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Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

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Unread 02-25-2008, 12:00 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

If your hysterectomy was between Feb 25-Mar 03,2008 this is the place to post your progress during your hysterectomy recovery.

If you have a question about your recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns!

We hope you are recovering with plenty of rest and a bit of walking.

Post how you are doing here when you are home and well enough to sit a few minutes at your computer.

Don't forget to pamper the princess, drink plenty of water and walk a bit!

How to use the Progress Report threads:
  • 1. This thread is for the purpose of your hysterectomy recovery progress report.
  • 2. Generally, ONE or TWO posts on this thread per member/per day is adequate to share your daily progress.
  • 3. Remember to start a new thread to ask your questions.
  • 4. The Progress Report threads will be moved at approximately 8 weeks post-op to the Date Club forum inside the HysterSisters clubhouse.
  • 5. Remember all the love & support you got here as a pre-op member? Now it's YOUR turn to give back to the women in Pre-Op Forum. Extend your hand and your hugs in replies to our pre-op ladies in waiting. This will complete our circle of Women Helping Women!

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Unread 02-26-2008, 03:28 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

Hi all,

Well, I am home a day early for “good behavior”
Just kidding. Really I got stuck with a roommate who, was very sweet but wouldn’t BE QUIET. So, when my Doc. came in for the 2nd time today, “before she could barely get hi out” I said that I had kept food down and walked for 3min, could I PLEASE go home now??? And she just laughed and told me yes.

So, I had my LAVH on time yesterday morning @ 7am. The surgery went well. They removed some cyst, some adhesions, my cervix and uterus all as planned with no surprises. Waiting on my path result to confirm the Adenomyosis and she confirmed that it was almost full of old lining. ((yuck))

Yesterday is pretty much a blur. I slept and vomited allllllll day. I stayed on my morphine pump till this morning along with 4 doses of (dylotten)(spell??).

Today at about 12pm they took out my packing and catheter. Then I got up and moved around a little. Finally ate a little something, kept it down and got home around 4.

So, I am still in quite a bit of pain and headed off now for a nap.

Glad it is over and Glad to be home.
Over all I had a good experience so far and hope the same for all my other sisters.

Talk to yall soon. xoxoxoxoxo
Unread 02-26-2008, 09:53 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

I am writing this from my hospital bed. I had surgery yesterday monring 2/25 and at first I thought I was going insane! the doc was running late do to some major complcations with the woman on the table. Which made me very nervous, so they gave me a dose of valium to try and calm me down while we continued to wait for over 1 1/2 hours longer then expected.

I met with my doctor they started meds while i was still in holding area, God love Versed! the best drug in town!
so of course I didn't remember a whole bunch from that moment on, BUT
I feel insane right now becasue for the first time in 13 surgeries at one point I swore I was looking down at the operation with my grandma beside me hugging me. And encouraging me. I know there has to be a logical reason for this!
I keep telling myself it was a hallucination. but to my surprise when I finally met up with the doctor after he told me the power had gone out, and at one point I had stopped breathing for 62 seconds. Now my husband feels it was a devine intervention, and I sure came out of anesthesia with a different feeling. be it my mind or really my grandma, the advice she gave me such a wake up call!

To feel warm arms hugging me and her calming voice telling me I need to fight and be strong, It really hummbled me and made me feel loved!

I got back to my room a couple hours into recovery, and ended up with a roomie that is a trip! she would yell every hour until right this moment! this is the quietest she has been. UGh if anyone reads this before their surgery I highly recommend getting a private room!

but to my surprise I did not get drains! but I did get a awful itchy rash from the betadine sticky stuff that was one me! and this morning they pulled the pca pump and put me on a soft diet, I am trying to take it easy with the food since i have not had any gas passed yet. And now I am on oral meds and they keep changing the kinds and how many and how often! So I never know what is coming and when. I am praying after my 15 minute walks and meds getting changed to oral, it means I will get to go home soon, much earlier then the week stay they started telling me.

First thing I want to do when i get home is take a BATH! Yeah I know it is not allowed so i will climb into bed and ream about it
I will try and post tomorrow with any changes that are coming.

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Unread 02-29-2008, 06:44 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

Hi all---I think Im finally over the hump!! I had to stay an extra day due to bladder issues--I even had to be sent home on the catheter--I was so depressed. But, my bladder finally woke up and life is GOOD without a catheter!!! Think I did a little too much yesterday as I really hurt today!! I think I was so happy to feel halfway normal!!
Unread 02-29-2008, 07:46 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

I had my surgery Wednesday morning, and I got home today (Friday). I can't believe how great I feel! My incision hurts, as I expected it to, but I have to day that the back pain I've been having is completely gone! Who knew that my back pain was completely due to my fibroids!

I'm feeling great, trying not to overdo it. But I'm so glad to be home, in my own space, my own bed, with my own TV.
Unread 03-01-2008, 01:07 AM
Day 5 and still alive!

Just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know how great it is to have this website and know others are going through exactaly what you are. Here's my update:

Had my surgery Monday, Feb 25th.
Was due to stage 2 prolapsed uterus, but took everything out including ovaries. I'm 44, but decided to take them because of increased cancer risk in family. Did it all vaginally.

Pain after surgery was intense. Morphine took the edge off, but didn't take it away. Percocet took the pain away great, but sent me on a trip. I was unable to urinate so I had to be cathedarized after 9 hours to be emptied. I finally was able to go in the night and then was up all night going, and going and going.... Luckily I had a private room and an awesome nurse.

