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Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008 Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

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Unread 12-01-2008, 12:00 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

If your hysterectomy was between Dec 01-Dec 07,2008 this is the place to post your progress during your hysterectomy recovery.

If you have a question about your recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns!

We hope you are recovering with plenty of rest and a bit of walking.

Post how you are doing here when you are home and well enough to sit a few minutes at your computer.

Don't forget to pamper the princess, drink plenty of water and walk a bit!

How to use the Progress Report threads:
  • 1. This thread is for the purpose of your hysterectomy recovery progress report.
  • 2. Generally, ONE or TWO posts on this thread per member/per day is adequate to share your daily progress.
  • 3. Remember to start a new thread to ask your questions.***
  • 4. The Progress Report threads will be moved at approximately 8 weeks post-op to the Date Club forum inside the HysterSisters clubhouse.
  • 5. Remember all the love & support you got here as a pre-op member? Now it's YOUR turn to give back to the women in Pre-Op Forum. Extend your hand and your hugs in replies to our pre-op ladies in waiting. This will complete our circle of Women Helping Women!

***If you have a question about your recovery, please start a new thread to receive answers and support for your concerns! There's information on how to start a new thread in this link: New Here?
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Unread 12-02-2008, 05:25 PM

Well, I had my DaVinci hyst yesterday at 10am and I am home tonight.

I will say yes, the waiting was the worst! YAY! I FINALLY get to say that!

I remember when they gave me that Versed on the way in, and said You won't remember much after this" I kept saying "I still remember" and "I'm still awake".. then my arm was placed out to the side and boom. I was waking up in recovery.

I kept asking if I was ok, they said yes, then I was suddenly dreaming that I was playing World of Warcraft.. but its like I was IN that world, all fuzzy and happy. Then I was back in the shadowy room, then back in the hallucination. I had pressed the morphine button 27 times a minute at first, so I am not suprised I was in the happy little world. I really dont remember the pain, more just a strange disorientation.

It apparently took me 3 hrs or so to wake up. The last time I woke up and asked if I was ok and where everyone was they said "In your room waiting for you and we are going there now". I recall being wheeled to me room, seeing hubby and parents walk in.. talking about the good cookies I had made the night before.. then not much. I slept most of the day.

About 1am they made me sit up. I apparently had a gas bubble come up when I moved because I then had the most excruciating pain in my shoulder. Most ppl get Toreodol to help alleviate this, but with my kidney insufficiency I couldn't. I managed to find a small refuge from the pain in the chair by the bed, if I stayed sitting up, I was ok.

I also had a strange nausea.. I only got sick when docs or nurses came in and I had to move around, or if I tried to read. They gave me some med (started with a V?) that helped some, but dry heaves after abdominal surgery was not fun. At least it counted as the deep breaths I had to do heh. I think part of my nausea was from a deep seated phobia of hospitals from when I had chemo in 1982-83. In my case, sending me home the next day fixed me up.. I'm in some pain but controlled with oral meds and glad to be home!

Oh, I am peeing fine.. I voided a full bladder within an hour of catheter removal. I had a "weak stream" and I still dont really feel it coming out toward the end when its dribbling, but I'm not really worried at this point.

Still no passing gas or BM. I did finally eat tonight so we'll see.

But the heavy crampy stabby pain of my uterus is GONE!
Unread 12-03-2008, 02:47 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

I think I am making progress on the gas front (Had a DaVinci Dec 1) - I was in excruciating pain in my shoulder on the night of Dec 1, its lessened somewhat today and now, tonight, my bowels are rumbly and I started passing gas, as well as having little internal "body burps" that feel kinda like hiccups/burps/farts but are in my body cavity. Never thought anything involving gas passing would ever be so welcomed heh.

I am drinking water and fruit juice and about to drink hot tea, and taking slow shuffles around the house. I was unable to keep anything down in the hospital, but as soon as I got home the nausea disappeared (its a PTSD type reaction to hospitals, drs after my chemo in 82), I ate well and things are now on their way to movin!
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Unread 12-03-2008, 07:11 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

My LSH went very well. The doctor found a small implant of what he suspects is endo in my bladder cavity and removed that as well. I'm waiting for the pathology report to find out more.

The worst problem right afterwards was that they gave me medication to prevent nausea and vomiting after the anesthesia. They would have been better off letting my body do its thing. It only kept the vomiting at bay for a few hours and knocked me out for hours when I had been pretty alert beforehand.
After the catheter was removed I also wound up going to the bathroom frequently, which was a big production what with the IV (I got quite dehydrated in the Castle) and the things they'd strapped around my legs to keep blood clots at bay. I didn't get much sleep.
By the second day I was far better and able to eat normally. The incisions really started to hurt several hours after the surgery. They still hurt a lot yesterday and I couldn't stand up straight-i was all bent over. It took quite a while for my doctor to see me and even longer for them to discharge me from the Castle.
It was a long ride home and the stairs were not easy. I had pretty much stopped bleeding when I left the Castle but was bleeding again when I got home-I suspect the long ride, the longish walk and the stairs aggravated things.
On the morning of the third day the incisions aren't as painful as they were and I can stand up straighter, but not all the way. However, energy wise I've actually felt better since they moved me to my room in the Castle (before the anti-nausea medicine), despite the other issues.
Unread 12-03-2008, 09:46 PM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

Today started out really bad (gas pain) but ended a little better, tho I did get a fever of 101.2 so went to Urgicare and got tested for a UTI and got a script for an antibiotic. I do have a UTI , fun.

