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Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008 Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

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Unread 03-24-2008, 01:12 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

Dear mweaverrn,

Fastest way to get warm - drink something hot, lots of it. Some comforting tea, milk & honey, whatever you like (except maybe a hot toddy that will interfere with your meds).

If the bath doesn't work, give a try!
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Unread 03-24-2008, 01:16 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

Originally Posted by mweaverrn
GRRRR! I will get to bed one of these days. I've read over posts about taking baths and have decided to take a short warm bath with no added bath products. I think this will help with the swelling and drainage from my belly button. I will of course make sure everything is dry afterward. I am freezing and won't be able to go to sleep. I think a bath will relax me as well. maybe I'll take a Percocet beforehand seeing as my belly button is causing me some discomfort.

My hubby turned the heat down to 66. I feel like a popsicle. Where are the hot flashes when you need them....LOL! Since having this surgery I've been hot and cold. Waiting for Lupron to wear off. I had my last injection 2/13.

Night Ladies!
Just fyi - my doc requested that I blow dry my patch and incisions on no heat setting after a bath to make things a bit easier for me... and hey! It feels good, too!
Unread 03-24-2008, 01:39 AM
Almost 2 weeks...

I am almost at 2 weeks (on Tuesday).

I actually walked around the block today! I then went to bed, done.

On Friday, I called to try to get a ride to the store, but no one was around. Funny, but I haven't heard from my mom since Thursday... The store. Right turn, left turn, left turn, right turn, left turn, and into the parking lot. About 8 blocks. I can do that, right? After all, I am allowed to wash the dishes, as the speed limit through most of it is 25. I drove with my hands below the halfway mark on the steering wheel the whole time, just to be safe.

I took both kids (boys, 15 and 8) for the help and they were great Pushed the cart while looking at me in a funny way - like I KNEW I wasn't supposed to be driving. But then they saw the reason why. I explained to each of them that Easter would be a bit funny this year. No surprises. We chose all the stuff together and I was home an hour and a half later.

The kids and I made spaghetti and the Easter baskets and set the baskets in my room.

I was exhausted, but felt better. My kiddos took off for Denver with a friend to spend the night and I rested the whole time they were gone. They got home at 4 pm the next day and life resumed the pace.

I get up every couple of hours - or try to - and move around. I hate being in bed so much, but I really feel it when I get up to cook or do the dishes, so I'll stick with it, of course. Bowel movements seem to be ok. I just kind of sit there and let it come out - I do not want to push. My left incision still burns. Coughing is what gets me. It's a whole production. I have to grab my belly, lift my knees to press, and cough as delicately as I can.

I am on the multi-enzymes, stool softener, Simethicone, and Ibuprofen still (as well as my patch, of course!). I keep the Percocet nearby, just in case, but haven't taken it on the worst of nights. I have Arnica gel near, as well (and lotions and such - dry skin kind of sucks). I also keep a few things of lip treatment near. I have found my lips really need it. Water? Loads of it. That's the main thing people do for me when they pass the room - bring water and take my current container out.

Ice! I never figured how important ice would be to my recovery! lol Ice packs for the tummy (now only occassionally) and ice for my water containers. I seem to like it REALLY cold now.

Tomorrow morning is the first day of school after Spring Break and I am concerned. I tried to sleep, but became uncomfortable - and then my bowel began yelling my name. Ack! I gave up, did the few dishes that were left, and sat down here. I'll try again in a few minutes. Because I'm napping, my sleep patterns are off. I guess that needs to change now that the kids will be back in school.

I look 6 or 7 months preggers now - 2nd child, not first! lol So I'm still a bit bloated and still do sometimes have gas pains. Oh well. They said it could take a couple of weeks to have a BM and I did that on day 4!

I do have this kind of... pressure feeling coming from the inside of the vaginal area. A gf of mine said she had the same feeling, so it's probably nothing.

I am trying to figure out how I can get to the gym. The doc said I could do the treadmill, but I would have to go with a friend - and I do not have a whole work-out I can do! lol Quite the connundrum.

I don't seem to have the patience for friends right now. I have requested mostly text messages - or for them to just come visit. Chat room? Nope. Phone calls? Forget it.

My therapist has been coming to the house and she suggested I reach out to friends and ask that they come visit and maybe do some chores when they are here. A couple with whom I am friends with came over today. They brought Taco Bell, Gas-X, and flowers! lol They are the ones who took me out for my walk, 7 yr old leading the way. My problem is that I just don't have much else to talk about. This recovery is my life right now. Oh yeah, and trying to figure out why I'm so P.O.ed at my S.O. for leaving me here like this! lol He simply could not take more time from his job and I understand that, but privately, I think I am using it as my reason to cry all the time. I cry probably 5 times a day. I'm quite certain, though,. that once I have more social interaction, that will subside. I'll address it if it's still an issue at my April 22nd doc appt.

Yay Easter Truffles! Now I get to look forward to missing my bday on April 1st...

Good night gals, and happy Monday to you!