Went home the next morning and was pretty out of it for Tuesday / Wednesday due to pain meds. I wasn't in pain, but I was so dang goofy I couldn't stand myself. I couldn't stay awake and was having bizzare nightmares when I was sleeping. Finally I decided pain would be better so I went off all my pain meds completely.....Not such a great idea. Thursday was kind of rough and today I'm trying to find a happy medium by using over the counter tylenol and over the counter ibuprofen.

Overall, I just feel, achey, bloated and kind of want my old self back. I expected this to be more like after my babies when I'd bounce back with euphoria and be going 100 miles an hour a few days after delivery. I can't decide it it's because I'm 15-20 years older or if it is just a bigger deal than child birth. It bugs me that taking out such a relatively small organ can make such a big difference in how I feel.

I does feel good to put this in writing though. As I read it, it sounds so whiney it is kind of making me sick of myself big time! To end on a better note.... I love the flowers, meals brought in by neighbors, husband waiting on me hand and foot and 2 weeks with nothing on my schedule. There are definately upsides to this episode in my life.

Krazy Karen
Unread 03-01-2008, 04:37 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

Hi Everyone, It's Saturday Morning at 6:36 am (got home yesterday around 4:00 p.m, Had my TAH/BSO on Wednesday the 27. All went well, but I couldn't take the demerol (sp?) they were giving me so I had them take me off and give me something else. Didn't sleep well in the hospital, but my DH helped me into bed last night and got some decent sleep. I am very sore, but I am getting around. Had a good shower with the help of my DH yesterday. Glad to be home, but very tired. I will be resting a lot. I will post more as I progress. Thanks to everyone who was praying for me. Hope all are doing well and I will keep you in my thougts and prayers.

Unread 03-01-2008, 05:06 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

Hey everybody. It's me Sharon in Virginia. I got my TAH on Tuesday Feb 26 and I got home on Thursday. It's Saturday morning and I feel so much better. Day one I was pushing that morphine button like crazy, it was the worst but by Wednesday I was out of bed and walking around. I am almost standing straight today just moving kind of slow. Keeping it light with the foods I eat.....still haven't been to the bathroom yet!!! My doctor said it is normal. I did take some MOM last night but it hasn't kicked in just yet. I am so thankful to God that my surgery went well. I am not having any bleeding, the incision looks great. I could not not believe the size of my uterus when it was removed. The doctor took pictures of "her" and it was the size of a volleyball!!! No wonder I had constant back pain, abdomen pain and always felt the urge to go to the bathroom. I am doing so much better now and have lost 6 pounds to boot!!! I got to keep my ovaries and tubes. I am a blessed lady. God is good. My prayers go out to all of the ladies that will be having surgery soon. No fears. It will go well and you will be home before you know it. The hardest thing is being still for me but I am making myself rest. DON'T OVERDO IT.....THIS IS OUR TIME TO BE PRINCESSES....LET EVERYBODY WAIT ON YOU. No makeup or regular clothes for 3 weeks is my suggestion to all. My cousin made that mistake and her family expected her to do more.....Be the princess for the whole 6 weeks!! Love yall,
Unread 03-01-2008, 05:43 AM
doing great

I had a radical hysterectomy on feb14 doing great still a little sore but found out more I walk the better I am. I was luck I didn't have stitches or staples they use something like glue instead it made alot better. I am aloud to drive now. just no heavy lifting or sweeping. but I know my limits my girls help out alot. I am so glad I had this done I haven't
felt this good in long time.
Unread 03-01-2008, 07:19 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 25-Mar 03,2008

I had my SAH on 2/26. We were hoping for a LAVH, but the tumor was about twice as big as the doc thought.
I was supposed to go home 2/28, but had some problems so I stayed until 2/29. I was feeling I guess about right on 2/27, maybe a little more painful than usual, because of the back problem. By 9pm on 2/27 I thought I was going to die with the gas pain and the back spasms. I didn't sleep all night...I remember walking with the nurse in the wee hours, I don't know how many times we walked. I was just hurting so much and so nauseous. She had given me meds...I do know that, oral pain meds as I was off the pump, and IV nausea med. I couldn't lie in bed, I spent the night in a chair...I was able to doze a few minutes to 1/2 hour at a time...at some point she gave me a suppository to get things moving.
I was so disappointed...my family was ready to come in and see me feeling a lot better and ready to go home, and I so wasn't. When my doc came in a little later that morning she took me off all orals, even water, and put me back on the IV. The only thing oral was the pain meds. She told me the reason the suppository wouldn't work was because of the bowel prep, there wasn't anything in there to stimulate. She ordered an enema for that night, they gave it right after visiting hours.
That helped...there was some in there- I had been able to eat a little after surgery. I actually got some sleep...about 2 hours at a time. By morning I was feeling a lot better, and able to walk almost upright with the belly binder on. I could walk more than 10 shuffling steps without having to rest! When my love got there, we walked all the way to the lounge, about 1/2 way down the unit. I had to rest for a while before we could go back, but it only took a couple of rests to get there. My back felt better just because of walking upright.
I was able to get off the IV and back on soft foods...and later, home! Home was a little challange at 1st, but here we are about 18 hours later and I am comfortable getting around alone- to the bathroom and back, in and out of bed at least. I even had enough brain to read a little last night, that was great!
this morning I had my cup of coffee...I plan to have a little toast and a nap. Then, I am going to put the belly linder on and take a hike down the stairs (which are going just fine). I might do a circuit or 2 around the living room/dining room, and watch a little TV.

I'm not really sure I've had a bowel movement yet...or at least a regular one. I've gone several times...little bit here and there. Last night there was more, and I sat for a while on the toilet. I keep thinking I should count a bowel movement as having some form or at least somewhat close to normal...but that's a question for another post!

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