 02-01-2009, 10:25 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

After waking up from surgery on 1/29/09 I found out that I had a supra cervical abdominal hysterectomy. The doctor was able to get a good look at my ovaries and cervix for the first time and pronounced them healthy. The mass was bigger than she expected but as promised she did all she could to keep the horizontal incision as small as possible. She performed a myomectomy first so that she could then perform the hysterectomy without having to result to a vertical incision (which I thank her for over and over again as I recover).

My hospital stay was pretty uneventful, except for the first night where they thought I was having heart issues. They ordered an EKG and found an irregular heartbeat. However, the cardiologist on duty said it was to be expected with the surgery (hadn't heard that one before and neither had the nurses) so I was fine. I was so thankful that the hospital that I was at has all private rooms....I'm not a very good roommate! I did an okay job at managing the pain with oral medication. Though my day nurse pointed out that my 3 on the pain scale would probably be most people's 7! After that I was a little better at being honest about the pain I was in.

I went home Saturday morning and I'm doing okay. I'm on percocet for pain, which has been fairly manageable. I'm about to venture into the bathroom for my first shower. Wish me luck!

Unread 02-01-2009, 11:18 AM
I survived!

I had LSH on 1/30 and I am feeling great so far. Very minimal vaginal bleeding and the only pain I've experienced is that three incisions in my abdomen.

I had ablation in July 2008 and tubaligation at the end of August 2008; the recovery felt much more difficult. I guess the difference is that I don't have anything to "cramp" from.

The gas is a bit uncomfortable, but moving (walking from room to room) has helped tremendously.

I am SO glad the surgery is over!
Unread 02-01-2009, 12:39 PM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

Had a TVH on 27 Jan @ 0930. Was a little nervous at first but once they came to get me it was smooth sailing from there. Once I got in the to the sterile environment for them to get me prep'ed I was ready. Until the annoying person who was responsbile to put me sleep came over. Are all of them cocky and annoying as this one. I was like please put me out of my misary please...but no luck. Had to wait about 30 min for Doc to finish with his other patient. He came over talked to me and made me feel so much better (I Love My Doc). Well finally got in to where they were going to do the surgery...don't remember much else till I woke up in recovery.

Whoa, what an experience...I woke up Shaking so hard it scared me awake. I just remember them telling me to breathe and calm down. Don't know how long that went on...I do remember asking for something for pain and them saying they couldn't because I stopped breathing...WHOAAAAA

Finally made it to my room remember hearing my husband but not much after that...was in and out...had few visitor but don't remember them.

Next day...catherter (sp) out and was good to go...peed on my own right away. Got to go home on day three....Even though we had to turn back around after we made it half way home once I realized I still had my IV in my Arm...Yeah, I know

Well I'm home now for 4 days...Still have discomfort but not taking much medicine. Will up date later!!!!

Best thing ever...I'm so happy to be with out my painful and long periods!

Unread 02-01-2009, 01:57 PM
LAVH Janaury 27th

Surgery went great! I went in 6am in the morning with my surgery scheduled for 7:30am. We were expecting a Winter Storm so when I arrived at the hospital the weather was already getting bad. Once I was in the pre-op room I became very nervous. The nurse asked if I would like something to take the edge off, and I accepted. Next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. For anyone that is extremely nervous as I was, I would go that route. I don't even remember leaving the pre-op room, just giggling a little about how I could feel the medication working and that was it.
Once I was moved into my room, I slepted most of the day. I had very little pain. I would say it was like having a bad period. I was released the next day and I have been feeling great. I have been off the pain meds since leaving the hospital, and I'm really surprised at how good I feel. I did experience some bladder spasms on day 2 of being home. I got some meds to control them. I also experienced pain in my right shoulder, and from what I hear that could be from the gases used in the surgery. I have been resting, however I feel very light headed, short of breathe and dizzy after standing for only a few minutes. I guess I still need to take it easy.
This site has been great, and thanks to all the HysterSisters for sharing their stories, and support.
Unread 02-02-2009, 12:25 PM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Jan 26-Feb 01,2009

It's been one week since I had my TVT, rectocele repair and vaginal hysterectomy.

I have had a tough time. The anethesia or pain medication had me throwing up right after surgery, ons went the oxygen and the suctioning. Someone said, 'well that was disappointing'. I was in terrible pain and the medication made me throw up more. Was moved to my room, more throwing up. Three more times throwing up in my bed throughout the day and then when I got up for the first time more and it was awful, just bile.

Next day they remove my catheter and I couldn't go to the bathroom, not much anyhow, back in went the catheter, so painful!

Next day, out came the catheter at 6am and by 8am I was in terrible distress as I could not pee and no one would come and help me. By the time they actually came to help they tried 5 times to insert a new catheter and I was beyond distress, hysterical with pain. They pulled out 1200 cc of fluids from me and were amazed, I wasn't as my bladder was going to explode, or so it felt.

I got to come home with my lovely catheter. I have been on pain medication the entire week, if I don't take it I am in teirrible pain and become nauseous and involuntarily moan.

I feel terrible and distraught for my recovery is going so slowly and the catheter is so awful to me. I still have a ton of swelling in my vaginal area, the small stiches and brusing on my pelvic bone is looking pretty good. I am hoping tomorrow when I get my catheter out again it stays out I will be able to be more mobile and in less pain. I am hoping to get off the narcotics, but thank god for them, I really have needed them.

Wish me luck tomorrow at the doctor peeing. I will be taking the catheter out at home by myself (has anyone ever done this?) and I'm terrified I won't be able to pee again and it will be hours of pain again.

For now, I surrender, sigh.

My dh is beyond sick of helping me and I am sick of sitting around feeling like death warmed over. Please someone tell me there is hope on the horizon!

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