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Teachers unite! Teachers unite!

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Unread 08-10-2005, 03:04 PM

Ok Sisters,
Wait to you hear this. I am also looking for advice from anyone that has had any of these problems.

This past Sunday I woke up with back pain like when I had a kidney stone. My doctors' office is closed on Sunday and instead of going to the emergency room and waiting to be seen all day, I went to an Emergency Center. They did all the normal things related to kidney stones and they scheduled a spiral CT scan Monday morning at 8:30. They had managed my pain and didn't think I needed to go wait at the ER.
I finally got the results today after many calls, since I was assured they would have them on Monday afternoon.
This is what they found. No kidney stone, but a gall stone. A 4.3 centimeter growth at the midline in a loop of my bowel (could be my ovary--not worried about that). Here is the one I am worried about. An abnormal amount of fat around my UTERUS!!!
When I heard that I started to laugh and then stated that it is difficult for that to be possible since I do not have my uterus as of March 1st.
I then instructed them to fax everything to my family doctor and now I have an appointment tomorrow night at 7.
So, what do you think? Wrong scan or a very bad read of the scan?
I am very frustrated. I feel like I am falling apart since the surgery. It feels like one thing after the other. I understand the gallstone because I have had problems with my stomach all summer. I just didn't go to the doctor because of having the hysterectomy. I thought he would think I am a nut case and am looking for things to be wrong with me.
They also said that the growth could be endometrious, which I had prior to having children, but the ob/gyn said he didn't see any when he did the surgery. Can it just come on that quickly?

Sorry to vent. But thanks for listening anyway.
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Unread 08-11-2005, 06:38 PM
Teachers unite!

I am thinking about you. I am so sorry things as you said are falling apart after surgery. please have someone else read the scan.. Cathy I do hope you are better. Please let me/ us know. To all of the rest.. whew summer really flew.. back to the normal routine.. Take good care got to run ..Talk with all of you this week end.. Love and hugs Donna
Unread 08-12-2005, 09:31 PM
Teachers unite!

Wow. I guess it was my turn to not get anything word about postings. We have been rather quiet lately though. I guess we're all in "mode" getting ready for the new year.

Today was the last day of Jump Start. I feel like we made some progress with a few of the kindergartners (this year's first graders.) One particular boy I worked with this week has made progress in recalling the alphabet sounds. Those darn vowels sure give the kids fits! And the Open Court Sound/Spelling Cards don't help, in my opinion. Give me a break! "Hen" for E! And "Pig" for I! Kids that age can't distinguish those medial sounds. But what do I know. (I'd sure like to see the research on that one, though.)

Diane - I'm thinking of you and hope you're able to get some relief ... and answers... soon. Have you checked the main hyster boards? It seems to me that I recall reading something there once about a whole list of post-hyst problems. (You should check them, posthaste! I slay myself!) I do remember reading that endo can come back after a hyst...not to worry you, esp. where your doctor said there was none visible. I think you did the right thing in having everything sent to your doctor. Please seek his/her professional opinion. All the best.

Cathy - You are our silent sufferer. Stop that! We're here for you, talk to us. I hope you get some relief soon.

Sarah - Yes, morale is low at our school, too. We've got a kindergarten teacher retiring "out of the blue." I don't know how many years she's taught, all I know is that she has devoted her life to the profession. But when push came to shove, she shoved off. And, I agree, we are a great group worth quoting! I, too, do it often.

Christine - I'm so proud of you! Way to go!

Sadly, our school is still quite a mess. The gym floor has been refinished...just this week. (Yuck! What a stink!) The carpets are still damp. And, the whole building sets off my dust allergies. Can't wait for it all to settle.

The Children's Literature workshop I attended Tuesday and Wednesday was good, not great, just good. I was able to come away with a few ideas. Typical, I share a few as well. I wonder sometimes if others just wish that I would shut up. I hope I have never come off as a "know-it-all." I entered this profession because I felt education allowed for the sharing of "best practices." I have never felt like I knew it all. But, if something works for me, maybe it'll work for someone else as well, so I share it!

Do you all ever feel like Meg Ryan's character in "You've Got Mail?" She says something like: "I don't really expect an answer to that. I'm just sending my thoughts out into the cosmic void. Goodnight, Void."

Goodnight, all!

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Unread 08-13-2005, 02:42 AM
Teachers unite!

