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Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007 Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

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Unread 08-23-2007, 09:32 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Ashley, I'm sorry is all I can say.

Simplyme, I'm praying for you friend.

I wwent for my 6 week post op today. Dr said everything looked good. Whoever did it, did a good job. I said surely he wouldn't be prejudice since he was the one that did it. I asked him if he would tell me if he did a bad job? And he got real serious and said yes. He did burn a polyp off, though. Said it was harmless but he didn't want me freaking out if we popped it & I bled after. So now we got to wait another week. Also he won't put me on estrogen until my bp and heart palpitations (racing pulse) are under control. Oh well. The hot flashs aren't real bad.
For you girls that had bad experiences with male OB/GYNs, I'm sorry, mine's a guy & he is great. He also does his own surgeries. I never did feel comfortable with a woman poking around down there. It just didn't feel right. And their fingers are too skinny & I had one or two when I was in the Air Force that had NAILS!! Not fun.
I asked him if I was released for work. He said yes although he did caution me that I did have major surgery and still take it easy. I'm still not allowed to lift over 25 lbs. (Good thing too cause I went into work for a few hrs today to help receive supplies for the kitchen.) And I also asked if I could I could use my riding mower. And he said yes! Called my DF & told her she couldn't hassle me about it any more.
Am I rambling?
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Unread 08-23-2007, 10:22 PM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Ashley, grieve away! I had a cousin who was 22 when she had her hyst, and she loves kids, but will never have one of her own. So, she takes care of everyone else's kids--just a thought for later. Right now, go through the process; otherwise healing is harder.

I myself am 30 with one hard-to-get kid (tried for a year and a half and went through a miscarriage just before conceiving him) who I wanted siblings for, but my body didn't want to cooperate (And I try to be super-de-duper grateful for him every day, but it's hard to go through this even when you've had a kid and are young enough to have more). We're looking into foster care and eventual adoption, but that's what works for us. My cousin was actually working towards this until she had an adult cousin who needed special care, so she took on that other cousin instead, along with watching a friend's kids, and her nieces and nephews.

Everyone else, I also got a script for Ambien. I took it one night, Monday, but then haven't taken it since because of the ear tubes surgery. I still had problems going to sleep with it. I probably need to take it a few more times to know when it's kicking in and get my body used to it, but I don't like the idea of the crazy 3-yr.-old running around in the morning with no supervision from sleepy mommy!

For another non-addictive, inexpensive choice, I've taken Trazadone off and on for years. It just wasn't cutting it for me lately, and i'm like E, I didn't sleep well before the castle...

And, I think my doctor is pretty great, and he's male and does his own surgeries. He listens to his patients enough to understand what's going on. The other day I took in a list of 8-10 questions to my 6-wk. I had the list in my hand, but he started reading them before I could ask them and ticking off answers before he even did my internal exam. My advice is, if your doctor doesn't listen, find one who will!
Unread 08-24-2007, 04:45 AM

Thank you ALL for all of the supportive messages. They really help. Thank you for your empathy and understanding. Have a great day. I decided to take the day off and get my hair done--I'm sure I'll have a great time!
See you later.
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Unread 08-24-2007, 05:07 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Simplyme, I will say a prayer for your friend. Awful to hear what she has to go through

Ashleyluz, Keep taking care of yourself, both physically and mentally. You seem to have your arms wrapped around your grief, and that is the best starting point to work through it.

On a lighter note: I actually got a solid 5 hours of sleep last night! I took Simply Sleep (OTC) and did wake up about 3:00 and drifted in and out after that, but no groogy feeling this morning. Do have a call into the doc for hot flashes and other symptoms, but at least I know I can sleep this weekend before starting work Monday! Yeah!!!!
Unread 08-24-2007, 05:37 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Hi everyone and OWIE. I discovered some interesting body facts after my day at the Fair.