The gas pains and pain from cystitis seem to be worse than incision pain. I managed to feel up to a shower tonight, so that helped. Still have to walk slowly all hunched, and have not had much appetite since surgery.

I managed to sleep laying down for 2 hrs on my back, still cant get on my sides or definitely NOT tummy. I sleep more in my desk chair than anywhere.
Unread 12-04-2008, 07:17 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

I had a LAVH on 12/2 at 7:30 AM. I was able to keep my ovaries (yeah!!) and moving around afterwards has been pretty easy compared to the C-section I had years ago. I was really nervous about the general anesthesia as I'd never been 'put under' before but it ended up being nothing. They gave me the loopy medicine in the staging area and I really don't even remember going back to the operating room. I just remember waking up in the recovery room but even that is sketchy and then I was in my room with Dear Hubby and I couldn't believe it was over. I was able to get up that night and walk to the bathroom but was really dizzy and threw up afterwards, that was not fun. If you are susceptible to nausea and dizziness, I would definitely recommend getting up either before your first meal or several hours afterwords. I was able to have a regular menu by dinner time but opted for toast which was a good choice. The packing came out that night which made me felt much more comfortable but had to wait until the next morning for the catheter to come out. Once the catheter was out I was able to get up, shower, pee on my own and was discharged and home by 11:00am on 12/3.
Unread 12-04-2008, 08:51 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

I have been able to walk better and am not all bent over anymore. I can almost straighten up today! I did manage to get into my high old-fashioned bathtub to take a shower yesterday. I had been worried about that. Unfortunately it looks like despite my efforts constipation is about to be a big problem. I was afraid of that :'-(
Unread 12-04-2008, 09:09 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

I'm a lot better today, still in some pain in my shoulder from the gas, I had a fever of 101.2 yesterday so went to urgicare and got a urinalysis done (they found bacteria) so I got a script for LevaQuin. Took first dose last night and fevers already lower. I had a mini BM earlier that wasnt too bad, eating bananas and milk of magnesia, drinking lots of water and hot tea.

I still cant lay down comfortably, and am only sleeping a couple hrs at a tme. I cant wait to be able to lie down properly and get up properly heh.

belly Gas seems better since the BM, but the lap gas and shoulder pain is still with me. An old fashioned hot water bottle seems to really help. Headin for the sofa for another mini nap..
Unread 12-05-2008, 05:59 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

Had my TVH on December 2nd at 7:30am. Woke up in recovery at 9:15 and had an indepth conversation with the nurse about a tragedy that had just happened in our community to one of my colleagues...and I remember every word of it. I woke up from surgery just like I had woke up from a quick nap!

I was taken to my room (demanding food!...they managed to find me a couple things to eat before lunch was delivered). After spending the day eating everything that I could get my hands on, the nausea hit. It thankfully only lasted a couple of hours and I never did get sick...but a couple of times just shifting in bed made me almost heave. Not pleasant!

I came home on the 4th and have been up and down my stairs several times, but for the most part have been hanging out in bed. I am a single parent, so I do not enjoy the luxury of having someone help me out.

Healing has been amazing so gas pains!! My belly is actually smaller now than it was pre-op (how cool is that?!?) and my pain has been very minimal. My bladder worked immediately after catheter removal (only a dribble, but within the hour it was working like a champ!) I had no bowel prep pre-op, so my bowels moved within 24 hours of surgery and it was not painful, just simply terrifying because I thought it was going to hurt! I have had very little flow and am only wearing a pantyliner. While this is all very nice, I am worried that I am going to pay for it. I cannot imagine healing is going to be this easy!

I'll keep you posted!
Unread 12-05-2008, 06:13 AM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Dec 01-Dec 07,2008

had my surgery on dec, 3 and stayed overnight. had an lavh, kept the right ovary. dr. told me my left ovary was enlarged and a large varicose vein that was swelling it. She told me that it was probably causing all my pain.

i'm uncomfortable but managing. trying to drink lots of fluids and trying to walk in the house a little at a time. i am looking forward to taking a shower today.

they almost didn't release me, as my white blood cell count was high. however, i had no fever and my vitals were fine. so, they gave me another blast of antibiotics through my iv and told me to just keep taking my temp over the next few days.

overall, i think i am doing well and am going to get a lot of rest. happy the hard part is over.

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