I obviously wasn't thinking as straight as I thought I had been on Wednesday by having everything sent to my family . I have a MRI scheduled for Wednesday of this coming week. I thought more about it yesterday and called my ob/gyn. They had me take a copy of the report that my family doctor gave me over to him. They called back and asked me to pick up the actual films of the scan because he wants to compare them to the films he took during the hysterectomy.
Apparently, according to the nurse anyway, he is getting quite a chuckle out of this doctor seeing a uterus that is no longer there. I figured I should contact him since he has the best point of reference because he was actually in there in March.
I go between thinking nothing is wrong to worrying a little.
I just wonder if it is scar tissue near the bowel since it is level with the belly button and that is where he went in twice between Dec. and March.
I just wish I could have gone in for the MRI sooner. I have already scheduled a follow up on Friday with the OB/GYN. We were supposed to go on vacation next Saturday for a few days or the week.
My DM is so angry with the doctor that read the scan. She feels he needs a very good talking to. If I know my ob/gyn, he will definitely get one.
I was told to pick up my films after 2:30 by the nurse at the ob's office. She called me around noon time to see if I could go get them and take them to the office before four. They will only release them to the patient. I got at the imaging place at 2:50 and they weren't ready. They tried to tell me that the doctor's office had just called. I told them that they did not just call and that they had called me at around noon to tell me the time to pick them up.
I will never recommend that imaging place to any one.

Thanks again for letting me vent.

You are all so appreciated. No one else around me understands what I have gone through.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Unread 08-13-2005, 08:20 AM
Teachers unite!

Diane, I am glad you are getting someone else's opinion. It always amazes me how some doctors do not pay attention to our files.
Unread 08-13-2005, 10:02 AM
Good Morning

Good Mroning everyone,
Cathy I hope that you are better Cindy My allergies have kicked in big time since I have gone back to school..Mary I forgot to tell you how proud I am that you are a "Grand" thank you for the pictures. The news from my county is 2 teachers are under investigation for NUDE photes..wow.. never ending saga well I have work to do.,. Please take good care everyone..I think of all of you OFTEN I love you and Donna
Unread 08-14-2005, 08:38 AM
Teachers unite!

Hello Sisters:
Once again, I have not gotten a message indicating that someone has made a post. Cindy, you mentioned the same thing. I wonder if this is part of their new layout. I guess I will have to check the site manually every so often.
Diane - how frustrating for you! Then for them to find a uterus in the picture????Hello - it is not available for photo opportunities at this time! I hope you get to the bottom of things. There are additional threads that people have started concerning other health issues that seem to "pop" up after the surgery. I have visited them myself on occasion. I will send positive thoughts your way.
Sarah and Cindy - I have been having a rough time with my bladder, (or at least they think it is that) and I try not to post too much about it because it just gets so darn frustrating talking about it. The good news is that based on the procedure they are 90% sure it is not intertestial cystitis. That is promising. They were able to fill my bladder with 1000 cc's while in past tests I could only hold 300. The procedure itself could prove to be therapeutic....I don't go to the bathroom as much but I still have pain across the abdomen. I don't know if I ever mentioned it before but I have Lupus which I can usually keep under control without medication. Apparently that is not the case these days and my numbers are up. So - I have to go back to the rheumatologist. Just a lot of medical jargon that I didn't want complicating our lovely chats.
My first week of school was not very successful. Sisters, I am afraid I am losing my teaching spirit. I don't know if it is the health issues or the particular assignment I am faced with. They are trying this "push-in" model which means your resource children remain with you throughout the day. The resource teacher comes in and does a lesson daily with the students. She can also work with any other students during that time. It factors in to about 35 minutes a day of extra help for those students. The only problem is that they have placed 4 resource children in my class. Normally they are equally dispersed and you get 1 or 2. With 4, (which happen to be the lowest - iq's around 74-78) I find myself swamped with trying to help them succeed. I am providing accomodations all over the place and it has only been the first week. They are so sweet but it is taking away from the other students. This coupled with the fact that our administrator changed our planning so I don't get a chance to plan with my team, eat lunch with them or even go out for recess with them. I feel like a lone wolf. At a time when I could use the support I feel as if I have none.
Cindy- you are familiar with this type of program....? right? I am being selfish? We have 8 third grade teachers and out of those, the resource children have been placed in only 3 classes, mine/4 students, another with 4 and another with 3. What are your thoughts?
Donna - allergies are so frustrating. Can you take something to help? Is it something at school that is causing this or just a seasonal thing? Please take care.
Cindy - I am sure your are not viewed as a "know it all." Simply a person who is quite versed!
Sarah - how is Frida doing? I do hope they keep their promise and keep the dog away. What type of medical attention did she need? Take some extra time to cuddle with her. As for the morale at school....I am sorry to hear that. When you make those kind of radical changes it can cause quite an uproar. You are very thoughtful to allow peers to come and chat about their feelings. Somethings just talking can help ease the uncertainty. Take care of the poison ivy.
Christine - can I hire you out to prepare my room? I never got to get it the way I wanted it to be and just had to start classes as is. It will settle into place as time moves on. Is the new teacher/assistant number normal for your school? How are things working out?
Mary - I miss you! Hope your trip is going well.
Hello to everyone else. I miss talking to you.
Take care and thanks for all of your support.
Unread 08-14-2005, 10:08 AM
Teachers unite!

to you Cathy. Isn't it amazing how not communicating with the other team members can cause us so much heartache.