And yep, it rained a good portion of the time and/or was so foggy I couldn't see anything. BUT I LOVE IT. Even when it's like that. I worked at the Fair as a teen and I just love it. I will go probably two to three more times. Probably 3. And I spent under $25 going it alone. I don't go to eat. Never got to eat a lot there as a kid due to my own mom being a single mom for a long time until she remarried. All I ate was: foot long hot dog, turky drumstick, one raspberry sundae in the Dairy Building, a frozen apple cider 'stick' like a freeze pop and water. That's it. And I was happy. I don't go to eat. And I went on a twenty min. 5 dollar glider in the sky ride. That's it. I loved every single min.

AND I PAID THE PRICE. I had the worst pains at about 11 p.m. I don't know if it's from meat as I don't eat so much meat or just walking, except I always walk or ???? I took one iboprophen at about 8 bec. I thought it would help me sleep. I felt like i wanted one of the hidden percocets. I had needle pains and the 'falling bottom' feeling and thought what the HECK is this? I breathed slowly, meditated, passed a tiny bit of gas, and lulled myself back to sleep. And yelled at teen daughter and her buddy to BE QUIET at 11:30 and GO TO BED for goodness sakes. Anyway, it was so strange, that part. I was scared to get up this a.m. but here I am typing my have a good day message to you all. Today I have meetings after meetings after meetings, then get granddaughter at 3:30 and then home and tomorrow we will go to the Fair again.

It was so weird going to the Fair. Couldn't take my beloved bridge. Drove past the areas where I used to get ON it to go home....and it just goes into oblivion and the river. Just still unbelievable to me. I won't ever get over that shock, even when every last shred of it is gone and the new one is built.

HAVE A WONDERFUL FRIDAY EVERYONE. Missing you and thinking of you and maybe tomorrow I will try to eat some junk at the Fair, but really, I'm not into sweet sticky or greasy foods. Some of those people walking around the Fair....I don't know how they can eat so much. A friend I met up w/yesterday was eating like no tomorrow, too, and it's okay bec. I know that's why some love to go to try all the cool foods, but for me, I just can't. I love everything else about it. Sights, smells, free stuff, people watching, free music, exhibits................animals...............ahhhhhhhhhhh.

Monday I start teaching. YIKES I AM AFRAID. Luck to me and you all. HUGS HUGS HUGS.

Unread 08-24-2007, 05:46 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Simplyme: i will say a little prayer for your son's girlfriend's mom. And yes, the cancer site/discussion part of Hystersisters is excellent. It comforted me prior and after my surgery bec. the 'c' word will always be lurking in my mind because of the type of issue I had for my surgery. I wish her the best. She can find a TON TON TON of support over there.

I am on the 'run.' And, last night was a bad night for me. I can't figure out if it was from the meat I ate at the State Fair (I'm not a big meat eater) or ??? I walked a good 12,000 steps and then did chores at home/a bit of grocery shopping. A little lift here or there of shopping carts that are in the way of others, etc etc you know how you 'do stuff' that probably aggravates the body? Well maybe it was that. Don't know but at 11 p.m. even w/taking an iboprophen before bed to see if it would help me: I awoke to the WORST GAS/PIN/NEEDLY PAIN since surgery. If I wasn't in mtgs all day I would have taken a hidden/closely hoarded percoet (I got 20 from the castle and have about 12 of them left if you can believe it).... OWIE it hurt. I used meditation and deep breathing to calm myself down. Analyzed myself: gas? My 'bottom' also felt like it was 'falling out'...... but it was, I believe, gas pains. After about a half hour i breathed myself out of that pain and was able to rest normally again. But OWIE. One's body is good about saying take it easy, eh?

For all who had good post ops yesterday and for all w/appts today BEST of luck to you. My 'final' appt. w/my doc will be next Friday....his last day practicing medicine. Such a shame. He does his own work/surgery, too. Sometimes he is brusque but he is a pro and without him I wouldn't have DD and wouldn't have gotten this diagnosis and precancerous cells out of me until maybe it was much later.