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Unread 03-24-2008, 01:42 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

Originally Posted by meanymo
I feel like I know you so well, and I wish we were in the same town. I just explained that same thing to my husband....An hour ago I was locked in the bathroom crying my eyes out from watching the "Sound of Music" on television...that was the 1st movie my mother ever took me too...I know the **** thing word for word. She and I were very,very close, but she past away 16 years ago, and sometimes it just feels that she (my mother) is the only thing that could possibly get me through this "rollercoaster" I'm on. The next thing I know my 15 year old son comes in with some teenage line of crap I am supposed to fall for. Then I go into "drill sargeant", you know the "drop and give me 20 type"...and scare everyone in the house, because they are not used to seeing that side of me. Then I read one of your post's and everythings OK again...I am not the only one, and as far as your advice goes, the only part I take too serious is the part that says "I (we) will get thru this... Although, I would love to jump out of my bedroom window, but I live in the 1st floor....nothing but bruises and more aches and pains there....I would have to survive just so I could whine about it...lol

Again....Thank you for your humorous understanding. I honestly believe laughter is one of the best medicines, but a good prescription helps alot too!!!

You might have gotten a laugh had you seen me watching "The Last Mimzy" with my son the other night. "Oh look! Alice in Wonderland - and there's Mimzy!" (tears) Oh no! Look at those kids. (tears) Look! They did it! (tears) Mimzy got home! (tears)

No wonder we sleep so much. Crying can be exhausting....!
Unread 03-24-2008, 01:46 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

Originally Posted by Beachgal2697

Thansk so much; I thought I was either losing my mind or developing Irritable Bowel Syndrome!! Your OB's explanation makes pretty good sense also. I guess our bodies are still "settling in" and getting used to the extra space. Thanks again.

Well, I guess when this is all over with, as long as sex is not like throwing a hot dog down a hallway, I'll be VERY pleased to be rid of all the pain I had prior to surgery on a daily basis!

Thank you for allowing me into your lives, gals. I like coming in and reading your posts and knowing that, for example, when I drove to the store I was not the only one who had already broken that rule.
Unread 03-24-2008, 06:53 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

It's Monday and what a day already. Kids wouldn't get up for school, probably going to be late. Drives me crazy. I'm usually at work long before now, so I miss all this madness!!
Thank goodness. It's my first day home alone and coherent since surgery. I have a physical therapy session this morning, and I think I'm going to drive myself. I promise to be very careful. I've been off pain meds (hard stuff) for 5 days. I didn't even take any Aleve this morning. I may need it later (after therapy). I'll check in later. TaTa!!!!
Unread 03-24-2008, 07:08 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

Day 13, almost 2 weeks out and I have to say I am very disappointed in myself.
I had to take pain meds all weekend, my belly was just killing me.... I had only ben taking them sporadically before.

I called the pharmacy this morning to ask them to call my GYN for a refill on the percocets and they said to me, like I am a drug addict "We don't call in THOSE kinds of prescriptions- YOU need to get a hard copy from your Dr"
What does that mean, I have to drive to my Dr and pick up a prescription on paper?!?

I have never refilled the Percocet before, I have been using them so sparsely.

I am afraid to go without them just in case I have another bad spell, like this past weekend.
Unread 03-24-2008, 08:10 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

I blame part of me finally falling asleep in the wee small hours of the morning to wathcing Big Brother After Dark till 2am! ...lol But I don't sleep during the day either.

Had a triumphant 3rd BM since surgery. The Milk of Magnesia just gives me horrible extra gas, so I quit taking it a couple days ago. Shredded wheat cereal did the trick!

Kids are driving me NUTS today, bickering, fighting, occupying the same air space. DH had to go back to work, little one went to daycare...leaving me with the two teenagers UGH! Both got up this morning and more worried about watching TV than getting mom a bottle of water.

Pain still an issue but taking all Ibuprofen and still feel the pain but I want to save my last 4 perc for at night.

Hope everyone has a good day.
Unread 03-24-2008, 08:41 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

Merry Monday

Day 14 of the journey......slow to fall asleep last night. Once I did I was ok.

So what's up with the shower in bed. I wake up drenched, really wet every night. Is this for the rest of my life(no ovaries) My hair is like a wig on my head from being soaked. I will be a willow by the end like being wrapped in cellophone and working out.

Home alone dont know what trouble I can get into tehe.

I do want to figure out what I can do to appreciate my lovely husband for the past two weeks. It brought us even closer together even when I wanted to choke him and him me. This was the worse part of of our vows for sure.

Watching the news and weather now. Come heal with me in Arizona-almost 90 degrees.

Wishing us a peaceful healing day!!!!
Unread 03-24-2008, 09:17 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 10-Mar 17,2008

Hello Ladies! Well it has been two weeks tomorrow since i had TLH&BSO it was a day surgery so i got to go home at 9:00pm. They were going to keep me because they could not control the pain all day. They were giving me morphine & demeral, but that did not really do anything. I promised i would take the meds they perscribed me but when i got home i took my oxy and that seemed to work a whole lot better. I don't have really any pain anymore just when i do to much so i have to be careful. My family has been really good about helping me out.
I have been really emotional. I cry about 5-6 times a day. I get tired quick to but that seems to be normal.
I did drive to the store for the first time since Jan. Wow what a feeling to be able to go out by myself even if it was just for 10 mins. Easter took alot out of me so i think today will be a day of watching T.V. and getting my daughter to help me since there is no school.
I am probably rambling on right now but i seem to do that alot lately, I think it is all the emotions from the surgery.
Wishing everybody a healthy and pain free day!!

TLH&BSO March 11/08

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