The "Push-in" model you are talking about is called mainstreaming here in Ohio. This year our developmentally handicapped teachers are suppose to follow kids to other rooms. The idea was to have 4 kids each in two regular ed classrooms and the dh teacher would spend 1/2 day in each room. But, those teachers who were to travel refused to give up their all inclusive rooms.

The staff changes this year are unusual. Most of us have been at this building at least 12 years. I have known most of the staff since college. The principal went after many people over the past three years and got rid of most of those she hated. She did get rid of the worse teachers but the rest were excellent at their jobs. Those teachers knew their contracts and would go to the union whenever she violated the contract. I think I am next on her list because I contacted the union a couple of times when she seriously violated the contract. The biggest example is that she wrote me up without proof and taking a parent's word without investigation. The parent out right lied to the principal about something I was supposed to have said about her child. I learned a long time ago to have witnesses to all parental communications and did in that case. But the principal did not want to talk to my aide. I got a 3 page "informal" write up which I promplty took to the union. I wrote a rebuttal, to which she has never responded, and proved all her allegations were false. Also, according to my contract, she could not pur an informal write up on paper. This was the first time in my 16 years of teaching that a principal wrote me up.

As far as my room is concerned, it took me three weeks before school to clean it out, throw out junk, and prepare for the school year. My assistant principal allowed me to come in and work during that time. If the principal knew, she would have kept me from coming into the school.

I hope everyone has a good week.
Unread 08-14-2005, 06:14 PM
Teachers unite!

Cathy - First of all, let me say that I do believe health issues can make any change more difficult. It sounds like you're having a rough start this year. At least last year, you could attribute how you were feeling to something specific...not knowing must really be a burden. Prayers your way! As for your ratios, yes, that does seem a little out of whack. And to have 4 such angels is a real challenge. Have you reviewed their IEPs? Do you know what you're dealing with for each of them? That may help. Best advice, breathe. They need time to get to know you and your expectations for them. The same goes for you. Give yourself some time to get to know them and what you can expect from them. They have forgotten a tremendous amount over the summer and need some extra time getting it back. I am familiar with the term "push-in" although I prefer "mainstreaming" or "inclusion." Our school has both a push-in and pull-out program. The students stay in the room for all language instruction in the morning. This is where our SpEd team comes in...we provide group instruction for the lower students in their classrooms. Those who need it are pushed out in the afternoon for math (45 min) and then reading ("Captain Book" time - 45 min) instruction at a more "accommodating" level. Personal view: wherever the instruction is given, it needs to be individualized. Some students need one-on-one instruction and they will never get that in the regular classroom. Do you get along well with your school's learning coordinator? Can this person offer some help...instructional or by way of advice? Go to that person and express your concerns. Let someone know that you're feeling overwhelmed.

Christine - Oooo, good luck with your administrative issues. No fun. Is someone at the district level taking a really good look at the turnover at your school? This would be a concern of mine if I were an administrator! How do you make an account to the public with such a high turnover at one school under one principal's administration? Thankfully, our district finally got rid of the principal from Hades. He would not support anything but athletics. He never gave students any credit for attempting to become well-rounded. This was his policy, not the district's. I've been doing somersaults for our high school students since he announced his retirement. If he tries to run for school board, I'll be campaigning against him!

Donna - Good luck with your allergies. Mine really started bothering me after my 4-H club, WEE GUARD, watched the Guard kids Thursday night. We were in the armory and the kids were playing in the gym part of the time. Any old gym is just a haven for dust. I was losing my voice by the end of the night because of sinus drainage.

Wow! It's hard to believe so many of you have started already.

Diane - Vent all you want. Someday, with time, you'll look back and laugh at that whacked out doctor who saw your uterus. But, it sounds like you've done the right thing by taking your concerns to your doctor.

Sarah - I hope Frida is feeling better. You said you have all new assistant principals...and I thought, principals (plural!)...What's your school's enrollment?

Well, I'm going to say good-bye to all of you for now. We've got flash flood warnings and I can hear the thunder outside. Better say good-bye just in case the power fails.

s to all!
Unread 08-15-2005, 06:08 PM
Teachers unite!

Thanks for all of your advice and personal messages. You are the best and I promise to post more soon.
Take care!

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