Now I've gotta 'run' and make up a lunch and get the heck out of here and to work for a lot of meetings all day until 3 and then pick up Dgd and home and 'rest' because tomorrow I'm going again to my beloved State Fair. It cheers me up. I'm glad we could cheer you up, AshleyLuz.. Crossroads if you are 6 weeks and still not supposed to do heavy lifting that is a good warning to me to knock it off/take it easy!!!

HUGS TO YOU ALL. HOPING YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL FRIDAY. Heal heal heal and don't get crazy doing too much like I do. I can't wait for my appt. 8/31 to see if I've done any damage 'in there'...............

Unread 08-24-2007, 06:26 AM
Good Day to you!

Oh, I am sorry you were feeling so crappy last night after your fair outing! But, it is good to know there are others out there with the same feelings that I have.
i loved the fair as a kid. My Dad would surprise us many times with "We are going to Grandmas house" and end up down the street at the fair.
My Grandma passed away this summer and when the fair opened last week, I thought of those outings. She was one month short of 94 years young. i loved her dearly.

Please say a prayer today for a friend that just found out yesterday that she has ovarian cancer and is at the castle right now undergoing a hysterectomy and to see where else the nasty disease has spread. this has hit her like a brick with no time to think. i gave her this website and thanks to all the members and the information here, I can help her gain her strength back. she has never had surgery before. Had no idea of the restrictions. I will visit her tomorrow. She will start her chemo afterwards. i am putting together a goody bag, and making the family dinner when she comes home. Of course she said, you don't have to do that...but yes i do. I know how grateful I was to the friends that did it for me.

My appointment today doesn't seem so scary afterall. All I can think of, is, I can live with my problem compared to what my friend is dealing with.
Unread 08-24-2007, 06:44 AM
Hysterectomy dates Jul 09-Jul 16,2007

Good Morning Girls!

Simply ~ you go to the doc today? Please let us know what he says ~ and good luck! That sounds like it is painful and irritating to say the least...I'll be thinking about u today with good thoughts!

E ~ sounds like you had a great day at the fair ~ I also love the sounds and smells of the fair...my prize possession is a video I took at the fair when my mom and dad and I took my oldest son (then like 2yrs old) for a day at the fair...it is absolutely precious!!!!!!!!! Not that long ago we came across it and I showed it to him...made me wanna cry! He was amazed at the sheep sheering, I think for the next year he thought he was a sheep BAAAAHHHH, BAAAAHHHH...lol...he's also totally entranced in eating an ice cream cone bigger than he is...it is soooo cute! Anyway...

Jennice ~ glad to hear X went better than 1st time...dh and I tried 1st time just shy of my 6-weeks and things felt same as before...it's all good LOL! We're back like ol times and I don't even think twice about it now!

Everyone else...good day to ya...hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend!!!

I'll be back in later I'm sure!!!!!!!!!!!
Unread 08-24-2007, 07:26 AM
Anybody have scar tissue???

6 weeks post op. had drs appt and found out I have to go to a pelvic floor therapist for post micturition dribble and post-op scar tissue at posterior introitus. anyone else had or have this problem and what was the outcome? other then that i have been doing great and although if i do too much, like staying awake for 24 hours on monday and tues at the hospital for the birth of my first grandchild...A BOY!!! so excited...sorry got carried away...well then i get so very tired and a little weak. dr says it goes with the whole post-op process. oh yes and the best thing is dr cleared me for all my normal routine except to be careful on the lifting...nothing more then 10 lbs. hope all you other sisters are doing good and remember we still need to take it kind of easy and rest when we can.
Unread 08-24-2007, 07:31 AM
scar tissue

I go today to find out what the problem is with my pelic foor issues. I will let you know of the outcome.

Cherry71-Glad you were cleared to do everything else but lift. It is a good feeling isn't it.


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